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  1. I'm not entirely sure you can find a good bmw or mercedes with a proper engine. As in the top HP for that model. I think most on the street are the weakest engine with the least add-one. I suspect people buy for badge, not for power. I could not find, for example, a Z8 or a Z4 with 3.5 hardtop. You might want to consider a non import. I think the Subaru BRZ is here.
  2. Is there a concept of common law marriage? Not officially married, or any ceremony, but living together for multiple years? If not, it may be a better alternative to getting married,
  3. Retirees in Thailand

    I find cost of living, excluding housing, to be higher here than Switzerland. I do mainly eat imported produce and organic. However it is warm, convenient, and almost no bother from the government. Plus sufficient English to get by.
  4. it's a good question for an essay. Especially now, given the recent media attention on slavery. Understanding why some people think it's good will help you understand why it happens. 1). Cheap labor. It's how they built America. 2) an expendable labor for high risk jobs. It's how they built the railway. 3). A stable work force, that can not quit, ensuring projects can be completed. Doesn't mean its good. Lots of bad in the world. Ignoring the bad is also bad.
  5. I pack a couple of protein bars and snickers. Light, small, and keeps you going until you get to your hotel.
  6. I could be wrong, but I read somewhere that a foreigner who invested 40million THB can get permission to buy a house (including land) and not as a company. I believe it had to be government savings bonds or similar. I only read this once and it could be wrong or old information. Given the amount needed i suspect not many have tried. Buy logically I would suspect there is some mechanism for HNW individuals to purchase villas that cost over 100m THB
  7. What happened to The Coffee Club ?

    royal garden was open yesterday, and is normally busy. So I think they are just closing down the quiet ones
  8. Songkran 2018

    Leave on 11 Return on 21 That should be enough to completely avoid it and traffic.
  9. Issaan.

    If you are a City boy it will be the death of you.
  10. UOB with secured cash in fixed savings account. However you can easily increase your limit temporarily. If you open account with 100k limit, but transfer cash from your savings account to the credit card ( as if paying) of 200k, the limit becomes 300k until you use up the funds. Helpful if you need to make large transactions once a year (ie 2 business class tickets back home) but the rest of the year hardly use it.
  11. I was there and lined up for many hours in the hot sun, dressed in all black. The line moved very slowly, about six people every thirty minutes. The interior was filled with chairs, so very little space for visitors. I was informed the space and seating inside was reserved for the VIP guests. In the evening the line moved very quickly. I do not think the issue was the size of the crowd, but rather the few people allowed in at one time. As a comparison, I was in Chinatown during Chinese new year, at their main temple, which was more crowded but the lines moved very quickly as they did not restrict the number of people allowed in at a time. I do not know what the official explanation is as I do not speak Thai. Not do I really care 😃
  12. Mail for me ends up at random buildings and offices somewhere within a five minute radius of me. However, never at my actual address. Often the mail man is to lazy to deliver it so leaves it where ever he feels like it. Often near lunch time.
  13. Thai Airways frequent flyer card?

    Whose better if you live in Thailand? Plus here you can get air miles with credit cards which helps
  14. Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    The only thing I know about cows is what I've learned from watching all creatures great and small. So.... Do you need to factor in: Medical care if cow gets sick? Loss if cow died? Do you need to slaughter if there is a local breakout of foot and mouth, etc? (The above could wipe out years of profits) and does food prices fluctuate? Did you also consider premium cows? Good breed, organic, free range, etc. Perhaps more profit?
  15. I don't take chances. I tell my gf I can't clean the house or do the laundry as I don't have a work permit, therefore she has to do it. If she complains it's too much work it just reinforces my argument.