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  1. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    mmmm thanks for reply just yourself then ??
  2. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    run that by me again please
  3. with respect sir not lazy just the most efficient safer way to do the job reading other posts made me confused/ worried especially the one about i know nothing/very little about electric circuits but i guess thats why people post about such subjects for advice albeit some advice sometimes some what sketchy thanks for your input
  4. Beware of Shoppee

    thanks for the heads up (link) be interesting to hear the outcome
  5. No Taxies at Swampy

    Sorry SWAMPY???
  6. Beware of Shoppee

    Please who or what are Shoppe ?
  7. Box Metal,how to prime.

    just get some paint thinner/petrol plenty of old rag wash off all oil/contaminants give a final wipe over with moistened cloth and you will end up with surface good for primer when the job is finished clean again and apply more primer on the welded/burnt areas no hints on how the Thais would do
  8. Recumbent cyclists here?

    buff is best
  9. The Expanding 10% Beach Sun Lounger Zones

    at a guess i think expansion would be at 100 pc sure
  10. What is the cost of fixing car remote key

    is it possible to recharge the battery as suggested or just renew battery
  11. ID for Sending a Parcel

    yes and has been nationwide for about a year of course no doubt their will be the usual confusion and non conformity with some offices
  12. Bali Hai work set for on-time completion

    Rushed electricity and water projects ? sorry does not sound promising please visitors take care around that area
  13. Still no news from Interpol members on Yingluck’s location

    or cricket old chap
  14. Money out of a stone?

    i think 8 years working /ni payments) to qualify
  15. red stamp - advise please

    whilst a new passport might get rid of the stamp would not the info still be available to the IO from the data base ??