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  1. Samui Bodoh

    Report on inequality puts the onus on politicians

    "...The report suggested that Thailand is the world’s most unequal country in the world, as the richest 1 per cent hold 66.9 per cent of the country’s total wealth. .." My solutions to this issue would see me immediately banned from TVF. Have a nice day.
  2. Samui Bodoh

    PM’s remarks raise doubts of curbs on campaigning

    "...Observers believe that if free election campaigning were allowed, then the junta leader and the pro-junta Phalang Pracharat Party would certainly become fodder for intense attacks from their political rivals..." Of course they will; they have been in power (although stolen) for four years. And, baby-man Prayut will not allow the (justified) criticism. I know it, you know it, we all know it. There will be restrictions (read: cheating) "...Once voting is over, the EC has to announce at least 95 per cent of the results within 60 days, or by April 25. During the 60-day period, the agency has the power to disqualify winners suspected of getting elected using dishonest means or seek the dissolution of parties suspected of fraud..." Once the voting is over, the Junta/Prayut will use the "independent" agency (EC) and all the dirt they have collected for four years to dissolve/ban/negate/disallow/compromise/threaten/co-opt (choose your poison) enough elected people to ensure that their party "wins". The only way that Thailand might have a reasonable future is if the pro-Democracy parties receive such an overwhelming number of seats that they simply can't be removed or ignored. Given all we know to date, the question must be asked; is it worth it for the parties to participate in this process? Participation gives legitimacy, and if the parties participate, they will not be able to complain later. Given what we see above, what is Thailand's future? I only see two general possibilities. One, a repeat in one form or another of 1992. Second, a slow process of suffocation and stultification as the elites, the Junta, and their cronies smother the life out of the kingdom. These aren't the promised happy days...
  3. "...Post-poll Prayut govt will lack legitimacy, says academic..." 'I fully agree' says TVF poster. There are many aspects to the coming illegitimacy, but the gravest, most long-lasting is/will be the destruction of the credibility of Thailand's institutions. Think about it; the Junta/Military/Prayut invested sooooo much effort is tearing down all the various public institutions that there aren't really any left which are trusted. Legislators? Nope. The NACC? Don't be ridiculous. The Public Auditing Bureau (or what ever it is called)? Nope. The Police? Good one! The various Ministries? Can anyone say rampant corruption in the Education system? University boards? Nope. Etc Etc Etc. When things go wrong, as they ALWAYS do for a government, where are people going to turn? Anyone? Anyone? Seriously, anyone? It will take a few more years to truly see the terrible damage wrought by Prayut and his minions; poor, beloved Thailand is in for a much more severe shock to its system Sad, sad times in the Kingdom...
  4. "...Top Democrats say Trump may face impeachment, jail over hush money..." There is nothing that I would like better than to see the back of Trump; he has ALREADY done incalculable damage to his own country and to the world. However, it is a political impossibility that he be impeached without the strong support of a large number of Republicans; it simply will not and can not occur. Either sign up a reasonably large number of Republicans to (publicly) join the impeachment process, or vote him out at the next election. I would prefer to see him voted out as I would prefer to see a public repudiation of... that thing. I have said it before and (sadly) need to say it again; Donald Trump is an ever-expanding cloud of toxic waste that defiles everything it touches. God help us all.
  5. "...PM May should renegotiate Brexit deal if loses vote in parliament: Johnson..." Why would the EU renegotiate? Seriously, why? For what reason? What will the UK do if the EU does NOT renegotiate? Leave? This is becoming more and more of a farce everyday. I like the UK and have many British friends, but I have to say that the UK has crossed over to the point where they are embarrassing themselves. I think 'Brexit' is a terrible idea, but that is the policy of the UK, so... Pack up your stuff and go; you made your choice and now it is time to live with the consequences (sad as they are). Hit the road, Jack Don't ya come back no more no more no more...
  6. Samui Bodoh

    Democrats up in arms over Prayut proposal

    "...General Prayut’s proposal has also raised questions about whether the junta is meddling with the election..." Raised questions? Raised questions? The Junta/Prayut started cheating with the coup and have been cheating ever since. They are cheating cheaters who cheat. Raised questions? Comedy gold!
  7. "...Gen Prawit’s expensive wristwatch probe to be wrapped up this month..." And then he'll be sent to jail for corruption, right? Sorry, sometimes I write the most amazing things...
  8. Samui Bodoh

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    When Europe is a collection of disunited nation states, world wars begin; that is the lesson of the twentieth century. I am indifferent to the EU, just don't suck the world into violence again.
  9. I never really liked Kelly (I don't like his face; that was reason enough), but I find it a bit worrying that he is going. As an observer of US politics, it seems pretty clear to me that Trump desperately (DESPERATELY!!!) needs an adult or two nearby to prevent him from doing really, really stupid things. Now, who will be the proverbial 'Adult' in the White House? Jared and Ivanka? Nope and Nope. Kelly Anne? Nope. Miller? Nope. Bolton? Nope. It is a wee bit terrifying that I can't think of anyone who can reign in the worst impulses of Trump; who knows what he will do without some kind of adult supervision? And another point. Does anyone think that Kelly is leaving with a better reputation than when he entered the White House? One of the most telling, and most worrying, things about the Trump White House is how it diminishes and degrades people. Traditionally, having the White House on your resume was a badge of honour; it was a high form of public service and was recognized as such. Now, other than perhaps Niki Halley, is there anyone who has been elevated by their time in the White House? The Executive Branch of the US government is one of the most powerful entities on the planet; I would love to think that the proverbial 'Best and Brightest' would be there to assist in steering global affairs, but sadly I can't imagine why the proverbial 'Best and Brightest' would be willing to serve under Trump. I have said it before and (sadly) need to say it again; Donald Trump is an ever-expanding cloud of toxic waste that defiles everything it touches. God help us all.
  10. Samui Bodoh

