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  1. Crude down 20% since the day after the execution. Good cop / bad cop strategy paying off. Also enabled the sanction waivers in Iran.
  2. You seem to have a misunderstanding of ethics in this case, You seem to think that having ethics implies a SOS should recuse themselves from overseeing their own election. IMO, ethical behaviour implies that an SOS should show the same non favoritism to their own political race as they do every other. Having ethics is like being virtuous. It is measured by the things you don't do, that you could do, but you know you shouldn't do.
  3. https://ballotpedia.org/Secretary_of_State_(state_executive_office)
  4. Every time a Secretary of State runs for re-election they oversee the election. That's their job description.
  5. Would it be correct to consider these as "alternative facts"? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  6. You're responding to someone who is "confused" by every single <deleted> post he reads. Don't waste your breath.
  7. I get that, but you stated something very specific that made the OP seem like a total lie, which it very well may be. I'm just asking why you said that. Based on what information you seem to believe is more credible than the OP?
  8. On social media no less! Billions could be saved once due process is dispensed with. Look at the average person on this site. They're pretty blinkered to anything they don't believe already, whether that's a right view or a wrong view. Would you want ANY of them on your jury? I would not. Here's my opinion. People in power tend to abuse their positions. These people in power will abuse their positions whatever their sex, race, stated gender, religion, country of origin, age ( did I leave anyone out)?
  9. My girls understand that anyone that touches them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable they can walk away from it. If someone tries to do something worse than that they will scar them, run away and report it. What they won't do is wait 30 years to mention it.
  10. We're talking about overseas top 20 univerities here. Parents don't talk to profs, though I've sent them a few unanswered emails. Interestingly, one of these profs and a couple of grad assistants (one a girl) have hit on one of my daughters just as I had predicted they would. Needless to say she was apalled. My wife wants to sue somebody or in lieu of that talk to the parents of these horrible people . Anyhow, just as there is a lot to learn in college, there is a lot to unlearn too once you've finished. You could justifiably ask "why would a parent subject their beloved children to such a thing and pay through the nose to boot"? Well, that paper still means a lot and they're both probably going to grad school, so you do what you need to do. But I'd say the scalesmay be falling a bit from their eyes.
  11. I agree with that. Nor do politics have a place in the classroom. Still I'm paying $50,000/yr for my kids to get just that. My daughters are being taught they they live in a "rape culture". One in their Biology class, the other in their Physics class. I asked them if they thought that was true. They said YES and evreyone at their school thinks that way. I was shocked I can tell you. I asked them if they thought I had been a rapist. Nooooooooooo they said. What about your friends parents? Noooooo they said. What about the professsors that are teaching you this? Do you think they are rapists? Nooooooo they said. So who are all these rapists then? Boys! "They keep asking me out but I don't really know them all that well". I said you don't have to go out with anyone you don't want to but you know why they're asking you out right? Rape Culture! I have to tell you it was very disappointing, not to mention embarrassinng to explain to a 4.0 student who is a senior with a degree in Biology about the "biological imperative". She seemed to understand it with respect to all other bilological organisms but not humans. I explained it is exactly the same as all other organisms except that you have a choice. Apparently that wasn't being taught in their very highly regarded schools.
  12. You needn't worry about that. I have wreaked revenge I'm frankly sorry for now. Not because it wasn't deserved but because I don't like to involve myself with such negative things.
  13. He understoof what a nun's / priest's job was though. Anyhow, I hold no grudges and no lasting damage done. I was a pretty precocious and disruptive kid.
  14. That's what I told my dad. His response was he can't always be there and that they are working on his behalf.