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  1. That makes zero sense . So why is it that the USA has a hugely higher murder rate than for example the UK or Australia ??? Because ...in those countries the laws on guns and firearms is strict andin the USA it is a sick joke . Guns were made for killing car were made for travelling . I cant understand why Americans cant get that through their thick skulls .
  2. Wow . id never have thought of that . Great idea thanks Ill try it out .
  3. When is that Fat Flubb Trump going to do or say something useful . What a disgrace he is . How about banning the sale of guns to dangerous people for a start . Sounds like it must have been a white kid , if he was coloured the fascist pigs would have killed him for sure .
  4. What a pair of tools on many levels . For murdering someone for money , their blatant adultery ,thinking they would get away , never mind the guilt they face for ever ,escape or not . They are going to pay a terrible price for their ignorant wickedness . Their foolishness has really screwed up their lives beyond all hope . Lets hope they are caught and severely punished by the courts for their heinious crimes .
  5. Bom Shankar you . Free yr limited mind .
  6. Ballcocks ? Are you a plumber ? Maybe you are the exception to the rule , with looks like Charlie Chan and a magnetic personality like Tom Cruise . Most farang men here have the wit and charm of Rab C Nesbitt
  7. Another one been watching too many American cop dramas . Lock him up and throw away the key . Fool .
  8. No they are just after the farangs money . Goldiggers they are called . You married to one by any chance ?
  9. Just for money . Flabbergasting how foolish these idiots are .
  10. What a dreadful mistake Mr French and Ms Thai have made . Not only are you going to spend the rest of your natural lifes in one of the worst prison systems in the world but after that you are going to spend eternity in Hell getting boiled in cauldrons and torn to pieces by wild dogs over and over again . You fools
  11. Im just biding my time here . Any day now the Thai government is going to legalize marijuana . A small plot up in the hills above Chiang Mai will be a good investment .
  12. It should be noted that most farang men judging by their appearance and manner are unlikely to find any woman in the west so its all the more obvious that the Thai women are just after their money .
  13. Exactly . And whats the point in coming all the way to Thailand to be responsible . ? Cant you do that in Luton . I think you are in the wrong frigging country everyone else is here for the drinking and whoring .
  14. Of course hes drunk . Didnt you see the mugshot ?
  15. Lying thieving greedy [email protected]@ing bankers . The only good banker is a dead banker .