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  1. The best place in the world to watch it was here on Guam; Awesome!
  2. North Thailand/Chiang Mai area is my favorite...
  3. Which pub for the Super (cold) Bowl?

    A lot better than "gay ball." -Adam Carolla
  4. Retirees in Thailand

    Easiest question in the world, sex!
  5. Thai's are already too lazy and eat all day. No.
  6. #1 Build the wall! The rest is secondary.
  7. Obviously, you have never been to San Francisco.
  8. I hear Asian sex robots are hot sellers.
  9. The Japanese are afraid of nuclear bombs...
  10. U.S. crime novelist Sue Grafton dies of cancer

    R.I.P. One letter short...
  11. SURVEY: Health Care for All -- Good or Bad?

    Exactly, free for deadbeats but the working man ends up paying for it. It is not fair for some people to pay for others...
  12. Nice package on the one with the jeans. 555
  13. Not a very flattering representation, I must admit. Liberal Disney and Hollywood(land) did a poor and ugly job on purpose. Nevertheless, a real picture of the witch, troll, and beast of a female: Hillary "Rotten" Clinton would be a lot worse! On a scale from 1 to 10, Hillary is less than zero. I'd rather be with a Thai ladyboy! Hillary, please. I've seen better legs on a piano, without the pantsuit... In one word, "unlikable." Or, if you prefer, "LOSER."
  14. My favorite Rambo movie.. Thanks for the info.