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  1. You should have married a good Catholic girl.
  2. If I were a relative I'd want this investigated, I can't understand why a person of that age would do that, a break-up is a set-back but it's hardly the end of the world.
  3. I did what you are doing but tried to stay out of Thailand for a month before returning or going back to the UK at Christmas and returning in the new year. So I'd go to places like Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia (not so nice), Bali, and Laos (nice place). Bear in mind you could also do a 6 month ED Visa, to extend your stay in Thailand ... do it in a place you want to explore, then rinse and repeat. I never crossed borders by land, always got the correct tourist visa from a foreign consulate ... I never had any problems but perhaps other people have ... hopefully you will hear their stories also.
  4. No ... her family, friends, the journalists who interviewed her ... along with many Thais and expats who understand what is possible on Koh Tao. Your belief is in a default position that a girl is not a rape victim unless it's recorded on a camera and witnessed by a dozen people ... and even then I suspect that you'd claim she was acting out a "rape fantasy" ... you're a sad old man.
  5. When I look at a movie trailer and see Nicolas Cage is in it ... I keep my money in my pocket ... I've never enjoyed a movie he was in. As for Superman ... I think Woody Allen looks more suitable for the part than Cage.
  6. Just think of the money Daniel ... cool's overrated.
  7. And it doesn't make it false either ... it's highly unlikely anyone would put themselves through that if no rape took place. She has nothing to gain.
  8. I don't believe that she is lying. She reported the rape and it was not registered. As far as offering to interview her, that's quite consistent with a white-wash ... going through the motions, and then declaring that there is no evidence of a crime. Without the Times interview, he'd have done nothing.
  9. She made a statement to the Times, and in that statement she stated clearly that she reported the rape to Thai Police. And the Thai Police refused to register that complaint.
  10. I commend you on a selecting an appropriate avatar.
  11. She reported the attack to Thai police, who did nothing ... nothing until the reports hit the headlines ... then the white wash team showed up for a photo op and declared no crime took place and the girl was a liar who should be banned from Thailand ... so that's the people she should be talking to?
  12. Her family, the journalists questioning her, her friends who know her and many expats and Thai’s who are familiar with Kho Tao take a very different view from you. The girl reported the attack but the Thai police refused to register her complaint. You claim that she did not report a rape, and is therefore lying to the world. No proper professional investigation has taken place, and never will ... for a number of reasons that have little to do with the victim and much to do with the technical competence, motivations and objectives of Thai law enforcement. A clamp down in corruption, including Police corruption, was one of the stated aims of the new government. That’s an admission to the world about the police force who you choose to back have a major problem. I believe the girl.
  13. AlexRich

    Thinking of relocating within Thailand

    It may actually have been 3 years ago, so I may have landed there during that period. I’m no hater of Chiang Mai, it would be a perfect destination but for the environment. I also took a trip to Kuala Lumpur and hit the same problem, smoke from Sumatra. Of the four weeks I was there, I was unwell for three of them.
  14. Because nothing bad ever happens in my beloved Thailand and anyone who claims something bad happened to them is a liar ... we need to get behind the Royal Thai Police force, who are known throughout the world for their fair play and integrity ... in the recent Koh Tao murders of a young man and a women they "humanely" tortured confessions out of two Burmese brigands ... how anyone on here has the audacity to question the motives of the RTP is beyond me ... it's my duty as a misogynist and Thaier-than-Thai expat to defend the honour of the nation's finest.