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  1. Russian woman attacked on Koh Phi Phi

    Tall and slim ... no doubt a 5 ft Burmese man will "confess" following Police interview?
  2. Credit to the staff members for keeping their cool under difficult circumstances.
  3. A timeless classic for all music lovers ... Happy New Year folks!
  4. Brits vs. Americans in Pattaya

    I forgot about Justin Beiber ... the worst of them all! I'll give you a pass on Neil Young ... a fine musician.
  5. Brits vs. Americans in Pattaya

    You don't need to apologise for these characters ... but you do for Michael Buble!
  6. Brits vs. Americans in Pattaya

    It's nothing to do with nationalities ... I've met plenty of people in Pattaya that seemed decent enough, of all nationalities. I've also met plenty of people I've chosen to avoid, of all nationalities, including my own kind. Pattaya attracts some unusual characters: criminal types, con-men, alcoholics, etc ... all of them best avoided.
  7. It’s meant for those that don’t think carefully before they act ... it’s no big deal to make these mistakes if the amount expended is a small fraction of your total net worth ... but for many, like the Norwegian guy above, it might be everything they have got. Act in haste, repent in leisure! It will still happen of course ... “because my girl’s different” ... lambs to the slaughter landing in Bangkok every day ... same, same.
  8. No, I just wanted another laugh at your righteous indignation ... and defence of a wrong un.
  9. Do you really think he bought it from Graff or Van Cleef and Arples? Or a gold shop on beach rd? The guy got suckered, which makes her a wrong un.
  10. Maybe she didn’t like the toaster you bought her?