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  1. "Well the brexiters on the whole are toffs" Do you really believe that those who voted for brexit are "toffs"? But I understand your point to a certain extent. "the brexit that was promised is not the one that is going to be delivered." Yes, this seems more than likely.... Can't be bothered to respond to the rest of your post - other than agreeing that either way, there's little doubt that the wealthy will continue to thrive. The more important (IMO) question, is whether those at the bottom of the pyramid will be helped by the prevention of cheap labour from poor eu countries.
  2. dick dasterdly

    Phuket weather warning remains in force

    When (eventually) walking my dogs along the beach this morning, I was suprised to see presumably dive boats (?) heading out. Presumably/hopefully they know that the storms have died down for the rest of today.
  3. "I said "Without agreements the UK will come to a standstill" and that is a fact. Aviation being the most obvious". Are you trying to pretend that aviation within the uk will "come to a standstill" in the event of 'no deal'? As you say "it will not come to that" - so why keep posting it?? Are you beginning to understand why many of the electorate/posters are more than tired of 'project fear'?
  4. Neither can the eu - as many of their countries' businesses generate a huge amount of their income from exporting to the uk.
  5. Is that true? I don't doubt it, but it needs verification.
  6. I feel the same way to a large extent, as I care more about the poorest paid uk citizens - rather than their employers who are prefer to keep their wages as low as possible - and so support cheap labour from poorer countries.
  7. "The CAP does not take care of the land, despite its claims and exorbitant costs. Google Greenpeace EU for evidence (I'm not saying the UK would have done better alone)." Couldn't agree more. For some reason uk small farmers sold out to big business farmers - who now receive eu CAP money for producing less and renewing the hedgerows they destroyed. Small French farmers managed to hold out against this 'big business' outrage - and I respect them for that. We've gone through paying farmers to produce far too much (by guaranteeing them too high a high price for their produce - hence the various eu 'mountains/lakes') to paying them for the opposite!
  8. dick dasterdly

    Britain and EU 'closing in' on a Brexit agreement, Raab says

    Back on topic, I am pretty sure that the uk and eu are closing in on some sort of reasonable, brexit trade deal agreement. Both sides (in terms of individual countries) need a good trade deal - so it's obvious (?) that neither the uk or eu wish to piss off their businesses in individual countries by refusing a trade deal. The 'interesting' part (at least from my pov) will be what the uk govt. 'gives up' to reach that agreement/how they will explain this to the electorate and what happens at the next GE as a result.
  9. dick dasterdly

    Britain and EU 'closing in' on a Brexit agreement, Raab says

    I have no reason to doubt that this is true. Shameful for the Labour party, the electorate of whom mostly backed 'leave' - whereas their MPs mostly supported 'remain'. I wonder why they decided to block any discussion of brexit in public (as opposed to the discussions that undoubtedly happened in 'private')?
  10. This would be a good question if it didn't rely entirely on political/media propaganda/bias! Personally, I still have little idea as apparently the 'genuine proof' cannot be revealed as it my harm 'national security'. According to another poster.... Yes, it seems more than likely that the russians were responsible - but the whole thing would be a farce, except one innocent person died as a result.
  11. I agree, but best to ignore posters like the one to whom you replied. The poster is quite happy to ignore the recent post pointing out the possibly (in their opinion) good reasons for leaving the eu! Posters like this are, for reasons of their own, incapable of thinking for themselves.
  12. dick dasterdly

