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  1. Stallions Centaur or GPX Legend

    If you need a little more power you can go with the Stallions Centaur 250 Max instead of the 150.
  2. Selling a car

    When I sold my used car I needed a Proof of Residence letter from Thai Immigration.
  3. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    Maybe the Mazda 2 being cheaper it has a cheaper paint job. Bought my Mazda 3 new in April 2014 and the paint still looks like new except for a couple rock chips on the front bumper.
  4. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    Too bad the 2.5 liter gas engine is not available in Thailand. I have 2 liter gas engine in my Mazda 3 and it could use some more power at 165hp and the CX-5 would seem to be a heavier car than the 3.
  5. Buying a new car

    Couldn't negotiate the price when I bought my new car but do your homework on what options are available on your car and get them to throw them in for free. I got tinted windows, all weather mats, cargo mat, car cover, aluminum pedal covers, first year 1st class insurance, and scheduled service for the first year for free. Also got my NAV system at 1/2 price.
  6. Info on crappyness of MG in Thai

    Have a friend who I play golf with who has an MG SUV with a 2 liter turbo engine. He said the turbo lag is horrendous and at first thought there was a problem with the turbo. The dealer said it was normal. So if you are going to buy a MG with a turbo take a test drive and stomp the gas like you were passing someone and check for the lag. I thought I heard they will discontinue the 2 liter turbo engine and go to a 1.5 liter turbo.
  7. Have you thought about vinyl covering? I got a nasty scratch on my side cover and instead of repainting it I got it vinyl covered in a carbon fiber wrap. A lot easier than painting and no mess.
  8. NAKED or FAIRED ??

    Allan, Let's try posting a pic today. Dis some mods since my last posting.
  9. NAKED or FAIRED ??

    Allen, no problem calling me Rdr as I have been called worse. Actually it stands for Road Rocket which is a nickname given to me by the boys in blue. Had a license plate on my old car that read, Rdrokit, which is the closest to my nickname that was available at the DMV. I tried loading a pic of my bike but for some reason it gives me a message that the photo will not load. I tried Exployer, Firefox and Chrome and scaled down the image but still wont load. Look at post 189 on page 13 and you can see my bike.
  10. NAKED or FAIRED ??

    I like the naked look but it is a personal taste. My Stallion 400 Scrambler is a naked bike and I take some day trips (4 hr rides) and have no problem with wind resistance at 100-120kph.
  11. Settling Down In Isaan, Any Advice Guys?

    There are mountains in Issan, not quite as high as northern Thailand but still fun B roads to ride on a motorcycle. Khoa Yai National Park is a fun ride and the closest city is Pakchong. The park is just south of the city and north of the city are great B roads which wind through mountains. Also, Pakchong is only a 3 hour drive to Bangkok where Loei, which is beautiful, is a good 7 hour drive to Bangkok. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  12. Why don't they...?

    Many of the big bikes are so loud you could not hear a turn signal clicker or audio warning. On long rides I wear ear plugs. My bike has turn signal indicator lights in the speedometer housing so I can see when the turn signals are on.
  13. Good luck on the build. Would be interested to know once the house is completed the cost of the build not including the land.
  14. Stallions 400cc - Any good?

    Or no green book. Anyway an update on my Stallion 400. Been about 6 months now since I bought it. No problems except the ECU that was changed out when I first bought it. Being a Scrambler model there is not much chrome on it so I have no rust problems. Had the handle bars powdered coated black as I did not like the chrome look. Still think it's one of the best buys out there at 116,000 baht. Buy the way I bought the wife a new Honda Soopy i when I bought the Stallion and the chrome on the wheels of the Scoopy are starting to rust so it's not just Stallions that rust.
  15. Paperwork when selling bike.

    You will need a residence letter from Thai Immigration to sell a bike or car that is registered in your name.