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  1. Like soapy massages, underage prostitutes, etc., for the officials that gave the contractor the job?!?!?!?!?
  2. I still think it's better to rent than to own when it comes to Thai ladies.
  3. Sounds to me as if the BIB already received their tea money. Why else would they fail to investigate or press charges until she 'recovered' (hint - hoping all the news settles down and the charges could be buried). Gotta love how the law works here. Just don't get caught twerking or you'll have the entire might of the government on your case. TIT ! ! ! !
  4. One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me . . . The teller was obviously training for a government position and should not be prosecuted.
  5. Maybe could have argued that he took a 50% discount because of the used condition of the 'goods'! Don't Thai like to bargain??
  6. Translation: "Perp walks not allowed if they embarrass or question our esteemed leaders and officials. All others are encouraged. Carry on."
  7. Important Notice from Smart Water Operation Center to all those living in Bangkok . . . "Deluge expected. Advise you kiss your possessions and your a$$ goodbye."
  8. Kind of figures that most Thai would suffer mass hysteria from anything requiring them to practice ethical behavior !!!!
  9. I applaud him as well but . . . I would hesitate to call him a runner since he would be stooping to pick up trash every meter or two. It's hard to "run" if you also are focused on picking up trash that carpets the sides of streets and walkways as far as the eye can see!
  10. That's good news. That means both of the highly skilled Thai will have jobs. Then they'll have to settle for incompetent Thai for all positions.
  11. Those aren't Thai tourists. I think this is another group of Thai officials on a fact finding mission.
  12. Thus ensuring that said suspects have ample time to flee before the team arrives!! Stupid is as stupid does.
  13. Well . . . I guess they can kiss that idea goodbye as far as Thailand goes. I did not see copying and cheating listed as a cognitive skill.
  14. Wow, must be a real money-making location to get that prompt of attention from the police. Never knew them to react this quickly to issues where there was no monetary benefit to themselves. But hey, what do I know?
  15. They're still trying to perfect a sophisticated robot that it is capable of swinging a large hammer. This way the robots will be dumbed-down enough for Thai law enforcement to use.