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  1. After five years??????? Slowly slowly catches the monkey: sabai sabai!!!!!!!
  2. “The exact cause of the electric shocks was a broken electrical wire inside the wall,” he added. How can for heaven sake 'n electrical wire brake inside the wall?????????? The wire was already too short and another cable was connected in the Thai way: with tape!
  3. When I made this accident I served immediately already jail until now! But...........mai mee tang! TiT
  4. I am afraid they "learned" absolutely NOTHING!
  5. All those water heaters fitted in bathrooms are extremely dangerous! Knowing the "quality" of the Thai electric installations! Earth and zero often connected together, no earth leakage circuit breaker which breaks the circuit within 25-40 msec. when the current leakage comes over 30 mA., no residual-current device, only a circuit breaker which breaks only with a full short circuit! Very, very dangerous!
  6. They were not able to take a photo????
  7. Sukhumvit Road soi 6, Bangkok
  8. Ramkhamhaeng, a building started tilting in 2008 in soi 58/4
  9. "...There were no injuries in the accident and Mr Theerapong was fined B500 for reckless driving,” Capt Manop said....."