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  1. Well, I for one am completely, 100% relieved. Now that we have the police vow, surely ALL the corruption will be dealt with according to the law. Phew! I feel better already.
  2. Ex-PAD leaders slapped with Bt522m siege bill

    You are making a rather large assumption that any precedent set here will actually apply down the road. In my (albeit limited) experience of Thai justice and court rulings, there does not seem to be any recognizable pattern. Any ruling made regarding the PAD may or may not apply later. Perhaps if the Thai courts followed precedent, they might earn some respect...
  3. Ex-PAD leaders slapped with Bt522m siege bill

    Yes, I would agree that it is more intricate than simply Yellow vs Red. Honestly though, I do think that plays a very big part, and that makes me feel sad for Thailand. The country so desperately wants to be taken seriously as a modern, developed country (whatever that means), but will never be seen as such as long as its justice system churns out nonsense like this case. "And you miss, conveniently, that these accused have been hit with big fines and have yet to face the criminal court." Actually, this is the one that leaps out at me the most. Traditionally, civil cases take longer than criminal ones, mainly because not as many resources and assets are deployed in support of them. Yes, a bit weird, but the criminal side is "sexier". However, my original point remains. The PAD occupied the airport several years before the Yingluck government took power, yet her case was finished before this one has really begun. How can one look at that and say that they are being treated equally? And this is not the only time things like this have occurred. I find the call of "Double Standard!!!" about as irritating as you, but I can't argue with the evidence. If Thailand ever wants to get past the political divide, it needs to have a functioning, respected system of justice. That is still a ways off in the future... Cheers
  4. Ex-PAD leaders slapped with Bt522m siege bill

    A criminal trial to start (perhaps) in March. It is truly amazing that a trial of Yingluck could be all but completed, assets seized, bans put in to place, etc. so quickly... ...but a major terrorist incident of capturing an international airport is still under investigation, nine years on. That is amazing, but even more amazing still is that people come here and claim that there is justice in the Thai legal system. One law for 'Yellows', and another for 'Reds'. Over and over again...
  5. I am sure that Buddha would be soooooo proud. I am curious; does anyone think there is such a thing as an "honest" Thai state official? Anyone?
  6. She was found "guilty" loooooong before the trial started.
  7. C'mon everyone! The poor terrorists out there have had to resort to using trucks to kill people; terrorists should be able to use guns just like everyone else. This has got to be the stupidest idea I have seen in a very long time. What idiot thinks the world needs MORE guns? I have said it before and (unfortunately) need to say it again; Donald Trump is an ever expanding cloud of toxic waste that defiles everything it touches. God help us all.
  8. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    This "trial" has cemented Thailand's place as a third-world banana republic. A PM, overthrown in a coup, is put on trial by the coup government for 'negligence'. The prosecuting agency (NACC) which has cases against the yellow/green coalition going back to the mid 2000's, drops everything to prosecute. A 'government' with section 44 powers 'says' all will be fair. The 'verdict' is unimportant. It will solve nothing; it will be a mere 'talking point' for one side trying to put a sheen of legitimacy on their actions. The world is laughing. What a waste...
  9. Why would anyone be surprised? He already used other people's money for "his" charitable contributions (when he actually made them). Why wouldn't he use other people's money for his legal defense? I have said it before and (unfortunately) need to say it again; Donald Trump is an ever-expanding cloud of toxic waste that defiles everything it touches. God help us all
  10. They are not serving the public. They expect the public to be serving them. That is the problem; when you are neither accountable nor responsible, it does not matter what you do.
  11. ...And if a fair election were held today, he would win. I know it, you know it, all the Thai people know it, big P knows it, Abihisit knows it. All of Thailand knows it. All of it.
  12. "Why are we still quoting this criminal?" Because he is still the most popular leader in Thailand. Abihisit is not as popular, and neither is big P. Nor is anyone else. And if a fair election were held today, he would win. And, everyone knows that.
  13. Thailand is creating an organization that is independent, can choose its own cases, can file its own charges, and can choose to not file charges when they are "inconvenient". And this is the primary body that will monitor politicians. And it is neither responsible to anyone nor accountable to anyone. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. "Asked what they expected from the prime minister’s US visit, 56.8% of the respondents mentioned promotion of trade and investments; 48.8% cooperation in the field of education; 31.4% the people’s security; 31.4% labour protection and welfares; and 29.1% solutions to human-trafficking problems." If the US visit goes ahead, none of these things are likely to be discussed or dealt with. BTW, what is "the people's security" and how would a US visit affect this? More and more nonsense...