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  1. I suppose they do need the latest security and high technology with the 1,000b note as it's worth so much.itll soon be worth more than the uk's £50 note.
  2. That pic reminds me of udon immo office this week.
  3. happy chappie

    Bangkok ranks No 2 of world’s top most visited cities

    Mysterious and exotic,Your 30 day visa on arrival must be nearly up.have a nice trip and see you again.
  4. happy chappie

    Bangkok ranks No 2 of world’s top most visited cities

    Them involved in tourism with a cushty job and Mercedes.
  5. Yeah it's a pity drugs wasn't legal and this would of never happened.(that's a bit of sarcasm) just waiting for the libtard response it's our faults crap.oh you anti drug posse don't know <deleted> because you've not tried it and don't know what your on about.guess what we won't hear from them and if we do it will involve 'well it worked in Portugal'
  6. happy chappie

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    I don't go to any beaches because I have a 100sqm pristine pool and jacuzzi thanks.the report wasn't on about the wider fantastic sections you drive by,it was about the run off of filthy water from the beach road and uncollected garbage and mould.yes and I am commenting on the picture because that is what is in the report.i suggest you remove your blinkers as they don't suit a donkey.oh and by the way if the local government had paid 50,000b you could expect this in the picture but we are talking about 500,000,000 baht.
  7. happy chappie

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    Yes where you find sewage run off and pools of stagnant water,uncollected garbage and mould growing you will find mozzies believe it or not.did you read the report or just bored with life and needing to hit the keyboard.
  8. happy chappie

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    Pattaya hasn't spent half a billion baht on the beach.the funds were allocated but most went to Mercedes.looking at the picture it looks like a good breeding ground for mozzies,flies and bacteria.the people responsible should be sacked,investigated,named and shamed.thailand is falling apart from ignorance,greed and corruption as usual and it isn't going to get better.how the hell can you spend the equivalent of £12 million pounds on a beach and end up with a swamp is beyond me.
  9. Yes probably so.in Tesco yesterday and the bags were flying out as usual.could do with some training of the staff and thinking about it they probably have but that was the end of it.thailand will never change its lazy and ignorant,selfish ways of pollution of the air,sea,land and even noise.
  10. Brake failure in Thailand is otherwise known as going too fast and the abs working in the rest of the world.some of the vehicles involved in brake failure look brand new so it don't have to be rocket science to work out what's gone wrong.how many of these operators are charged with failure to maintain safe vehicles? None and because when and if checked their brakes are ok.
  11. happy chappie

    Prawit orders clampdown as drugs worth Bt4.5 bn seized

    These drugs send you paranoid,schizophrenic,anti social,can't work,can't keep a decent relationship together let alone a family,poor and a burden on society and healthcare.there is no good in these type of drugs.im sorry but when I hear people chant on legalise them I think these people are just pessimistic defeatists.
  12. happy chappie

    Prawit orders clampdown as drugs worth Bt4.5 bn seized

    10% ? im glad your well informed with the figures.im not going to ask you to prove it as I know you can't.as for banging their heads against a wall.they are doing a great job.
  13. happy chappie

    Prawit orders clampdown as drugs worth Bt4.5 bn seized

    Where's the legalise it tv posse preaching the war on drugs is losing.at the rate of arrests last month it works out at 150,000 a year.10 years down the road and its a quarter of the Thai population.apart from the weed these are evil and destructive drugs and should never be legal.anyway good job chaps and I hope every gram gets thrown on the fire.
  14. If you want to get into Thailand it's 500b and a wee trip over the Mekong to nong khai.millions of tax payers money going down the drain as usual.give it a few days and they will all be out of order and everyone clueless how to maintain them.they can't even maintain a tsunami warning siren let alone this sort of technology.
  15. My 93 yr old sea dog grandad will be buggered then as he's got a tattoo of a mermaid on his fore arm.