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  1. with respect sir you have being conned not only by DHL/CUSTOMS but also by the purveyor of this hocus pocus so called magic machine
  2. and if the concrete does not meet spec what then ? also do you have a test rig for tubes i admire your proposed thoroughness plan but good luck with the slump test by the way the items you look for are on ebay shipped from H.K
  3. i am not sure but i think LAZADA is an online company only no retail outlets as such
  4. whoever suggested you needed this type of treatment might be a start
  5. yes it seems that the grey area has become a little murkier of late , however i am sure the powers to be are aware of the loophole they seem to have created will soon turn into a noose for those who feel tempted to test the water
  6. never had to oil the wheels, I always buy them a few drinks mmmmmmmmmmm?
  7. off to get new glasses for you me thinks
  8. sounds maybe like a blob of rogue cement in the pipe a common mistake when cleanliness of procedure not observed and pipe ends not covered when pushing through walls etc maybe some help expect the unexpected when using local /non local labour
  9. more than 3 million subscribers obviously doing something correctly i am intrigued that his visa status is of any interest to any one but himself and imm
  10. never lend money to anyone
  11. not personally but i know a PADDY that does
  12. commonly referred to as a mug shot try not to be so picky
  13. the only internal mailing i do is 90 day report for tractability i all ways EMS about 3 days turn around when in thai post system with ems at least you can tell where (if at all) actually where it stumbled
  14. have heard the saying but does Newcastle have a coal industry nowadays