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  1. I worry about too many people watching my TV at the same time. Surely it must wear out faster.
  2. Sorry chook, I tried to post the photos and comment. The only thing racist about the photos he posted are the comments he posted above the photos. There is nothing typical about either.
  3. I tried digging the garden with a black fellow once, it was bloody hard going. Then someone less politically correct handed me a spade. It worked!! I've never looked back! 555 Yeah, seriously, it's been fun but I don't think he's converted anyone yet so I'm with Kadilo. Stop feeding the troll!
  4. Try reading The Elephant Whisperer. You can Google it. Even African elephants can appreciate humans without being tortured into submission.
  5. Everyone outside of Australia? You have been busy, you polled the world!! Except Australia? I tried to get into Mrs Bergman's grade 7 class but was rejected because ........ Who cares!!
  6. I can almost guarantee that the overwhelming response is "couldn't care less" but then what tabloid is going to print that? How can we find out for sure? The same people would look at a survey and couldn't be bothered answering.
  7. <deleted> is Alex Byrne, Glebe? Does his opinion override everyone else's? I don't expect an answer because I doubt if you know who he is. He just happens to agree with your point of view.
  8. What!!? If this is greatness and grace I would really worry about the young girls who hold her up as a role model. Perhaps he's just referring to her website and not the offending performance? Why put @serenawilliams instead of her name with appropriate capital letters?
  9. Well they call us all sorts of names but water off a duck's back, who cares. The more polite ones call us whitey I believe. Many that I've worked with and talked to are very nice people. Unfortunately there are a lot who have the "entitlement syndrome so they feature more in criminal activities proportionate to whites. Yes, American blacks come to play sport and music and some of them settle here it seems. Who would have thought? Black people wanting to stay in such a racist country!
  10. If you know how to Google you will find that black African Americans use this term to refer to white people in general, not specifically Australians. How outrageous!! 555 It's supposedly a derogatory term for Caucasians. Who cares? While on the subject of racism why are blacks in the USA called African Americans? If they were born in the country aren't they just Americans? So isn't African American racist? In Australia we call our black people Australians. Most thinking Aussies couldn't give a rat's what JKR thinks or any other high profile entertainer who thinks their opinion is superior for that matter. We are all entitled to our own opinion and beliefs and it's not up to you or them to be trying to convert others to your/their way of thinking. You can have your opinions just don't expect others to change theirs. By the way, should your user name be spelt marcusarelius after the Roman emperor?
  11. I think Aussies know very well how the rest of the world feels about their racist attitude. The ones that don't jump on the bandwagon pointing out something is racist, sexist, religist, couldn't give a toss what others think. They can accept racist slurs, being called "honkeys", etc, without getting their nose out of joint. On the other hand you have those who must point out everything that could possibly be construed as (see above) because they feel it's popular and makes them feel superior in their knowledge I suppose. I find it strange how so many people, women in particular, are up in arms over comments made regarding Muslims. Are they really in favour of keeping women suppressed, e.g. must cover up completely in public, must be accompanied by a male family member in public, not permitted to drive cars, not allowed education, the list goes on. Can be stoned to death for adultery even if raped. Personally I'd rather side with the people that are against a religion that promotes this treatment of women. I think a lot of the good Muslims would protest against some of their more radical members words and actions and the rules if they didn't fear the consequences of doing so.
  12. Yep. I'm guessing her cherry is long gone. Ha! Maybe Thais ladies lose their longon. If she's "honey" she must be the fake stuff they've been warning us about on social media.
  13. I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotamy but maybe with Thai grammar they got the choices mixed up.
  14. Yeah. Anyone with too much testosterone and too little brain would have rushed to the rescue of...(which one? ) and got himself hacked up with the sword. Then we could all comment on how brave and stupid he was!