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  1. It is possible that the USD:THB has made a bottom here as there is strong support in the 33 area. That said, the "uptick" you see isn't there yet. You don't want to see it breach 33 to the downside. All will be known within a week or so.
  2. As the number of THB it takes to buy one USD decreases it is said to be strengthening against the USD.
  3. The THB has been strengthening against the USD for the past 23 1/2 months. What your blogger sees as currency manipulation I see as fiscal prudence. Would that the boom/bust Western economies display as much fiscally prudent behaviour.
  4. Poster of the year competition

    Has Thai Visa now adopted the Tonalpohualli calendar?
  5. can someone help me .

    Why don't you break it up into several International Bank Drafts and mail it to yourself? Probably a little extra processing time on theother end but it is one solution.
  6. Unless one is talking about "The Projects", HUD is a public/private partnership. My uncle got in one of the nicer downtown SF buildings. Rather than wait 18 months he simply paid the bureau gatekeeper a $7,000 gratuity and was moved in in a week. The owner of his building is paid $3,400/mo by the govt. for his apartment. He also receives all manner of other freebies including medigap, food vouchers and taxi chits. The City is a wonderful place if you're rich enough, or poor enough.
  7. If you are compelled to feel personally embarrassed about something; be embarrassed about this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/09/15/public-ignorance-about-the-constitution/?utm_term=.68c728cc3884 Trump, or someone like him, is just the natural outcome of that level of civic ignorance. And should the Liberals feel smug thinking that the ignorant elected Trump? Not really, because the data from the poll indicates those who identify as "Conservative" scored significantly higher in the poll than those who identified as "Liberals".
  8. I don't know when it was, the last time you were in the Rogue River Valley, but is a fantastic place to live. Very temperate climate and nearby Ashland is a theater arts destination for many people. The whole area has blown up and yeah central Medford is a little seedy but even that is being updated one project at a time. The downside for the area is (like so many areas now) not enough middle class. Lots of cheap living options and lots of million dollar plus options too. It is about as good as it gets for living near the West Coast cheaply.
  9. How come the General Forum is hidden?

    Nevermind. It has reappeared.
  10. Lots and lots of 55+ MHPs are on fee simple land. You can buy a MH and land in Mesa AZ well under 100k. 20% down mortgages available with payment under $500/mo.
  11. Looks like the typical good cop, bad cop dynamic but with the roles reversed.
  12. Yes, and by a wide margin. If it had branches in a hundred other countries it would be the worst bank there as well.
  13. Truck/Mover to Move a King Sized Mattress

    Lash it onto the top of a song taew.
  14. I'm really shocked that a country whose chief industry is money laundering might have a sketchy foreign exchange fund. As a rule they have one of their Commonwealth affiliates take the fall, so as to maintain their spectre of fiduciary compliance.