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  1. "Therefore i would advise to get this embassy affidavit/income certificate if your extension is in the next 6 months." But only if your income is from govt. sources? I'm not being pedantic but, as my pension income is entirely from company (or similar) schemes - this is an important point if Phuket Immigration (even now!) are only accepting govt. pensions in support of the embassy letter!
  2. Sadly, this seems to be the case .
  3. It's all one hell of a mess! The Brit./US and Aus. embassies are saying they will continue to issue income letters until the end of the year, and that these will be accepted for 6 months (IIRC) - whereas the Danish embassy has stopped issuing the letters immediately, without warning (!), and with no indication that providing proof of income to TI will be acceptable? So we are all unsure as to whether or not the letters will be accepted by TI for 6 months. It probably depends on the office concerned.... The initial embassies (again, IIRC) all said that after the 6 month period TI would accept proof of income (without the embassy letter) - whereas as far as I can make out from the numerous posts, some Immigration offices are saying this is not the case. TI has always been able to ask for 'back up' documents to support the amount shown on the embassy income letter which is fair enough - but at the moment all of us using the income method are left in 'limbo', not knowing what will or will not be acceptable to the individual Immigration offices .
  4. I was only 15 and so obviously didn't vote. And quite rightly. Those with no experience of life (other than at school/college/university) know nothing about 'real life'.
  5. I'm still missing out on why they didn't just say that it would take 3 1/2 days to provide the information (free of charge) under the FOI act?
  6. I was only 15 at the time, and had zero interest in politics - but the points mentioned in my above mentioned quote were extremely obvious to even a young, inexperienced kid with who was intelligent - and bored enough to read 'dad's newspaper' as he drove me to school.... Edit - And before you say my thoughts were biased by my father - I still have no ideas as to his views on the original referendum. It was not something we ever talked about.
  7. We always appreciate posters desperately trying to explain why the brit. govt. are not prepared to answer questions (they would prefer were not asked.....) - without paying 600 sterling. FOI?? Only if you can afford it apparently!
  8. As far as I can see, you are 100% right . Unsuprisingly, the brit. govt. has no intention of even attempting to justify the BE decision.....
  9. More accurately (?) paying, and continuing to pay a lot of money to agree to the rules that the majority of referendum voters disliked!
  10. Entirely off topic - but I'm a bit suprised that oilinki's not here condemning everyone with any doubts/different opinion to be a russian troll!
  11. I agree. If anyone was responsible during the NATO war games for disrupting air space, they were playing games with air passengers lives, and should be held accountable. I haven't read the entire thread yet - is it only Finland that is saying this to be the case?
  12. Not really, they've moved on from that as they realise that it doesn't work anymore. They're now into 'impossible to reach an any agreement on trade terms, so it's necessary to accept 'leave in name only' mode'....
  13. Hardly - as pretty much everyone (even remainers!) mostly ignore kwilco's posts! His last post was just the latest (from a long list....) of ridiculous posts.
  14. "So - we are heading for a never-ending transition then?" It rather looks as if this may well be the case....
  15. Even from the 'facts' available during the first referendum - it was obvious that it could only lead to an increase in prices for the consumer plus an additional layer of overpaid bureaucracy - that would be paid by the taxpayer. But I agree that the other facts and intentions were hidden at the time - and nobody could predict the way it 'played out' in the UK in the relatively short-term! i.e. Small, Brit. farmers selling off to bigger businesses -unlike the French, as far as I can make out. CAP - a policy that ensured higher prices for consumers (and this was obvious from the start....) - unsuprisingly resulted in various 'lakes/mountains etc. The eu, realising that there was over-production as a result of CAP policies - decided that it was better to pay farmers not to farm - instead of changing their policies! etc. etc.
  16. dick dasterdly

    90 Days problems again

    This seems the most likely explanation. The OP clearly has good reasons for moving about (as per his later post), but I too found out the hard way that an extension issued at a different office from the office at which you then use to register the 90 day report - results in a rejection.
  17. Very true.... A good friend of mine has recently started making 'digs' about my using an agent as apparently the Immigration staff deal with the stacks of agents' passports - before dealing with those sitting, waiting, to do it themselves. I can understand his grievance, whilst having no intention of making my life more difficult and stressful by not using an agent to deal with it on my behalf!
  18. Precisely who is prepared to 'stick their neck out' to complain about Phuket coming up with their own 'rules'? Presumably not even Phuket Immigration volunteers are prepared to do so!
  19. Understand your point - but a better solution would be for posters to post on the relevant thread. Currently, many of the comments on the various threads are intertwined when most (not all) could be contained to the relevant thread -i.e. US citizens/Brit. citizens/Aus. citizens/those living on Phuket?
  20. "a bit like an agency renewing my passport for 5kbaht - I couldn't be arsed travelling to Bangkok twice plus all the forms and photocopies etc - they did it all." Yes, I need to renew my passport very soon as my retirement extension is due for renewal in Feb., and my passport ends in June. Like you, I'm very glad that I am able to pay an agent 5k bht to deal with it on my behalf - rather than having to travel to Bangkok for 2 days (ironically, to deal with another agent - appointed by the BE....).
  21. Depends entirely on where you live. Edit - And the extent of service preferred. I pay an extortionate sum to an agent (for entirely legal extensions and 90 day reports) - but I live on Phuket, and my agent comes to my house, rather than my having to travel to her office. Am I being 'ripped off'? Obviously. Am I prepared to pay the extortionate sum to make my life so much easier - yes.
  22. Some of us have no intention of going 'back home' for various reasons. In my case, it's cause I have dogs and there aren't any reliable 'dog-sitters' around, plus I'm too ornery to go through the nightmare of at least 14 hours without a cigarette ! Please try not to categorise everyone into your own narrow-minded viewpoint.... I pay an agent to deal with my perfectly legal retirement extensions and 90 day reports (although I still have to provide all the necessary paperwork), because it's worth the money (to me) to avoid the stress of having to visit and deal with the Immigration office. You're someone else categorising others into your own narrow-minded viewpoint.... Very few, if any, are trying to "circumnavigate" the Immigration departments - we are just trying to find out what is happening re. the 'proof of income' route'. Your terminology - implying that everyone using an agent is trying to circumnavigate Immigration rules and regs - indicates that you too are categorising others into your own narrow-minded viewpoint...
  23. It would probably take 10 minutes (at most) for a brit. employee to reasonably ascertain whether or not the documentary evidence provided was genuine, and to use a calculator.....
  24. I, for one haven't noticed "that one particular Leaver has, in the last couple of weeks, come up with more insults than the rest of us have managed over the whole thread." I find it hard to believe, as one or two remain posters rely almost entirely on insulting those who voted leave! An example would be appreciated to give the less observant amongst us a clue!
  25. Whereas I didn't like "more of the same". The eu needs to reform - as it's ever increasing bureaucracy wastes one hell of a lot of money. Unfortunately, it has made it very clear that it has no intention of reforming it's obviously financially wasteful policies and practices. To look on the 'bright side' - they may forced into reforming a few of their more obviously hated new 'regulations' and 'decisions' as ever more countries rebel and reject their decisions.... Too little and to late, but it does show their incompetence that things have reached this point.... Even so, I've no doubt that nothing will stand in their way of their determination to maintain their own bureaucracies, and hence personal wealth...