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  1. The last thing the US needs is another group of hundreds/thousands of uneducated and unskilled people. Jobs are already drying up in the service industries, what are these people going to do if they are allowed in? Not to mention how interesting it is that the reporter/photographer manages to find perhaps the only woman with kids in the area and makes her the focal point of the photo. Never mind that the vast majority of the caravan people are single men, that doesn't fit the political narrative.
  2. I agree. It is foolish to abuse emergency powers for this particular issue. Getting a handle on the border is a great idea, but the precedent that would be set by this is troubling. I don't want future presidents of either party to get used to using emergency powers to solve sticky political impasses. There are other ways.
  3. The point is that the illegal aliens shouldn't be present in the first place to commit the crimes. Comparing them to citizens and legal residents is irrelevant. THEY SHOULDN'T BE THERE. Not one of them. Every crime they commit is a preventable tragedy that was premitted by mealy mouthed politicians and crony capitalists. You seriously think that the state of Texas should just shut up and pay the price of one thousand lives in order to enjoy the dubious benefits of the presence of illegal aliens?
  4. Did you read the article I quoted? Maybe you should . It clearly states that this is intended only to put up barriers in areas where they are needed, NOT to close off the entire border.
  5. Now now Steve, no need for such harsh accusations. Any answer to the victims of illegal immigrants' crimes and mayhem or is it just the price Americans have to pay for cheap lettuce and freshly mown lawns? And yes, the wall will - help- curb illegal immigration. Nobody says that it is the only answer, that's a straw man argument. According to Vox, hardly a Trump friendly organization; "Ultimately, the Trump administration wants to build hundreds of miles of border barriers — a lot more than $5 billion can provide. But it has identified particular stretches of the border as top priorities, and a $5 billion appropriation would allow it to blast through several of them. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that if it got the whole $5 billion Trump has made his red line for wall funding, it would be able to build 215 miles’ worth of barriers along the US-Mexico border. Most of this — about 150 miles — would be built where no physical barriers currently exist; the rest would be intended to replace some of the older and less imposing barriers along the border." https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/12/21/18151974/border-wall-trump-steel-slats-shutdown
  6. Mike; The crime argument is a shibboleth at best, and inaccurate at worst. Comparing legal immigrants and citizens' crime rate has no relation to the issue of illegal aliens. Trying to compare with illegals is problematic as well. There is no good answer to "how much crime by illegals is OK" other than zero. They shouldn't be in the country in the first place. In Texas alone, illegal aliens have committed more than 1000 murders and 5000 rapes since 2011. Care to tell the families of the victims that it's an acceptable statistic? https://www.dps.texas.gov/administration/crime_records/pages/txcriminalalienstatistics.htm
  7. From your article: In a separate interview with NPR, on January 6, ( Mayor ) Darling expanded on his views. "In certain locations, a wall or a fence or some deterrent makes sense but certainly not one across the great swath of the border in places where, ecologically, the damage would be much greater than a security benefit," he said. The funding requested isn't intended to build a contiguous wall, merely to put more barriers in areas where the situation warrants. Incidentallly, the funding also includes money to build new facilities to house and care for those waiting for immigration hearings and to process those who manage to cross regardless. The wall/border issues and immigration are separate and should be discussed as such. The presence of so many illegal aliens in the country deserves attention as well, and has no bearing on whether the border is more strictly secured.
  8. Regardless of the politics, we should trust the people 'on the spot', in other words the Border Patrol. They seem to believe that more wall/fencing is needed. Finding the money won't be hard, it is less than one percent of the total federal budget. The big problem is that Democrats don't want to give Trump a "win", regardless of the facts of the situation.
  9. The problem in Canada isn't for the people, but for the health care professionals who are virtually enslaved by the system. It leads to brain drain where many of the best and most ambitious head for greener pastures (read USA). As for your friend, if he doesn't have a thousand bucks available for a health emergency, then he has larger problems than a cut over his eye. The US needs more free market and less interference. Too many regulations about who can open a clinic, what they can do, etc. People are at the mercy of insurance companies and their toadies in government. They conspire to screw the public. This is why prices are so insane.