    PM declares stance against corruption

    "...Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said the government has campaigned for awareness of the scourge of corruption and has a zero tolerance policy against all forms of graft..." What about General Rolex? Hmm?
  11. "...She's clearly not qualified for this job, but these days it seems that the most important qualification is that you show up on Donald Trump's TV screen," Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said on CNN. Other nations with veto power on the U.N. Security Council are all represented by ambassadors with decades of foreign policy experience..." It used to be that the US selected their "Best and Brightest" to represent them around the globe. Now, it seems the main requirement for government service is that one has passed a screen test to appear on FOX "News". It is a terribly sad thing to watch a once great power shoot itself in the crotch. I have said it before and (sadly) need to say it again; Donald Trump is an ever-expanding cloud of toxic waste that defiles everything it touches. God help us all.
  12. Samui Bodoh

    Junta reaffirms Feb 24 as date for national poll

    "...The election result, Wissanu said, will be announced within two months of the poll, or by April 25..." Hmm... The election result will not be announced for 2 months. Double Hmm... The Junta will keep the ballots for 2 months after the election occurs. Triple Hmm... The Thai people will select their candidates, but do not have the right to know who won the election for 2 months. Quadruple Hmm... The Junta will know the election results for 2 months, but won't tell the Thai people. Quintuple Hmm... What might the Junta be doing with the results and the knowledge of who was elected and not elected for 2 months? Hmm... Double Hmm... Triple Hmm... Quadruple Hmm.. Quintuple Hmm... Hmm...
  13. If Prayut becomes Prime Minister without the support of a majority of elected representatives (not the appointed Senators), one of two things will occur. Thais will see that their votes and the political system were abused to deliver the PM's chair to Prayut and we will see, in one form or another, a repeat of 1992. Alternatively, Thais will accept the cheating, but lose faith in Thai governance. One might argue that we have seen this already for four years (and yes, there is some truth to that), but once it becomes 'permanent', I think that there will be a general malaise settling over the Kingdom, one that will have profound implications. A blatantly rigged election, like what is currently shaping up, will have devastating consequences for the Kingdom. A country walks to the future, in large measure, based on the confidence of its people and institutions. Thailand, for the last four years, has lagged behind its neighbours; it has been a time of stagnation and stultification. Would Prayut returning to the PM's chair inspire Thai confidence? Or would it be a massive 'wet-blanket' dampening the Thai spirit? It is clear to me that it would be the wet-blanket. If Prayut gets back into the PM's chair illegitimately, then watch Thailand's neighbours pass her by without even a wave goodbye... PS there is a third option; the Junta could make Thailand a full-scale vassal of China, but that is another posting...
  14. Samui Bodoh

    In pursuit of the lost tax revenue [Editorial]

    I have great sympathy for nation states (all of them) struggling to deal with this issue; taxation has traditionally been based on territoriality/physical jurisdiction and how can one tax activity that is cyber and/or ethereal? I do not have a good answer. I think Thailand is going to have more trouble with this issue than most because while Thailand is superficially a country/society based on the 'Rule of Law', the reality is that Thailand is a country/society based on the 'Rule of Whoever is Currently in Power'. A society that is based on the 'Rule of Law' applies that law to all, more or less equally (countries ARE made up of human beings...). A country based on the 'Rule of Whoever is Currently in Power' will have great difficulty applying 'Law' to cyberspace unless it is automatic and uniformly done. And, applying law 'Uniformly' (pun intended) is rather difficult in Thailand. Or, put another way, does anyone think the Thai military will allow their finances to be monitored fairly? And by people outside their direct control? Does anyone think that a low-level Thai bureaucrat is going to call on a General to explain all his transactions? Does anyone in Thailand think the monitoring of bank accounts WON'T be used to monitor and persecute political enemies? Based on all our experiences, does anyone believe that Thailand will apply rules of taxation fairly, across the board, and without relevance to a person's social or economic status? My own view is that soon countries everywhere are going to reach a definite deflection point where they will need to decide if they are going to be rule of law or not, and if they can still interact with countries that don't function the same way. Until now, few countries have had to choose as it was possible to do both and it didn't really matter too much. Now? In the near future? It is getting a lot harder. A LOT harder. If you are a Rule of Law based society, it is getting more and more difficult to deal with a Rule of Whoever is Currently in Power-based country; see the on-going dispute between the US and China for an example. Interesting times...
  15. Samui Bodoh

    Parties boycotting meeting are troublemakers: junta

    "...The junta, its organs and the EC is scheduled to meet with political parties today at the Royal Thai Army Club. This venue was where General Prayut, as Army chief, had held mediation talks with conflicting political groups in May 2014, but ended up seizing power after failing to secure an accord..." At the precise venue where he betrayed the politicians before... How very subtle.