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  1. Thus ensuring that said suspects have ample time to flee before the team arrives!! Stupid is as stupid does.
  2. Well . . . I guess they can kiss that idea goodbye as far as Thailand goes. I did not see copying and cheating listed as a cognitive skill.
  3. Wow, must be a real money-making location to get that prompt of attention from the police. Never knew them to react this quickly to issues where there was no monetary benefit to themselves. But hey, what do I know?
  4. They're still trying to perfect a sophisticated robot that it is capable of swinging a large hammer. This way the robots will be dumbed-down enough for Thai law enforcement to use.
  5. Four hundred baht to be able to experience nature that has been trashed by the many pigs that visit the parks and throw their trash all over the place. Perhaps if they used the revenue to police and clean the parks there wouldn't be such a push-back. Thai citizens should be ashamed of their parks and how they are poorly treated and maintained.
  6. Anything to avoid making police accountable for traffic enforcement. Putting real cops on the road and having them do their jobs would be much much more effective. Write tickets, take away licenses, impound cars and lock up repeat offenders. Why is this so hard to comprehend for Thai?!?!?!?!?!?
  7. Of course, the stupidity of the bear's handlers was not a factor. The weather caused the bear to wake from his drug induced lethargy and fall from his position inside the helo where he was not secured in anyway. Weather can do strange things like that. It can also cause people to drink too much and drive recklessly. Weather can be a real b#@ch!!! Warning to tourists traveling in Thailand, beware of the weather! It could be hazardous to your health.
  8. OMG! Men having sex with women!! Unheard of! Surely not in Thailand? Dirty, dirty, dirty! This could tarnish not only the image of these two "models" but Thailand's puritan image as well.
  9. I think a big problem is the "me first", selfish attitude of Thai's, whether it's on the roads or any other place. Their sense of entitlement translates to reckless attitudes on the roadways. Everyone needs to get out of their way because they are the only person that matters and they should not be made to wait behind anyone.
  10. Wow, it seems that there is no safe form of transportation in Thailand! I actually expected to read how a drunken Thai riding another horse collided with this Chinese fellow causing the accident.
  11. Let's hope that these two get dealt with harshly, like having to become monks and say they are sorry!!!! That will surely send a message that such actions can not be tolerated.
  12. When I hear Thailand mentioned I immediately think "strong human rights advocate". I don't think, "human trafficking haven", nor do I think of "home for the sex trade". I think only of strong family values. NOT!
  13. Yes, they should consider taking a double-decker bus. No wait, they tend to crash too often. How about the train! No, too many derailments. I know, they can take mini vans! Wait, they have a habit of ending up in heaps of rubble too. Maybe songtaews. They've proven you can fit 40 or more inside each one. But, their track records are too goo either. Hey, I know, they can take motorcycles. It's easy to get an entire family on one motorcycle and they use very little gas. That's it, motorcycles it is! ! ! Now just have to find out where to get a half dozen helmets since there are only a couple hundred people traveling on the motorcycles. That's the beauty of living here, so many transportation choices available for travellers and tourists alike.
  14. So all retirees who wish to experience other countries should renounce their citizenship in order to live or work in another country! Is that your logic?? In my opinion, renouncing citizenship of the UK or the US for a Thai citizenship would be like choosing to live in a trailer when you already own a comfortable spacious house. I think you probably forget that it is the UK that provided you with the opportunity to earn 40,000 or more per month that you now pay taxes on. Had you been born and raised as a "Thai citizen" you would probably not have had those opportunities. But yeah, it sounds like you will be happy as a clam being a Thai citizen. Good luck!
  15. And your point is what? I think no one in their right mind would choose Thai citizenship over a US citizenship and my comment was directed at the relative freedom to own and operate a business in the US relative to the stonewall prospects presented by Thailand.