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  1. Some epileptics get advance warning (I am fortunate enough to get a few moments warning) but others simply go into a seizure without any signs. It varies
  2. I suspect (but obviously have no proof) that he is lying to try to excuse dangerous driving. I’m an epileptic and it takes a long time to come out of a seizure. If it had been a partial seizure he’d have had a memory of what happened but would have very little understanding of the situation - and virtually no ability to communicate coherently - so soon afterwards
  3. Sounds like you’ve never been to India and haven’t had much contact with human children either.
  4. Simple, I feed, treat and help spay/neuter them because I want these dogs to be as healthy as possible and because I feel anger about the subhuman scum who abandoned and abused them. We’ve adopted 7 and they’re fantastic companions. Healthy, socialised (and preferably neutered) street & beach dogs are far safer for their human neighbours than hungry, diseased and scared ones. And no, I’ve never been bitten by an aggressive soi dog, only barked at when they were uncertain. Until Thailand figures out how to educate people to look after dogs properly and sets up proper humane shelters and pounds, the dogs and cats are here to stay. Poison is not only dangerous for human children and incredibly cruel to the animals, it’s also a waste of time. Before the month is out new dogs have been dumped in the same area.
  5. The Bank of Thailand wants all Thai credit and debit cards eventually using chip and pin (the norm in most European countries now) because it is far, far more secure, but the biggest banks/card issuers have delayed implementation because they need to reissue to replace millions of old style cards. So if you get a chip card and a pin, remember the pin because eventually you will have to use it. Countries with chip and pin systems currently (mostly) default to a signature slip when they detect the card is from a country Which hasn’t yet switched over - like Thailand. For automated ticket machines etc it often allows a straight through transaction without a signature as the amounts are small. However this is not always the case - try buying petrol/gas with your card in Iceland and you MUST have a pin. Similarly many French sales card terminals only seem to accept a pin authorisation. When Thailand does make the switch, all overseas chip and pin terminals will ALWAYS require a pin on a Thai card
  6. severe pain in both shoulders

    You may already have done it but get a firmer bed and use a pillow that supports your neck well (not just your head) - then read up on better sleeping positions. I had intense neck and shoulder pain before I changed to sleeping on my back more. BTW, no need to buy a special pillow. Just lie on your back and then pull your pillow down further behind your head so it's bunched up a bit under your neck. The extra support really helps
  7. The Supreme Court is deciding on a procedural legal matter only and not whether they were guilty or not. The DSI screwed up in its eagerness to please the newly elected government.
  8. Stupid headline! Stingrays aren't aggressive and don't "attack" - this one was scared and defended itself. As for the shark bait bit, she has a very active imagination
  9. Short a, very short a and then long ah
  10. Used to be spelled "Phathya" on signs on the Bangkok outer ring road....
  11. Not reporting marriage in home country

    You might want to consider the position of any assets, pensions or income you have back home if you pass away before your wife. Probate isn't a pleasant or easy process and it's made worse by adding the complication of her having to prove her marriage to you to sceptical lawyers and embassy staff
  12. Condo problems

    Office of the Consumer Protection Board (If you are the owner of the condo). They're effective on banks, not sure about property companies though [email protected]
  13. Exactly, the answer is in simplifying the ridiculously complicated and inefficient process on departure. It takes longer to leave Thailand than to enter! Then give foreign residents, work permit holders and retirees a special ID card and a simpler process through the Thai Passports channels
  14. Many thanks, AA Aarn! I owe you a drink or a meal!
  15. Thanks for this, does the rental agreement need to be in Thai?