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  1. My Isaan wife spent three months in Australia before we married, she quickly realised that life there was not what she thought it would be and decided she did not want to move there. Life on a farm was much better than having all that responsibility of normal Australian life!
  2. With all the talk about Phuket Immigration office and the TM 30 I was just wondering if anyone had any experience at Pathumthani. I am going to a wedding in Sukhumvit on Thursday and plan on staying in a hotel for the night and returning home late Friday evening. I was wondering if I am going to need to go on submit a TM30 or not. I have tried to ring them today without success, first time no answer and the second time told to call back saying her English not good! I also tried emailing but nothing yet. Really trying to avoid a trip down there. Has anyone in the Pathumthani district has had any experience on this would be appreciated!
  3. Hi All, I have just returned from overseas and understand that my 90 day report day re-starts from my return date. What I am not sure about is; Can I report 14 days before or 7 days after my return day, same as I would normally be able to do/ Thanks for the advice
  4. Uncontested Divorce

    Thanks for all the replies it has cleared up my concerns.
  5. Uncontested Divorce

    My wife and I are planning to file an uncontested divorce at the local office. There is no property or assets involved here in Thailand (I do have so cash in an Australian Superannuation Account) so I think its pretty straight forward from that side. What I am concerned about is, when we file the paperwork everything is in Thai and I will not have a clue what I am signing. Could she tell the officer I am going to pay here a monthly amount of money or write something crazy financially? Do I need a lawyer or someone to translate for me? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Big thanks for Pauln about the office moving. I was there a couple of weeks before his post doing an extension and they did not say anything about moving and I would have gone all the way to the old office. Also Big thanks to Crossy for the video, made the place so easy to find which could have been difficult based off their map. Not to mention the tip to turn left and not right when leaving. I bet there has been a few accidents there! And finally thank you Pathumthani Immigration moving into a more central area (I live in Thanayaburi) plus I can now put away my gumboots and roll down my pants when I do my 90 day reports.
  7. Took my elderly mother to do her fifth extension of stay based on retirement today. We handed over one copy of all the standard documents which included her income declaration for the Australian Embassy (No MFA certification required) We then went into room four to confirm our residency address where we supplied a copy of the owners ID card and Blue Book and they attached an updated slip into her passport. Back to the main room, passport stamped, paid the fee, picture taken and out the door in 25 minutes. Once again the staff at Pathumthani Immigration provided a fantastic, friendly and professional service.
  8. Am I missing something, I don't recall reading anywhere where there was a suggestion by the bikers told this guy he should close his bar. Perhaps by their actions it could be inferred that he should not be in the bar business or are they just setting an old score as it appears he was the sole target. I am not convinced this is a issue over closing down a competitor, especially if he sold the bar to a locally connected Thai. In addition, how many local expats would start drinking and feel comfortable at the biker bar if he closed down? It would be nice if we could hear from him or perhaps others that might have been in the bar who actually heard what happened.
  9. Hope they are telling the truth or the tram may end up like this!
  10. Hat Yai City Safety Advice

    Thanks to all who replied, that helps a lot, I look forward to visiting a new city!
  11. Thought I would see if any locals can give me some advice. I am an expat living in Bangkok and need to come to Hat Yai next month for ten days for the National Games and a little concerned about safety issues. Most of the Western Embassies say "Do Not Travel" into Songkhla and other Provinces in the Red Zone. I know Hat Yai falls within this area and was wondering is it safe in the city. I know, no matter where you are, you can never really be sure but I don't want to put myself at any undue risk if the situation is not great down there. Any advice and tips from local expats would be gladly appreciated.
  12. That's good news, need to take my Mother in next month, so I will just bring her bank statement. It seems like they are using a common sense approach to reviewing documents. With all the different forms of income used by expats to support these applications like pensions, superannuation, trust funds and salaries it could have become difficult to try and explain it and for them to understand. Out of interest, did they certify your statement that was attached as well? I would have thought that if they didn't, it would be become an uncertified document if you were submitting (if needed) it to Immigration.
  13. Thailand kicks off process to disrobe wanted monk

    I wondered what Bernie was doing now he is not the Chief Executive of the F1 Group
  14. BlackJack is correct, this information below is from The Attorney Generals Department in relation to the witnessing of declarations. A witness to a statutory declaration should; check the identity of the person making the statutory declaration check to the extent possible, that the person is competent to make the statutory declaration remind the person that he or she will be claiming that the statements in the declaration (and any attachments) are true and that there are penalties for making false statements check that the form does not contain any blanks. Proof of identity: With the prevalence of identity fraud, it would be a good practice to request identification before witnessing documents, though this is not a legal requirement. This would not be required when certifying true copies. Risk: It is not your role to test or be satisfied that the content of an affidavit or statutory declaration is true and correct. Nor is it necessary for the person making the affidavit or statutory declaration to prove the truthfulness of the statements made. Your role is to administer the oath/affirmation according to law with the assistance of these guidelines. If a false statement is made in an affidavit or statutory declaration, the responsibility lies with the deponent (or declarant), not with the authorised witness. Also, I am not sure how a Consular Assistant can determine what is income.Apart from the straight forward people receiving superannuation and pension payments there are numerous people that are self employed using these declarations for extensions of stay based on Marriage which receive income directly into their bank accounts. Will they have a clear understanding of any documents provided.