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  1. Jillie Norman

    How to stop procrastinating weight goals?

    Would love to hear your story. Looking for tips on how to stop procrastination makes me think, is it really her problem? or is she depressed? I remember she started to gain weight after she broke up with her fiance. She caught him cheating, but we've never seen her cry over it, got angry, or even talked about it. I read an article online on how to get over a breakup. She had never undergone the process and maybe she is still in pain. I'm thinking of ways to help her pour out what she really feels.
  2. Jillie Norman

    Beer and violence

    Thank you for all your replies and suggestions. I already let our family friend looked after her so she will be guided on what to do next.
  3. My sister has gained quite a number of pounds this past year. We are encouraging her to do something about it, for we find it unhealthy and she does not seem to look good in it. She will often say yes and be enthusiastic about it at first but then will have many excuses to not continue... How can we help her stop her procrastination and stick on to losing weight and be back to her usual healthy form?
  4. Jillie Norman

    Bangkok Slimming Pills

    don't recommend it... got a friend with not so good experience with it
  5. Jillie Norman

    Not all calories are created equal...

    anything pleasant becomes unpleasant because you have or do too much of it
  6. Jillie Norman

    10 months smoke free!!!

    So glad you're doing well without smoking. Keep it up!
  7. Jillie Norman

    laser fat reduction

    I would love to know too..
  8. Jillie Norman

    Ten year visa for US

    Yes, congratulations on the visa. Though it's scary to get one, there's not much to worry about if your answers match what's written on your form.
  9. Jillie Norman

    Beer and violence

    Thanks for all your response. My aunt is from Miami, we talked a lot and she shared it with me. Though we are far away, I want to help her, for her own sake and the kids. I thought that she needs professional help to guide her.
  10. Jillie Norman

    Beer and violence

    How can I help my aunt? Every time my uncle goes home drunk, he becomes violent, hits her or throws things in the window.
  11. Jillie Norman

    Thought for the day.

    Create your own sunshine.
  12. Jillie Norman

    Bangkok Getaway

    We're planning to visit Bangkok this September. Would it be great to visit during that month? Also, can you recommend an affordable resort?
  13. Jillie Norman

    Thai Chili Oil

    One of my favorites in Thailand is the Chili Oil. Can you share with me a great recipe? I want to try it doing at home instead of always buying it from a grocery store. Thanks.
  14. Jillie Norman

    Bangkok Slimming Pills

    During early 2000, I have been hearing a lot about Bangkok pills. I didn't try because I wasn't that fat and I was able to lose weight thru a diet plan and exercise. Aside from that, I've heard a lot of negative feedbacks. But since I have gained too much weight since last year, I am now thinking of giving it a try. I'm just a bit worried about the side effects. Can you someone share what to expect when you start taking it?