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  1. Again, the topic is North Korea. Past diplomatic efforts by the US there gave them the ability to become the belligerant nuclear power they are today. I don't know, maybe its because civil servants know whatever happens they still get their pension. Maybe its because, unlike in the past, failure is celebrated today.
  2. We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. -- Anais Nin
  3. Numismatists love odd coins. Particularly if it is wrong somehow.
  4. I disagree with most of America's foreign policy, especially with respect to the Middle East. That said, the topic is North Korea, who has threatened the US and its North Pacific allies with nuclear tipped ballistic missles. The US or those allies do not need the world's help, permission or acceptance for whatever it feels it must do to neutralize that growing threat.
  5. These people talk about "diplomacy" as if diplomacy had actually ever worked in the past. Diplomacy gave Kim nuclear weapons.
  6. Just how do you see a compromise? We're going to normalize relations with this criminal against humanity? A compromise is we protect him from the retribution of his citizenry and he gets to choose where he spends his life in exile on our dime.
  7. Despite the agreements in place which were only used to legitimise large multinational corporations doing big business with Iran, we never left square one. Both countries are projecting malice to their neighboring countries at a greater level than before agreements were signed.
  8. I didn't change your quote. It appears as you wrote it. I simply boldened the part I was responding to. I could have deleted all of your quote and only left the part I was responding to but that would have changed your quote and given what I was replying to no context.
  9. If what you are saying is true then it looks like we never left.
  10. "Work toward" indicates there is a result in mind. When that result is taken off the table what are you then working toward?
  11. I believe the specific steps to de-nuclearization are the preconditions not required. The meeting is predicated on the elimination of nuclear wepons on the Korean Penninsula as pledged by Kim to Moon. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/04/27/606264786/peace-at-hand-korean-leaders-meet-for-historic-border-handshake
  12. The US has been the international partner of choice because its partners know that they will reap the same rewards but almost none of the risks and a disproportionately small portion of the cost of that partnership. The US has historically been willing to screw its citizens for the benefit of its partners. Good luck finding another international partner that stupid.
  13. North Korea started the ball rolling by saying they were going to de-nuclearize the Korean Penninsula. They have since stated they have no intention of giving up their nuclear weapons and you are calling the nation that withdraws from the talks that were predicated on that de-nuclearization unreliable and insincere. In your Bizarro World that must mean Kim is a paragon of integrity and virtue.