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  1. bye bye STICKMAN

    He's stopped writing it now. Hence this thread.
  2. bye bye STICKMAN

    Could you re-phrase that in English?
  3. Five year Thai driving licence

    I Claudius has one!!
  4. Five year Thai driving licence

    Life-long and 10 year licences used to be issued, but now it's only 5 years.
  5. moving back to uk

    Surely if you can show that you have returned to the UK permanently, you are entitled to free NHS care?
  6. Why? Thousands of migrant workers live here without incident.
  7. The pro capital punishment brigade are unsurprisingly quiet on this one!
  8. Most likely because she's earned enough already and no longer wants to have to sleep with customers.
  9. IPTV with Thai channels

    A couple of years I think. Sure, there are cheaper options but for a simple 'plug in and go' box, that has all the important UK channels, it works well and is worth the money.