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  1. 5,000 Baht each for "obscenity". In a country with Pat Pong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. Hmm... a wee bit hypocritical, aren't we?
  2. Actually, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." is not correct. People with guns kill people.
  3. Wah! This is an interesting little story... Life guards, The US government travel advisory system, a 13 million Baht contract awarded quietly, warnings from officials both on and off the record, orders from the Phuket Governor which seem to have been ignored, lack of certified guards, etc, etc, etc. This has the makings of a truly fascinating cock up! And, God forbid(!), if a tourist should die or even be severely injured from swimming on a beach where there should have been a life guard but wasn't and it makes the international media, it'll get even more... interesting. Watch this space...
  4. Good on the Americans for doing this. China's claim to the area is dubious at best; it both should and needs to be challenged. The days of taking vast swathes of territory simply by saying "Mine!" are over and good riddance.
  5. SIX MONTHS Smoke Free!!!!!!

    Congrats! I find it a little... uncomfortable to hear that you still get the occasional craving four years later; they really are insidious, aren't they? I too stopped drinking a long time ago (long before I stopped smoking). I wonder how much more difficult it is to stop smoking while still drinking? Anyone care to take a crack at that? Great to hear of another guy on a bicycle; I cycle every morning. I truly can't think of a better way to start the day; if you can get up and go cycle 20 KM, everything else that you do that day is easier. Cheers
  6. Who cares about her civil service and/or pension? She admitted to stealing huge amounts of money allocated to assist Thai underprivileged children. Why wouldn't she go to jail for Grand Theft Robbery? How is this different from robbing a bank? Throw her in jail and let her rot. Then, find her (certainly 'higher-up') accomplices in the bureaucracy and do the same! This is a crime. Treat it like one!
  7. Sacked Somchai moves on but warns PM about legal advice

    I think the question(s) needs to be asked; What have you been doing for the last four years? How much salary have you received for the last four years? How much international travel have you done for the last four years? How many perks have you used for the last four years? And finally; Are you going to pay it back?
  8. Why do these measures come up only for Songkran? Yes, Thai roads are worse during the holidays, but they suck year-round; why not work to reduce the carnage year-round? Why not test for alcohol on every serious accident, all the time? This has all the usual noise of being a "crackdown" which is essentially meaningless noise that passes in a day or two. Like a fart. Thailand- are you proud to have the most dangerous roads in the world? Do something!
  9. SIX MONTHS Smoke Free!!!!!!

    What happened to all the people quitting smoking? I'd love to hear from everyone... How's it going? What challenges are you having? What can you tell people thinking of quitting or just beginning the process? Any/all thoughts welcome! Cheers
  10. I think that there is merit in this idea. The first vote was to leave the EU, but there really wasn't any true sense as to what that would look like; would it be a 'hard Brexit' or a 'soft Brexit'? What would the border look like? What about UK citizens in Europe and EU citizens in the UK? What (precisely) would the relationship to the EU/Europe be? These are reasonable questions and there is a good case to ask the British people if they are happy with the end of the negotiations. Brexit is a momentous decision which requires a great deal of agreement to avert bad feelings later; better to seek a final consensus now.
  11. EDITORIAL: Generous bail-out for the private sector

    Respectfully, I do have an understanding of business practices. And, this may surprise you, I agree that there are times when it is in a country's interest to use public monies as a strategic investment to enhance certain key areas of the economy. Case in point; Thailand needs to upgrade its immigration facilities and capacities in its airports to enhance its tourism sector. And yes, perhaps a re-think of the communications sector is in order as well. I believe that it is you who doesn't understand the situation in Thailand. In this particular case, you had a military government with limited capabilities and knowledge in the telecommunication(s) sector. You had a regulatory body made up of cronies appointed by said military government rather than true experts acting on behalf of the Thai people. And you had investors who live in a climate whereby 'who you know' matters more than whether or not it is a good investment. To sum up; It was a giant clusterf***. I see no reason why all these rich connected people should get sweetheart deals from the Junta using the extraordinary power of Article 44. As you seem not to agree, perhaps you could make the case? Looking forward to it...
  12. The truly sad thing is... ... I wasn't surprised by this story. And that is the saddest thing of all.
  13. I know that this thread will soon feature many people talking about abuse of the immigration system and how they should all be thrown out of the country. Fine. A few years back, before I hit 50 years old, I had an ED visa and it was great! I went to my classes and got a firm, if not solid, foundation in the Thai language and greatly expanded my knowledge of Thai culture. I also was able to stay in the country, paying rent and spending money while taking absolutely nothing from a Thai person. Yes, the ED visa has been abused; no one would argue that. But, it was also a good thing sometimes.
  14. EU backs Britain in blaming Russia for spy attack

    This is a very, very good thing. A unified/united Europe is invulnerable to Russian aggression. A divided Europe can be picked off one by one. I can think of no reason why Russia will not continue this reckless behaviour unless it pays some kind of price for doing so. It is a good thing that Europe sticks together to confront this menace. If only the US (and Trump especially!) would do their part...
  15. This is a terrifying bit of news. The National Security Adviser is supposed to be a person of consensus who listens to the various security-focused departments in the government and melds it all into a joint view representing many. Bolton is very well-known as a person who only listens to himself. In other words, Trump, who thinks he knows everything, will now be advised by another person who thinks he knows everything. Scary, scary times...