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  1. Yes, I am tired of always reading about "foreign" causes to problems (see my post above). But, if I may speculate a bit... perhaps there is a reason. The story notes that the Mayor will " investigate and seek assistance from relevant government agencies to help clean it." I wonder if this is a matter of either convenience or law. If the spill and associated damage can be shown/designated to be from a foreign cause, then the Mayor might be eligible to apply for government funds for a clean up. If it is shown that the spill was caused by Thai interests (for want of a better way to put it), then it might have to be litigated through the courts (which is a long and fraught process) in order to get the funds for a clean up.. Perhaps the blaming of foreigners in this case is a convenience to get funds? Food for thought...
  2. Those pesky foreigners again.... Is there no end to their crimes?
  3. Can I suggest that you ask in the main visa section of TV? Preferably Ubon Joe? I recall reading about a 60 day extension to a marriage visa in the last few months. I think that you can do it, but only once per entry; I can't remember whether it was once per entry (3 mo) or once per visa(1yr). Sorry working off memory... Good luck
  4. The whole point of a tropical island is that it is an island. If it is connected to the mainland, it simply becomes a place. And how much more development can Samui take? I can't say I like this idea. Cheers
  5. For their crime, punish them. BUT, this thread is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. The colour of their skin seems to be the vital point to far, far too many people. After reading this, I need a shower.
  6. Morning all The above couple of posts are why I recommend a motorbike for those that can ride responsibly. Unless you are wealthy, a motorbike is really the only viable option for being here long-term. But, I reiterate riding responsibly!!! Cheers
  7. That is an ugly picture and should be cleaned up, but it is also VERY deceptive. It is a 20 meter stretch of a 3 kilometer (?) beach that is stunning. I swim on a daily basis a few hundred meters east of there, and the beach is clean, the sand wonderful, and the water is clean and lovely. It is one of the main reasons that I live here. A sense of perspective is badly needed to this story. Off to the beach! Cheers
  8. I can't argue with the above post, so I won't try. That said... I have been riding a bike on Samui (off and on) for 20 years. I drive slowly, safely and defensively and never had an accident. I think that is true for many/most people. I have seen plenty of car accidents, some horrific. Not everyone can afford to rent a car. Life's a series of choices... Cheers
  9. Hi All Great thread, so I thought that I would add my two cents. Given a choice between Cheweng and Lamai, I would choose Mae Nam! But, as the OP has stated he likes those two locations, I'll slide over it. The main comment that I would add is in regards to motorcycles. Yes, they are a bit dangerous and yes, there are a lot of accidents. Yes, it is true that you should always wear a helmet, and yes it is very true that you should NEVER(!) drive while drunk. The reasons that I would recommend a motorbike are cost and the freedom to explore. The OP stated that he is on a tight budget; if you are taking taxis and/or Songtheows (spelling) on a regular basis, that is going to add up. In this thread I have seen prices at about 3,000-4,500 Baht/month, but that seems a bit high to me. In my neighbourhood, you can find something for 2,000-3,000/month which is reasonable, but its not a big and shiny bike. Having a bike allows you to explore the island in a way that is simply impossible by taxi/Songtheow. Many a time I have simply turned on to a road/soi/lane and discovered new and wonderful things here. Further, if you plan on visiting the 'sights', well they are spread out and would be both expensive and time-consuming to get there. To sum up, if you don't have a bike, you'll miss half the island (at least). There was also an earlier suggestion about buying a bike and selling it when you leave; I would recommend against that. I bought my current bike from a Russian guy who was leaving and needed to sell quickly; I got it for about 20,000 less that it was worth. Rent! Good luck to the OP
  10. To answer your specific question, I don't know what the reason was. As a general rule, the power will go out on a scheduled basis 2-3 times a year. Ideally, your neighbours will give you a heads up so that you can make plans. When the power goes out at my place, I immediately check the time and when it is morning on the hour or half hour, then it is likely scheduled. It is usually planned to come back at 4-5 PM, although it does usually return before that. I tend to save trips/exploration of the island for those days. In my case, when I lose power I head to Lamai to the bookshop, or the waterfalls around Nathon, or elsewhere. All you can do is grin and bear it. And perhaps head to the beach! Cheers
  11. I vote for Ubon Joe to be Minister of Immigration as everything would be soooo smooth! Many thanks Joe!
  12. My general rule for things like this is to ask my neighbours. The local grapevine is always rapid, and often is the best route. My experience (25+ years in Asia) is if you get a family member of a neighbour, then all is good. Good luck!
  13. Hi All As I posted on my first two... I did a 90 day report today, and it took about 15 minutes. Further, five of those minutes were waiting on an old lady filling in forms at the initial desk! I still hesitate to say it, but it looks like they have gotten their act together. I only needed my passport with the previous slip. No photos, forms, etc. FYI it was quiet; I would guess that there were about 30 people there doing a variety of things. Cheers
  14. I was at Bangkok bank this morning. You can still get 25,000 at a time, but they have raised it to 220 Baht 'service charge'. Cheers
  15. I don't really know that area of the island, but everywhere I go you (literally!) can't swing a cat without hitting a sign for laundry. Unless the OP is looking for some kind of industrial laundry, can I suggest just going for a long walk? I can't believe that the southern part of the island is so radically different from the entire north. Happy feet!