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  1. steve williams

    Prayut denies role in tactic that may delay election

    Do people realize that Thailand is chairing ASEAN in 2019 and under ASEAN organisational charter the chairing country cannot have a change of government, therefore if an election is postponed in November by only by 8 weeks would effectively mean that the earliest election could be January 2019......
  2. steve williams

    Two who killed man for iPhone sentenced to death

    The death sentence has never been for deterrent. It is there. Because the community thinks that a crime of such a nature is so abhorrent that you are no longer considered a part of that community and for your actions you forfeit your right to live you and pay with your life as token gesture of atonement
  3. steve williams

    Fleeing heir puts Red Bull’s future on the line

    Fact is the family owns the distributor rights to Ferrari in Thailand a I slice most of SEA
  4. steve williams

    Subs ‘a govt-to-govt deal’

    Those that try to find the corruption in the deal won't find it.......and that's not where the money is i would be looking at who has won the contract to build the naval bases the sub pens dry docks the accomodation the parts supply the maintance contracts on the infastrucure because all that has 7 years prior to the arrival and then these subs will see 20-25 years service so that 32 years to make a lot of money
  5. steve williams

    Okay for Red Bull "Boss' not to appear, prosecutors say

    This is total loss of face for the PM because the PM has stated that he has changed the justice system so that it fair to all Thai citizen ... clearly it's not the PM should either retract his statements or us Article 44 and step in and see that justice is served for killing a police officer fleeing the scene of an accident and then leaving the country
  6. steve williams

    Van drivers ask PM to change new safety rules

    To the Thai Van drivers.... You bought the changes on your self by continually driving at excessive speeds, erratic driving behavior and killing your passengers Get a mirror and take a good long look at yourselves take responsibility for your inaction and suck it up
  7. steve williams

    Red Bull heir seen living carefree life

    Absolute loss of face for Thailand especially the PM who so clearly stated he wants equal justice for all Thai citizens. His passport should be cancelled and as his family are clearly financing him which is aiding and abetting a criminal the Thai government should seize all assets halt there trading ... I wonder if his family were to loose red bull and other companies would they soon turn him in and it would get some of the money they won't get off Taksin
  8. steve williams

    Be proud of the stairway to success, Prayut says

    The question most Thais are asking themselves is why climb the "stairway to success" when the "Gravy Train" seems to pay better......
  9. steve williams

    Thaksin lawyer says no grounds for new Thai tax claim

    My has the Singaporean authorities not arrested Taksin surely as an ASEAN block the they would have judicial extradition laws with each member state strengthing the legal frame work of the block and of each nation.
  10. steve williams

    Second big fire in a day hits Bangkok

    Is it just me or does anyone think that it's a coincidence that the auditor generals office was storing documents relating to on going corruption cases
  11. Why doesn't the pm enact article44 and arrest all of those who obstruct justice maybe the police would have to work for a living?
  12. Mmmmmmm.... Teach students the ability to be socially aware, analytical and questioning .....Critical thinking, but after you gain this ability don't criticise my governments policies or you will go to jail for 10 years???