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  1. Do you mean the generals that were bought at a General Store by a previous government? Too bad they didn't read the label. Probably would have said Made in China, (note the preference for Chinese trade) no warranty (that they will not attempt to take over the country). The other generals that came with a brain, morals and ethics were just too expensive.
  2. Yeah he would have been at home doing wall graffiti going by his style of “art”.
  3. Na, the woman would have been charged for tempting the man to touch her just by being there. Maybe she would cop a little stone throwing as her penalty.
  4. I always thought it was because of an overdose of those little blue pills.
  5. Son comes home to find both parents shot dead

    Any tea money likely to be forthcoming?
  6. I think it used to be global warming that so many raved on about. Then when that wasn't really happening it was changed to climate change which does seem to be happening. Is it caused by too many humans breathing, too many flatulent cows or burning too much coal? Be good if someone came up with some realistic alternatives. Personally I favour power generation from the abundant heat underground. The other two are up for suggestions!
  7. Road Work in Thailand

    I`ve traveled a couple of different roads the 90 plus km to Ubon over the last fifteen months and for many miles on both roads they are duplicating the highway. With all the drainage and bridgework it must be costing billions and doesn't seem to be the army at work.
  8. I tend to agree with you Thai Ron but as in many other situations involving exploitation of adults and child labour what is/ where are the answers? Stop the exploitation and let them and their families starve? I would like the sneering farang women to come up with some suggestions occasionally!
  9. Maybe the report has got it wrong? What he may have said was that he was on a promise so he came to Thailand to “Phuket” but could only get an “Incheon” even with an overdose of Viagra.
  10. I've often wondered why there are so many balcony falls by farangs. Just maybe they have some help after refusing to pay the bill and the girl calls in her backup team. Could have been what happened here. She threatened him and he got in first and helped her off the balcony. He would then need to disappear quickly before the backup team arrived. No time to pick up the condoms. I doubt any cheap charlies will read this but if any does, think twice before refusing payment or you may join the parachuteless base jumpers club. RIP young lady. Too bad there are not enough safer occupations for these girls to work in to earn money for themselves and family.
  11. Yeah! You'll make a small fortune!
  12. Kick out from hotel like a vagabond.

    Just maybe someone rang the “manageress” desperate to book a room so the woman doubled the price for them intending to pocket the difference. She just had to have a vacant room and Toochip and wife were the victims.
  13. Drones Flying Around Bangkok Again..

    And that should come just after they learn the 3 Rs (which seems to be a bit lacking in school leavers) and how to take responsibility for the things they do.
  14. Issaan II

    "beer bellies after a couple of years of knocking back Fosters" To the best of my knowledge Fosters is not sold in Australia. If it is it's very well hidden. I think it's only for the UK. But you are right about the beer bellies or fast food bellies or whatever makes them overweight.
  15. Issaan II

    I was helping a friend in Buriram Province when I first made contact with my gf. I came to Khun Han for a weekend to meet her. That was about 15 months ago. Have been back to Oz for a couple of months in that time. I was raised on a farm and the old saying, “you can take the boy out of the farm but you can't take the farm out of the boy” applies to me even though the “boy” is closing in on 72 years. We are still setting up our small mango, banana, veggies, various other fruits, fish and poultry farm. My gf owns this land and another building block in the village where we live. We also grow rice on a jointly owned family farm. Always something to do which keeps me active and never bored. I've seen too many retired blokes drink themselves dead in a few years.