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  1. they will drop that bombshell the day before and cause mayhem and cancel the election.
  2. It's deffo run off from farms.the water will have oxygen.cant really be anything else.paraquat and fish don't mix...nice to see the woman is more interested in making a few baht and poison her customers.it don't take much chemicals to kill most fresh water fish.ammonia at a ratio of 4,000,000 to 1 is enough to kill koi.these fish look heathy in the pic so I would say whatever killed them must of been high in concentration to do it so quick.the other thing is where the fishery dept with all this going on.oh I forgot TIT.
  3. My confidence is at 100% that Thai announcements are just bs.they have to bullshit or lose face and their lucrative jobs.
  4. happy chappie

    A rat found in a bag of fermented fish

    They sit in the office making them out of dolly mixtures.
  5. happy chappie

    Food Panda delivery now in Hua Hin

    Looks like the scooter taxis won't be happy about this new one.my mrs uses a scooter taxi for all sorts of errands as she can't get off her arse.
  6. happy chappie

    New app helps traffic police nab fugitives on the road

    Seems like everyone they catch here have outstanding arrest warrants.theyve no respect for law and won't turn up for court.i think thailand needs to look at the future and build some super sized jails and fast.maybe if they know there's room for them and committing a crime that you do not pass go and go straight to jail might sink in.
  7. That will just go in the same pocket as the other envelopes and won't stop nothing.
  8. happy chappie

    Bitcoin scam suspect claims he is victim too

    So he's got millions of dollars spread accross all the families accounts while the Swiss moron hasn't seen 1 cent.now he's fled to another country and hiding out.it doesn't take much to work that one out.they got the bitcoins flogged them off probably a lot cheaper than the market value and have tried to launder the money in the way Thais always do.
  9. What was once a private pool party is now an international advertised event ad all over the net.good old Thai tactics by the rtp.
  10. So Feb it was but now maybe may.of course there's a lot of problems with getting this election sorted so it'll end up December but due to it being high season it'll have to be February next year.repeat the cycle for a few years,job done.
  11. happy chappie

    Complaint over breast implant gone badly wrong

    When I read bleeding and burning I thought infection but these clowns just said it was normal.total cowboys using sub standard materials.also who would want implants when breast feeding,surely that says something about this clinic.i winder how they get a licence to operate.
  12. So it's omelette breakie in the morning.
  13. iCE otherwise known as in car entertainment.
  14. Meanwhile the top 3 levels are empty.
  15. happy chappie

    ‘Time To Go’ For Bangkok’s Last Video Rental Store

    It just shows you how much they are far behind.maybe 10-12 years and don't cut me down with that old nostalgic bs.who wants to watch tv in 240 mode on some shit old type.