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  1. As stated previously, its 1999 each direction BUT if you book as return the return leg is 999 making 2998 as the total round trip fare.( quoted by SP on the phone)
  2. Black Ops

    Crazy price - Why ??

    You must have been either ripped off or stuck in traffic but that was your experience, not mine.
  3. Black Ops

    Crazy price - Why ??

    Why are the prices so damn high from Krabi Airport ? Half the distance and nearly treble the price compared to Bangkok Taxi ?? Or is this just typical for the Krabi Airport ?
  4. Ok here is the latest 1999 baht is operated by SPlogistics see pics for contact details. If you return same day ticket 999 so some day total 2998 THIS IS A CHARTER FLT SERVICE AND CANNOT BE BOOKED VIA NOK AIR.
  5. The price is 2k each way if i recall but I will get that confirmed when I eventually find out who the hell to contact about booking it. Last time I got the bus to Mochit took 6hrs !! Big difference for 2 @ 552 baht each way by bus or 4k each way by air.
  6. From memory its tomorrow the 2nd.If you continue into Phetchabun and on the opposite side of the road to the Kosit Hill hotel is a huge sign advertising. I intend to take a drive into the airport to see what info is available there.
  7. Telephoned Nok Air just now and they said they never heard of it !! and have no information and you cannot book through them maybe it's an agency ???? they said.......55555555.......Thailand at its best. Huge posters in Phetchabun about grand opening and NOTHING known by call centre staff at Nok Air !! Cannot book and have no idea where or who to contact about this "new service". Amazing Thailand.
  8. Don't see anything on Nok Air website yet?? Read an article that ticket price is going to be 2k baht each way and operating only Monday & Saturday.
  9. Black Ops

    Just checking - Retire Ext.

    Just to update this a little from my visit today. UJ was quite correct in his comments. What did surprise me was the "additional" declarations that were not asked for in previous years. 3 pages in total regarding overstay / work permits & visa and a detailed map to my address. (As always this may be old news to some and new to others as offices can and do vary) The whole extension application now consists of 8 pages plus photo and passport.
  10. Do you still need a photo ? Thai Immigration website doesn't mention it and I vaguely remember them using desk cams.So photo or not please ?? Required: Proof of income Copy passport Seems too little for Thai Immigration to me, please let me know if I missed something. Thanks