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  1. Seem to be lots of holier than thou creeps trashing the Thais on here. I wonder how many of you ever show an example by picking up litter? I (and Thai friends) pick up beach litter everyday. You see it here and overseas. I can assure you there’s just as much garbage on European beaches these days. Just google 2 minute beach clean and you’ll see it’s a worldwide problem
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    Internet Nomad

    The Thai Revenue Dept could only realistically become aware of your income if: 1. The amounts going into the account here trigger any kind of bank reporting to the anti-money laundering office - typically that means larger amounts (roughly 250k+) deposited in cash, or unusual transactions (for example a big payment in and then lots of small withdrawals in the next 2-3 days taking out almost all the money) 2. You receive legitimate payments from a Thai company that then gets a tax audit 3. You receive payments from someone being investigated by the police, AMLO or another government Dept 4. Someone reports you out of malice As others have said, Thai Revenue is only really interested in income coming from Thai sources so if your clients are offshore the risk is low - provided payments come in by bank transfer from reputable sources
  3. osandpo

    HIV/STD Scare

    If you’re in or going to be in Bangkok soon, go along one morning to the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic which is on Ratchadamri road opposite Lumpini park on the junction with Sarasin Road. They’ll do blood tests and talk you through it all
  4. The bank has to retain the records for 10 years for all sorts of legal reasons. However, to save space on their computers they may archive the transactions. Each bank has different practices. First, update your passbook. If it shows the transaction, great, if not you will only see consolidated debit/credit totals so you’ll need to contact the bank’s head office (try their call centre first) to get a detailed printout. They will charge for that. That will of course only show that you transferred THBxxxx on a particular day but probably not the details of where / whom you transferred to. You’d then need to ask the bank for details of that specific transfer transaction. Another fee and probably a week or three to wait - depends how they archive the data. Tell them you need it for a court case. May get slightly faster service
  5. PayPal is really hard to use from Thailand - you can set it up linked to a credit card but their security controls seem to mean your first payment is automatically rejected and you need to take the initiative to call them to ask for the payment to be allowed (then you need to re-input the whole payment quickly enough as they only waive the automated control for a short time. Best to use Western Union or Moneygram (MG is offered by some banks) but fees are high
  6. osandpo

    Bank Account Frozen.

    Accounts with no activity become either dormant or inactive depending on the bank and on how long since it was last used. The account isn’t frozen - you will need to go to your bank and identify yourself and ask them to reactivate the account. There may be annual fees for maintaining a dormant/inactive account. If you’ve not had any account activity for, I think, 10 years, the bank will normally treat the remaining balance as “unclaimed”. They then normally make a last attempt to contact you but if unsuccessful they can decide to take the money as their profit.
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    Bank Account Frozen.

