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  1. Pattaya beach now dubbed "War Zone" by tourists

    Tell me more about this quality 5 star family destination of which you speak...lol
  2. Sounds like the guy is calling for the eradication of North korea
  3. Whoa, easy trigger! I meant exactly responsible parenting and what you mentioned is irresponsible parenting. Don't know too many families from Issan or other rural poorer areas spending money on parasail rides for their kids. Others, more than likely westerners, should know better is all i was saying
  4. Can't believe this needs to be banned. As the father of a 3/12 year old there is no way i would take my kid on a ride like that. What happened to responsible parenting?
  5. Pratumnak bus brake failure down hill, kills 1

    Have they done alcohol and drug tests on the driver???
  6. Another corpse found on a Samui beach

    Why are you quoting me? Why are you making any kind of justification?? This is an inexcusable act. She, or they,, had many months to figure something out, does she not know about orphanages??? BTW i would not classify myself as 'older".
  7. Another corpse found on a Samui beach

    Very very sad!
  8. She wanna boom isn't as bad as what the ranking is. Try getting in and out of LAX, add an extra 20 minutes at least just for traffic. Do wish they would bring the sushi place back, that was a great place to kill the time.
  9. Awesome work BIB, Pattaya is a much safer place now. With all the in your face of sex for sale on walking street and lk why go after a place totally out of the way and discreet in Jomtien? They obviously didn't see tour buses outside that would take tourists to a place where they would be offended and cross Pattaya of their list of places to return to.
  10. Keystone cops with nothing better to do?
  11. Phuket soldiers raid live sex show in Patong

    With drugs, extortion, mafia, terrorism, guns, etc, don't the police have anything better to do?
  12. While making sure riders are licensed is a good thing it won't make them any safer of a rider. Big fines for no helmet, wrong way, etc will help some.
  13. Great slap fight. You hear about Thai's beating up tourists so often but they showed a lot of restraint. Very lucky they didn't wind up waking up in the hospital
  14. Trump supporters, opponents clash in California park

    Forget any opinion of Trump, that is irrelevant. The problem here is this and only this: ' Democrats demonstrate and no one bothers them, their rights are respected...republicans demonstrate and democrats gather to block them starting fights and not respecting their fellow Americans rights. Instead they believe they are superior and have the right to intrude on the rights of others. Perhaps the Democrats spent too much time watching the coups in Thailand and just may be contemplating closing down wall street in protest or shutting down an airport. Childish and pathetic behavior making a mockery of a democracy and an embarrassment to the country