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  1. I suppose mid-range price would be perfect, thanks.
  2. My Sister is thinking of doing a detox retreat for one of the two weeks of her holiday to Thailand at Christmas. Would anyone know of any good ones maybe in the Islands by any chance!? Thanks' in advance.
  3. Nothing against AA but I can see on this part of the forum some people are hesitant or maybe it is not for everyone, this Guy in the Videos didn't use AA so whatever floats people boats. Week one showing on my side, try refreshing the page, (pressing F5) you probably know that, thanks.
  4. There was a stall in Klong Thom that sold used USA T shirts on the weekend , I think 80 baht , there was always a crowd but I think its gone now with the "clean-up" Sounds like a plan to me, you need to find a niche that will catch people's attention and not something that can be found in every stall, Thai love anything American and will pay more for it, just look at Mcdonalds, Starbucks and Harley. I have seen so many Thai wearing American themed clothing.
  5. Used to be one of these at a house I was rent, very enjoyable to use, no noises motors, if I have a small to medium size lawn again I would buy one, very relaxing and healthy.
  6. Don't know, but people buy off people, Like the Farang that sells Thai food in Bangkok. Maybe you could have an American themed stall, T-shirts, American Hotdogs.
  7. For anyone, that doesn't want to go down the AA route to give up Alcohol forever. Or if you would like to detox from Alcohol for a few months, or if you are already a non-drinker for years, I find this Youtube Channel "AlocholMasteryTV" very good. Useful, honest, wise information. Week One - [media] [/media]Three Years Later - A Different Man! [media] [/media]
  8. Hope everyone unsubscribes from his Youtube channel, what a meat head, He reminds me of the Kangaroos, roadkill.
  9. Crazy, this is definitely a backwards way of disciplining kids and will affect the kids negatively in the future.
  10. Breaking news Scotland to leave Britain, N Ireland wants to leave also and have a United Ireland but the Republic don't want them.
  11. I kinda miss that noise as been back west for over a year, it can be very quite boring all night/morning, I even nearly learned the whole pray when I lived in Bangkok.
  12. Who the hell carries around Desktops, have you never heard of a Laptop, I am only messing with you but I find it funny that you want to bring 2 screens and a Desktop computer in you luggage or backpack to Thailand, will you bring the Computer desk? If its Flatpack you will be ok.
  13. Was asked by Thai Guy around Victory Monument "Where you from?" Hesitant to say Ireland usually get only "Roy Keane" He answers "Oh Mary McAleese" (previous president) Nearly fell over lol Seemly she was in Thailand helping with Education or something.
  14. That's incorrect, double and triples have been phased out since 13 Nov 2015, the only options left are single entry and multiple entry when applying at the Embassy / Consulate. Really, news to me, my bad. Just check it out, your are correct.