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  1. We are near central lad praw and i take her to school everyday as i also work there.As i said ,in 1 more year she will be matayom so she could be able to travel by herself,hopefully.Thankyou for reply.
  2. Hi all,i would just like some feedback about educating my 11 yr old daughter in bk,,not International school.I'm from england,my girls half thai,single dad whom she lives with.We have a really great lifestyle in bk,and dont want to return to uk(50).Cold expensive,miserable grey skies etc..The thing is im really worried about her education,shes in an english programme and speaks thai as well as english very good.I just know the english standard is nothing like an english school..Next term will do 1 more yr p6,so afterwards its matayom which gets more serious.I'm only a teacher myself and will find it impossible to send her to international school,so i just want to explore other options to avoid going back to uk life,after 15 years in thailand.Any feedback much appreciated.Thankyou
  3. Can u please tell me which fotocopies i need and do i need a foto for a 90 day report?Also is worth going to imperial big c lad preaw?because i went past the other day and its being renovated!!thankyou so much😊
  4. I'm on month 4 now and feel great.Hit the gym 3 or 4 times a week and it totally puts me off smoking.When i smell them now,or see someone smoking ,it just looks so stupid and stinky.Keep up the good work???
  5. korhor 11

    Udon thani.thankyou
  6. korhor 11

    Thankyou joe.Can i go to chang wattana to legitimize my parenthood with my 10 yr old daughter and her mum,even though she was born in udon thani? Thankyou so much.
  7. How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

    Thankyou mario,great help.One more thing mate,im living in bangkok a long time with my daughter,but she was born in udon thani,where her mum and i registered everything.Can i go to chang wattana with my 10 yr old daughter and her mum.Im still on good terms with her mum.thankyou
  8. No i already have my name on the blue book .I think this is AMPHUR,i'm on the birth certificate also,but now this guy says it has changed and i need korhor11.He knows ,as his father is a high up guy who works there and his son is the middle man(boy)))))
  9. Very odd but very true.i'v been getting the o visa for years at chang wattana,without a hitch.I Needed amphur ,bcertifs plus the funds ,which i dont have,hence the middleman at chang wattana,sorting things out for me.thankyou.
  10. im the biological father.The guys who gets me the o visa,puts the 400k in the bank and does everything but he says the laws changed and its much better for me to obtain a khoror 11,,,whatever that is.thankyou
  11. Do you know if they want to see proof of funds as to how im taking care of my 10 yr old daughter?thankyou
  12. thankyou,i am the legal father.Her mum is also willing to come to the office with me.
  13. HI all,just need to know if anyone has a korhor 11 paperwork from their regional office?IM a single dad and i got told i need 1 the next time i renew my non o dependant visa.Also want to know what kind of questions,documents and funds they want.Any feedback will be most appreciated.Thankyou.
  14. Hi all.i would just like to know has anyone had a khorror 11 document from a court or an official office?Its the new law apparently to declare that you are the sole guardian of your child.I have just been informed that i must obtain this if i want to renew a 1 yr o visa with this guy..Any advice much appreciated,, thankyou.