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  1. Where's Interpol? Sieze his assets. He'll NEVER BE CHARGED. RIGHT THAILAND?
  2. He was trying to catch up wi the gunmen with his kids and wife in the car?
  3. Living and growing up in Detroit. Michigan we were always aware of our surroundings. Til this day...I've never encountered much events as these Chinese have I've encountered more situations in Shanghai than anywhere else as far as pickpockets.
  4. Depends on what work you will be doing. Can come on visa and look around. Rent is 400-600 USD per month, you will have to pay 6 or 12 months up front. Can check ADS.com Yangon for apt., jobs etc.....Good luck.
  5. I use in 1 room only, the bedroom. Don't expect to chill your whole house down. If you run it for 6-7 hours for sleeping, the electric bill will still be OK.
  6. He's wearing briefs..not Boxers ..
  7. It's 7,300 Baht a day.....So they will come up with a plan that each tourist will have to pay 5,000Bt when they arrive. Times that by 30 million = 150,000,000,000.00 Sounds about right
  8. Not discrimination. Nuns habits are very tight. Girls long hair tied into a bun can conceal something.
  9. If you watched the video - the 1st punch stuns him sorta------------> then watch the left hand punch knock him out.
  10. That's why in my travels, MYOB. Unless my life is being threatened and attacked.
  11. Great....you go from doing nothing.....to doing absolutely nothing..AND STILL GETTING PAID.
  12. Just like the refugees can co-exist? Why is she still in power?
  13. Send them back. What the problem?
  14. East/West Berlin. Come to mind?