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  1. Neither car is worth boasting about. So materialistic over something so petty.
  2. Reporting motorcyclists on pavement

    The vendors do not bother me and offer me food. So I have no issue with them. The motorcycles for the most part try to avoid hitting me on the sidewalk which is more than can be said for cars and buses on the road. So I have no issue with them. Far more concerned with cars and buses ignoring lights and crosswalks.
  3. I'd be curious if the end result is any noticeable difference. It seemed to small to me to make a difference, but I do not drive so might be missing something. on the plus side, I don't drive so I don't worry about traffic or flooding
  4. Or, if you're going to do it, be armed and ready to take on 7 guys at once.
  5. PHOTOS: More long immigration queues at Don Mueang

    I keep thinking of Munich and the less than thirty seconds to go through passport control.
  6. For those who are pro Indian: Absolutely there are lots who are very rich, very nice, very educated, very great people. And those are not the ones who are going to be lured in by TAT. They are smart and rich enough to spend their money elsewhere.
  7. Talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Have they completely given up on attracting tourists who spend money? If they can only attract very low spenders, hotels and restaurants will adjust to low spenders and therefore not appeal to affluent tourists, resulting in a downward spiral, a race to the bottom in attraction. A perfect example of TAT favouring quantity over quality. They need a new metric on success: How much money is spent in Paragon, Central, Hilton, and expensive shows such as Fantasea, etc. This is where income is made, and Indian tourists are absent.
  8. 5km speed limit. Limiter installed in all vehicles. GPS locked so can only be exceeded outside City limits. Any car that tampers with it is crushed.
  9. Chinese Adventure Tours. Chinese testing brakes and Pattaya beach water for us. Good thing there's a billion of em.
  10. There are two important facts: 1) if you want a job and will work hard you will get a job easily and earn up to 12k with no degree or 30k with degree. 2) You earn at least 30k if you work bar and the work is easier (no thinking needed) Some choose easy over hard. Or more over less.
  11. High School teacher: 20k University Teacher: 30k up depending on university Nurse: 15k up depending on specialty. Free room in dorm. Clerk : 20k 7/11: 7k to 9k BigC: 7k to 11k depending on shifts Hotel Clerk: 15k Restaurant Chain Server: 12k All prices per month. Varies from region (Phuket pays more). Some jobs have perks such as free food and room. Source of info is GF who has friends in each of these jobs. NOTE: teachers earn a lot more with over time or private tutoring or weekend teaching. Easily double up. And of course with good university and distinctions will get paid more
  12. Is she bad or just very easily distracted and absent minded or just doesn't care? The answer to that will guide your marriage. as for your child, she seems to have shown she is not a suitable minder. You'll need to arrange another sitter or nanny for the child.
  13. you could try talking to her on Facebook or line. Might get more responses
  14. I'll be fair: In other countries, the bus stops at a bus station and you would have had to drag your luggage. Fair point the sidewalks are bad, but this is Pattaya. This is why I take a Taxi with lots of luggage (even at the Mafia prices).
  15. Need Solution For Condo Humidity

    I believe it's a Vent/Fan combo (like you get in the bathroom near the shower).