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  1. Be afraid, Mr Trump. Be very afraid...
  2. Samui Bodoh

    Sia Oun’s handover deferred until Tuesday

    This seems fair; it is one of the essential tenets of Justice that people should not be extradited based on their crimes, but rather traded like sows at the market in order to get something in return. (sarcasm alert)
  3. Er... Ahem... Oh... Your job is to run a clean election. One side is cheating already by campaigning when others can't, long before it begins. What precisely are you going to do about that? Looking forward to your clear condemnation of the practice and remedial measures...
  4. Samui Bodoh

    The reasons we fly the flag

    It is very simple; If you've got it, you don't need to flaunt it.
  5. Samui Bodoh

    Household debt

    "...Thailand's household debts have been on the rise over the past decade, up from an average of Bt116,681 in 2007 to Bt178,994 in 2017..." This is what you need to know from the multi-coloured graphics that the Nation is so fond of and which are difficult to decipher. When house-hold debt is high, as it is in Thailand, the economic future isn't great. Period.
  6. Samui Bodoh

    Bangkok Bombing Trial Remains Stalled 3 Years On

    "...Thai authorities struggled with framing an attack that targeted tourists, threatening a vital economic engine. Investigators refused to use the word terrorism and never adequately explained the motivation, dismissing it as the work of criminals angry with their crackdown on human trafficking. Most analysts concluded the attack was the work of Uighur militants in revenge for the military government’s forcible return several months earlier of more than 100 Uighurs to China against their will..." I suspect that the above is the problem; Thailand does not want to admit to terrorism on its soil due to concerns that it might affect tourism numbers. Further, Thailand doesn't want to label the Uiger's cause as terrorism as that might lend some legitimacy to their claims and anger China. At the moment Thailand is wholly dependent (economically) on China allowing its citizens to visit Thailand; if China closed the tourism feeder tube, even for a short time, the effects on Thailand's economy would be horrendous (see China's recent closure of its citizens visiting S Korea and the economic effects of that action). Soooo, no one in Thailand will admit to the true reasons for the crime, but still have to prosecute it anyway. Any one remember the board game 'Twister'?
  7. Samui Bodoh

    The reasons we fly the flag

    "...The 2018 national-flag project – the exhibition and Flag Day celebration – “reflects nostalgia, a yearning for the past, especially for the ‘good old days’,” she told The Nation Weekend. “But the belief that the past was better than the present has been linked to biases in memory. “Today we’re living in conflict, especially on the political front. But in reality we remain divided, and the belief that we’re united is just a fantasy. Hoisting the national flag can’t solve the political conflict and the flag can’t be used as a tool to reunite us...” It is always at the end of this kind of story where we see the real comments and/or information. This is simply yet another propaganda effort on the part of the Junta to build 'nationalistic' support for their agenda, utilizing, as authoritarian governments tend to do, symbols to try to get the populace to rally around. One has to ask; is this any different from Prayut's 12 meaningless phrases that students must memorize? From all the tired, useless ceremonies that students must endure (as opposed to the few good ones)? Or any of the other symbolic nonsense that Thais must endure? Thailand is a disunited country. Thailand is a country of tremendous disparities. Thailand is a country in political chaos. Thailand is a country where the rights and freedoms of its citizens are being curbed and/or diminished. These are some of Thailand's problems, and perhaps these issues are the ones that the Thai leadership should be focused on, rather than simply building another facade. Countries that walk to the future while facing backwards rarely do well...
  8. This is all part of the Junta's Fun-Sucking agenda of control; on an almost daily basis there is a new rule, regulation, guideline, etc whereby Thais are being ordered how to behave. "...The union found the prohibition of public gathering too broadly defined and may be aimed at taking away their freedom to express political ideas or organise political rallies. .." Of course it is designed to take away the right of student protest; that is a threat to the Junta's reign. Yes, the prohibitions against sex get the headlines, but it is the removal of the freedom to demonstrate which is the aim. "...Education Ministry spokesperson Karun Sakulpradit promised the regulation would never be used for political ends. He said public gatherings in the regulation did not include political expressions or actions, but target students engaged in brawls, speed racing and drugs. “The regulation will not be twisted [to achieve political purposes]. It is not a political agenda,” he confirmed..." "It is not a political agenda". Hmm... Well, if you cannot trust the word of a Thai State Official, who can you trust? This is a sad time to observe events in Thailand. Thais are like the proverbial frog in the pan of cool water, but whose temperature is starting to rise and eventually will boil the life out of them. Thai people are generally good people and deserve better than this.
  9. Samui Bodoh

    Eleven months smoke free!

