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  1. Had Bermuda in S. Fla. Had Nor Noi grass here. Here are your choices. https://www.thaigardendesign.com/tropical-grass-types/
  2. Same grass as southern Florida (I'm originally from Ft. Lauderdale) pretty hardy stuff. Thing is you will need to water it everyday for about 2 weeks until the roots gown in to the top soil. We have guys that do common area maintenance as we live in a development so we use to get them do do maintenance on our yard. 10 years later we have no grass just concrete and a small strip of open dirt around the exterior wall for shrubs.
  3. 2018 Husqvarna street bikes

    Husqvarna is the oldest active motorcycle maker. Been making motorcycles since 1903.
  4. 2018 Husqvarna street bikes

    I agree, never heard the term Monkey bike. They look like naked bikes to me. Being called "reto" today but back in the day when I was first riding (early 60's) just about all the bikes looked that way. Don't ever remember seeing a bike back then with a fairing.
  5. blood needed urgently for our beloved dog

    Some of us are suckers for animals in distress and I think we are better for it. Found this little guy Nov 30 half dead by the side of the road being eaten alive by lice and flees. He is turning out to be a great friend. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Sorry for hijacking your thread meatboy. Hope all turns out for the best. rokit
  6. 2018 Husqvarna street bikes

    Nice bikes, 600cc singles.
  7. Yep, a 150 might be OK with a single level home but will not pump efficiently up to the second story. I have a 250 and would recommend a 300 as sometimes the 250 can not keep up of course it's 10 years old and probably getting tired. lol
  8. Husqvarna has just released 3 single cylinder street bikes. Two 400cc and a 700cc. I sure like the 700cc single as it only weighs 155Kgs. Nice review at Jay Leno's Garage.
  9. Khon Kaen or Udon

    Take your pick. Pick a city from the top left drop down menu. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g297926-Activities-Khon_Kaen_Khon_Kaen_Province.html
  10. Why don't you get the retirement visa in the US before you arrive?
  11. You could put a drop ceiling in and put insulation between the ceiling and roof tiles.
  12. I agree with Naam. No amount of shade is going to help if the air temp is over 95F. My thermometer read 95 in the shade today and it's only mid February.
  13. Yes, you definitely need to be there. We came almost everyday at noon when the workers were eating lunch and would bring food and non alcoholic drinks for them as most only had a small portion of rice to eat. We were going to put different colored tiles downstairs and upstairs. The upstairs sq. meters is larger than downstairs as downstairs there is a carport. So we come over to see how the tiling is going and they are installing the upstairs tile on the downstairs level. Lucky the cement wasn't dry so it was easy to pull up the tiles. Then the foreman tells us he was wondering why there was extra tile for the downstairs and not enough tile for the upstairs.......duh, common sense should have told him there was a problem. The tile company that supplied the tiles had the tiles marked wrong on the invoice so they gave us some free tile as some were damaged pulling them up.
  14. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Thanks for the offer but my dealer said he could get a set of wheels that are on the Stallions 250. Told me 10K with tires. What do you think?
  15. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Thanks. Looking for some wheels for my Stallion. Getting tired of cleaning spokes and since I don't do off road any more I can get rid of the spoke wheels.