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  1. JayBird

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    Pattaya is huge. Central Pattaya is like a busy core shopping / night life area. The rest is full of sleepy residential areas and minor markets and shops that remind me of small towns in the rest of Thailand. When you look at Pattaya as a whole and not just it's central entertainment district, yes, it's real.
  2. JayBird

    True Fiber 100/30 now 100/100?

    I was thinking of trying True Fibre, buy they told me they do not deliver to condos. I'm guessing you are in a house? Or is this a Pattaya only restrictions and Bangkok gets fibre?
  3. It sounds like the OP may have been ill prepared to live in Thailand, perhaps making the choice to do so based on visiting (and thus finding out that living here exposes more undesirable aspects that are easily ignored during short visits) It also sounds like he went into a serious relationship too quickly without time to learn how Thai values and behavior are different than European. I recommend he learns to accept all the negative aspects as fact and come up with a strategy to accept, ignore, or work around. Criticism will only make him more frustrated in the long run. With regard to child: If you want the child to have a good education you will have to pay a LOT for private schools or consider going back home. Not sure how it is in Italy, but most Thai public schools fail to teach important concepts such as critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and responsibility. (As told to me by Thai people and foreign professional teachers)
  4. Also, if you can, you could just call the place pret a manger, and copy all their sandwiches, including seasonal ones.
  5. Might be easier to focus on offering: 4 types of bread 8 types of meat 8 types of cheese Assorted types of veggies and sauces Make sure all are of very high quality Let the customer customize their sandwich I would order one with two slices of good bread and a massive amount of meat, with a good mustard or relish. If you got a grill to press it and warm it, bingo.
  6. For Bangkok Bank I was always asked for my bank book when doing in branch services. Not everything can be done online such as new atm card or large transfer.
  7. JayBird

    Shipping from France to Thailand

    So, no one knows then?
  8. Hello all! I'm thinking of shipping some personal items (maybe 1-2 cubic meters) that have little material value, but I wish to keep (books, old video games, etc.). I'm planning to ship them from France to Thailand. It will be shipped to my TGF's house upcountry and in her name. Ideally I would like it to arrive intact. How long it takes, does not matter. Also, I would like to minimize tax paid. I'm hoping the fact that it's shipped to a Thai name/address and that there is nothing of any real value in there it will get by easily. Anyone can suggest a good company that handles door-to-door? And any other suggestions or warnings I should consider? (Note: I am aware of the fact that it may cost more to ship than the value of the items :) But, they are sentimental so I wish to keep). Thank you all!
  9. JayBird

    BKK entry refusal

    To the OP: it looks like you came to Thailand multiple times in one year, albeit for a short duration each time. Immigration does not generally like this, and may consider it evidence of you being a bad person (guilty until proven innocent) They don't want to take a risk of letting you in and being held responsible. everything else they did was to find an excuse to back their decision. Remember: In Thailand, all foreigners are bad criminals, especially dark colored ones. If you come more than once per year, you must be doing something illegal. Or So goes the mentality. I recommend applying for an SETV each time, or limitting trips
  10. Thailand has the Thailand Elite Visa specifically for this purpose. If an individual can not afford it, then they are not affluent enough to be given extra consideration. I recommend you get the Thailand Elite Visa, and waiting until your funds are secured enough to afford this.
  11. JayBird

    Songkran Survival Guide – Top Ten Tips

    I opt to leave the country.
  12. Commitment. You know you won't try to stop yourself when struggling for breath. And this serves not only as a warning against falling for Thai women, but any woman /man in the world, irregard of nationality, could do this to a man.
  13. For 7 days Every 7 minutes 7 fatalities
  14. JayBird

    Any one still using a Windows mobile phone

    Nokia 1520 here. Still use it constantly. No desire for Google's android or iPhone. Hoping sailfish becomes more supported.
  15. why don't they move to Pattaya for this trade? with unemployment at 1%, why do they have trouble getting a job?