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  1. Just received this email from “Grace” at “Thai Visa Centre”, under the title, ‘1 Year Retirement Visa for British passport’ Looks like a phishing scam (or an amateurish direct sales attempt) as I have never contacted anything or anyone with that name - and they used only my family name, no first name and no Mr. Hello <My surname>, I am Grace, and this is in response to your conversation with one of our staff members about obtaining a Retirement Visa. I sincerely apologize for the delay. We told you that we could get you a 1 Year Retirement Visa because you are 50+, and carry a British passport. The next thing I need to know is if you are currently in Thailand, and if so what type of visa are you currently using? I look forward to solving your visa issues. --Grace<contact info removed (forum rule)>
  2. Seem to be lots of holier than thou creeps trashing the Thais on here. I wonder how many of you ever show an example by picking up litter? I (and Thai friends) pick up beach litter everyday. You see it here and overseas. I can assure you there’s just as much garbage on European beaches these days. Just google 2 minute beach clean and you’ll see it’s a worldwide problem
  3. osandpo

    Internet Nomad

    The Thai Revenue Dept could only realistically become aware of your income if: 1. The amounts going into the account here trigger any kind of bank reporting to the anti-money laundering office - typically that means larger amounts (roughly 250k+) deposited in cash, or unusual transactions (for example a big payment in and then lots of small withdrawals in the next 2-3 days taking out almost all the money) 2. You receive legitimate payments from a Thai company that then gets a tax audit 3. You receive payments from someone being investigated by the police, AMLO or another government Dept 4. Someone reports you out of malice As others have said, Thai Revenue is only really interested in income coming from Thai sources so if your clients are offshore the risk is low - provided payments come in by bank transfer from reputable sources
  4. osandpo

    HIV/STD Scare

    If you’re in or going to be in Bangkok soon, go along one morning to the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic which is on Ratchadamri road opposite Lumpini park on the junction with Sarasin Road. They’ll do blood tests and talk you through it all
  5. The bank has to retain the records for 10 years for all sorts of legal reasons. However, to save space on their computers they may archive the transactions. Each bank has different practices. First, update your passbook. If it shows the transaction, great, if not you will only see consolidated debit/credit totals so you’ll need to contact the bank’s head office (try their call centre first) to get a detailed printout. They will charge for that. That will of course only show that you transferred THBxxxx on a particular day but probably not the details of where / whom you transferred to. You’d then need to ask the bank for details of that specific transfer transaction. Another fee and probably a week or three to wait - depends how they archive the data. Tell them you need it for a court case. May get slightly faster service
  6. PayPal is really hard to use from Thailand - you can set it up linked to a credit card but their security controls seem to mean your first payment is automatically rejected and you need to take the initiative to call them to ask for the payment to be allowed (then you need to re-input the whole payment quickly enough as they only waive the automated control for a short time. Best to use Western Union or Moneygram (MG is offered by some banks) but fees are high
  7. osandpo

    Bank Account Frozen.

    Accounts with no activity become either dormant or inactive depending on the bank and on how long since it was last used. The account isn’t frozen - you will need to go to your bank and identify yourself and ask them to reactivate the account. There may be annual fees for maintaining a dormant/inactive account. If you’ve not had any account activity for, I think, 10 years, the bank will normally treat the remaining balance as “unclaimed”. They then normally make a last attempt to contact you but if unsuccessful they can decide to take the money as their profit.