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  1. It's about not running away in the middle of an issue ... she will not leave like Cameron.
  2. Mrs May has a sense of duty, she will not walk away and leave the mess to someone else like Cameron did, I’m pretty sure about that. She will try to find a way through Parliament, a softer Brexit, or she will sanction a second vote. That’s why GBP strengthened yesterday.
  3. The problem with your march to a no deal Brexit, with no transition, is that no Leave politician campaigned for that during the referendum. Every single one of them promised the potential leave voter a smooth transition and minimal economic disruption, with trade deals being signed the day after. So, if no one campaigned for that, how can anyone claim that outcome represents the democratic will of the people of the UK? It is not what the majority want. We would need a second vote to test that option.
  4. I think the market reaction with GBP strengthening against the Euro suggests a softer Brexit or a second referendum and possibly no Brexit at all ... something that Tusk hinted at with his cryptic tweet. I'll settle for either ... but our fellow TVF brethren will be choking on their Chang!
  5. Possibly over Diane Abbot as we speak ... but he'll lose the vote tomorrow.
  6. AlexRich

    New start Chris

    If you are happy to pay 4-6,000 Baht per month and that does not affect you financially then no harm done. Just don't get married, buy land, build houses or have a baby, loan money ... or pay any more than you can easily afford. That way if the relationship begins to sour you can pack your bags and high tail it to Pattaya.
  7. They are good at slogans, don't confuse them with the difficult real world practical stuff. I watched Stephen Merchant on TV last year (co-creator of the Office) discussing his dad's enthusiasm to "take back control". He said "he's a retired plumber from Bristol, he's never been in control of anything in his life"! Just about sums them up.
  8. So funny. Why did he post the ramblings of an angry nut job? That guy should be wearing a sandwich board and walking the streets bleating "the end is nigh". Another Gammon.
  9. And you are exhibiting over confidence about where Britain stands today. There will be no complacency this time with the young, and the fantasy of Brexit has been exposed ... a second referendum looks more likely by the day.
  10. Your Brexit dies the moment a second referendum is announced. And if you believe that the new young voters are for Brexit you are going to be very disappointed.
  11. May has a deal that allows a transition period and the finalisation of a relationship with the EU. Her deal means leaving the EU, no longer contributing, controlling your own borders, etc. You wanted Leave, that's what she's offering. And the final deal may well be outside of Customs Union and Single Market ... that is yet to be negotiated. But people like you want to crash out on WTO terms, with all the chaos that will entail from that. Yet no Leave politician campaigned for that during the referendum? So no one can make any claim on this being what people voted for. So people like me realise that there needs to be another vote ... because you lot are trying to force through something that no one campaigned for. So you risk a second referendum and no Brexit. Don't blame "the establishment", "globalists", "remoaners", "Soros" ... or any of the other imaginary groups that you read about on the internet whilst wearing a tin foil hat. The blame rests with you.
  12. The demographics don't work in your favour according to UGOV ... the numbers of Brexit supporters that have died mean that today if everyone voted the same remain would win ... bear in mind the 1.5m young people who are now eligible to vote, and are a great deal more motivated to drag their backsides to the polling booth. The key reason that Brexiteers don't want a second vote is that they would lose.
  13. I’m okay with accepting May’s deal, I can at least reconcile May’s deal with what people campaigned for ... control of immigration, no contribution to EU, and a transition agreement, etc. But the most important part for me is that we would leave with a transition deal, a leave that would minimise the economic impact. What some Brexiteers are trying to engineer is an off the cliff Brexit with no transition straight onto WTO terms. Not one of them campaigned for that ... no prominent Leave politician stated that as the outcome. So how can anybody claim that that outcome is what people voted for? Clearly it was not. So I’m for a democratic vote on what people actually want, and that includes Remain. The vote did not give a minority of Tories carte blanche to ruin our economy. If they believe that was the voters intention they should not object to a second vote. The reason that they strongly object is because they know there is no support for it in the country.
  14. Another one who won't bear the brunt of Brexit ... and not much going on upstairs.