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  1. I will sleep sooooo much better tonight knowing counterfeit mugs have been taken off the streets! Well done
  2. Sad to see what drug abuse and addiction can lead people to, too bad she never got the help she needed. RIP
  3. skorp13

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    My condolences to the father and the rest of the family. RIP young man
  4. You wouldn't think drainage and landfills could be that complicated but leave it to the local brian trust!
  5. I have been to some extremely poor countries in my travels. I do feel for them but we can't just disband our CBP agents leaving the border wide open for whoever to come in and out whenever. That is just extremely recless and dangerous. There has to be a process of checks and vetting to allow people to come here legally. They must have a place to stay, someone to take care of them, not simply relying on U.S. taxpayer money, that is not what we pay taxes for
  6. Out, get 'em out! No entrada! Sorry to be so cold blooded about this but the U.S. can not be taking in the disfortunate from other countries while it so grossly continues to ignore its own. Also these people need to be vetted properly for their backgrounds as well as any prior criminal history and we can't have them wait on the U.S. side of the border where they can commit crimes against U.S. citizens
  7. Pattaya is never going to be a 5 star family tourist destination. Got to give the TAT lots of creit, i don't know who makes the brochures that keep them flocking in by the droves but they deserve a raise.
  8. skorp13

    Police Raid Massage Parlors To Look For Drugs

    Another shining moment for the BIB
  9. I remember riding with a Thai friend when an ambulance pulled up. I told him he needed to pull ovre and he said "why it's not my family in there". So there you have it!
  10. Is sex now illegal in Pattaya?
  11. But this PM is so good because he has taken away both bridge and darts, bravo!
  12. Wow, i'm actually just about speechless on this one!This government is actually doing it's best to bring the nation iq average even lower. "World Class tourist destination Pattaya is now a safer place because we have banned darts and bridge"??? That is their answer to cleaning the place up??Amazing!\ I owned a beer bar for 3 1/2 years and we never had an incident over connect 4, jenga, or jackpot except customers had a good time which is guess is well on the way to being totally banned now.
  13. Why not leave Pattaya for what it is and focus on other areas of Thailand that were far more beautiful and are turning to crap. Surely Pattaya can't be the golden child and only place to focus on. If i was a tourist, married and a kid in a stroller walking st is the last place i would come to visit. Doesn't mean i wouldn't come to Thailand though!
  14. 10 year old kids on motorbikes racing around with no helmets on the streets during weeknights at midnight and he's worried that some people know to come to Thailand for a good time and get laid???
  15. Oh yeah, this fun run is a can't miss event! We all would like to go running at night instead of going out to eat, heading to bars with friends or hanging out with family. Brilliant!