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  1. Good luck on the build. Would be interested to know once the house is completed the cost of the build not including the land.
  2. Stallions 400cc - Any good?

    Or no green book. Anyway an update on my Stallion 400. Been about 6 months now since I bought it. No problems except the ECU that was changed out when I first bought it. Being a Scrambler model there is not much chrome on it so I have no rust problems. Had the handle bars powdered coated black as I did not like the chrome look. Still think it's one of the best buys out there at 116,000 baht. Buy the way I bought the wife a new Honda Soopy i when I bought the Stallion and the chrome on the wheels of the Scoopy are starting to rust so it's not just Stallions that rust.
  3. Paperwork when selling bike.

    You will need a residence letter from Thai Immigration to sell a bike or car that is registered in your name.
  4. Can't believe the prices for imports here.

    Oh the good old days. The engine in my old 64 Dodge.
  5. Can't believe the prices for imports here.

    Same engine but more horsepower in Thailand as the Thai models get the Japanese spec 2 liter engine with 165hp and in the US they get the North America version with 155hp. Some European countries get the 120hp detuned engine as import tax in some countries is based on horsepower.
  6. Can't believe the prices for imports here.

    I don't think it's double the US cost but it is definitely more because the parts they bring in to assemble the cars here are taxed at 30% then the dealers add on their profit margin. I paid about $32,000US for my Mazda here in Thailand and the same car is about $24,000 in the US. That's about 33% more here in Thailand.
  7. Can't believe the prices for imports here.

    Actually the import tax on a new car not assembled in Thailand is 328%. I can see charging a big import tax as it forces many car companies like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Ford and Chevrolet to name a few build assembly plants here in Thailand and employee many Thais would would not have a job unless the assembly plants were here in Thailand. I think the US should adopt this policy as it would force many foreign companies to build plants in the US and employee US workers.
  8. Private Health Insurance

    Good luck as most insurance companies will not sign up new clients over the age of 60. If someone is under the age of 60 and gets insurance then they will cover you once you get over the age of 60. If you do get insurance I would be very interested in the name of the insurance company that insures you.
  9. Korat City - Decent restaurants

    Don't know of any tennis players but there are a lot of expats that play golf.
  10. A couple reviews on the Mash 400 Scrambler. Mash is the branding in Europe. Same bike as the Stallion.
  11. Korat City - Decent restaurants

    Check out this website. Very good info about Korat. http://www.whatsonkorat.com/index.php
  12. From someone who probably never owned one.
  13. Bought a Stallion... "Motorcycle"

    Don't do off road anymore at age 70 my kidneys can't take it. lol I do have a front fender on now.
  14. Bought a Stallion... "Motorcycle"

    So far I am still loving the bike. Only have done 2000km because I have been in the USA. Had to change the ECU under warranty. I have a friend I ride with and he has over 20,000km on his CT400 with only the same ECU problem. I think the early models built had ECU problems but now I think they are putting the new ECUs on all the new models. Bike runs strong with a top end around 145kph. I think it is the best buy around at 116,000 baht. A lot of bike for the money. I do not think you will be disappointed if you buy one. Go for it you only live once............unless your Buddhist. lol
  15. If you can get it for 89,000 I'd buy them all day long at that price as it is 26,000 baht below list price. That's unheard of in Thailand.