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  1. What % of Thai women are prostitutes ? I said about 80 my mate said closer to 95 . Who can tell ? Furthermore what % of western men in thailand expat or tourist are johns . Id say this is closer to 100%.
  2. sklmeeera

    Nigerians arrested over alleged romance scam

    No . They were in thialand years ago. Thailand cleared them out then they went to Cambodia then to Vietnam ten they went back to thailand . I even saw a few of them in calcutta . J
  3. He will be thrilled about that too.
  4. Nice rack on it though . Can see what the randy old English geezer was thinking.
  5. That looks like my old mate Jakey John last heard of living up in Issan . He was a valium addict and chronic alcoholic then .
  6. It changes so often my head is spinning . So what is it these days as in the title for a Uk passport holder with no recent thai visas .?
  7. As a non drinker i can live o the islands samui phangan for less than 300 usd a month easy .
  8. There are guns absolutely everywhere in this country with hot headed men with the brains of children. So just like usa then .
  9. sklmeeera

    Frenchman killed in motorcycle crash on Samui

    That is the Frenchmans fault imo. Rip .Driving too fast and plenty of chance to avoid if he was paying attention .Asian driving style is Not the same as in Europe . Recently i was on Ko Phangan and was a bit surprised by the tourists attitude . They want me to drive like im in Germany ! .F.O.! They need to realise that the driving style is not the same as in their own countries . This should be spelled out to them when they rent . They need to drive very defensively and slowly until they understand the style.
  10. What a nob head . The RTP on K Phangan are not fools . They have been catching druggy tourists for years now .
  11. No big deal . A rabies shot available at all thai hospitals for about 800 baht.
  12. That makes zero sense . So why is it that the USA has a hugely higher murder rate than for example the UK or Australia ??? Because ...in those countries the laws on guns and firearms is strict andin the USA it is a sick joke . Guns were made for killing car were made for travelling . I cant understand why Americans cant get that through their thick skulls .