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  1. yes, we transferred $20,700 USD Does anyone know any companies in China, who can put pressure on this company to make them send the correct order?
  2. We ordered a 20ft container of used wedding and party dresses from a supplier in China. Unfortunately, when container arrived it contained only used jeans, t-shirts and leggings. NO wedding or party dresses. The contact person, did not open messages sent to his WhatsApp or answer phone calls. Before the person, always answered promptly. I called phone number using skype, he answered the phone then hung up. Does anyone have experience and could tell me what authorities to contact? in Thailand and China to have our money refunded or have the correct shipment made of used wedding and party dresses? What can we do? Thank you very very much
  3. bayport22

    Defamation?? What is process?

    excellent reply. Thank you for explanation covering all angles
  4. bayport22

    Defamation?? What is process?

    Someone sent a group email, with defaming comments about me personally. This was the only content of the letter. I'm confused as to the legal action. Should I report to the Police? or as I read, must hire a lawyer and bring to court? Or is it both? Are there civil damages (money settlement) or is it only jail time? Thanks for anyone to explain the procedure. Emails I sent to Thai law firms have been unanswered. Thanks
  5. bayport22

    retirement visa extension 800k

    Does anyone know rules about 800,000 baht must be in bank account 3 months before expiration of retirement visa. do I have to keep that 800,000 baht level all the way till date I go for visa extension? Or can I have deposit 800,000 baht 3 months before, then start to withdraw up until extension date? Or can I have deposit 800,000 baht 3 months before, then use money, then day before visit to immigration, bring my balance back up to 800,000 baht? Many thanks
  6. My old accountant has left. When I earned income, I use to get a refund for my yearly life insurance payments. This year, I did not earn income. Can I still file for a refund for my Life Insurance payments? Thanks
  7. Does anyone have rules/regulations for their condo committee? Im on our condo committee, but no one will give me the rules and guidelines we should follow. I would like to see an example used at other condos. I would prefer English, but will accept Thai also. Thanks
  8. Is there active 90 day reporting ONLINE? can someone post the working Link? Also is 7/11 able to process the 90 day reporting ? Yes or No? Thanks
  9. Hi- does anyone know if I have valid one year multi entry non imm B visa and it is expiring, can I just get exit stamp at Thai immigration? walk to casino area then come back in through thai immigration for entry stamp? Or do I need cambodian visa? enter cambodia, exit cambodia, then get entry stamp at Thai immigration? Thanks
  10. what is the current status of pre-existing bank accounts and newly opened accounts with the new FATCA regulations the banks now give you? Can anyone suggest, clear, easy to understand info to decide it to open new account or not?