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  1. And you wonder why they are temps.
  2. Leicamera

    Where's the best/favourite breakfast in Bangkok?

    Soi 8, down about 1000m small hotel on left. forgot the name.
  3. pay 200 Baht and go to the Temple and pray..............all is forgiven.......
  4. The African mafia is stronger than we think.
  5. he was a Brit.......<deleted> did you expect?
  6. I would feel safer walking to Hua Hin.......wait until the 1st accident of colliding with a freighter with the captain (loose translation) falls asleep.
  7. Every flight from Dubai to Bangkok, I was on was full of drunk and rude Russians.......with jet packs of 4L Vodka.
  8. if I was Trump: (IF) Call; S. Korea - ready your arsenal Japan - ready your arsenal Inform; China Russia Tell them if that little turd launches 1 more missile.......That country will be 1 big Crater.
  9. Aren't all ISIS and Taliban civilians?
  10. What a joke of a so called sport this has turned into......
  11. Leicamera

    "Customs" letter asking for 200baht payment

    SOMEBODY WITHIN THE DEPARTMENT ARE MAKING THEIR OWN RULES......DON'T PAY IT. Typical Thai ..... they think everybody is an.....( I can't type it or I will be banned)
  12. Can get 7 pages in 3 hours
  13. The embassy can give you a new passport in 3 hours......doesn't take to many brain cells to figure this out.