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  1. This sounds like a blatant threat that should his sidekick get the boot, then Adolf Prayut will make life miserable for those who cross him. The true colors are beginning to show very vividly. Very scary!
  2. Does this mean that the world can not trust Thailands' integrity. Please say it isn't so. I always trusted Thai to keep their word, to be honest and above reproach. Now I'm beginning to have doubts about the existence of Santa Claus. My world is crumbling!
  3. Thais not yet in the habit of driving safely

    Oh really! ! ! ! I am shocked by this startling revelation! I just thought that they were more suicidal than the rest of the known world.
  4. Doubts over NACC probe of Prawit’s watch scandal

    Thirty days! I guess they figure it would take that long to train this guy to make up a plausible BS story that the NACC could save face with. Surely, it does not take this long to ask a few simple questions and get to this guy's response on record. I have to think one can remember how one came into possession of assets that are that expensive. It's not like they are asking when and how he purchased his last package of toilet paper! ! ! ! One has to wonder, are there any honest officials at all in Thailand? How is the public to believe anything that this administration has to say? There is absolutely no accountability or transparency!
  5. I thought this was part of their culture!!!! I have yet to meet a Thai that has paid back monies borrowed from others (namely me). I learned my lesson at last. Never trust a Thai when it comes to money.
  6. Well let's see . . . The police had Yingluck's house staked out and she drove right out of the place . . . ! I'd say pretty damn difficult for these meatheads!
  7. Maybe it was her cooking that attracted men because it sure wasn't her looks!!!!! Definitely a two bagger.
  8. The roads won’t get safer on their own

    Enforcement of the law is an essential factor, yet too often it is ignored This has to go into the Guinness Book of records as the greatest understatement of all time! When has anyone here ever come upon a vehicle that was being cited by police for a moving violation apart from the standard city corner stops of motorcycles for the purpose of raising beer money?
  9. 11 nabbed with 400kg of “ice”

    How did they keep it from melting?!?!?!?
  10. Come on!!!! It's so much less trouble just to make excuses than it is to devise a constructive course of action. Besides, all the Thai engineers were playing with their cell phones for the entire 10 minutes that they taught disaster prevention and warning systems in the university.
  11. But . . . I never read anywhere that being a passport forger or vendor was a job that was prohibited for foreigners?!?!?!?!? Foreigners just can't catch a break in Thailand.
  12. Thailand leads way with science education centre

    Of course they do. They need people from outside Thailand who are actually educated and capable of creative and innovative thinking from whom they can copy or plagiarize from.
  13. I just wish Thailand was just as eager to prosecute criminals as they are to grab their money but it's hard to overcome the inbred money-first nature of this country.
  14. Just goes to show what happens when a nation of "me first" is allowed to operate motor vehicles.
  15. The monks should learn to behave like government officials. Oh, wait a minute . . . they are. So much for the pot calling the kettle black!