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  1. Don't know about you but I count myself in the human group.
  2. Let's just say I haven't noticed so many dogs around lately and none coming to our chook yard during the day to eye off their night's dinner. I thought I had constructed a predator proof chook yard with 1 metre chain link fencing around the bottom and blue net covering that to 2 metres high with self closing gate. Didn't think we'd have to lock the gate but now we do. Maybe there were humans involved as well?
  3. Some, maybe many, of the morons are already dead. A lot of posters seem to think these dogs have been turned out recently. When I lived in Pathumthani a couple of years back coming home one night I counted 20 dogs on the street in about 500 metres. I believe the govt came in to take them away a couple of months later but as there is thick scrub along the soi many avoided capture. Not long after that I was walking along the same stretch of road and counted 13 pups. So the point is that many of these dogs could be many generations removed from the original rejected dog. The other obvious point is that trying to capture them for spaying will not be easy and one shot from a rifle will see them scattering out of sight. Tranquilliser guns may work or providing food containing a quick acting sedative is an alternative. Somehow I doubt that the govt has dog pounds and anyway what is the point? Do dog loving posters think that numerous people (in the hundreds of thousands) will come to the pound to "rescue" Fido from being euthanised?
  4. So if it's going to take 200 years they better get started. I don't know about the cities but here in the rural areas cutting off food supplies is going to be difficult. Every day and even at night there are literally hundreds of food parcels roaming around. They are called ducks, chickens and turkeys. We lost several ducks in one night to dogs. A neighbour lost ten turkeys a couple of nights later and another neighbour has lost several ducks and at least one chook. Possible culprits come from the dog population at the temple just down the road. I believe if someone no longer wants their dog they can leave it at a temple. Maybe they no longer want it because it kills chickens, etc. My gf's father had a pup that killed chickens. He had someone take it away for "attitude adjustment" I was told. Obviously a continuous cull is the only effective way to bring the population down. I also believe cutting the food supply will have starving dogs becoming more aggressive and sympathetic people will feel they just have to feed them.
  5. Aah now all is clear. I've often joked with my gf about drivers saving "electric" by not switching lights on. Didn't put it down to the home bill rising. My thoughts were that it was the "me, me" factor in play. I can see where I'm going so don't I need lights. Same with tail lights on a motorbike. I can't see it when I'm riding so why do I need it? Never mind the lack of visibility by other drivers who may be overtaking and don't see the approaching vehicle or are semi blinded by an oncoming car and hit a motorbike in the rear. I wonder how many accidents are caused by this stupid line of thought.
  6. But you are farang right? Could be a challenge for some people, particularly the males, of a certain country.
  7. Fatal ignorance: poll shows rabies is misunderstood

    So you think the family dog couldn't possibly be infected with rabies or some other disease that can be communicated to humans? It really doesn't matter to me, carry on with what you believe. I didn't mention unknown dogs but I would hazard a guess that many family owned dogs associate with them and could become infected. My “vastly inflated exaggeration“ 555 get real! If you bothered to read my previous post #9 you may have deduced that I agree that education is necessary. In another thread I also suggested that perhaps the govt should instruct vets to provide rabies shots for free and claim for reimbursement.
  8. First time Philippines?

    OK you win!! I hope that effort really helps the OP decide whether or not to go to the PI. I'm wondering if the PI has as many vehicles per head of population as Thailand and if so why is the road carnage not the same? Maybe they have more people obeying the road rules or better drivers.
  9. Fatal ignorance: poll shows rabies is misunderstood

    The typical attitude. Who me? A bad driver? No, it's everyone else and I already know everything I need to know. After all I went to school didn't I so I've been taught everything there is to know. Now I've got to get back to my Facebook/gaming/Line messages so don't interrupt me. My gf's brother died a couple of years back. From what I've been told I suspect it was leptospirosis and he left it too late to see a doctor. Her son almost went the same way but spent several days in ICU and recovered but still has problems. Neither wanted to go to a doctor. Education about serious diseases should be part of the curriculum. Still boggles my mind in a country where rabies is endemic that dogs are allowed to roam and breed without any meaningful control.
  10. Fatal ignorance: poll shows rabies is misunderstood

    I agree but the bleeding heart dog lovers see nothing wrong with letting dogs lick faces, either theirs or their kids. Maybe just after licking faeces too!
  11. I have read in another thread that someone on the Oz OAP had their pension cut when they married a Thai lady but applied to have it reinstated because the wife had no income. Apparently the full single pension was reinstated plus the amount that had been deducted. Don't know if it's true or would work for everyone or now. Things change.
  12. I have been led to believe that many years ago taxes were raised to have workers pay for the old age pension when they reached retirement age. Along the way this extra tax was just “stolen” and became part of general revenue. So now Centrelink can say that it's a safety net. You don't have to have paid any tax in your lifetime to get tha OAP. Too bad about those of us that have worked to earn it and should be entitled to it with no questions asked.
  13. Hard to believe that there was only one Trump comment in this (so far) unlike the previous thread that dissolved into an argument by a few posters over who should have won the American presidency.
  14. Survey reveals little faith in Thai justice system

    And everyone was pheasantly surprised!? (You missed that one) and I can misspell words as good as anyone.