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  1. All innocent misunderstanding ......this guy was riding his PINK "hello kittty" bike as its the only pink pussy he's likely to get. He was asked by passer-by if he had a pink helmet too? and was just proving he did ! Simple misunderstanding officer.
  2. Black Ops

    Thailand - Not for me

    So here's my take on this story , A guy meets a woman, she has her own house, good job and her life is all good. She gets involved with a guy and moves him in. Perhaps he was her "trophy ferang" ?(role reversal) Anyway, he doesnt pay any rent and she doesn't want him to as that way he can't make any claims and she's totally in control. Smart lady !. Time moves on she's paying for most things but after a few years the "shine" and novelty has worn off, they can't really communicate and have deep discussions etc. Slowly but surely they drift apart. She realises that if he went maybe she could do better as he isnt improving or helping her life in any way (nothing to lose) and would have no impact financially so time he left. He retreats to Canada nowhere near friends or family to lick his wounds and try to convince himself it wasnt his fault and to fight the regret, but then vents his frustration, and battered ego by "Thai-bashing" and bitter remarks. You need to let it go and move on mate as your in deep denial in my opinion. Best of luck, never easy to start again.
  3. Black Ops

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    It never fails to amaze and sadden me as to how people view someones difficulty or problem as an opportunity to riducule and attack them. A guy comes on here with genuine concern and worry about a situation he has no control over (currency value) and people are so quick to attack. This is the problem with disconnected online forums. People dont see the elderly man or his expressions and the hurtful effect the words may be having, its just words on a screen. You dont respect his feelings or position in any way. People say things that if it were "face to face" so to speak they (hopefully) wouldnt dream of saying. To a younger man it would probably result in a "smack in the mouth". So please before you hit that "submit" button just show a little empathy and try helping for a change instead of making someone sorry they asked for help or guidance with a situation. There but for the grace of God could be anyone of us, to face those concerns late in life in my opinion must be quite frightening and certainly doesnt warrant the comments made by some. Just think about the effect you may have on others and have a little compassion and dial it back a bit.
  4. Black Ops

    Whats the point ?

    Which proves my point, why have it all if no one is doing anything with it for the last two years !! Housekeeping required ?
  5. Black Ops

    Whats the point ?

    www.thaivisa.com/forum/forum/151-buy-or-sell-a-thai-business/ The above forum has all but three topics locked and those are all 5yr old. The remaining 3 topics are 2/3/4 yrs old. What's the point in this forum existing at all ?? Clearly no one uses it and what is visible is no use to anyone as its way out of reasonable date.
  6. Black Ops

    S.O.S -- Drill bit needed

    Thanks to everyone for your help and info..
  7. Black Ops

    S.O.S -- Drill bit needed

    Unfortunately no. Its only accessible from one direction. Thats what bothers me with these 12 inch/ 300 mm drills I have found online, they seem like a "snap" waiting to happen. 100mm would be ideal. I did wonder if the hex drive drills were any longer ?? An extra inch on that hex drive shaft might do it ?
  8. Black Ops

    S.O.S -- Drill bit needed

    As I said I tried locally which included Global, Homepro and thaiwatsadu. and a few mom & pop builders merchant type shops. None of them had anything other than standard.
  9. Black Ops

    S.O.S -- Drill bit needed

    Hey Guys - anyone out there know where I can get longer drill bits ? I specifically need a 4mm wood bit that is longer than the usual 50mm. Ideally 100mm length. No luck locally, Lazada had some in China but that was all I could find. Online purchase in Thailand if possible I dont want to wait weeks buying overseas. Thanks
  10. As stated previously, its 1999 each direction BUT if you book as return the return leg is 999 making 2998 as the total round trip fare.( quoted by SP on the phone)
  11. Black Ops

    Crazy price - Why ??

    You must have been either ripped off or stuck in traffic but that was your experience, not mine.
  12. Black Ops

    Crazy price - Why ??

    Why are the prices so damn high from Krabi Airport ? Half the distance and nearly treble the price compared to Bangkok Taxi ?? Or is this just typical for the Krabi Airport ?
  13. Ok here is the latest 1999 baht is operated by SPlogistics see pics for contact details. If you return same day ticket 999 so some day total 2998 THIS IS A CHARTER FLT SERVICE AND CANNOT BE BOOKED VIA NOK AIR.
  14. The price is 2k each way if i recall but I will get that confirmed when I eventually find out who the hell to contact about booking it. Last time I got the bus to Mochit took 6hrs !! Big difference for 2 @ 552 baht each way by bus or 4k each way by air.