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  1. In Thailand, always rent. So cheap. Any problems..move.
  2. What you see may not be what is reality. Are you feeding a Soi dog, when in fact, you're feeding them raw hamburger with broken pieces of light bulbs mixed into the special meatballs?
  3. And I got banned for a few weeks for bad mouthing Thai's for doing Ya Ba! The truth is the truth. Don't filter the news.
  4. Where can I buy fireworks in cm?

    Soi Two nearby "Lost Hut."
  5. SURVEY: TERRORISM -- How real is the threat?

    The phony "American War On Terror" is really a war of words, a violently aggressive attack against people's minds, leading them into a fear based realm of mutual distrust, dishonestly, and paranoia.
  6. The U.S. are not the one's launching missiles; North Korea is.
  7. Obama gave billions of dollars to North Korea.. For what? To build more bombs! That's what. You recall that with "fond memories?" I recall that as being a stupid, inane, wimp; an un-American and a weak leader.
  8. "We've all been there" is right on. 50,000 Baht is nothing. He got off cheap. I've been had for a lot more than that!
  9. Trump is more respected and feared that Obama was. Obama was a laughing stock in foreign lands. "It's better to be feared, than loved." - Machiavelli
  10. Another example, try ordering a "large beer." You'll get a dumbfounded look. You need to say "big" beer.
  11. Also, you'll come across less freaks waiting on you. Less tats, piercings, etc.
  12. What is the VERY BEST thing about living in Thailand??

    It's the girls, silly. Without the sexy Thai girls, Thailand would be like any other place.
  13. When I lived in Chiang Mai (2012-2013), I was told that this place was for male to male massages. Bingo.
  14. Nearly everyone on the island feels safe. There was a poll a couple of days ago in the local newspaper that stated that people feel the local government is doing an outstanding job informing people... Guam's security status has not been raised. People are happy with the governor's trip to Washington and the publicity Guam received as the result. However, tourism was down 7,000 visitors in August 2017 vs. an all-time high in August 2016. This due exclusively to cancelled tours by the Japanese. By the way, Koreans have surpassed the Japanese as the #1 tourists to Guam.
  15. The United States has more advanced technology than you can imagine. And a President that will use it, if necessary. I live on Guam; no worries...