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  1. Menace to Society

    No, I dont wish harm on anyone. The restraint not to do something is harder but ultimately the safer option. As a farang you are at a distinct disadvantage right from the start. Simple rule, remove yourself from the problem, dont become part of the problem.
  2. Menace to Society

    Dangerous place, never get involved in road rage, just be thankful you got home in one piece. Dont forget locals can and do carry firearms in their vehicles. As the Thai airline pilot found out when he was shot at on his way to the Airport, roadrage at its worst.
  3. Website developer ?

    Just as feedback, I have tried contacting "improve position" twice and never even got a reply! Not a good start and I have no confidence if they cant be bothered to answer an inquiry. (Twice) Thanks anyway. The search continues.
  4. Website developer ?

    Thanks for the above post. I will checkout "Michael". I cant remember which one but I did try some "freelancer" site and had loads of bids etc a lot from India. I checkout 3 from there feedback etc and the urls they supplied then narrowed to one. What a mess !! I had to stop him and walk away. It was obvious it was a "free template" manipulation done very poorly how he got the feedback he had is beyond me. I can only assume it was all "made-up" . Dont trust those sites now so a specific person / company recommendation is better.
  5. Website developer ?

    Thanks for your contribution but as stated twice already I dont want DIY.
  6. Website developer ?

    Not interested in DIY I want a professional job done.
  7. Snake Identification Help

    Every snake that comes in or near my house has the same name....."dead" ! I am not interested in what it was, take no chances with young kids around.
  8. Website developer ?

    Any one have a good experience and can recommend a person or company to design/build a website with shopping cart ??? Thanks
  9. How old are you, 12 ?
  10. BIB

    So you are complaining because you broke the law and the Police were doing their job and caught you. Seems do me "damned if they do and damned if they dont". You break the law then suffer the consequences, no one to blame but yourself. No sympathy at all.