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  1. Trump is more respected and feared that Obama was. Obama was a laughing stock in foreign lands. "It's better to be feared, than loved." - Machiavelli
  2. Another example, try ordering a "large beer." You'll get a dumbfounded look. You need to say "big" beer.
  3. Also, you'll come across less freaks waiting on you. Less tats, piercings, etc.
  4. What is the VERY BEST thing about living in Thailand??

    It's the girls, silly. Without the sexy Thai girls, Thailand would be like any other place.
  5. When I lived in Chiang Mai (2012-2013), I was told that this place was for male to male massages. Bingo.
  6. Nearly everyone on the island feels safe. There was a poll a couple of days ago in the local newspaper that stated that people feel the local government is doing an outstanding job informing people... Guam's security status has not been raised. People are happy with the governor's trip to Washington and the publicity Guam received as the result. However, tourism was down 7,000 visitors in August 2017 vs. an all-time high in August 2016. This due exclusively to cancelled tours by the Japanese. By the way, Koreans have surpassed the Japanese as the #1 tourists to Guam.
  7. The United States has more advanced technology than you can imagine. And a President that will use it, if necessary. I live on Guam; no worries...
  8. ‘Yoshi’ Wins Miss Tiffany’s Universe

    I'll bar fine every single one! I'm all in. Then, I'll vote for the winner. 555
  9. People boycott cafe after it bans all children under the age of 12

    What happened to the signs that say, "We refuse the right to refuse service to anyone?" Are these signs meaningless? Unlawful? Unconstitutional?
  10. Special Forces should be allowed to go forward and take this guy out. Thus, no war. New leader in N. Korea.
  11. People were protesting the possible removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.
  12. The "Unite The Right" has the right to protest, just like the leftist liberals. Also, they had a permit to protest. The left started the dispute, all while the police sat on their hands. To quote Rambo, the left "drew first blood."
  13. Thank you Trump; I never had to worry. N. Korea knows Trump is not to be messed with. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Totally unlike Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Our last three Presidents just passed the buck...
  14. It's still easier to enter The United States than Thailand; and work there; and get free government handouts!