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  1. My Thai partner told me it ALL comes from Myanmar. The funny part was that she told me this in northern Chiangmai while driving past an entire mountain side of burning national forest adjoining farming area.
  2. Ah, that would be page 19. So, right link just the wrong page. I stand semi corrected. I should have done a search in the first place rather than just read page 21. I understand you wanting to correct me, especially given the effort put into finding the source material (hats off to you). I think it's a shame though that the only response to my post was to tell me I was wrong. That's not your fault, it's me that apparently can't write something interesting while intentionally avoiding armchair naysayers and habitual flamers. Thanks for being polite with your post. Something not to be expected here.... :)
  3. Well done on the reference. I thought the original poster did well to remember it at all given how poor human memory is. But excellent to see the somewhat more involved source. The first reference (page 21) is about corruption and effects on efficiency, so not about the (petrified) wood theft. The second is the one to look at. Long and in well educated academic speak, and worth looking at even if not your forte. Notable was that when given the clear results the park refused to change their signs as they preferred to believe their rangers subjective opinions from interviewing visitors. Rather than believe a properly done study showing the opposite. So when given clear evidence on how to improve a situation the people who could have taken action chose to do nothing (humans dislike change). Does that sound familiar?
  4. "...inspect the blood alcohol level from all public transport drivers who are required to have zero blood alcohol level while operating vehicles" Brilliant! So it's fine for, say, truck drivers to be drunk as a skunk. What could possibly go wrong? :)
  5. A few good points in here. Though several that I'd disagree with. One is that drilling was attempted previously in Alaska and a very big mess was made. So big that it was banned. From what I hear Alaskans are extremely unimpressed with Trump's decision. The other biggest one being the nuclear power stations. Nuclear doesn't pay for itself even over the expected 40yr amortisation period. That is including the massive subsidies and tax breaks they get. AND the public paying for nearly all of the cleanups. Then when they are finished with the radioactive hell hole? They walk away and let the public pay again. To a lesser degree this applies to coal generation as well. Wind energy has been cheap for a long time. Solar has dropped so much in price over even the last 3 years that it is clearly not sensible to build power plants that require many decades of subsidised expensive power to possibly break even. It made sense in the '50's with few alternatives. Not any more. For the naysayers: Yes, solar and wind have their own unique technical difficulties. They also have enormous benefits. Even at the current price point the difficulties are fairly easily surmountable, and markedly easier with every year. The biggest part of the 0.2% that put Trump in as a candidate was the fossil fuel industry. No surprise that Trump has just put the brakes on solar power in the US with a 30% tax plus even more tax breaks for fossil fuels. At this rate the US will still be burning fossil fuels when the rest of the world has moved on.
  6. Up to the voters? Fun fact. 0.2% of the US people choose the candidates. Then the rest of the population can choose whichever ones out of the selection that they want. "Democracy in action" when the extremely rich have control. While this paradigm is in place then whatever the "unwashed masses" vote for will have very little relevance. ( quote from neo liberalists about 250 years when this was thought up ).
  7. That probably is true for a lot of people claiming or appearing not to have guilt. Unfortunately it's not true for all. With just a very slight change of brain chemistry it's possible for people who had "good" ethics to lose them. Then there are the ones who just don't have that part of the brain/chemistry functional from birth. Some of them learn early to pretend that they do, but they live amongst us as complete psychopaths.
  8. You would think so. But this IS Thailand....
  9. You couldn't expect a Thai person to walk THAT far!!! :) Mind you, I have enormous respect for a lot of the young kids and their riding ability. Western kids would let their emotions do the riding and be dead in a day. My experiences here and in Laos are that the majority of young kids are polite on the road and even wait for pedestrians. The post pubescent hill people though.....
  10. Every comment so far has blamed the motorcycle. While they could be right, my experience here is that it cannot be assumed. I have lost count of the number of times that a driver has decided it would be better if they don't wait 0.5secs to turn left BEHIND me. Generally they will just accelerate until I am level with the passenger door before they start turning. ( I get a ring side view of them not looking at me! ). But the really ambitious ones accelerate hard to get well in front before braking hard to turn, usually still off to the right as they start the turn, so there is nowhere to go when one realises that both the brake and indicator lights must be working as well as the drivers brain. Then of course there are the special ones that cut across the highway to a nearly stationary broadside for corner negotiation. Most scooter brakes at any reasonable highway speed may not save you without your e.s.p., luck and possibly one of your nine lives.
  11. AlphaSoiDog

    Record-shattering U.S. cold reaches into Florida

    Whoops, did you miss the joke? It's worth looking at again :) Oh wait, it didn't support your belief system, you might not be able to see it at all. Pity, it was a good post. Mostly because it didn't resort to this sites normal abusive put downs that purport to be knowledge or a cohesive argument.
  12. AlphaSoiDog

    Record-shattering U.S. cold reaches into Florida

    Yep, Credo is just another fool who believes in verified facts. What a moron! Then he thinks that facts and basic knowledge can have any effect on a belief system! He probably thinks that most humans can learn, question their own beliefs, actually analyse both sides of an argument, check the money trail and a host of other useless abilities. He's the kind of gullible twerp that paid attention at school, or even worse, went to university. Listen idiot, climate change isn't happening! Thousands of scientists from hundreds of countries all got together in secret and agreed on a LIE! We saw several extracts from some emails that prove it! We don't actually understand the out of context snippets, but that just proves those lying scientists are liars! Anyway, the change that isn't happening is caused by sun spots! No wait, it's caused by el nino. No, it's caused by car parks around weather stations, the Koch brothers told me so! They're rich, sell oil and pay for governments, so they must be right! Besides, it was cold in Chicago 8 years ago. And polar bears don't need ice. And I haven't been hit by the increasing hurricanes. Get over it, it's a "natural" cycle. Geez....
  13. Not an excuse at all. But you seem to have missed the point. Focusing on people carrying their licence during the festival of drenching is a pretty lame excuse for making people safer on the roads.
  14. A pity though that most of the busts were not presenting a licence. Hardly as important as being drunk, running red lights, erratic and unsignalled lane changes etc etc. And how many people didn't take their wallet to get soaked? I certainly didn't. So again we have stationary checkpoints busting riders while cars are cutting up lanes right in front of them.
  15. Not just the ones travelling either. Certainly the young "women" in Australia have become the more obnoxious gender from trying to take up the entire footpath to the regular road rage incidents. Too many generations now of the "American way", telling them they are all "special" and "better than men" (and how older people know nothing etc). It is now endemic and even rooted in Australian (western?) law.