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  1. Wouldn't be the increase in drinkers be confluent with the rising population?
  2. They mention an all out war on smoking, i guess that only applies to outside. Nothing about smoking illegally in bars. They talk about clean air to nreathe outside and yet do nothing about the exhaust from buses, mini vans, pick up trucks, and baht buses. Looks like they aren't interested in clean air inside to enforce the smoking ban in bars, etc. Second hand smoke is ok as long as it is inhaled inside
  3. These Indian, chinese, and Arab tourists seem to fitting right into the new "Pattaya better tourist campaign:....LOL. Pattaya doing a bang up job
  4. Love the OP, should have been saved for 1 April
  5. Fine and arrest smokers on Pattaya and Jomtien beaches but leave all the indoor smoking and second hand smoke alone
  6. Pattaya beach now dubbed "War Zone" by tourists

    Tell me more about this quality 5 star family destination of which you speak...lol
  7. Sounds like the guy is calling for the eradication of North korea
  8. Whoa, easy trigger! I meant exactly responsible parenting and what you mentioned is irresponsible parenting. Don't know too many families from Issan or other rural poorer areas spending money on parasail rides for their kids. Others, more than likely westerners, should know better is all i was saying
  9. Can't believe this needs to be banned. As the father of a 3/12 year old there is no way i would take my kid on a ride like that. What happened to responsible parenting?
  10. Pratumnak bus brake failure down hill, kills 1

    Have they done alcohol and drug tests on the driver???
  11. Another corpse found on a Samui beach

    Why are you quoting me? Why are you making any kind of justification?? This is an inexcusable act. She, or they,, had many months to figure something out, does she not know about orphanages??? BTW i would not classify myself as 'older".
  12. Another corpse found on a Samui beach

    Very very sad!
  13. She wanna boom isn't as bad as what the ranking is. Try getting in and out of LAX, add an extra 20 minutes at least just for traffic. Do wish they would bring the sushi place back, that was a great place to kill the time.