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  1. And visa free is something different then having at visa
  2. I have Both Kasikorn and BANGKOK bank without Visa, both made last year on Tourist visa. Difference in Kasikorn i n Kasikorn i needed 10 k Bath to open. Bankgkog i needed only 500 bath.
  3. It was not only me, There was a couple of others to with the same problem. Talked with a few of them.
  4. First trip to Ho Chi Minh for visa run. It was easy to get still i had 5 visas from before, different places everytime. But remember to have ticket out of Thailand ready, and copy of the booking for the trip to Vietnam. First time ive been asked for that. they took copy of passport and old visa in the office. No queue so if you have everything ready in and out in 5 min.
  5. Penang is easy. I had a 81 day overstay on visa exemption no question asked. Delivered passport one day, got it back next day and straight to airport.
  6. MY story can be confirmed by fellow Tv member wich i took the flight back home with from Penang
  7. That was never the problem. Cause i told them if flight onward is the problem i book one now to any place you want me to. They just kept on about the new rule and i had to get a proper visa. Even when i had the visa, the overstay was the only concern, nothing about flight, where i stay or living money at all.
  8. When you were denied entry to Thailand what was stamped in your passport? Was the reason for denial written in English? Could you post a picture of the stamp? No stamp, just a whole lot of paperwork. They called the airline and they had to bring some personnel to escort me. Just told me i couldnt come back before i had a proper visa.
  9. I took the plane out to Kuala Lumpur the 18th and return the same day. The immigration said no way and returned me back to KL. Went to Penang and got a TV and they hassled me at immigration but eventually let me in. And im a Scandinavian btw.