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  1. happy chappie

    Dutchman reported missing found safe and well in Pattaya

    Hans welaard.sounds like a Dutch bricklayer.maybe a nice manicure might help.
  2. happy chappie

    Krabi residents up in arms over mine

    Yes we all understand what sort of environmental impact mining has but properly managed most of the problems can be minimal.if you look in the picture there's about a dozen protesters so it's hardly going to effect many people who will probably be compensated.its the price we have to pay for progress in this world with an ever increasing population and it's demands.hard to say anymore until the studies are done.
  3. That must be old.the uk would be flashing red today.
  4. I wish people would stop complaining about racism.i have to endure it every day of the week here in Thailand.treated like shit by most policemen because I am white.i get over charged because I am white,when dealing with the people in amphur I get shoved to the back of the queue because I am white.i stay away from Thais that get drunk because I could end up the target of violence because I am white.i need to have extra security at home because I am white.im starting to understand what it was like to be a negro in the 60s in southern America but I just have to live with it because I am white.when you look at the bigger picture Asia,Africa and the Middle East are the main and majority of racists on this planet by far.it seems the majority of black people here are up to no good and illegal immigrants and where as the majority of whites are lawfully here and adding to the economy and employment of Thailand.if the shoe was on the other foot and whites were the problem and targeted then so be it.lock em up and throw them out.
  5. happy chappie

    Krabi residents up in arms over mine

    They should think of the employment and prosperity it would bring to the area but then again that would mean hard work and they've got their eyes on the bigger fish of tourists.
  6. happy chappie

    Thailand's Phuket smartens up to bring tourists back

    Every person will be given one of these.(sold,rented one) the simple question is how many of the Chinese tourists would of survived the sinking of the Phoenix wearing one of these plastic cards.its a pathetic idea and money maker sold to the Thais the same as the fake bomb detectors they were sold years ago.
  7. happy chappie

    Brit expat charged for horrific Phuket accident

    I don't request the facts as you put it.i await for the next report to be revealed and i made what is known as a passing comment or remarked on the story..what you are implying is that I'm being hypocritical which by the end of my statement I say..anyway let's wait and see the outcome.in other words excusing myself.its just plain old English.please your out of your league and stick to ruffling the feathers of your own countrymen.
  8. happy chappie

    Mother admits drowning her three-year-old son in Ayutthaya

    Female infanticide is an every day occurrence in India where they are unwanted commodities and a burden on the family.just because Thailand has shiny cars and skyscrapers does change it from being a 3rd world country.evil bitch deserves more than what she's going to get.shes probably got an IQ of a monkey.i would actually like to smash her in the face.sub human thing.
  9. happy chappie

    Bt5m of loud 'substandard' exhaust pipes seized

    I would of thought possession or production of these exhausts would be legal.what if your making them for race circuits,exports or for show bikes not going to be used on the road.even the sale of them could be legal as long as it was stated not for road use like many bike items in other countries.items like helmets,exhausts,tinted visors are sold in the uk with the warning not for road use but totally legal to manufacture and sell to the public.i might get one of these for my pcx.keep the soi dogs from attacking me.
  10. happy chappie

    Thai drivers ignoring 11 million traffic tickets

    Thailand has speed limits? Well I would never of guessed that one.
  11. happy chappie

    New Phuket Provincial Prison reaches half-way mark

    Good looking place though.a few swimming pools and restaurants and it could be a nice resort with cheap rates.
  12. happy chappie

    New Phuket Provincial Prison reaches half-way mark

    With crime as it is they might start planning the extensions already.crime is part of the Thai way,if you don't get caught it isn't a crime.so many offences are sorted out by money e.g. 500baht and off you go.in my country some of these 500baht fines would get you in jail.fighting,carrying offensive weapons,theft..let alone things like rape where the reports are thrown in the bin.there approximately 4 times as many locked up in Thailand than the uk which just goes to show how much goes on here that's not reported.
  13. Hard to comment on this one without more info.wierd though being at airport only dressed in trunks.hope he survives and lives to tell the tale.maybe some sort of prank gone wrong and I wouldn't think it was suicide as this guy seems to be in the prime of life.
  14. happy chappie

    Koh Payu macaques have fruit and fish feast

    Fruit n fish.should rename the place and call it monkey fart island.
  15. happy chappie

    Thai drivers ignoring 11 million traffic tickets

    So set up speed cameras then think about how to sort the fine system out.its time to call in papa big joke to arrest the 9.8 million offenders.