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  1. no that"s a new one good thinking
  2. same system maybe same answer
  3. the unfollow does seem to be a little slow but i guess there are posts in the system prior to your request so maybe takes a couple of hours to register
  4. sorry mis info got it all wrong
  5. i hope he has loads of dosh even at 58 i was getting quotes upward of 45.000 bht per month without preexisting
  6. again yes i have a mate like that lived here 12 years and still uses whatever he conjurers to fit the situation
  7. yes but make sure its a water proof ticket just in case the cobras comes a calling
  8. whilst i agree terminology does certainly help i think not everyone is up to date so this is why TV is a successful forum that it is versatile, via the posters, to accommodate the less well informed in a kindly manner and therefore the posters will learn all about the correct terminology for future use
  9. i dont recall saying it was just a Thai thing as you say world wide seemingly more so here hense my post
  10. call the powers to be a bunch of ----- and they will do it for you meanwhile sign out
  11. truly sorry dont understand our post am i the only one ?
  12. so many derelict and empty units ? reason being overloaded market and Thais like new, rental same old new its a ooooo look what i have got we are so rich maybe i will buy a new truck to sit outside for everyone to look at with envy