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  1. mstevens

    blacklisted or not

    Overstayed by 4 years+? One would imagine that it is automatic and that you will be blacklisted from entering for a long period. I cannot imagine that the ban has to be "actioned" by the Immigration officer. I imagine it is automatic in the Immigration computer system otherwise it would be open to all sorts of abuse.
  2. mstevens

    International Avocado arguement

    They've probably been stored incorrectly, in and out of refrigeration etc. New Zealand avocados are delightful if stored right.
  3. mstevens

    VPN suddenly stopped working

    So you're trying to access stuff online at school, presumably your place of work, that your school has deemed inappropriate. What school do you teach at so I can send my kids there......not!
  4. Very, very good coffee, cakes & pastries. Light meals look good too, but never tried them as the prices are more like a 5 star hotel than what I would expect in a cafe.
  5. mstevens

    International Avocado arguement

    I'm all for standing up for principles / a price that had previously been agreed on, but maybe there is a good reason the price went up. Ask them why the price has gone up and you might get something plausible. At the end of the day, when you're only talking such a small amount of money, I would just pay it. Life is too short to haggle hard over small amounts of money, in my opinion.
  6. And when you go to exit the country you entered illegally as there is no record in their computer system of you entering, you're going to have a big problem! The problem is not so much exiting one country, but getting stamped in / entered in to the computer system of the next country so you can leave that country i.e. fly out from the airport without any issues.
  7. I really think it comes down to money. If you want to leave Thailand i.e. you no longer wish to live in Thailand (for whatever reason), then so long as you have the money to start a new life in your country it shouldn't be too difficult. If you don't want to leave Thailand however, but are somehow forced to leave then I think adjusting to life back home could be kinda tough!
  8. I was always under the impression that ATM machines had a camera which records images of the person making any transaction. Surely the first thing the bank would do is check the records to see if the person who made the withdrawals was you? If they have not done that then why not?
  9. mstevens

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    If you ever divorce your wife can I marry you?
  10. mstevens

    Thailand - Not for me

    It's 2018, not 1965. In my personal case, I don't pay my Mrs and she is very happy with how things are, and earns considerably more than I do. The idea that the man has to pay the woman might be the way it is in parts of rural Thailand but in much of urban, middle class Thailand both the man and the woman work nowadays, and both contribute to the financial goals of the couple / family.
  11. I'm not sure what your age is but if your heart really is set on retiring to Thailand, with 1 million Australian dollars you almost certainly have enough, especially as you appear to have the mindset and willingness to watch your pennies. I'd expect over the next 12 years that inflation in Thailand will exceed that in Australia, so Thailand is going to become more expensive than it is currently. And where the exchange rate is going, who knows, but certainly the Australian dollar looks like it is out of favour and there's nothing to suggest it's going to bounce back any time soon. Let's say you sold your house which you own freehold. $900,000? That's over 20 million baht, or well over a million baht a year for the next 12 years. Invest that money and even a modest return of say 4% would get you 70,000 baht a month. Come 2030 your superannuation becomes available and presumably that's a decent sum. Why wait to retire? It's a decision that only you can make and it's not just a financial decision but if your net worth is over $1,000,000 Australian then you almost certainly can retire to Thailand now!
  12. mstevens

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    New Zealand has become very expensive. The killer is housing or rent, and that is assuming you can even find a place. It's so bad in some places that locals are being housed in hotels at the government's expense because they cannot find anywhere to live at any price.
  13. I walked through Lumpini Park a couple of weeks ago and saw dozens of them and I wasn't looking hard. They don't seem to cause any harm to humans so what's the big deal?
  14. You need to check the contract you signed to see what it says and whether one party can give notice like that.
  15. My understanding is that if in the case of the payment of a dowry or the purchase of any "kong mun" (items of engagement) before marriage, there is no requirement on the part of the lady to return it if the man calls things off or it's called off by mutual agreement. If, however, she does something which could reasonably be considered as reason to call the wedding off, then she has to return all dowry / "kong mun" and there may be an expectation that she should pay back what she was given x2 or x3 as compensation for loss of face for what has happened