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  1. PEA bill ON LINE

    so really that is a direct debit and not an online payment ??
  2. Will 7-Eleven Pick Up Where Thailand’s Banks Leave Off?

    whilst my post was not implying any comparisons it was just to show that Tescos under each and every name, the possibilities are endless once the master plan has been established on an inter national scale
  3. should have tried the black paint trick (cover up) as in other incidents
  4. PEA bill ON LINE

    i would think the first step would be to get the account updated to the current home owner to proceed
  5. Will 7-Eleven Pick Up Where Thailand’s Banks Leave Off?

    i dont think Tesco can be taught much about banking/credit cards /finance etc not sure about Thailand but certainly UK they have a very strong foothold in this sector as an alternative to conventional banking must be some legislation holding them back here think monopolies/competition comes to mind
  6. Flat roof leaking.

    the complete repair would be to remove all the tiles apply a water proof membrane and re tile this will defiantly cure the problem presuming the fault is as described any thing less would almost certainly allow this to happen again at a later or sooner date i am sure not what you would like to hear repair wise i am almost sure the leakage occurred in the first place due to poor workman ship/ quality product
  7. is it not possible for you to go to super rich and exchange ??
  8. Sqatters Rights

    if she has complete chanote in her name probably no problem anything less then who knows who will suddenly lay claim quite often even close family suddenly figure have a stake in it i suggest as soon as possible get it sorted and get the boundary clearly marked and fenced
  9. Is DHL ripping me off

    i think its now time to realize that DHL Thailand is managed by Thais who in turn are in bed with the relevant authorities
  10. so the pole behind the new now becomes the new tourist attraction ??
  11. the reason is ?

    i put to support Thai wife and family (completely accurate)
  12. Cracked Water Tank Lid

    i suggest get your self a fiber glass repair kit repair and then cover outer with good exterior paint nearly good as new done correctly paint coat prevents further uv damage
  13. sorry no cars only an arther daily type lockup