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  1. Lamkyong

    Fujika water pump has sprung a leak

    ok i did follow this post but chose to wait for probably different opinions heres my take above the leaking part under the housing is a diaphram of some sorts remove this housing lid and inspect diaphram for wear also you may find some sort ot debris, also included in this area there will be a spring to assit the up/down movement of said diaphram the symtoms seem to indicate a blockage in this area hense the bypass leak maybe some help once you remove the top plate post more photo
  2. Lamkyong

    2 pin electrical rice cooker

    as an after thought before changing plugs etc it is worth looking in the wall socket to confirm that it is actually earth supplied/connected if good then other option purchace a lenth of suitable cable and rewire the whole unit/cooker bit of a go around but safe
  3. Lamkyong

    International driving licence

    i think only Thai citizen can hold a thai idp but as you dont say if you are a bit difficult to answer
  4. during his hosp visit maybe a gastric band consultation might be a good idea
  5. i think you have to make 8 years of NI contrbutions for the minimum pension i also think after 8 years you will get a credit of 2 years added
  6. as i have never taken the pedestal stance i dont feel the need to complain however lets not get away from the truth the general level of common sense/service/customer service/and the general subject of which we talk about leaves a whole lot to be desired by anyones standards all in all i find it to be somewhat frustrating by the way i would think YOUR pedestal is taller than NELSONS COLLUMB
  7. depends on the valve either clock wise or if a gate valve opposite to on
  8. Lamkyong

    Shop Loyalty Cards

    ask mr costco multi billionare
  9. Lamkyong

    overseas tv

  10. you talk about futher shipments under the scheme of returning Thais i think you can claim this only once and within a 6 month period of arriving in Thailand
  11. do you pay into a village fund ?if so get along to consult the poo yai ban maybe he can advise
  12. Lamkyong

    Earthing hot water heater

    i agree with previous post also to keep in mind might be to ensure suitable input power source as there seems to be only a live/neutral supply at the moment is it also suitable for upgrade/new heater? maybe worth a thought
  13. Lamkyong

    Nong Plalai drainage repairs make floods worse

    its a shame that i find myself doing what as known as thai bashing i have resisted up until now to openly do so conclution the standard of most workers on this type of project is absolutly <deleted> abissmal
  14. Lamkyong

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    oooooooh mystic meg