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  1. Something mystical about Patong Hill which cause brake failure in buses.
  2. Someone stuck a branch there years ago to mark a spot with a hole. It finally grew into a tree.
  3. Yup, they definitely want to keep it more for their hotel guests. I do wonder how many non-guest members they think they will get (and does it even warrant having an offering for non-guests). I suppose if they find 12 in the pattaya area they get a half million / year, and they think its worth the advertising?
  4. once the consulate gave me a visa with the passport number of someone else written on it. Always triple check them.
  5. I would blame the tourists for going into the water. If they are not strong and skilled, they should avoid it. It's dangerous. Never presume someone will come save you.
  6. KL visa run

    If I understand correctly, OP has not been in Thailand for two years, and that would play a major part in getting the visa.
  7. Uncontrollable Thai child

    Is it legal or acceptable in Thailand to strike or spank a child? Or just not feed it?
  8. Houston...sorry...Pattaya, we have a problem!

    The streets seemed fine by afternoon so I don't see how this is a big problem. If it was still flooded days after then it would be a problem. Otherwise nothing to really worry about. this can happen even in first world cities.
  9. PHOTOS: Torrential rain leaves Pattaya Beach Road flooded

    They have trouble calculating how much solar energy can be gathered at a crosswalk. This is far beyond city's ability. They would end up with the trench at soi 6 and the water funneled to soi 8
  10. http://statistics.unwto.org/content/faqs Source is most likely TAT
  11. I read this as 400,000 tourists in august. The Chinese do not spend money here and stay in very isolated venues. The other asians are not here for tourist purposes. Of the 400k I wonder how many are expats, or possibly workers who are flagged as tourists.
  12. I think top gear tackled demolition once and did a better job.
  13. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    I find their delivery estimates to be optimistic and a few times had to wait a few days or week longer. Mainly happens if fullfilled by a vendor or overseas.
  14. There a half built condo on that prime seaside property. At their present rate walking street could be turned into a collection of condo skeletons for years, populated only by soi dogs and parked buses.