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  1. I haven't been to Yamato's Japanese Buffet for a few years but it used to be fantastic and an unbelievable value. Is it still open? What's the dinner buffet cost these days?
  2. I don't know. I like to focus on the what rather than the why.
  3. So, 33.52 today's low. Probably going to bounce around here a bit. My view is that its on its way to 33.00.
  4. All will be known next week....... probably.
  5. Why would a currency that is strengthening need support?
  6. Pretty important support here for the USD:THB. 200 week ma at 33.91. Not much of a bounce from this level for several weeks now, which would have been expected given the sharp slope of the ascending 200 wma. If this week and next close below the the 200 wma I would expect a pretty quick move down to 33.50ish with 33.00 soon to follow.
  7. If true that is very sad news. Dave2 has been an institution in this forum. I sincerely hope he comes along to post a picture of himself to dispel this sad report. Barring that, I expect photo documentation from beyond the veil will be posted in the not to distant future.
  8. If its the pig farm I'm thinking of, didn't theym many years ago put a membrane over the shit pond to capture the methane gas produced and use it to run electrical generators? I think the smell pretty much went away after that.
  9. Google " Thailand Government House Plans". A number of sites will come up.
  10. Or it could be that the USD:THB broke the 200 day moving average and went down to test the 200 week moving average, which it did today.
  11. Rice looks like it may have bottomed:
  12. That's a good first step. Universal healthcare will never be adopted in the US because it is "the right thing to do". It will only be adopted when insurance companies overreach even more. They will become the architects of their own demise.
  13. The Clinton supporters, who delivered the election victory to Trump, ought to be feeling pretty guilty about now.
  14. I've got a house in Mae Hia also. Too busy.