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  1. hiigara

    Where do I get a bus to Bangkok?

    Does the http://pattayabus.com/ run on saturdays and sundays too?
  2. hiigara

    Where do I get a bus to Bangkok?

    Thanks. I will take a baht bus north on second rd and then a east one on Pattaya Nua.
  3. I am staying near Pattaya Klang. Thanks
  4. I made the journey safe. The bus always stops at Pattaya Klang (2nd stop) and the driver will shout loud and clear. After I got off the bus the taxi mafia harassed me, but I was smart enough to study the google street view and walked over the bridge to Pattaya Klang.
  5. hiigara

    Best place to exchange $20 dollar bills?

    I have just checked a few places and definitely TT is the best. I was surprised to see that TT will pay for euros more than the xe market rate. So people exchanging euros are making money! The loss on the dollar is about $1 for every $100 of $20 bills you sell.
  6. hiigara

    Best place to exchange $20 dollar bills?

    According to google maps there is only 1 Super Rich shop in Pattaya, and apparently it's not the same company as super rich in Bangkok. It's a scam.
  7. Hi! Where can I get the best exchange rate for $20 bills in Pattaya? Thanks
  8. Anyone knows if the Roong Reuang Coach from the airport to Pattaya stops at the central Pattaya road intersection? In their website (http://airportpattayabus.com/V2/airport-to-pattaya/) it only says it stops at the hospital, south pattaya intersection and Jomtien. Thanks
  9. I read something about having to register the sim card. Will the store employee help me register it, or I have to do it on my own? How much does the pay-as-you-go plan cost? I only need to make very few phone calls. I don't need any data. Thanks
  10. hiigara

    Need to get rental agreement on land done properly.

    How would that "Usufruct" work in case of divorce or if the wife decides to sell the land? (knock on wood)
  11. hiigara

    Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya?

    Their shared van at 250 baht every 2 hours is not bad. They don't mention any price for private service though.
  12. hiigara

    Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya?

    What is wrong with bus? Buses have always been good to me.
  13. hiigara

    Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya?

    Where can I get a bus from central bangkok to Pattaya? Any direct options from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya that are not rip offs? Thanks