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  1. Nice one :) Same thing happened to my wife's iPad!
  2. chonabot

    About to be homeless - any suggestions?

    Where are all these writing jobs please? I'd be grateful if you could post a few addresses. Thanks for your assistance. www.upwork.com www.elance.com Or use your noggin and Google = article + writers + wanted Alternatively send me a pm and I can send some copy writing work your way Assuming that your written English and creative skills are at least par for the course.
  3. chonabot

    About to be homeless - any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot for your amazing advice. If I may, I would like to give you some advice as well: - You may want to thoroughly read a thread before commenting on it. I'm not on drugs and I'm not 30. - I hope nothing will ever happen to you, be it an accident, an illness, the death of a loved one or any other thing life sometimes likes to throw at people. Because then you would know how bad it makes you feel when you are down and people use it to throw one final little jab at you. Yes, like you just did here. I like to let you know, you are not the only one in same situation. I lost my entire family 2 years ago and am alone just like yourself, strangely enough i am 39. I know exactly where you coming from and what you mean. But you have to keep in mind, life MUST go on and you MUST take care yourself, because there is no one else out there who would. When my mother died, i did not have access to immediate money, and in my home country funeral was going to cost over $15 000 None of my friends or my mothers friends were willing to help, being well aware they would be repaid in less than 3 months, after sale of the property. My millionaire friends all over sudden had no money. The reason why i am telling you all these is because you MUST get yourself together and get on with your life. I am not taking a jab at you, but hoping to motivate you from experience, I will add, after i lost entire family, i hit the bottle on regular basis and even now, 2 years later have days, sometimes weeks when i hit it again, because when i think about what has happened and disappointment over friends and everything else related, drinking becomes the only solution for the day. Do not do what i did and still doing. Does not help with reality. I found my peace with rescuing animals, i now have quite a few, do NOT do that either, its expansive and really hard work, but if you can have 1, do it. Read my previous post about work sites, and get on it ASAP, and as many have suggested, get a teaching job in the middle of nowhere, i doubt they would be checking for anything. Once you save up some money, do a visa run, and pay off your landlord in installments. I know it sounds BIG, but baby steps and i am certain you would be back on your feet in less than a year with teaching and internet work If you want to talk or more detail, just PM me. Great advice from someone who has been there On another point, ODesk is now Upwork https://www.upwork.com/ I use this site for graphic designers and also get paid writing work now and then - if you can write and have access to a computer/internet cafe - do it!
  4. chonabot

    About to be homeless - any suggestions?

    My own advice would be to find more writing work Just Google 'article writers wanted' and you'll soon have some options Best of Luck!
  5. chonabot

    How aggressive are the large black scorpions?

    Scorpions are too slow and cannot climb well enough to prey on geckos, I've kept and bred both. More than likely a dead gecko that has been eaten by ants.
  6. chonabot

    How aggressive are the large black scorpions?

    All scorpions are venomous I have bred Laos and Thai forest scorpions in the UK, the venom is not particularly strong but it will sting for 4 or 5 hours - I have experienced this The rules are - small claws - more potent, large claw - less so because they have evolved to have larger claws to make up for the weaker venom. We often get these in our garden in Kalasin and they are fine going about their own business, compared to the Red Ants who are complete nut jobs! The only invertebrate with venom strong enough to ruin your day in Thailand is the Scolopendra / De Kaap...
  7. chonabot

    What are these eggs?

    *sigh*........ Humans......what we don't understand...we bloody well squish.... Fwiw, cobra eggs are about twice the size of a 10 baht coin, and then some...
  8. Robert Plant Paul Rodgers Ann Wilson
  9. Just because you seem to have been lumbered with a couple of winners in your current role doesn't mean that the 20 odd million other locals are equally <deleted> like I taught in a government school in Kalasin and most of the staff were pretty cool, must have got lucky
  10. chonabot

    Any guitar experts here?

    PM me if you like 35 years playing and still buying gear left, right and centre
  11. chonabot

    English camp game/activities :)

    My last English camp was fairly successful, the most popular activity was called 1 baht and half baht. More of a maths style game but very enjoyable. All of the boys are half baht and the girls are 1 baht. Ask them to walk around the room in a circle and then call out a random number - 7 baht for example. They then need to make a group that equates to that total. The kids who are left out of the groups are out, and so on, it sounds crap, but really works as an ice breaker
  12. By showing them... Encourage them to undertake an action that will allow them to remember the word/phrase. It's called teaching, old boy Translating will not help the students, this is why Thai English 'teachers' fall at the first hurdle, as they don't understand the words themselves most of the time.
  13. I see your point I suppose it is impossible to avoid becoming tarred with the same brush as the plethora of unqualified 'teachers' currently in action in Thailand. For myself, I taught for a year at a Government High School with only a BA and a 4 week TEFL course under my belt. During this time I was annoyed by the general lack of respect afforded to myself and similar 'teachers', both in and out of the school. By posting sloppily here, I imagine it is simply 'pearls to swine', and as such will result in yet more evidence that we are incompetent numbskulls May I ask if you teach here, or overseas?
  14. But seriously, I suppose it would depend on whether the badly written post was the result of sloppy mistakes, or fundamental errors. You could also argue that this is a forum, and not a lesson plan/demonstration. And would removing all of the sloppy English 'teachers' from the Thai schools actually improve their students' chances of learning the language? If they were replaced by BEd wielding educators with excellent classroomskills, of course this would be a great idea. But I would suggest that the OP check out the Thai English teachers first and compare those particular skillsets.