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  1. And you continue with the 'generalised' insults!..... Surely you're not 'trollling' - hoping for personal insults in response - that you can report to the mods. in the hope of getting the thread closed again....
  2. Why on earth are you so desperate to reduce the discussion to insulting brexiteers???
  3. As far as I've read - 'nothing is agreed until everything is agreed'.
  4. Which brings us back to oslooskar's extremely pertinent comment -
  5. The poor dog wagging it's tail was horrifying, not hilarious from my POV - but your comment "I found my bone that went missing yesterday" was very funny!
  6. "The EU are insisting on the UK being tied to Brussels and the ECJ. It is just not going to happen." Re. " It is just not going to happen." - I hope you're right, but wouldn't bet any money on it .
  7. NOBODY wants the uk to leave the eu without a trade agreement that suits both parties in place - preferably a free trade agreement. But the eu is insisting that a trade agreement is the last thing that needs to be discussed! If they're not prepared to discuss a trade agreement until the uk accepts all their terms - then, sadly, it's necessary to leave under wto terms. With of course, no payment to the eu.
  8. Except the majority are not refugees - they are economic migrants! 'Economic migrant tourists' would be far more apt.
  9. Agree entirely - nothing at all! Edit - there's nothing other than opinion - and 'the establishment' support remain....
  10. So you're finally reduced to arguing about anything other than whether the majority of 'refugees' are actually economic migrants? Please give up on your idea of 'intelligent response' by highlighting parts of a post and then ignoring the points made - preferring to concentrate on the (already admitted) opinions - and not arguing against them, just making ever more irrelevant opinions about those comments!
  11. Exactly the same un- substantiated opinion put forward by remainers since day 1.....
  12. How on earth did this turn into a thread about Italy's roma??? At the end of the day, the brits. voted to leave - and we're now looking at how the uk govt. is handling the matter - even though they would prefer to 'remain'.
  13. I agree insofar as (a few) eu country govts. are fearful of the way the electorate have seen through the 'refugee' tag applied to the boat-loads of people being brought to their countries - and are finally admitting that the vast majority of 'refugees' are actually economic migrants.... There AREN'T 'great obstacles' to either refusing to allow those economic migrants to enter a country - or deporting them back to their country of origin IMO.
  14. dick dasterdly

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Except Makro have already started charging for bags - and everyone has accepted their policy. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, my local vendor has replaced the polystyrene/foam (?) take-away food containers with cardboard containers. Edit - I agree that 7/11 are the worst of the worse, but it's always possible to refuse the plastic bags/straws/spoons etc.!
  15. dick dasterdly

    May faces down pro-EU rebel lawmakers to win Brexit vote

    And therein lies the problem.... UK politicians wish to remain part of the eu - which is why for some obscure () reason, they agreed to the eu's 'negotiating list'. Even though negotiating trade terms, was at the bottom of the list.... Edit - Agree entirely that the eu bureacracy know exactly what they want - the uk to continue paying large sums of money into the eu....