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  1. Why would that concern me? I doubt most tourists or expats care one way or another about the title deeds of the club they're having fun in.
  2. Just because everything is closing at 3am? I think you're over-reacting!
  3. Except that customers are not charged, unless it's with an underage prostitute and the prostitute isn't charged unless she/he is soliciting or prostituting her/himself "promiscuously"!
  4. Yes I was pretty loyal to Truevisions, mostly out of sheer laziness! What finally did it for me is when they dumped CBeebies and BBC Entertainment, depriving my 1 year old of his Teletubbies and me of Graham Norton. Pulse has been a lifesaver, although my son has moved on to Nick Junior and Paw Patrol!
  5. Let us know how you get on.
  6. I think you're right about the link, but I think things will be back to normal eventually. The "clean-up" is very limited, with only day time soi 6'ers and all night drinkers really being affected.
  7. Pattaya seems to be the opposite, with the girls and ladyboys soliciting on Beach Road and Walking Street being moved on, but the bars and gogos being left alone as long as they stick to the rules.
  8. The only change is that the bars on soi 6 can't serve alcohol until 6pm and the gogos and other bars have to close at 3am. Nothing else has changed, except the availability of ST rooms in gogos.
  9. Why? Admittedly, if the 3am closure is enforced it will limit some people's fun, but I doubt many people will be affected. The girlie bars, gogos and massage places will still there. Soi 6 will be quieter during the day without alcohol but it's hardly the end of Pattaya as we know it.
  10. You've lost me. Are these just the ones you don't like personally?
  11. Which ones and why? Sent from my SM-A500F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. It's 20 for customers but 18 for working as service or dancing.
  13. Is there really any need for another thread about this?
  14. It doesn't. Gogos are operating normally although for a while may have to close earlier. Short-time rooms in gogos have always been illegal although many had them. Soi 6 is different as it was open during the afternoon.