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    Can stolen iPhone be disabled?

    Immediately, change the password of your iCloud, emails and other important things. If it is reset it will still ask for your apple ID.
  2. Jillie Norman

    iPhone 6 Typing Open apps itself?

    Try resetting it and see how it works.
  3. Jillie Norman

    Building a gaming pc

    Are you planning for an AMD or Intel processor?
  4. Jillie Norman

    Newbie Fishing

    What bait are you using?
  5. Jillie Norman


    I read but ended up wondering.
  6. Jillie Norman

    Lipton Family Size Tea Bags

    Have you tried convenient stores?
  7. Jillie Norman

    Website to buy PC games ?

    I agree, Steam will be a great choice.
  8. Jillie Norman

    Budget laptop for basic video editing?

    I am glad you finally got your laptop of choice.
  9. Jillie Norman

    Welcome To New Members - 2018

    They are adorable. What are their names?
  10. Jillie Norman

    What’s your Favorite Thai Dish?

    Yesterday, I tried the dried squid snack. I think it's Bento (not really sure). It's sweet and spicy at the same time and i really, really like the taste.
  11. Jillie Norman

    live permanently in thailand

    Thank you for your helpful suggestions. He is receiving a pension of more than $40,000 but no, he is currently not in Thailand. They are in the United States where he is currently having his therapy, and where he met his wife. They are planning to stay in Thailand and probably opt for online therapy while there until they are able to look for a good traditional therapist. I don't think he will need a working permit as he is not going to work there. I guess the option to take the one-year multiple entry visa based on marriage to a Thai would be more 'doable' for now. We'll see. Thanks again.
  12. Is there a way that an Irish husband can live with his Thai wife permanently in Thailand? The husband has PTSD (former war veteran) and needs close attention by his wife. What do they do first?
  13. Jillie Norman

    Short Stay Irish Visa for Thai Wife

    I don't know what you're trying to ask but, yes, theoldgit is right. She'll have to leave before the 90 days given to her is over. I do think that includes travel time.
  14. Jillie Norman

    Best course of action???

    Interesting read here. Thanks. :)