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  1. You don't watch Formula 1, Nascar or Le Mans?
  2. Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar ... even seen it in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (minus the kid).
  3. This phenomena is not just a Thai issue, it's happening all over the world, especially with car drivers. It is absolute lunacy.
  4. If she's that great why are you on here asking if the relationship can work? The fact that you've bothered to do so indicates to me that you have serious doubts. As for the age comment, as she grows older looking you'll look elsewhere ... that's inevitable, and worth pointing out.
  5. Why would you go to Thailand and hook up with someone seven years older than you? A guy your age can attract much younger women, or at least those of the same age. If she’s worked in the massage industry she has most likely been prostituting herself. Added to that she is not able to communicate with you at the same intellectual level. What are you thinking?
  6. AlexRich

    THE England thread

    I thought England should have killed that game within the first half an hour, apart from Kane they lacked the necessary killer instinct, despite being a talented group of individuals. They deserved their win but need to work on that going forward.
  7. If you spent any time there you would meet locals, Brits and many from other European countries, as well as tourists. As for Cypriot women, they make their own decisions.
  8. AlexRich

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    Don't do anything, just ghost him, as if he never existed. And don't put his name or ID anywhere as it could backfire on you if you want to spend time in Thailand in the future. The defamation/internet law in Thailand is something you don't want to be involved in.
  9. Is that a "who's on base?" type question?
  10. AlexRich

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    He's arranging the Sin Sod with his bank ...