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  1. Does this mean we will no longer see a head to toe chain of these buses on second road every evening? 30 within eye view. 28 private hire only. 2 full. Faster to walk. I know. I've done it.
  2. You can never be sure of these things in Thailand
  3. the only reason to walk the streets is to see the vendors. Too polluted and hot to walk just for the sake of walking
  4. well there are lots of sports bars.....
  5. Might be like the Indian Restaurants on 2nd road. Empty all day, packed for feeding time, empty again. Maybe harbor mall is only really 'busy' for 2 hours a day :)
  6. I never cared for the website for KT-Zimco. Can't even see which exchanges they deal with (or is it Thailand only?). Also, their commissions seem to be high (0.20% or so?). So, a 1M THB purchase would be 2000 THB in commissions (or roughly 60$ USD). About 10x the price of most other online brokers. And of course there's a 7% tax. Unless I'm missing something? I would still recommend a non-Thai based (international) brokerage firm.
  7. iFlix has a lot of TV Series. But no legal streaming service has a lot of old & new. Sadly...
  8. Some simple maths: 3,000,000 invested in a Thai Fixed Deposit Account for 20 years would yield about 3% return. This would result in a return of 4.8M THB after the 20 years. Not adjusting for inflation, and not re-investing the payments. 3,000,000 invested in a very simple/safe US ETF for 20 years (let's say S&P 500) will result in a total return of about 7%. This would result in a return of 7.2M THB after the 20 years. Not adjusting for inflation, and not re-investing the dividends. 1,000,000 invested in a Thailand Elite 20 year visa would yield a 0% return. This would result in a return of -1M THB after the 20 years. Not adjusting for inflation. Therefore, if we compare Fixed Deposit vs S&P 500 we have: 4.8M THB vs 7.2M THB. A difference of 2.4M THB. Therefore, investing in Thai Fixed Deposit Account for 20 years would result in a 'loss' of 2.4M THB when compared to investing in the S&P 500. This means the true 'cost' of the 20 year retirement visa is 2.4M THB (opportunistic loss due to tied capital). However, an interesting way of looking at it is thus: Take the 3M THB that would have been invested. Use 1M to pay for the 20 year Thailand Elite, leaving 2M. Invest the 2M THB in the S&P 500 for 20 years and it would return 4.8M THB. In both scenarios (20 year retirement vs 20 year thailand elite with 3M capital used), the return at the end of the 20 year period is the same (4.8M THB), and the length of stay is the same (20 years). And in both scenarios, the true cost of the 20 year visa is 2.4M THB (again, opportunistic loss due to tied capital). So from this point of view both solutions can be considered equal. The main differentiator is that the Thailand Elite requires only 1M THB capital to be invested, whereas the Retirement Visa requires an upfront investment of 3M which is also bound within a Thailand based institution in a Thai based currency. By purchasing only the Thailand Elite visa you can reduce investment risk by investing the 2M THB equivallent in US (or non-Thai) assets in non-Thai countries (diversification theory for risk reduction). Fun Fact: If you have 3M THB and purchase the 1M 20 Year Visa, the remaining 2M THB invested in the S&P 500 will yield a 2.5% dividend. Over 20 years this is enough to purchase the next 20 Year Thaiand Elite, allowing you continue to do this in perpetuity (for those of us with more than 20 years left on the clock). Therefore, I recommend the 20 Year Thailand Elite Visa. Thank you.
  9. I'll just come in here about health insurance. The requirement says a minimum of coverage. You can get in patient coverage of 10m to 30m from a few companies here (LMG MSH BUPA). of course this does not play nice for those with coverage from home or those who Can not switch. I'm unsure if Thai companies cover preexisting, so it most likely will be a major factor for retirees who often have a preexisting condition of sorts.
  10. What if you are not American, but G7, and want to visit USA for a couple of months with your Thai gf, and have no intention of marrying or staying? I just want to go to Disneyland to be honest. Should I forget it or plan for headaches?
  11. He should be able to find a Thai apartment or room for about 2k to 4k a month. No floor no furniture shared bathroom. He'll have to look on the non touristy streets or ask a Thai person. Some of the bar girls and motorbike guys should know. Likewise a bar manager may know
  12. You can also get Amazon Prime, however their Thai offerings are limited to Amazon original only.
  13. Samsung or iPhone. Main reason is the wide choice of cases, which girls love. also very easy to repair. If you go Samsung you can install Samsung pay which also makes it easier to track spending. Go for the model with the right sized screen for her needs. Buy it somewhere you can get a good warranty for when the screen breaks. ideally with dual sim so she can take advantage of deals for talk and data.
  14. Saturday dinner time, it was a bit busy. Not packed, but by no means empty. Lots of people eating at the various restaurants, so seems to be a destination for local families to eat out. Did not see much in the way of 'tourists'. Given its slow season right now, not bad turnout there.
  15. We have to adopt to the new attitude: Foreigners are not wanted here, they are tolerated here. Therefore any and all justification to deny you is considered, rather than any justification to accept you. Apparently unless you are Chinese on a zero dollar tour.