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  1. "...Wei, a trained doctor who fronted TV programs in Singapore last decade such as ‘Dr. Love’s Super Baby Making Show..." 'Dr. Love's Super Baby-Making Show'? I remember seeing that in the Adult section of the video store as a kid. It was right next to 'Dr. Lust's Super Make Momma Moan Show'...
  2. Health Care is a complex, emotive and difficult issue to manage, and the process will only get more difficult in the future as societies age. However, Thailand has one HUGE flaw in its system which needs to be corrected immediately; the people who manage the health care scheme (the Bureaucrats) have their own, special scheme to cover themselves and their families. Why is this a flaw? It is human nature, compounded by bureaucratic training and thinking, to ensure that the benefits received by the Bureaucrats and their families will always take priority over the benefits provided to the general public. The solution? Immediately disband the special provisions for the Health Care of Bureaucrats and force them to use the same, universal system as everyone else. There are those who feel that it is legitimate to offer special health benefits to Bureaucrats as part of their salary and benefit structure. If a person does believe that (it is incomprehensible to me; I think Thai Bureaucrats are already wildly over-paid and over-benefited), then perhaps increase their salaries to cover the lost health benefit. Simply put, if the people who manage the Health Care scheme, the Bureaucrats, have proverbial 'skin in the game', they will ensure the best possible system allowed under their budget(s). If the Bureaucrats have their own, special, independent system, they will ensure that their special, independent system works best and neglect the general public's Health Care scheme. This is an easy reform to enact and one that will provide for immediate, positive benefit to "Somchai on the street'.
  3. Samui Bodoh

    Tourism chiefs tap Big Data to boost arrivals

    "... The TAT will initiate a “Tourism Smart Data Management” project so that information systems on tourism will be enhanced and developed. Such information will be managed and analysed, and then the resulting added commercial value can contribute to the development of the country. The project will be connected with the Kingdom's strategic plan for the development of tourism and help the industry to become more sustainable while reaching the targeted segment of tourists so as to cater to their demands..." "...Such tourism data will be classified and analysed to find its correlation, and to be scrutinised for maximum utility in the development of the local tourism industry," said Siripakorn, who gave the example of using tourism information in many strategic activities, ranging from community development and generating revenue to tourism destinations to setting plans for the tourism development of the country..." Er... Ahem... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I can't remember when I last saw sooooo many buzzwords in a single 'news' article. If I may translate; 'We will look at data and use it'. I cannot say if traumatic brain injury is required to work at the TAT, but it does seem that it'd be useful...
  4. "...Many other politicians and political activists voiced similar opinions, and questioned whether the street rallies and clashes that led to the last coup had been spontaneous or engineered specifically to pave the way for a military takeover..." 'Engineered specifically to pave the way for a military takeover'. Suthep said as much in a political gaffe; a political gaffe being the rare occasion when a politician inadvertently tells the truth... End of.
  5. "...For the benefit of patients in the long run, Thailand should introduce a specific law about marijuana,” she said. Professor Dr Thiravat Hemachudha, a senior medical lecturer at Chulalongkorn University, said Britain took just six weeks to effectively legalise marijuana. “So, we should do it fast too,” he said..." Yes, Thailand should do it that fast as well. There is no reason that I can think of for a delay; it is not like the NLA is busy or doing anything controversial or important which is sucking up all the oxygen. It is a rubber-stamp "legislature" which does what it is told. Write up a bill, wake up those over-paid, under-worked, public finance-sucking "legislators" and order them to pass it. This whole process could be finished in a few weeks. It is frustrating; Thailand has had these lumps of flesh sitting in the NLA for years and when they finally have a use, they are not being used. Respectfully, they have been sleeping for years; wake them up and get it done...
  6. I am always fiercely proud to be Canadian, but today even more than most days. Well done, eh!
  7. "...Nonetheless, he said public comment on the lawmaking process is always welcome..." Stop it! You're killing me! Public comment welcome? Comedy Gold!
  8. The only way there will be meaningful reform of the Ministry of Education is if you begin with a flame-thrower. Burn it all to the ground, fire ALL the top people there, and start over. Does Thailand have the political/societal will to properly implement the necessary reform(s)? I doubt it. Short of drastic, immediate, wide-ranging reforms, Thailand's educational future is to watch its peers pass it by on their way to prosperity... ... and they'll laugh at Thailand's eternal place as a third-world outpost with nice beaches.
  9. Samui Bodoh

    NACC executive admits pulling gun on Bangkok cabbie

    Well, he will certainly go to jail for this. A member of the NACC executive will definitely, 100% for sure, absolutely, have the proverbial book thrown at him!!! Sorry! Sometimes I write the most ridiculous things... (sarcasm alert)
  10. Samui Bodoh

    Rajabhat teacher degree to be cut back to 4 years

    "...He insisted that the shorter courses would not cause a drop in quality. “On the contrary, the quality will increase,” he said..." Er... Ahem... Oh... How does this 'logic' work? You can have a properly trained teacher in four years, but if you are going to claim that the quality 'will increase' based on one year less of study, then it behooves you to explain why. I have said it before and (sadly) will certainly say it again; the Ministry of Education is the single greatest threat to the Kingdom's future sovereignty and prosperity. Initiate drastic reforms at all levels or watch Thailand fade into insignificance as its peers pass it by.
  11. A classic case of "fixing" something that wasn't broken. Will Khao San Road be "better" in the future? Not likely.. A friend of mine summed up the BMA's plan's succinctly; They want to create a space with the charm of an army base, but without the ambiance...
  12. Samui Bodoh

    Thailand's universal welfare 'at risk'

    Hmm... I was having a discussion a while back with my 20 year old niece, and she posited that Internet access ought to be considered a public utility such as water or electricity as it is no longer possible to function in the world without access. Initially, I argued with her, but now... I think she had a point. Some questions to Members; Is it possible to function in the modern world without access to the Internet? Should Internet access be governed as a utility? Should Internet access be a 'right' in the same manner as health care, electricity, water, etc?
  13. "...Prayut and his crew insist they are not using government resources to manage his social media accounts and website, but his page administrator is Puttipong Punnakanta, deputy secretary-general to the premier and paid from the national budget. Prayut did not say he spent his own money for social media management..." Of course he is not using his own time or money for this; this is a government freebee that he has "earned". Does anyone believe that he even knows how to log on? Does anyone believe that he even knows his own password? Anyone? Anyone?
  14. "...He added that he and fellow assemblymen would hold another public hearing this month to gauge public opinions about ganja decrimalization for medical purpose..." Wake up and do your job; it isn't like you are busy or anything. You have held hearings. You have conducted surveys. The information is there. As the headline says "Overwhelming support for decriminalizing marijuana for medical purpose" Wake the hell up and vote.