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  1. Apart, of course - by similarly homeless, unemployed women. I'm sure there are examples of men getting involved with homeless, unemployed women in our home countries - but they are still the exception rather than the 'norm.'.
  2. Ignoring the 'advisory referendum' comment (as it was made v clear that the vote result would be respected), the problem is that the UK govt. supported/ignored some of the issues most disliked by the populace, whilst only making token efforts towards reform - in an attempt to appease the electorate.... I thought the EU would start making much-needed reforms after the brexit result - but they've done nothing of the sort .
  3. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    Which brings us back to an earlier post along the lines of 'money, OK - the cashe of being 'first lady', priceless. I'm genuinely shocked that so many see his wife as an innocent victim .
  4. Those who donate also need to know the proportion that is spent on admin., and the proportion spent 'on the ground'.
  5. Quite. Nobody's 'complaining about the unpaid or low-paid staff - only the ridiculously high salaries for those 'at the top of the chain'.
  6. And so the confusion continues.... Who do we 'believe' "Prime Minister Theresa May hopes to seal a deal with the EU on a transition period in March this year, to offer companies some certainty a year before Britain is due to leave the bloc" or "But EU officials say they doubt whether Britain will be ready to make a full break by Brussels' proposed date of Dec. 31, 2020, and are preparing for a much longer goodbye". Politicians playing games ....
  7. Both sides lied and manipulated the truth prior to the referendum. But we've been through this ad nauseum on various threads. You stated that "Brexit is much too complex for the British Working Classes to have been given the decision whether or not to proceed with it." - which is very different to your latest comment "When I said "Too complex" for the Brits"..... Can't be bothered to comment on "I also think that Cameron was WELL AWARE of the mood of the people, and he called the referendum knowing it would go his way - ie Brexit - despite what he said at the time. Certainly the Tory Party collectively is absolutely determined to wrestle free of Europe." - as it's unbelievable to both sides of the argument....
  8. stop feeding street dogs

    I've no reason to disbelieve you, but I don't know anyone that has become ill as a result.
  9. stop feeding street dogs

    And that explains why you have zero compassion for soi dogs.... I was less than 'keen' when my beloved whippet tried to stick his tongue in my mouth...., and not overly keen on face licks either - but can't imagine not having cuddles and 'licks' with my dogs. You'll be horrified to hear that they also sleep on the bed , and yet I've somehow managed to survive without any pet-related illnesses.....
  10. stop feeding street dogs

    Very true. Fortunately this repulsive behaviour is generally restricted to puppies/young dogs - and their owners are v aware of this stomach-turning behaviour..... Not sure what it has to do with soi dogs?
  11. stop feeding street dogs

    But this is way off-topic, which boils down to some people have compassion towards those (in this case soi dogs) in unfortunate circumstances, whilst others only care about whether those unfortunates are annoying them in some way....
  12. stop feeding street dogs

    I feel v sorry for any person or animal obviously suffering and will always help if possible. I made a very bad mistake once when a homeless 'farang' I'd previously helped, turned up at my door a few months later (having found a job in the interim period), and I wasn't overly sympathetic. When I didn't offer him help the next morning, he committed suicide a couple of hours later .
  13. stop feeding street dogs

    Whereas I live on Phuket (not exactly a village!) and have also never stepped on dog shit - and rarely seen it. As you say, dogs generally shit in out of the way areas, and it decomposes v quickly in such a hot environment.
  14. Sadly, I've no doubt you believe this mccarthyist mantra....
  15. Great poem, but I'm obviously missing out as your comment doesn't tie-in with the poem?