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  1. severe pain in both shoulders

    You may already have done it but get a firmer bed and use a pillow that supports your neck well (not just your head) - then read up on better sleeping positions. I had intense neck and shoulder pain before I changed to sleeping on my back more. BTW, no need to buy a special pillow. Just lie on your back and then pull your pillow down further behind your head so it's bunched up a bit under your neck. The extra support really helps
  2. The Supreme Court is deciding on a procedural legal matter only and not whether they were guilty or not. The DSI screwed up in its eagerness to please the newly elected government.
  3. Stupid headline! Stingrays aren't aggressive and don't "attack" - this one was scared and defended itself. As for the shark bait bit, she has a very active imagination
  4. Short a, very short a and then long ah
  5. Used to be spelled "Phathya" on signs on the Bangkok outer ring road....
  6. Not reporting marriage in home country

    You might want to consider the position of any assets, pensions or income you have back home if you pass away before your wife. Probate isn't a pleasant or easy process and it's made worse by adding the complication of her having to prove her marriage to you to sceptical lawyers and embassy staff
  7. Condo problems

    Office of the Consumer Protection Board (If you are the owner of the condo). They're effective on banks, not sure about property companies though consumer@ocpb.go.th
  8. Exactly, the answer is in simplifying the ridiculously complicated and inefficient process on departure. It takes longer to leave Thailand than to enter! Then give foreign residents, work permit holders and retirees a special ID card and a simpler process through the Thai Passports channels
  9. Many thanks, AA Aarn! I owe you a drink or a meal!
  10. Thanks for this, does the rental agreement need to be in Thai?
  11. Hi! I'm here with a retirement visa issued in Chaeng Wattana and have done two very smooth 90 day reports by Internet. Before my next visa extension, I'll move to Bang Saphan district in Prachuab Khirikhan to live in a rented house. I like to be as law-abiding as possible so I'll need to register a change of address before or at the same time as my visa extension. Unlike Michael Gove, I like expert advice so it'd be great to have some feedback on the following: 1. Should I / can I do the address change and visa extension on the same day or are they two separate procedures (like with the re-entry permits)? 2. Which is quicker and more efficient for the address change & visa extension, Hua Hin or Dansingkhon? Any unusual retirements in either? 3. Do amphoe offices in Prachuab issue yellow house registrations - and is it actually worth bothering? Anything else I should know? Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks, CaninBKK - I understand it far better now
  13. Haven't seen the story before so this article is really confusing. Who's being investigated, who's in custody, who's got a case to answer? Can't work out what is going on here.
  14. Your credit score may marginally be affected by regular high utilization, but typically ONLY if any of the following also apply as well (each bank has its own behaviour scores so they differ in content): - Regular late payments more than 2-3 days after the due date (especially if a month end falls between due date and payment date) - High revolving balance (paying the minimum 10% instead of the full balance each month - % utilization increasing consistently over time - Significant amount of other loan and card balances (compared with monthly income) in the bank and across the banking system - Late payment records in other loans and cards across the banking system - Being a non-Thai (we're usually statistically worse risks because of farang who up and leave without clearing their card debts) Best way to get a bigger limit and by-pass any credit score worries is to place funds on deposit to secure a higher card limit, as someone else mentions Oh, one more thing. If you're in Thailand making significantly large and regular card payments to overseas suppliers in foreign currencies, be sure to keep detailed records. There's a small chance you'll trigger anti-money laundering or exchange control investigation guidelines.
  15. Your loan application has a few special features compared with the normal ones seen by banks here. They need to satisfy the Bank of Thailand auditors (and their internal auditors) too so will need to keep it as "normal" as possible. Or at least be able to justify the exceptions. Even the "soft" options like the government banks and the purple bank are stricter these days due to higher problem loans. 1. Your son is overseas. I'm guessing he has no local income and only a very basic local banking relationship. Is he by any chance working for a Thai government body there or for a big company like Thai Bev or CP etc? If so, then Krung Thai may help if he is a government servant, while for big Thai corporations' staff it's useful to try the employer's main local bankers. Regardless of the employer, it'll often be necessary to tell the bank that he is planning to return home soon to live in the house. (His status will be important as he is the borrower whose age justifies your 10-15 year loan repayment tenor) 2. It's a home construction loan. Not all banks do this as the follow up process is difficult. TMB, SCB Thai and the other partly/fully owned foreign banks are not likely to be helpful. Best thing is to go to the bank where your son's Uncle has his main relationships. If he's a valued customer they will make this more possible 3. The 30 year lease/usufruct construct - very, very unlikely to be agreed unless the Uncle is a private banking level customer (the very wealthiest customers) with the bank you go to. Then it could be treated as an investment type mortgage. From what I've seen Thai banks do not typically charge higher rates for investment / rental mortgages 4. As a foreigner your being a co-borrower may actually complicate the loan approval process. Bank auditors get data files on consumer portfolios and selectively review a sample of files. Overseas borrower addresses (your son) and non-Thai borrowers are obvious sampling criteria they might use. It's not clearly illegal for banks to lend mortgages to non-Thai borrowers but it's not exactly encouraged by Bank of Thailand either. Subject to what the bank says, you might consider being a guarantor instead, especially if your name is not going to be on the the land or the building (the Uncle may prefer to be a guarantor as well as there are greater legal protections that way). However, the increased protections for guarantors introduced in the last 2 years may have caused banks to insist on co-borrower status instead - see what they say. All in all, my recommendation is to go for the bank that knows the uncle best, convince them that the son's US employment is not long term and he will/intends to return in X years to work for XYZ (if that can be done without giving an impression he will be jobless when he comes back), have a formal lease from your son but not a registered long term lease/usufruct. Yes, that means that your position is weaker if there's a family dispute etc but the only alternative is if the uncle can get the bank to see it as an investment with the long term lease as a key aspect of his investment. This all sounds a bit devious but the lower the level of approval authority you can get in the bank typically the quicker and simpler your application process