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  1. I agree with this - which is why I only ever tried it once, and only then because others had assured me its easy to ride a scooter with a pillion passenger..... Yes, its easy when travelling at a reasonable speed - but far more difficult when moving slowly. Perhaps this should result in a law against pillion passengers on the back of scooters? Personally, I'd prefer not to regulate this way, but we all have different ideas about laws and regulations.
  2. I still can't see it, but go back to my earlier comment about 'bike riders having to keep checking their rear view mirrors. One glance at the rear view mirrors can result in having to suddenly brake when the vehicle in front brakes unexpectedly.
  3. I was purely responding to your reporting another poster - as I still hold a mild grudge against those who gained me suspensions over technicalities... grrrr...... You're quite right in that I'm generally a 'fence sitter' - as when it comes to politics and terrorism its better to look at the CAUSES rather than pursue the simple hate/insult response.
  4. I'm clearly missing something as I can't see the accident at all from your link. The guy involved only diminished my sympapthy with his facebook videos... but it still seems likely to have been a tragic accident.
  5. In this case I don't think apportioning blame helps. The boyfriend made a tragic error as a result of traffic conditions? The truck driver ran off because he was horrified at what had happened and being held responsible?
  6. I only watched the beginning of his first video after the accident - and it made me cringe... Nonetheless, it was clearly a typical accident. Reckless driving? I can't see it as anything other than an accident - despite the accused's horrendous video .
  7. Really grouse? I received a 'holiday' twice - once for emboldening parts of the quoted post (to which I was responding) and the other time for only quoting part of a post - again, the part to which I was responding.... Thanks to posters like you that are happy to report any and every perceived grievance (or excuse to accuse another poster with whom they disagree - of breaking forum rules).... Its sad when posters are unable to argue against the points raised, and instead prefer to rely on getting posters banned on 'technical' issues .
  8. That's the best you can come up with???? Edit - But I agree, its far easier to come up with insults than reasoned points of view.
  9. Couldn't agree more! I'd vaguely hoped that trump was looking towards his legacy, and may therefore turn out to be a good president.... Its looking increasingly unlikely - but nonetheless I could do without pretty much every thread turning into a 'hate trump' thread . This thread is about a man who hated moslems and killed two people as a result of his hatred.
  10. Goes to show... I didn't think I was at all subtle in stating "its probably time to ban all religious head-coverings and the like in christian countries." But you're right - its never going to happen.
  11. No - we're British. Of course we're also Europeans, but human nature dictates that we care more about those in the country in which we live/lived.
  12. Seems unlikely as presumably the vast majority of posters are retirees living in Thailand, and consequently very interested in exchange rates?
  13. How did this turn into a political issue?? We have a stupid man killing two others who defended two moslem women from his initial verbal abuse. It wasn't 'political' - he hated all moslems! He has no defense and needs to be locked up for the rest of his life, but its probably time to ban all religious head-coverings and the like in christian countries.
  14. Which part? The "disaffected youth" - or social media? Addressing the "disaffected youth" problem makes sense, whilst blaming the problem on "social media" is more likely to turn into a version of Orwell's '1984'?
  15. But if they didn't already have a 'grievance' - they wouldn't be interested in these extreme views. Which brings me back to why we need to address the cause, rather than just attack the 'symptoms'.