    UK pensions

    I agree, but it's not just the "single childless worker pays most into this scam". Married, both working in PAYE jobs, but without children, are also in the same 'bracket'. - i.e. subsidising most of the population. Not that it matters much, as (on the whole) I've never had a problem with subsidising those in the country less fortunate than myself.
  13. Sorry to be pedantic - but it needs to be made very clear that the comment you mention came from another poster - certainly not by myself! I just quoted him to disagree with his POV!
  14. This is beneath you, as you know full well that this is not at all representative of rixalex's post . Edit - Sorry rixalex, I replied immediately on reading dunroaming's (unusual for him), stupid post. I should have read further before replying, to realise that you had already replied.
  15. "Blair at least deserves some credit for finally recognizing the errors of the past" He could hardly avoid it as some uk 'commission/committee' or the other basically said (but in VERY diplomatic terms....) 'he lied'.... Edit - Not that the brit. public needed to be told this by a 'commission/committee' - the truth was already painfully obvious to even the most ardent brit. convinced that the uk was going to war 'cos Iraq had WMDs (edit - that, IIRC, could be deployed against the uk/west within 40 mins ).... How anyone believed that obvious pile of manure is still beyond me!
  16. The problem arose (IMO) because, Merkel's 'refugee' policy failed to distinguish between genuine refugees and illegal/economic immigrants - BEFORE allowing them into eu countries.
  17. Not at all. I treat his comments with derision for the reasons quoted in my post that you've ignored. i.e.:- "I suspect that most people already agree about "investing in war-torn states and supporting Muslim leaders working to counter terrorism" . My 'beef' is that blair (of all people!) would have the nerve to comment to the media on a subject for which he is partially responsible! And, (sorry about this) to repeat another of my comments quoted above:- "You can pretty much guarantee that his latest comments are based on the hope that he will gain some well-paid role over-seeing "higher spending on education and development, investing in war-torn states and supporting Muslim leaders working to counter extremism"...."
  18. I can understand why people would pay money to throw rotten fruit and veg. at Blair - but pay to listen to him??!!
  19. I know what you mean, but Blair has proven himself to not only be a liar, but also someone who will do or say anything to gain more money/power. Consequently, it's understandable why any comments he makes should/must be treated with derision. You can pretty much guarantee that his latest comments are based on the hope that he will gain some well-paid role over-seeing "higher spending on education and development, investing in war-torn states and supporting Muslim leaders working to counter extremism"...... I suspect that most people already agree about "investing in war-torn states and supporting Muslim leaders working to counter terrorism" - but as another poster pointed out, Blair shares a large part of the responsibly for creating the rise in terrorism! In view of this, it takes one hell of a lot of nerve/audacity/hunger for power and money for someone in his position to comment to the media on this topic. One that he was partially responsible (as he finally admits) for creating.....
  20. dick dasterdly

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    True, but let's face it - manifesto promises are also frequently ignored or diluted down under our current FPTP system! We all hope so - but doubt it as politicians will always behave as politicians. i.e. Only concerned about furthering their own interests...... The best I can come up with (and I apologise for saying this again), is an option on GE papers for 'none of the above'. If enough vote for 'none of the above' then there's a small chance that politicians will be forced to address the reasons as to why they are so unpopular.
  21. dick dasterdly

    Britain outlines post-Brexit farm policy in bill

    Sounds good. Which, sadly (I'm v cynical when it comes to politicians) makes me wonder what have I missed?
  22. I'm still at a loss as to why nearly everyone presenting themselves as a 'refugee' is allowed into any Western country before a FULL screening as to their claim? Surely they shouldn't be allowed into the country until they are able to prove that they are genuine refugees? Bit odd that:- "Despite all the emotional, every attempt to turn Koethen, as is being said on the internet, into a second Chemnitz, must be rejected," the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung newspaper quoted state premier Reiner Haseloff as saying.In its online edition, the paper identified the man who died in Koethen as Markus B. and said he died of acute heart failure." When two afghans have been detained on suspicion of killing him.....
  23. "Its a fairly simple question, should the government's priority be to pay the huge administrative cost of brexit or try and keep the nation healthy and safe." Sorry to be a bit flippant - but if only the same question had been asked when the govt. of the day imposed huge numbers of administrative staff on the NHS to 'run things more efficiently' - or words to that effect.... I think most will admit that politicians and govt. civil servants like to expand their 'empires' - and promote their opportunities for earning lots of money as 'consultants/board members' once they leave/are thrown out of office. The eu is just another well-paying route to these 'opportunities' that they'd rather not give up....
  24. "But Conservative lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg, head of the pro-Brexit European Research Group, which led the work on the alternative plan, said the full document would not be published. "The truth is that we reconsidered," he added." The only point that took me slightly by suprise was the above comment. We all know that the vast majority of uk politicians supported 'remain' (although quite a few in a less than whole hearted fashion - for differing reasons....) - but I'd love to know why the "pro-Brexit European Research Group" decided not to publish the full document, and their reasons for 'reconsidering'.
  25. No, I missed it but would dearly love to have seen it - it must have been very funny! As you say, there was a referendum on PR a few years ago - and it didn't gain enough votes. I never understood why, but accepted that the 'other side' had won, as did all those thinking PR was a better idea than FPTP. Nonetheless, I refer back to my original post on this subject:-