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  1. How are Tim Horton sales doing? Sent from my ASUS_Z017DB using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Out of curiosity, if van drivers and motorcyclists smoke this, how will it affect their driving performance? Sent from my ASUS_Z017DB using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Buying a new project can be tricky. The good ones sell out on the first day. Also some people purchase multiple units at the same time, so get a better price. Also, you end up having some capital tied until you can move in. Usually 2 to 3 years. This could possibly translate to rent lost. It's difficult to find a good condo available from developer ready to move in. Alternatively, buy pre owned, and you could easily save 1m as you can really shop around and find a hot deal. This would easily offset the cost of a 20 year Thailand elite. After all, that's only a 10% discount on a 10m property. With market prices in several areas showing drops, you could easily barter a quick sale with discount. Sent from my ASUS_Z017DB using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. I understand some teachers offer after school tutoring. Couple this with a job on the weekend teaching somewhere else. Some teachers pull double due to this. Also, she could economize. I know several young professionals often share a good condo and split the rent three ways. Her 2k a month in rent could put her in a decent 6k condo.
  5. Why don't they bother people who have Thailand Elite? It's as if upfront payment guarantees you must be a good guy.
  6. Netflix has a list of ip addresses it believes are VPN, so CAt might be on it by accident. Also, it can assume you are using VPN based on dns data. You might want to check that you are using Thailand based dns server everywhere. (USa if going through proxy) You can also Test your system by going through True or AIS wifi (via phone or 3g router)
  7. This is not Singapore my friend. This is a corrupt third world country. Such things are to be expected, and if possible, used to your advantage. You now have a chance to come in without problems for only 1000 THB, which is a lot cheaper than the alternatives. Additionally he is correct that you are taking advantage of a loophole, which you know, as you would opt for the other visa if you could store the cash in a bank long enough. Simply treat it as a service fee for personal attention and feign ignorance if confronted. Destroy the recording as it implicates you. And you have more to loose (ban from entry vs him going to another department)
  8. JayBird

    xbox ones, playstations here more expensive?

    I bought an Xbox one x from nadz. Original, works fine. Price same as USA plus or minus depending on the exchange rate. Easy enough to get new from a respectable shop. PS4 pro is the same and more common. HOWEVER sale prices in the USA do not appear here, so sometimes it can be a bit more.
  9. Not quite on topic, buy I'll up vote transferwise if you need a backup solution. I love the zero fee transfers
  10. I saw a sign at Makro Pattaya that during restricted hours could only buy alcohol in the very large container. Not large quantity of small bottles, but only the super large bottle normally used in restaurants. I figured it was to allow business to do their shopping as normal people would not buy something that huge. This was earlier this year, or late last year. I don't go often.
  11. JayBird

    Protein powder - which is best?

    I buy universal nutrition / animal whey protein from bpmuscle in Thailand. Cheap at bulk price, fast delivery, imported from USA. It's a brand that is pretty well trusted for a few decades.
  12. A few years ago when Russians were visitin Pattaya in vast numbers, they got a bit of a negative reputation. Those russians tended to be less travelled and spoke almost no English. Thus they tended to appear rude. The ones here now tend to be more travelled and have better English. Thus they behave in a manner that is considered more polite. On the whole, I rarely met a well travelled Russian who was rude. And no, Putin does not have pp tapes on me.
  13. JayBird

    Tour bus brakes fail on Patong Hill

    They should make buses with better brakes. Thai proof. Guaranteed to stop even if a Thai is driving recklessly.
  14. My super power is the ability to make you forget I have a super power. Did you see me use it? Nope. Proof it works!