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  1. So exactly how much does the EU require financially (with substantiation obviously) and what is the requirement for the North/South Irish border before trade negotiations even BEGIN? May said a long time ago that those EU citizens in the UK would be allowed to stay if UK citizens were given the same opportunity? Certainly something along those lines, but rejected by the EU who couldn't come up with an excuse at the time - but eventually demanded that EU courts must have dominance over UK courts - and consequently the 'Brits' were being 'difficult' on the subject !
  2. Whilst I agree with most of your post, even as a teenager (with no interest in politics) I knew that joining the EEC would result in higher prices.... Converting to decimalisation was used an excuse to increase prices, and the promised EEC goal of 'self-sustainability' (IIRC - it was decades ago!) made it even more obvious that prices would increase. And I was right....
  3. IMO May needs to give up the pretense of 'negotiating', as the EU has made it v clear that (at the moment) - it has no intention of negotiating, only dictating. Time to be equally as intransigent and say 'OK, you're dictating the agenda/not even prepared to say what you require to start talking trade - we're out in '19'.
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I've little doubt that if the UK actually says 'we are leaving in '19' - sterling will fall further for a short period of time. After that, it's up to UK politicians/bureaucracy to make agreements with other countries. Personally, I've no faith in either - but at least the uncertainty will end and businesses can start planning for the future, with the added bonus that they will put even more pressure (on both sides) to reach an acceptable trade agreement - again, for both sides.
  5. Agree entirely with the first 2 paras. The EU has every incentive to hope that the political discord will result in the UK remaining within the EU - or rather, 'exiting', with no actual exit in real terms. e.g. still paying similar amounts of money to the EU, and no change in the open borders policy etc. We all know that the vast majority of UK MPs supported the remain cause, and most (?) of us are sure that they are only 'changing their tune' (to a certain extent) to remain electable to their constituents. At this point in time, it's obvious that the EU has no interest in negotiating - which makes a further transitional period (beyond the set leaving date) pointless IMO, as it just continues the uncertainty. Surely better to end the uncertainty NOW and state that the UK is leaving in '19 - as per the Article 50 terms?
  6. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    If only your comprehension and discourse abilities were as large (apparently) as your ears.....
  7. UK facing most severe terror threat ever, warns MI5 chief

    "Allow foreign "cultures" and religion to ride roughshod over ours." "Allow religious faith schools to brainwash kids" Agree entirely with the above quotes from Pdaz's post - would only add that ANY religious faith schools should not be allowed - or any religious excuse be allowed to exempt/change the school rules for any pupils. Whilst I entirely agree with the sentiment - a large proportion of the murderers were born in the UK.
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    As always, you (deliberately?) rely on 'soundbites'/arguing about the poster, rather than the post and assuming that all those who now think that brexit is the best option - share the same reasons for having reached this conclusion..... As a (personally) non-nationalistic Brit. - your final sentence "Just parrots the Hard Brexiteers sitting on his shoulder" - is at best, laughable (roll eyes) . Most of us prefer to argue the points and opinions raised by other posters. It would be preferable if you would take the same approach.
  9. To be fair, the quoted 'conversation' is likely accurate as the mother agreed with trump's point - but was understandably shocked that he would be so insensitive as to mention this to her.
  10. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I disagree and think the main "show in town" is the EU's refusal to discuss anything until their unknown (apart from the ECJ having dominance over Brit. courts?) 'terms for negotiation' have been 'met'..... Exactly how much financially will satisfy them? Exactly what are their requirements for the North/South Irish border? Which only proves that those 'leave' voters concerned about the EU turning into a dictatorship had/have a valid point. Meanwhile, we have a Brit. parliament (of whom the vast majority supported 'remain') worrying about how they can be re-elected unless they pretend to support the referendum result, and so looking to sow discord by continually focusing on said discord - and most of the MSM doing exactly the same thing. But I do agree that this topic is also being 'hijacked' by those preferring to ignore the EU's intransigence and dictatorial attitude - in favour of the discord amongst Brit. MPs who, as previously mentioned, desperately want to remain a member of the profligate EU, as it is in their financial interest.
  11. The grieving mother is quoted as saying:- "Asked earlier if she was sure the President said that, Wilson told "Yeah, he said that. You know, ... that is something that you can say in a conversation, but you shouldn't say that to a grieving widow. Everyone knows when you go to war you could possibly not come back alive, but you don't remind a grieving widow of that. That is so insensitive. So insensitive."" I agree with her entirely. The point made by trump was correct - but only an a...hole would be insensitive enough to say this to the grieving mother.
  12. I too know very little about 'money' and have frequently wondered why the bht is so (comparatively) strong. But the quoted article mentions that Thailand has "near $20 billion bilateral trade surplus, a robust current-account balance and rising foreign-exchange reserves." Assuming this is true (and I've no reason to doubt it), the strength of the bht compared to other currencies makes sense.
  13. Not to mention a whole lot kinder on his sister, who thought he was dead.
  14. Foreign Volunteer Cops Accused Of Extorting Phuket Businesses

    I'm fairly sure your post was ironic, but a few will miss the intended humour - so (as I'm as subtle as a brick), I'll be more obvious. "a whistleblower accuses two volunteers of extorting “protection money” from business owners and collecting bribes for their Thai supervisors on the force." Just following orders it seems to me " That's a good excuse for foreign volunteer cops extorting bribes? But it does help explain why foreign volunteer cops are disliked so much by so many! You're right of course insofar as "if you get your papers in order" it makes it far more difficult for bribes to be demanded. Assuming, of course, you have the energy/stamina/determination not to give in and come to the decision that it's easier to just pay the money - for the sake of future peace and harmony..... I don't own a business or even work here - but have to make similar decisions (with the landlord's 'repair man') every time I have a problem with my rented house....
  15. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    And therein lies the problem as to why there is frequently automatic suspicion about deaths that are immediately announced as suicides, with the sideline that 'investigations continue'. This man presumably wasn't suffering financial problems (was living in a luxury Phuket house) but it's possible he had problems/depression that drove him to suicide. It's all speculation and it's unlikely we'll hear more about this poor man's death.