    Freezing an account normally happens because of one of 4 main reasons: 1. You owe the bank (or someone else) money which should have been repaid (or you guaranteed a loan for someone else who hasn’t paid on time). Note: unless you’ve formally pledged your account as collateral for the debt, the bank/creditor can only legally freeze your account with a court order 2. You owe money to a government department like Thai Revenue etc 3. The police or another government department thinks the account contains funds from criminal activity - either by you or deposited to the account by the suspected criminal 4. You’ve pledged your account for a permanent or temporary credit card limit or overdraft etc (in this case the bank should normally only freeze the amount stated in the pledge document - but not all banks have a system that allows a partial pledge amount) You do have the legal right to be told why your account has been frozen. Go and ask them. Also ask for a copy of the court order, loan agreement, guarantee or other documents instructing them or allowing them to freeze your funds
  8. Bankruptcy is not an option for him. A debtor can’t voluntarily go bankrupt here. It’s only available as a legal short cut for creditors - and then only if someone provably has total debts which exceed his assets by 1 million baht. Last year Bank of Thailand set up a debt clinic which is being managed by Sukhumvit Asset Management (SAM) . http://www.debtclinicbysam.com/ I’m not sure how active it is. It took a long time to agree operating and reporting procedures with the banks. At the launch only debts to banks were included and to be eligible, the debtors had to have at least two different bank creditors. They did plan to extend to other BOT supervised financial institutions though - not sure when that will happen. The reason for the high claim amount in court is probably penalty interest. If he negotiates with the creditor he may be able to get the judge to impose a settlement where a lot of that penalty is waived. As he has little income he should offer to surrender the vehicle and then pay x hundred baht per month, subject to all penalty interest and at least 50% of the unpaid contractual interest being waived - needs to be a realistic affordable monthly payment amount though not just empty promises. Judges are sympathetic to cooperative debtors and creditors rarely get the full debt interest from a court IF the debtor does not repeatedly break promises If there’s no compromise in court the after judgement the creditor gets an execution order and that’s when they may take further legal action to take other property like a house, normally only after they’ve repossessed and sold the vehicle though. If the debt after selling the car is small and especially if it’s mostly interest, the creditor may not bother though. If it’s a normal car loan though I am surprised they went to court (which costs money) before repossession of the car. I suspect either it’s just a first warning letter of legal action (to pressure him) OR they think he is not truthful about his income and assets As others have taken obscene delight in saying, don’t lend money or guarantee his debts UNLESS you’re fully aware that this is a gift and you will not be repaid. Regardless of nationality or personal honesty, people who can’t manage money normally remain unreliable with their finances. Other advice you could give him: Don’t borrow from loan sharks (including the so called car/home for cash “leasing” companies) to refinance this debt Get in contact and stay in touch with the creditor to negotiate a partial settlement- if the case is already in court, this must be accepted by the judge First offer should be to give them the car and waive all the remaking debt but If they reject that, tell them to waive penalties and some or all unpaid interest
  9. The bank or finance company she originally had a problem with will keep the record even after 3 years and is very unlikely to make new loans if the original debt wasn’t fully repaid. Other lenders will need to rely on the credit bureau, NCB, and if they see an old unresolved debt it’s extremely unlikely they’ll lend - unless perhaps if there’s a co-borrower whose income proof is strong enough to cover the whole repayment easily. Your wife can take her ID card to check her updated record at any NCB office for 100 baht or at some banks Thanachart, Krungthai and, I think, GSB for 150 baht NCB stops reporting the history after 36 months. NCB does have a credit scoring system which is largely based on more recent borrowing info, but until last year at least most banks relied more on their own internal scores - a mix of NCB data with their own internal statistical analysis. If your wife has a bank savings account which she uses regularly and puts money through, that’s the bank to start with if you both need the loan before her 3 years is up. It’s not certain but some banks have special rules favouring good existing customers Note: some of the “car for cash” leasing company lenders upcountry who lend to lower income earners almost on a pawnshop style basis against the blue books for their existing cars are not NCB members. In that case the record wouldn’t show up.
  10. Hi! Can anyone pls advise on residence reporting procedure in Ban Krut, or Bang Saphan District or Prachuab Khirikhan province? I was working in Bangkok until end November and I now live on a retirement extension (issued at Chaeng Wattana) in Ban Krut which is in Prachuab’s amphoe Bang Saphan. Travelled to the UK over Christmas and New Year and used the Ban Krut address for the entry / departure form. I’m renting a house in a housing development / Resort, but my partner owns a nearby house too. I plan to renew the retirement extension in Hua Hin (not Chaeng Wattana) this November. What proof of residence docs, if any, do I need to show the Hua Hin Immigration people so they will accept my application then? I don’t want to be sent back to Chaeng Wattana. Recently went to local Ban krut police station to register the TM28(?) after my return to Thailand (had never done that before so an unfamiliar with the process). Policeman who deals with resorts and tourists there said I didn’t need to do anything because he monitors the resorts and their visitors. Does this make sense or do I need to insist? So, two questions: 1. Do I need to show proof of residence when going to Hua Hin Immigration to renew the retirement extension issued in chaeng Wattana 2. Does the lack of local TM28 reporting affect my status? Thanks!!!
  11. A Thai architect friend tells me many bathrooms stink because of poor/no ventilation. If you’re in a house there needs to be a small gap/window to the outside usually high on the wall. If the bathroom isn’t on an exterior wall then a small opening to another room works too. If you have a working extractor fan, don’t turn it off immediately after you leave the bathroom. Let it run for a while
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    credit card

    Forcing a customer to buy credit life insurance is in fact illegal. If you experience that, take the case to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board. They’re pretty fierce with abusive behaviour by banks
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    credit card

    Credit cards can only be issued if: a) you can prove you earn an income of at least 20k a month (normally need 6 months income proof - best to have an employer’s letter plus salary entries in a bank passbook or statements) b ) if you don’t have a regular provable income you need to pledge a cash amount in a bank account at the same amount as the credit limit - same bank as issuing the credit card These rules are set by Bank of Thailand and all card issuers must follow them. (Note: banks’ credit scoring systems result in much higher rejection rates if you earn less than 30k a month) Apart from income proof you need a valid passport and long term visa - not a tourist visa - and if you’re working, a work permit Credit limits are also fixed according to Bank of Thailand rules. If you earn less than 30k don’t expect more than 2x monthly income. Above that banks generally give 3-5 months. If you want more than 5 times income you MUST pledge a savings / deposit account. If you apply for another card - for example 1 Visa and 1 MasterCard, they usually share the same customer credit limit. Both may say the limit is THB100k but that does not mean you have THB200k in available credit
  14. Some epileptics get advance warning (I am fortunate enough to get a few moments warning) but others simply go into a seizure without any signs. It varies
  15. I suspect (but obviously have no proof) that he is lying to try to excuse dangerous driving. I’m an epileptic and it takes a long time to come out of a seizure. If it had been a partial seizure he’d have had a memory of what happened but would have very little understanding of the situation - and virtually no ability to communicate coherently - so soon afterwards