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  1. She is over 30 years younger than him . Dont they have laws against that in the UK ?
  2. That is ridiculous . I wonder why you think that ?
  3. Was at Chiang Mai International last week and a couple of young Bogans wearing flip flops , shorts and singlet were snogging ,i kid you not, with a couple of young transexual hookers just before going through security at 5 am . Quite a disgusting sight at any time . Thankfully the wee retarded bogans were stopped at security and sent back downstairs as far away from me as possible .
  4. That is ridiculous . I wonder why you think that ?
  5. She is quite cute and 36 and hes an old manny . Wonder why she would be interested in an old guy like that ?
  6. Teach Thailand without formal Degree

    Spot on . I dont give a fig about the teaching . I have been screwed over and abused by so many schools by now that its just all about getting the money and visa now .
  7. Its good news for the AA brigade of <deleted> . I even heard one say that it ws an act of God . Strewth !
  8. No way pal .!!! Have you ever tried that stuff ? It is disgusting . The taste stays with you for days . Brew your own beer . The only good rice alcohol I had was in the Himalayas . Nepali Roxi . Maybe the best alcohol I have tasted . Freshly distilled everywhere without presevative so no hangover and a very decent buzz too . A little tricky to do at home though I am prepared to get learning .
  9. Tourists will stop going there if the beers expensive . Myanmar draught beers are good and dirt cheap and Cambodias not too bad . F@@@ Thailand its finished .
  10. I know its possible to work illegally in Thailand but is it possible to somehow get a work permit without a degree ? Assuming that one qualifies as a teacher with the experience ?
  11. Thats got to be more than just alcohol .
  12. It has been conclusively proven that single , white , expat males between the ages of 30 and 47 and living in Thailand , are the most selfish people on the planet .
  13. How feasible is this ? Whats the best way ?. Through Myanmar would be out especially now with the trouble in Rakhine state . How pricey would a return trip by ship with the bike be ? From Thailand or Malaysia . Could I drive through China and down through Nepal ? I would buy the CRF 250 as its cheap and reliable .
  14. This gang are actually the Nomads . It is common knowledge that they are Hells Angels rejects . So if someone wants to join the HA and is perceived as a wimp or too effeminate they are directed to join the Nomads . This is why the name Gay Nomads and more recently Gaymads has stuck . Because they are predominitely homo and not badass enough to be in the HA .