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  1. Tonight on Top Monk: Monk drive a supped up Ferrari.
  2. I do have a brand new HD TV (4K HD) and it did the auto scan and picked up a few HD channels, but none of the international ones. I was hoping that the box would upgrade those to HD (it hurts the eyes to watch BBC/Bloomberg on 55" when its SD broadcast). But its sounding like the box doesn't do much
  3. I did try looking here and googling, did not find much, and not much from the last few years. Good to have a more up-to-date answer, thank you kindly for your response, especially the tid-bit with 3BB's VDSL + International Option :) Maybe that's worth a go.
  4. Anyone try this? Anyone know how good it is? They seem to have fibre but I can not find any reviews on quality of connection, speed, international speed, etc. If anyone has any info and wishes to share, would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Does anyone know if the TMN offers more HD channels than their basic package? Their PDF online seems to only list a small handful of HD channels. I heard a rumour about a box that can be bought to give more channels, but could not confirm if those were HD or not.
  6. I ate at Paragon. While watching cockroaches run around. not sure the street food is any worse. if they have hawker's centres great. But I'm uncertain they can pull it off
  7. Need t-shirt: I survived Songkran Soon to make Guinness record for most dangerous holiday?
  8. Brit gets drunk: Runs around half backed Thai gets drunk: Runs around fighting. what is she REALLY complaining about?
  9. Also, anyone know what the normal wage per day is for construction labourers? Someone quoted me 50,000 THB for building out the roof (labour only) no walls, just some poles to keep the roof up. I'm thinking they are having a laugh
  10. No vendors also no people. Why empty the street for people when there are no people there? Big reason to walk the streets were to get to the food
  11. I have a small project where I wish to cover the backyard with a roof so that it can be usable during rain season. Nothing too fancy. I'm looking for some recommendations on who can build the roof and where I can get the materials. If I can get both from a single source/company that would be great. Thank you kindly.
  12. On the plus side, motorbikes now have more room on the sidewalk.
  13. I think show dc was made specifically for tourists. Mostly Chinese. So not a very good example to use
  14. Farangs Death Project Sounds like an ominous goal to kill us all.
  15. Job...... Will you need a work permit to di this?