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  1. AboutThaim

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    I suppose in Thailand it would be more suffering to be in jail. But then if you are in favour of that then you are more vindictive than those in favour of not allowing that suffering to happen. I'm in favour of your second point and that is what has happened. He will not murder another person.
  2. AboutThaim

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    I think in this case that's exactly what the department is. They even used correction fluid. I don't think the tape works in these cases.
  3. AboutThaim

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    Only one wrong and one right. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which is which.
  4. Ok, thanks for that info.
  5. Thanks Ubonjoe. I have almost exactly the same situation as the OP and plan on doing a border run to Cambodia tomorrow. At my last 90 day report the IO pointed out that my visa expires before my next 90 day report is due. He said I would get a 90 day stamp by doing a border run which I thought was incorrect? I'm booked to fly back to Oz on 9th May for 2 or 3 months. So a 12 month stamp is what I really need. Can I get a re-entry permit at a border crossing for when I return in 2 or 3 months? I live in Sisaket Province.
  6. Why start with this one? Most procedures seem to be done to enhance an observable feature such as the nose, the breasts, the lips. Just thinking that maybe there is going to be a lot of Thai males becoming flashers so their "enhancement"can be observed.
  7. Seems obvious to me. Thai male wants many girls for sex. Thai girls think white is beautiful and white dick will make white babies.
  8. Years ago my young brother in law helped himself to a glass of milk in the fridge. When he was told his sister had expressed the milk to feed her baby later he threw up instantly.
  9. So glad I read through all these posts thoroughly! Now I know the Earth isn't flat and the Inglish langwidge is a mess and we shood change it now that it has become the lingua franca for the world. Don't know how I ever managed to learn it! Or did I? To think I learnt all this extra stuff because Pommie kids can't read an analogue clock. Don't bother to correct my deliberate spelling missteaks.
  10. AboutThaim

    Do you have a shed ?

    Hope your ladies don't get splinters off your deck! Could end up with chips off the old block!
  11. AboutThaim

    3 Burmese Arrested For Alleged Rape of US Tourist

    Was it a boyfriend?? The Chiang Mai paper's account says it was a female friend and she did not go to a “restroom” but behind some bushes where her friend caught one man “assaulting” her. The other two had already left.
  12. AboutThaim

    Three dead in Chon Buri car-truck collision

    Actually a failure to break (rest) rather than a brake failure. Good that he owned up to being at fault, very unusual for the Thai male species I think.
  13. Well that's just wierd! Is someone or anyone supposed to know the taxi before booking a ride? I didn't read that she was sh*tfaced but had a few drinks. Alone? Yeah everyone has to travel with a companion to avoid being molested/raped. Get real. Riding trains in Bangkok I've seen numerous people doze off on their way home after work. Maybe they've been awake since pre dawn. Are they displaying poor judgement and just asking to be robbed and molested by your standards? A potential rapist/thieving taxi driver needs to be dealt with harshly.
  14. AboutThaim

    Do you have a shed ?

    I'm thinking he's a kiwi. Reminds me of the ad on Aussie TV spoken by a kiwi woman. “Boys and their decks”.
  15. AboutThaim

    3 Burmese Arrested For Alleged Rape of US Tourist

    Surprised or doubt that a woman would have consensual sex with three men? I remember several years ago several members of an Aussie rugby team in NZ were taken on by a local woman. She bragged about it to her co-workers after. When she realised that they didn't approve and it became public knowledge the excreta hit the fan and some high profile players were hauled over the coals. In the Chiang Mai version the third man was “assaulting” her without his friends so why wasn't she protesting? I have a feeling she was caught out by her friend (another woman) and claimed rape to save face. I could be wrong but these things do happen.