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  1. Supreme Court accepts final appeal in the Koh Tao murders

    Retracting their statements a YEAR later, does rather indicate that this retraction was entirely due to the libel/defamation court case brought against them, which (apparently?) only requires proof of damage to reputation - rather than proof that the claims made were untrue.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    So May is saying that she wants little to change for the next 4 years..... You don't have to be cynical to become a cynic in these circumstances!
  3. Agree entirely with the first 2 paras., but doubt any policies are officially changed for the entire populace 'cos "clever" people weren't having enough children. Quite apart from anything else, intelligent people don't always have intelligent children. Better educated (assuming they are wealthy), but not necessarily 'clever'. Back on topic, its suprising that we haven't read how these prolific breeders aren't claiming any state benefits - but instead, are paying higher rate tax/paying for private education and private health insurance. If not, they are parasites.
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Apologies, but I've lost track (more important, personal things on my mind). Is May talking about a 2 year transitional period from '19 to '21?
  5. At the end of the day, this 'story' boils down to a wealthy, well known actor and his wife wanting dual nationality. It's been turned into a brexit related 'story' as the actor apparently wanted to make an anti-brexit point by saying "But now, with some of the uncertainty around, we thought it sensible that we should all get the same" - which is ridiculous as there's zero chance that he would fail any financial requirements proving that he was able to support his wife....
  6. UK's May sets out transition plan in bid to unlock Brexit talks

    I agree. As others have pointed out, the extended 'transitional period' is just 'kicking the can down the road'. Whether people believe there are good reasons for extending the transitional period beyond 2019 (unless I misunderstand and the 'end' date is still 2019?) is likely dependent on ones' level of cynicism.... Transitional arrangement negotiations should have started as soon as article 50 was enacted and be completed by 2019. Two years is more than enough to reach an agreement - with the parts of the agreement (that effect individuals/companies) being agreed first - giving them time to arrange their lives/businesses accordingly.
  7. Exactly! A tiny minority of Brits. adhere to the rules of grammatically correct English!
  8. I've only read a couple of pages so have obviously missed most of the 'debate', but as long as we can understand each other - is it really important? The US is the dominant world country, which is v fortunate for us Brits. - as it has resulted in the English language still being the second language taught in all (?) non-English speaking countries.
  9. I'm sure the 1,000 bht fine will discourage them and others from dropping their anchors on coral in the future .
  10. Perhaps times have changed, but the last I read on this subject it was the childless/those paying higher rate tax and (presumably, wealthy companies paying a lot of tax) that subsidised those with children. Its always possible of course that this couple have private health insurance/are paying for their children to attend public (i.e. private) schools and are also paying higher rate tax. But I doubt it.
  11. Don’t be a mug: beat diabetes

    It can also be a 'chicken and egg' situation as I always used to be v slim, even though I didn't exercise. Around the age of 35 I v slowly started putting on weight, although by then I WAS getting a fair amount of exercise (cycled 7 miles a day to work and back/walked my dog twice daily) - plus I was vegetarian and (not having a sweet tooth), ate v few sugary foods. Over a few years I went from v slim to overweight and was finally diagnosed as insulin resistant (hence the weight gain) - entirely thanks to having private health insurance and insisting that my GP (who was uninterested and clearly thought the weight gain was due to over eating/age ) refer me to a specialist.....
  12. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Agree entirely that sometimes customer service is non-existent, and other times the staff go out of their way to help. Yesterday at Makro, I locked my keys and handbag under my scooter seat so was rather 'screwed' as I had no access to 'phone/money/keys..... I went to their customer services to ask if someone would 'jemmy' open the scooter seat and 3 staff quickly arrived to help ! Even though I told them it didn't matter if they broke the 'lock' holding the seat closed (as I couldn't see any other way of opening the damn thing) - they clearly considered this a last resort and managed to lift the centre of the seat enough to squeeze out my handbag, which contained my keys! They were great as, incidentally, have been all Thais when I've found myself in a difficult situation.
  13. 'Disaster looms,' says head of UK's anti-Brexit party

    You're quite right in that Chuchill was "no raving lefty". He was a tory politician!
  14. British police make sixth arrest in Tube bomb investigation

    Another 'child' (roll eyes) refugee? A question, as few facts have been released. To look on the bright side, if a 30 a 48 year old have also been arrested, hopefully they've caught the ringleaders of this particular terrorist attack.
  15. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    Yes, its suddenly back to normal .