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  1. Well, might be a bit unusual request ... ;-) looking for the old Mazda "Zoom Zoom" license plate holders. Can't find them any longer at any (Mazda) dealer, only the current "Active Sync" plates. Also tried already online at eBay, Amazon, Lazada, etc. ... no success, most (often US) products won't fit for Thai license plates :-( Any other ideas where else to check or get lucky, e.g. larger used car dealers or even scrap yards around Bangkok or Chiang Mai area ... ?! Appreciate your comments and suggestions - Thx !
  2. Sinet in Sansai (Noi) in 2016 Was browsing/reading through quite a few threads about ISP's in Chiang Mai area, appreciate all the information seen so far ! Just to get a bit more specific: can anybody share experiences with Sinet in Sansai Noi area over the last few months in 2016 ? I planning for a FTTx fibre optical connections to a house in the moo baan (Sinet is already there) and was wondering how they perform in this particular area. Certainly I'm more interested to international hosted servers, less to local content. BTW: I was previously also considering 3BB as my future ISP, but min. 1 year packages, even upfront payment and upgrades only allowed after 6 months of original subscribed services (according to their call center) doesn't look that exciting any longer ... Apologise if have overlooked any other (old) threads somewhere in the CM forum, but thought "Sinet in Chiang Mai" is the most suitable thread ... Appreciate for your thoughts.
  3. Was it a "Smart" model, then it would be indeed a good deal ! Have seen such prices only for the "Smile" series with less features ... Anyway, did you mean Siam Air Engineering Co. with "Siam" ? Well, as I need my air con's by July, still some time to hope and get some 'heatwave' promotions ... if it's not hot enough yet in Chiang Mai ;-)
  4. Well honestly, didn't look at Toshiba air con's much, somehow stay with what I'm familiar and have my own previous experiences ... Daikin Smart Inverter: - 9k BTU: list price 28k => promo 23/24k (1 online shop for 18.5k, not sure about that) - 12k BTU: list price 30.5k => promo 26/27k (Online: 21.5k ?!?) Daikin Ekira Inverter: - 9k BTU: list price 33.5k => promo 29.5k - 12k BTU: list price 39.5k => promo 34.5k Not sure how competitive these prices are, but pretty consistent so far comparing 3-5 vendors (malls, shops & exhibitions). Still have a few weeks time, plan to buy 2-3 new units for Chiang Mai in July, with (at least) a servicing option for the future ;-) Mark0, Have you considered Toshiba? I was in Chi Chang Promenada yesterday and noticed that Toshiba Inverters had a promotion... Out of curiosity what prices were you quoted for the Daikin 9 & 12 BTU's?
  5. Thx to all for your helpful comments, suggestions and experiences feedback, helps me indeed to find suitable air con's ! I'm focusing now on only 2 brands/models: - Mitsubishi Super Inverter (MSY-GM…VF): 9 and 12k BTU - Daikin Smart Inverter (FTKM...NVS2): 9 and 12k BTU First price comparisons in various (well known) shops are pretty similar, with Mitsu. usually about 1-2k THB cheaper than Daikin, but that wouldn't be a serious no-go problem, considering the life time of such air con's ... Looking around these days, I also noticed a black Mitsu ZEN Kirigamine (MSZ-EF...VA) as well as a silver Daikin Ekira (FTKJ...V1S) models. Well, probably they have more or less the same technical spec's and features as the Super Inverter or Smart Inverter models, but thought they might look a bit better on the wall of a living room. Caring an extra (nice design) cost of 3-4.5k could be acceptable for just 1 unit in the living room ... ;-)
  6. Well, I mentioned 1 BTU Level higher (9k=>18k, 18k=>24k, etc.), didn't mean 1 single British Thermal Unit ... sorry if that was not clearly described. Agree with you, had same experience at HomePro Bkk, e.g. 600BTU/sqm ... also for me pretty oversized, especially as I don't run air con's much at all, just a few hours a day during the real hot weeks during Apr-Jun ... Had also similar experience years ago, my 'properly' sized Mitsu Mr. Slim was running lowest level, but I was still freezing in the room :-( Won't make the same mistake again this time ! However, as this was 10+ years ago, not sure about the latest cooling technology improvements, inverter efficiencies, etc. That's why trying to get latest updates here :-) Thx for your comments !
  7. Thx for sharing your experience ! Can only confirm the HomePro sales approach, every room size 'calculated carefully' ... at least 1 BTU level higher as usual or others ... :-(
  8. Hmm, why that ? Not happy with LG or Mitsu just better (nowadays) ?
  9. Hmm, was looking at Daikin models just recently, advertised as No.1 air con's in Japan and Mitsu. No.1 in Thailand ... Any experiences with Daikin support in Chiang Mai so far ?
  10. Have all there and usufruct was registered same day at Sansai office. I know I was there . Lucky - most offices do do it same time but San Sai is very nervous about it (I know I was there a few weeks ago registering my Usufruct) You got a Usufruct registered just a few weeks ago at San Sai land office ... good news !! I asked a few lawyers recently in Chiang Mai, telling me it's more difficult there since about 2 years. Officers there are worried making mistakes and therefore "prefer" 30 years lease agreements (what ever 'prefer' might mean) ... ;-) Guess I gonna try my luck then there as well !
  11. Hi All, need some new aircon's (9/13/18k BTU) for living- and bed rooms. So far considering Mitsu Mr. Slim, LG or Daikin models using inverter technology only and R32/R410A refrigerants. - any practical recommendations between these brands ? - appreciate your experience in regards to service & support in Chiang Mai Thx for your suggestions & comments !
  12. Interesting approach, can believe it works as a "keep in simple" process ... ;-) Are such standard forms publicly available at the land office to pick them up in advance and go through the document content (e.g. with some legal council) ?
  13. As mentioned earlier in my post, it's in a moo baan in Sansai district ...
  14. How long ago was that ... recently ? Just asking as I have heard it often depends on the district of the land office and maybe even the officer there in charge ... ?!
  15. Hi All, I’m looking for experiences registering a Usufruct agreement at Chiang Mai land office. Planning for a Usufruct agreement between my Thai girlfriend as owner of our new home (land & house in a moo baan) and myself, farang, with proper visa, permits, tax ID, etc. My questions: 1. any feedback on successful registrations in the last 3-6 months, e.g. at Sansai district, would be appreciated. 2. any recommendation of a local lawyer/attorney with a good record of usufruct preparation and registrations. Have seen some posts mentioning Khun Sumalee Jennapa … any comments ? P.S.: I was reading through various threads discussing usufruct’s, life long / 30 years lease (with/without rental benefits), etc. which was already very helpful. However this thread is only about sharing practical registration experiences in Chiang Mai over the last few months. Appreciate your comments - Thx !