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  1. If its the pig farm I'm thinking of, didn't theym many years ago put a membrane over the shit pond to capture the methane gas produced and use it to run electrical generators? I think the smell pretty much went away after that.
  2. Google " Thailand Government House Plans". A number of sites will come up.
  3. Or it could be that the USD:THB broke the 200 day moving average and went down to test the 200 week moving average, which it did today.
  4. Rice looks like it may have bottomed:
  5. That's a good first step. Universal healthcare will never be adopted in the US because it is "the right thing to do". It will only be adopted when insurance companies overreach even more. They will become the architects of their own demise.
  6. The Clinton supporters, who delivered the election victory to Trump, ought to be feeling pretty guilty about now.
  7. I've got a house in Mae Hia also. Too busy.
  8. The 200 dma of the USD:THB peaked on June 2, 2016. The 200 dma has been moving down or sideways ever since. Last week the 50dma passed through the 200dma to the downside.
  9. I was going through my emails when all of a sudden some little box appeared in the lower right hand corner of my screen. Apparently Facebook has a feature that lets people know "I'm safe". My daughter sent me that this morning, from London. What a <deleted> up world we live in, that anyone should need an "I'm Safe" feature.
  10. Unless you're in the mountains, Nong Kwai is crap compared to Mae Rim.
  11. I was talking to the wife the other night, and we figured we own about 1/4 of 1% of Mae Rim between us. Not the city but the countryside. We just love it out there. We have rivers, mountains, waterfalls, rice fields. To me it is heaven on earth.
  12. Mae Rim is a wonderful place to live. The thing is, when I think of Mae Rim, I don't think of condominiums, but instead I think of bucolic countryside. Speaking only for myself, if I were ever to buy a condominium again, I would not buy in a place like Mae Rim but in a very urban environment. In Mae Rim I would instead opt for a countryside villa.
  13. The analyst saw the Baht strengthen. A little anyway. Then he wrote a report that said "Baht to strengthen".
  14. The plan should be for health insurance companies to have no future. Put them out of business.
  15. Is that an outboard motor on the stern of your kayak?