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  1. Presumably the govt. campaign expenses (leaflet 'explaining' why remain was the better option;/Osborne's promised 'fear budget in the event of a leave vote') have not been taken into consideration by the electoral system?
  2. My favourite story is a few decades old, when the union agreed a pay deal that gave a higher percentage increase in salary to those on higher scales! Querying this with the union rep. ( a manger), he admitted that they only cared about 'themselves' - certainly not those at the bottom of the scale ! Edit - I must add that he also admitted that they weren't interested in recruiting members at the bottom of 'the scale'....
  3. Quite possibly true (?), but it's gradually being eroded for those at the bottom of 'the scale' in large companies with unions that are supposed to be representing those that pay their salaries.... Somehow, those unions have barely bothered to argue against the large companies/public sector 're-structuring' (i.e. reducing the salaries of those at the bottom...). But admittedly, this is an obvious problem with the uk - more so than with the eu? The open borders policy has only given companies an even greater reason to keep wages at the bottom VERY low.... Whilst, of course, wages at the top need to be kept very high to attract the best candidates .
  4. You really want me to go into details as to why I believe (with personal stories to support the case) that unions are pursuing their own power, rather than the interest of their members?? Perhaps better pursued by pm's - as it's more than a little off-topic.
  5. dick dasterdly

    UK police find source of Novichok nerve agent in small bottle

    There are zero believable scenarios offered at the moment, which is why there is a debate on the topic.
  6. dick dasterdly

    UK police find source of Novichok nerve agent in small bottle

    "I don't understand why discussing possible alternate scenarios is automatically being pro-Russian. It's the kind of simplistic black-white rhetorics typically used when there is a political interest in "selling the story". Agree entirely, which brings us back to the uk demanding an explanation from russia after two civilians were affected - even though they were unable to provide any proof that russia was responsible for the first contamination, far less the second! Some are prepared to believe anything that supports 'their cause', whilst others amongst us distrust all politicians, and so ask questions.
  7. "Well those that don’t join unions are. Those that do earn higher wages and enjoy better working conditions." Not entirely true as unions for a few decades have been far more interested in their own power - than those they are supposed to be representing... I've endless stories on this subject - with which, you'll be pleased to hear, I won't bore you!
  8. I've no doubt that big business and the govt. will ensure this, but that's a different discussion.... The uk endured far higher prices than everyone else for decades - for no reason other than greed/'we can get away with it'... To be fair, the eu 'powers' realised that this was annoying the more informed brit. consumers, and (I think?) came up with regulations to stop this to a large extent. As I've said previously, the eu used to be far more intelligent (than various uk govts.) when it comes to keeping the proletariat reasonably happy.
  9. Thank you for pointing out the obvious, very clearly. (Edit - I was struggling to point out the obvious, to those demanding another referendum.)
  10. I agree as long as the options are:- 1) accept the 'deal' agreed by the govt. 2) no deal. Edit - Anything else leaves the govt. and other wealthy remain supporters even more opportunity to increase the 'fear factor', in the hope that it will result in a remain vote....
  11. Passe? It's important to this debate to understand why the electorate voted to join the eec at the time - and subsequently changed their minds. Even as a 15 (?) year old and only learning about politics from reading my dad's Telegraph as he drove me to school - I realised that joining the eec was only going to result in higher prices for the consumer..... Of course "the World has moved on" since then - and not for the better....
  12. It was MANY years before the brit. govt. finally acceeded to the demand for another referendum - and only then, because the rise of UKIP was becoming a major concern to politicians.... I've no problem with the remainers waiting equally as long for another referendum . Assuming, of course, that a genuine brexit is delivered. Of course they are entitled to complain and campaign about it for many years - as the leavers did previously.
  13. Without any evidence, there's no chance of a "strong argument" either way. It's 'just' another suspicious death on the island. I don't understand why a knowledgeable snake handler didn't rush immediately to the hospital for anti-venom, after he was bitten by the snake?
  14. dick dasterdly

    Thai Public Health bans foods containing trans fats

    That's not entirely fair. I used to try to keep abreast of the advice, but partly gave up when it became obvious that the 'expert' advice frequently changes to the opposite a short while later....
  15. I'm assuming she is a remainer? If so, suprise suprise.... Having said that, I'm inclined to agree with this part of her statement:- "there should be another vote, with the public able to choose between May's plans, a "no-deal" break with the EU ".
  16. And you continue! Give it up and accept that insults only hurt the ones using this as an 'argument'....
  17. Unlikely. Far more likely is determination to find a way to 'leave in name only'- without the MPs in leave areas being thrown out in disgust at the next election.
  18. I believe you - your original post "Maybe you believe that the USA is part of the Commonwealth?" - wasn't meant to be insulting !
  19. I assume you're referring to someone in the US initially holding a placard with this statement? I'd bet money they are a brit. - as understatement is a staple of brit. humour - not so much american humour. But please feel free to continue to make your best attempts at insulting me personally .
  20. I never suggested anything otherwise. I just said "Now THAT is brit. humour at it's best ". Incidentally, the person holding the placard seems to be of Caribbean descent? It doesn't matter at all as the placard was very funny, and she's obviously integrated to the extent that she appreciates the brit. humour of under-statement.
  21. dick dasterdly

    SURVEY: Was Trump disrespectful to the British Monarch?

    I don't doubt it - but neither he or the US (on their own) 'won' the war - and I'm tired of americans that think otherwise. Grrrr.
  22. dick dasterdly

    SURVEY: Was Trump disrespectful to the British Monarch?

    So he "won the war'?? I thought you were joking previously, but I'm no longer sure? Entirely off-topic, but the brits and russians fought the war long before the americans joined (as a result of Pearl Harbour). The brits and russians appreciate the US help at the end of the war - but are not going to accept the Hollywood 'story' that the US 'won the war' - regardless of their numerous films portraying otherwise.... Edit - they were a much needed (belated) factor, that 'swung' the war against the opposition. But portraying it as anything else is pure fiction.
  23. dick dasterdly

    SURVEY: Was Trump disrespectful to the British Monarch?

    I'm obviously missing something here? Audie Murphy won the war?
  24. Have to agree. Obama coming out with 'The uk will be at the back of the queue when it comes to trade talks' more than likely pissed off more than a few voters as being nothing other than fear tactics - plus brits. aren't particularly interested in foreign leaders trying to clearly influence their votes. Similarly, I've no doubt brit. voters will take trump's comment's with a pinch of salt - and be similarly annoyed at the US president trying to influence the electorate.
  25. "The UK formally agreed with the negotiating agenda of the EU; first withdrawal agreement followed by trade talks." I agree entirely. But the question is why on earth May and the uk negotiators agreed to this in the first place??