    I have never 'vaped', so I don't really know what I am talking about. Let me throw the question out; Is vaping still smoking?
  10. If Prayut decides to ban the PTP, "evidence" won't matter in the slightest. Or, are you all suggesting that there would be a free and fair investigation by impartial investigators?
  11. Hey TAT! This is the South China Morning Post, not some wee, tiny paper that no one reads. Unless you want some bad, bad numbers and the resulting lower GNP number, you should really pull the thumb out and get to work on safety issues.
  12. Samui Bodoh

    Eleven months smoke free!

    Wah! I was not expecting much of a response; thank you one and all! More importantly, let me say "Thanks!" on behalf of the guy (or gal) reading this who is still a smoker and thinking of trying to quit. As I noted in my OP, the biggest step for me was the first (I assume that others are like me). I did not believe that I ever could quit smoking, so I didn't really try for years and years. We all know that we should; no one can claim ignorance anymore with all the ads, the warnings, the news broadcasts, etc,, but again you need to believe that you have a reasonable shot at success. It was when I started to read this Forum and the stories contained within that I began, VERY slowly, to see that perhaps I could quit; if I was reading a story that a smoker stopped after 50+ years, then I thought that (maybe, just maybe) I could as well. And, that is half the fight; once you begin to believe that it is possible (not certain, but possible) it becomes 50 times easier. Could I have quit without the Forum? Yes. Was it easier with the Forum? Yes. If you are a smoker, then you can see that it is possible; it ain't always easy, you'll have a few bad days, but you CAN actually do it. And, it is worth doing. I am starting to sound like the 'reformed smoker' that I hate so much, so I will give myself a good smack in the head and be on my way. Good luck all!
  13. Hi JAG, First, let me say that I feel tremendous sympathy for you and your fellow, decent, Catholics; while I do not have a problem wailing against the institution of the church, I think it is important to remember that not all Catholics are evil people. Further, while I am not religious, I think it is important for all to remember that freedom of religion (and yes, freedom from religion) is a cornerstone principle of many/most Western societies and a good thing. Finally, I have to admit, despite my non-religiosity, that I have frequently seen the comfort derived from people who believe; many years back I had a house-keeper in Indonesia whose Muslim faith gave her the strength to carry on raising her four young kids after her husband died. I would have fallen apart in her shoes; she ploughed on ahead, left my house for a second, evening, job every day and when I asked her how she did it, she simply said "God wants me to do this". You can argue whether that is a good thing or not, but it gave her the strength to carry on for her (truly wonderful) kids. However, despite the above, I sincerely question whether the Catholic Church should continue to exist. Yes, every religion has their aberrant people and yes, every religion has its... weak spots (for want of a better phrase). That said, the Catholic Church is in a league of its own regarding sex scandals and pedophilia. Leaving aside the horrors of the story above, there are also many, many, many other stories from all over the world and the numbers are mind-blowing (I am Canadian, Google 'Mount Cashel Orphanage' for information regarding several hundred more abused kids and yet another cover-up). Further, I have been reading about abuse stories in different countries for many years/decades, and I would be shocked if the above was the last. Finally, I have heard the Catholic Church say, over and over and over again, that it is dealing with the problem. It is not. It has not. Sorry, unless the Catholic Church can convince me and the rest of the world that it is serious about cleaning itself up, can deal effectively with all of its past horrors, and is able to progress cleanly into the future, then I would say "burn it down!"
  14. Samui Bodoh

    Eleven months smoke free!

    Hi All Yes, I have just hit 11 months of not smoking and yes, I am a very happy and proud man. I was a heavy smoker for 35 years or so and never really tried to quit as I always thought that I was unable to do so. I was wrong. I am 100% certain that there are people reading this who are thinking "hmm... I should quit...", I know because 11 months ago I was one of you. Yes, you should stop, and if I can do it, so can you. There are few things more irritating than reformed smokers (or drinkers, or weight-loss, or whatever), so i'll simply leave it at that. There is no good reason to smoke; it is time to quit. How are all my fellow quitters doing? Any news? Tips? Shared experiences that might assist others? Techniques? Inquiring minds want to know! Breathe well, my friends!
  15. Sanctioned, legal, morality police. What could go wrong? Shouldn't we also be talking about caning as a punishment? Jesus wept...