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  1. You need to get together with chomper higgot and oilinki - who also believes that anyone with a different opinion has either been influenced by 'the russians', or a russian troll on the TV forum .
  2. I give up as those with a different opinion have no intention of arguing against the points raised . Some/most people are so patriotically inclined that they don't want to hear the truth - and prefer to believe that the 'bogeyman' is whoever the authorities say.... And (sorry off topic, but continuing the point) they never notice that it keeps changing when it comes to countries! 1984 was a great book, and we can see parts of it happening now....
  3. "If you disagree feel free to post all your computer and bank passwords for all to see." This is the best you can come up with?... I see you still have no argument against the points I've raised....
  4. We all have a different opinion as to whether revealing the truth is a good thing - or, as per your opinion, extremely bad....
  5. Actually it was (obviously) the Brit. courts that made the decision re. extradition - on charges that (mostly) wouldn't be acceptable in the UK. Go figure.... And yet, the Brit. authorities spent millions sterling to ensure that he couldn't leave the embassy! The first time this has happened, and we're repeating 'arguments' made previously.
  6. How on earth does someone revealing the truth translate to being a conduit for russian interests??
  7. It would be nice if you would argue against the points I've raised - rather than this type of pointless statement.... The mods may have forgiven you for insinuating that I was a russian troll, but I certainly haven't.
  8. Thank you for proving my point. You believe that the public shouldn't know the truth about their govts...... Everyone to their own, as personally I'd rather know when they (and their military forces) have been behaving extremely badly. You for some 'patriotic' reason hate the person and organisation that revealed the truth - whereas I applaud them.
  9. Incidentally, you've somehow managed to miss the point that it was the Swedish and Brit. govts. that were determined to extradite him to Sweden. More than a few of us knew that this was a ploy to then extradite him to the US - even though the US was keeping very quiet on the subject .
  10. Why is he a "legitimate target"? Because he dared to reveal videos and documents revealing the truth???? Everyone to their own, but personally I'd prefer to know the truth - and blame my govt. etc., rather than the whistle blower. I've no idea why you hate him so much, and can only conclude that it is because he revealed things your govt. (and you...) would prefer were never revealed to the public.
  11. The 'way forward' is for the BE to realise it's made a mistake - and continue providing 'proof of income' letters. Demanding original documents would be fair enough, as TI have always been able to demand these to accompany the REQUIRED letter from the embassy.
  12. I for one, appreciate that a 'hate Farange' poster admits (in a round-about way) that the US is 'after' him..... Weirdly, Assange (and those of us able to think for ourselves) had worked this out a long time ago.
  13. I've no idea whether the 'statute of limitation' has run out according to Swedish law - but think it unlikely. Far more likely that they realise they not only don't have a case, but can't be bothered to pursue the matter any further on behalf of the US. My opinion of course. And let's not bother going into the Swedish laws used in this case, that aren't crimes in the uk..... And yet the uk still agreed to extradite him! Your last para. "Just because the charges or more to the point the extradition request that lead to him being bailed has now been dropped does not negate the crime of skipping bail." brings me back to an earlier post (heavy sigh)... He's a whistle blower that dared to show the crimes committed by the US (amongst others). But nobody cared until he revealed the crimes committed by Western countries ! Edit - But perhaps you think the evidence and videos were photo-chopped (or whatever) - and it was all lies? I'm at a loss as to why so many hate the truth being revealed about appalling events carried out by our govts. and military??
  14. Let's quit pretending that the US is not seriously angry that he dared to be a whistle blower. and show the world some of the things they would prefer hidden. Your post is derisory at best (for anyone capable of thinking for themselves.....) in all respects.
  15. "Your adherence, once again, to the RT spin is noted." Actually, I'm getting more and more annoyed at this comment. Please withdraw it immediately as an obvious, unwarranted slur against another poster.