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  1. How long does a taught Masters degree take? In the UK, most taught Masters programmes run for one year full-time and two years part-time. Be aware, however, that full-time courses run for a full twelve month period, with independent dissertation work usually commencing after the first two semesters and continuing during the summer. The typical on-site master's degree program takes two years of full-time study to complete.
  2. Never heard of this before? Thought it all depended on if there is a re-entry permit or not?
  3. As long as you do not have a re-entry permit you will be stamped in with a 30 exempt entry, however, if you do have a re-entry permit it would be very difficult to not use it.
  4. Check your "facts" before you post ! "In 2015, 31% of 18 year olds in England were accepted into a university place (the entry rate)—an increase of almost one percentage point on the previous year and the highest level recorded."
  5. If you had the slightest business acumen, you would know that 1000% is ridiculous.
  6. Did your sponsor leave it until the last moment to sponsor you ? You know, the same way that you left it too late to order safely your shirts etc ? Had you planned accordingly, this would never of happened - I feel a lot of this is down to your bad practice. As such, you are right, as a sponsor, I would not want to be associated with a "" company.
  7. "If a person wants a marriage extension and meet the criteria then they should be able to apply with all the right documents pictures and bank details they were told was required and get what they want." Don't confuse your right to apply, with you getting what you want. What you want is not always possible - tough.
  8. Maybe walk before you can run.
  9. You are entitled to apply, not to the extension - get off your high horse !
  10. If you are doing 100 KpH, you are already breaking the law yourself !
  11. While I see, and read your many posts giving good medical advice - is it wise or even correct to tell the OP to change his prescribed medication ?
  12. "air conditioning" - go on, enlighten us how air conditioning has anything to do with getting either the correct, real medication or paying a reasonable price for it !
  13. "maybe" - you said you were quoting facts !! Yet another bar stool story teller !!
  14. "This was told to me by the hospital, both the person in the blood lab and the Doctor himself when I asked about it after my negative result was in. It's not my story, it's just the facts" Your "facts" have changed in the turn of a page, one minute it is a teacher infecting uni students, the next it is British passing it to bar girls - maybe you should dig out your dictionary and look up the words "fact" and "lie".
  15. 2 things, you never see the person in the lab, because they are in the lab, not where you go. Secondly, you are talking, or they told you and you are relating - absolute crap !