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  1. Yes I think does and while you were looking down at it you could of snagged yourself on the probably illegal cable that has been left low hanging because some d.....head was to lazy to put it out the way.
  2. The only real answer then is forget the danger hazards and make a law you can't carry your child on your shoulders if your a farang but it's ok if your a dwarf.if there was a book that existed warning of the dangers of Thailand it would have more pages than the encyclopaedia.probably the father was looking down at the foot path and watching his step and what other dangers were around him,the last place you would be looking is in the sky.in other words what you are saying any person carrying their child on their shoulders is irresponsible.
  3. I thought I read and see pics the other week of a bunch on new life guards being welcomed to Phuket or were they just market traders in yellow tshirt.questions should be asked who paid the grant and who to? My bets is somchai has paid it out to cousin somchai who's then run around looking for a dozen or somchais who want to hang out on the beaches for 500baht a day each but none of them can swim.its unbelievable how millions of tourists come for the beaches and they've managed to cock up the safety of these people.all it takes to man these beaches is 3 men.one with a tower and binoculars,one on a jet ski with ropes,rubber rings,first aid kit and one patrolling the shore line all with coms.2,000b a day a beach.1 million per beach would be ample.some like leam sing are tiny and only need two.its not rocket science but then again TiT.
  4. Mercedes have just taken an order for a fleet of cars.3.5 million per camera and no one questions why so much.if it's anything like the lifeguard fiasco then they probably only work for a week.
  5. it will be ok in a few decades time when they learn to use search and rescue sniffer dogs.boiled chicken and incense definitely aint going to do it.the family don't sound 100%,the fathers into Thai voodoo and the daughter thinks she some reborn mystic god.
  6. Yes maybe in another planetary system and in another time warp.
  7. happy chappie

    Second-hand smoke exposes Thais to health risks

    Pesticides,herbicides,cyanides,pm2.5 pollutants including heavy metals in the water,carbon monoxide.smoking one of the worst tobacco around.eating sea food contaminated with nano plastic,formaldehyde in god knows what.death by scooter is starting to sound like a good way out rather than a slow lingering death from these poisons.
  8. I'm waiting for big joke to turn up with his media crew and pronounce it was an inside job and declare the cats in the bag on this one.now all smile for the cameras please and let's get on with some more crime busting.
  9. He seems a very well decorated council worker,loads of stars n stripes,colours and parachute wings.i wonder if one of his medals is for getting out of tight corners.
  10. Official processes other wise known as slices of the cake.these lot couldn't run a pee up in a brewery.did not hear a word about accounts for the spending of the grant.probably still in the process I suppose.
  11. Oh dear,she's going to be a very old lady when and if she ever gets out.what can be done though as she is plainly a mule.mr big won't have the guts to do it.just brainwash her,threaten the family I don't know but very sad in certain ways.the other side of it is there's 1.6kg of dirt off the street.the other question is why smuggle it to china? I thought they had grown opium for hundreds if not thousands of years.
  12. Not a real hard one to work out.if they are being trafficked to Malaysia then the chances are there's a Malaysian connection (man-gang) waiting at the other end.i doubt if they mean farang so we are all clear on this one.anyway nice to see batman turn up for another photo op.he probably sits in his bat cave waiting for the red phone to start flashing and some busts to go down,turns up with his reporters and photographers and solves the crime.it must be great just zooming around the country jumping on the bandwagon and giving himself all the glory of solving crimes.the phrase move over son I'll take it from here comes to mind with this guy.the more I read about him the more of a bigger joke he actually becomes in my eyes.
  13. happy chappie

    Phuket Poll: Should marijuana be made legal?

    Yes normally I do use milk n sugar but When you suffer from the munchies it's amazing what you can conjure up in the kitchen late at night.lol.how about popping round and I'll treat you to a nice cup of tea with Jaffa cake and peanut butter sandwiches.
  14. Very good when your faced with the truth that the best you can do is reply is to send a stupid emoji face.
  15. Contradicting what may I ask? You've come alone and contradicted me if anything by saying they've hunted this fish down as they were thinking of all that money.as for me wanting attention i haven't the faintest idea what your on about.i only write what is my opinion and I do not seek any attention thank you very much..maybe if you didn't write some much bs like 'of course they hunted it,they saw it and thought about all the money' you might get some needed attention...what a very sad person you must be.