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  1. yes, I can use BKK bank credit card on ATM for cash withdraw. Ask at branch and they can set up for you.
  2. Our Condo committee has end of year meeting, where new committee members are selected and "voted" upon. Unfortunately, only about 10 people attend these meetings. Then at end of meeting the Committee President says "time to elect new committee members for two years, anyone want to be on committee?" No notice is written in meeting information, that there will be a vote for committee members, it just secretly gets announced. Of course, all the pre-existing committee members are in attendance, they nominate themselves and if no pre-existing committee member is in attendance, they welcome audience members to raise their hands (which I did last meeting). Then they say ok we have a committee. They didn't even take a vote, they just took nominations and these people became committee members! Reading condo regulations, it is not very clear, the process of electing committee members. At my previous condo, they made all the owners vote for nominated committee members. But at my condo, they do not pre-announce a committee member vote to be held at annual meeting. And there is no vote. Just nominate yourself. Maybe if they have more than the 9 persons needed, they may take a vote. But who knows. Does anyone know the official procedure for the nomination of committee members and must a vote from all owners take place?