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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Pursuant to this point, the poster said (in one of the brexit threads) along the lines of 'negotiated with mods. re. previous insulting term' with those that disagreed with his opinion and agreed to not use the insult anymore - so changed it to another insult. But still 'general' - thereby circumventing forum rules....
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    You're way behind.... I forecast shortly after May became PM that the eventual 'deal' would be pretty much the UK paying nearly as much to remain a supposedly 'non-member' - whilst retaining open borders etc.
  3. UK and EU agree Brexit divorce bill: UK newspapers

    Mostly agree, with reservations as to the accuracy of a few points and even more reservations when posters resort to "Marxist"/"anti British illiterates like" etc....
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    The problem is that there are few facts, and even fewer details available. But it looks as if we will learn more about May's 'offer' to Brussels v soon.
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Hang on a minute. A certain poster finds it entertaining to come up with more insulting, obscure insults against those with a different opinion to himself - but always generalised to avoid the 'insulting specific poster' rules. Surely this 'elephant in the room' should have been addressed a long time ago?
  6. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I used to skim (read interesting articles) in the FT/Times/Economist as it was part of the job to be abreast of current 'wealth' issues, and consequently, they were provided by the dept. My conclusion was:- Understand the editorial/customer bias (and there's always a bias....), read from opposite sources/take into account personal experience - and only then come to any sort of opinion.
  7. 7-foot fish tank

    The aquarium is just under 8 ft long, and the sucker fish are each approx. 18 inches long. Only one is needed, but obviously they've grown a lot, and I was concerned that a single sucker fish would be lonely. They keep the aquarium glass clean, whereas the glass of the indoor aquarium which doesn't have them (as the water has to be kept at higher temps. for the Discus fish) has to be cleaned, manually every week or so.
  8. "Would everyone be so out raged if it was a white, middle aged, office worker, on their lunch break, that pick up the gun which then discharged ????" Good point. It's knowing the man's history that gives rise to much of the (justifiable) anger at the verdict. Edit - having said this, it's a bit odd that the jury found him guilty on the charge of "possession of a firearm"!?
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Not sure what this has to do with closing the current 'open borders' that allow the multitude of unskilled workers (from far poorer EU countries) to keep wages low in the UK.
  10. I can understand the not guilty verdict to the murder charge, but cannot understand why the manslaughter charge also failed.
  11. Initially I was suprised to learn that the EU is giving ANY money to Turkey (a non-EU country) for anything other than the cost of 'holding back' immigrants - but it's beginning to make sense.....
  12. UK pensions

    Good point, but politicians are v. aware of the 'grey' vote, and it would be suicidal to not make provision. We all know that the various govts. made no attempt to put N.I. pension contributions into a separate 'pot' - so surely it would be more honest to just have one income tax rate that included the current, separate N.I. rate. Understandably, the govt. have no interest in doing so as it would make the percentage of tax being claimed even more obvious to those who mistakenly believe their N.I. payments are separate to general taxation.
  13. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Temporary/zero hours/'self-employed' contracts have become ever more prevalent in the UK over the last couple of decades, and the EU has done little to stop this trend. But to be fair, the EU has made it harder for companies in this respect.
  14. 7-foot fish tank

    I only mentioned it as I have a v long aquarium on my patio, and 2 sucker fish take care of the algae growth.
  15. 7-foot fish tank

    Would it be possible to fit the aquarium on the patio of your new house?