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  1. Been in there and it's easy. Just tell the main information counter which company you're going to see and they will ask you to give them a form of ID such as national ID card or driver's licence. They will retain that and give you a visitor's card which they program so the lift will allow you to go to the floor of the building where the company you wish to visit is located. You swap the visitor card for you ID at reception when you leave the building. Easy peasy.
  2. There seems to be a misunderstanding between two different things the length of your permission to stay (which some wrongly refer to as your visa) and 90-day reporting. These are two separate things. As best I understand, with the 500,000 baht Thailand Elite Card you get 1 year's permission to stay in Thailand. If you exit the country before 1 year is up and return you will get another year. If it comes up to 1 year and you have not left the country then you can apply for an extension and will get another year's permission to stay. I guess that you neither left the country before your one year's permission to stay lapsed nor applied for an extension. So technically that means you're on overstay, even if you did not intend to be and were not aware. 90-day reporting is different from permission to stay. It is simply something all long-stay foreigners must do i.e. report to their local immigration office that they are still in Thailand and where they are residing. It is NOT extending your visa or permission to stay. As to what to do now, hmmm, I hate to say it but it seems like you're in a bit of a pickle as you might be looking at a ban for a period for overstaying your visa. The best I can say is have a chat with Thailand Elite and see if they have any suggestions.
  3. mstevens

    Exchanging Baht for USD

    Vasu Exchange at the corner of Sukhumvit soi 7/1 has great rates and is very easy to get to - it is below the Nana skytrain station.
  4. mstevens

    Molly Malone's Irish Pub on Soi Convent

    The Big Chilli wrote in the last edition exactly what you had heard - that Molly's would be moving further down Soi Convent towards the Sathorn Road end. This being Thailand, I expect it's simply a case of construction / renovation running longer than anticipated.
  5. Sorry to hear you got a ticket, but at the same time the driving standards and general discipline by the wheel in Thailand are generally so bad that I am thrilled that there are such cameras around. Thais hate to be out of pocket and I am hopeful that these cameras will see some improvements in driving standards and thus, safety for all of us.
  6. mstevens

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    Perhaps phrase the question a little differently and you might get different answers. How about, "Is Pattaya representative of Thailand as a whole?" You might get different answers... And what might be interesting is to ask that very question to Thai people and see what they have to say.
  7. One of the best things you can do for your children is give them the best education possible. The other side of this is that one of the worst things you can do for your child is give them a lousy education. Obviously, not everyone has the million odd baht a year that the best international schools charge, but if you have that sort of money, it's most likely worth it. The bottom line is that for most of us, the fees charged by the best international schools are beyond us which means you have to ask yourself seriously if you wish to send your kids to school in a Thai school, or bite the bullet and return home and educate them there...
  8. mstevens

    How often do you get sick here compared to back home?

    When I lived in Bangkok I would get sick often enough for it to be annoying. I'd get an upset stomach once or twice a year and a serious cough / cold around twice a year - and it could take a few weeks to clear completely. This from someone who eats well, exercises and doesn't drink much. Back in my own country I almost never get sick. If I do get a sniffle it never seems to develop in to a full blown cough or cold and always passes within 72 hours. Healthwise I do much, much better at home than in Thailand.
  9. mstevens

    The Kiwi - what's going on?

    The American bar is in the second sub soi on the right, opposite Lolitas. The new Kiwi is in the first sub soi i.e. closer to Sukhumvit Road.
  10. mstevens

    The Kiwi - what's going on?

    The Kiwi has moved to the first sub soi up Soi 8 on the right, quite literally a stone's throw from the old location, about 15 seconds walk away.
  11. mstevens

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    As someone who lives in a country which has seen property prices soar, at least partially due to a huge influx of Chinese buyers and money out of China, let me tell you that few people are happy about it. Will be interesting to see what the Thais think of this as there is more awareness amongst everyday Thais of what is happening.
  12. mstevens

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    I don't think I have ever heard a Thai say that the economy is good even when it was purring along. They always seem to be complaining about the economy being bad!
  13. mstevens

    Which Air conditioner to buy?

    We've got Daikin units in every room and never had a problem with any of them so needless to say, I'd happily recommend Daikin.
  14. Be careful with your morning coffee....would be a tragedy if you were to knock the pot over the passport, stain it through and render it useless. I imagine that when presented with a passport in such state they would be willing to issue a new one.
  15. I'd like to see a really diligent effort made to weed out all of the Caucasian trouble-makers, criminals on the run, overstayers etc in Thailand. The impression one gets from the recent articles is that the police are targeting the low-hanging fruit which makes me wonder how serious they really are and whether it's all part of an ongoing dog and pony show.