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  1. Huge Savings on Dentistry in Thailand

    OP not to you directly
  2. Huge Savings on Dentistry in Thailand

    whats in it for you oh sorry i forgot palace closed today ??
  3. regular smuggling operation mmmmmmmmmmm sort of questions why now and not previously
  4. had sharp 3 years thermostat malfunction part not even listed just purchased Hitachi so far better product but hey only i month old
  5. latest info on fibre optics in Patong?

    also significantly more expensive in my area
  6. Thaivisa Connect App - problem ?

    glad to see they are settling in, system more Thai every month
  7. how do you know those GUYS areGAYS
  8. f they get caught, there is a good chance they spend several years in jail
  9. Baked beans.

    try fellows beans in tom sauce from macro 99 pc as Heinz just saw another post delete fellows thats a green peas tinned adjust to Brookes
  10. both lh/rh its a new multi purpose often found in Thai markets
  11. in my village near Kalasin surprised if anybody noticed they all seem to be queuing up claiming the government hand out for in this case non damaged crops good if you can get it
  12. You have to carry your passport, incorrect information i am sure someone will be able to quote last year sometime police chief saying a copy is ok