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  1. Horses don't sprint, they gallop.
  2. There's nothing like meeting people face to face.
  3. Nowhere in the article does it say what model of Airbus this plane is.
  4. It looks like METV could be the best. Some points I'm unsure about... Original bank statement of the applicant showing a balance of least £5,000 (for 6 months) or a print out with official stamp of the bank. Once or twice over the last few months this has dipped below 5k as I move cash into easy-access savings accounts or investments. Can savings accounts statements also be used? Secondly, showing a self-employed tax return or company registration number. Would the Thai embassy not ask questions about how the applicant would be earning money during the stay? The technicalities of the trip will involve a large number short meetings with different contacts related to my business. I was hoping to spread these out every week or fortnight as there's travelling involved between each one, and mix the trip with seeing new sights. At some point I'll have to return to the UK for a month or two. How long needs to have passed after the end of the six month METV before a re-application for a six-month METV or a 60-day tourist visa can be applied for? What I'm thinking is... METV for 6 months Return to UK for one month / two months Tourist Visa for 2 months plus 30 day extension The other option is an education visa as I genuinely want to learn to speak Thai. But I read somewhere people have to attend classes every day. Once or twice a week I wouldn't mind but there's no way I'm going every day.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm self employed so can earn everything from a computer. Are there any visas for self-employed people who want to work while in Thailand?
  6. Hi., I'm from the UK and want to stay in Thailand for around 12 months starting from January 2018. This would include at least two short trips back to the UK as well as a few flights to neighbouring Asia countries for short breaks. What are the different visa options for this if I'm working during the year? Also, what are the visa options if I'm not working? I don't like the idea of having to make 12 border runs or return every month to buy the new visa stamp. Thanks
  7. ''There, he met Annie, a 24-year-old bar singer who would soon be his fiancée.'' Right. Ok.
  8. Thais are corrupt.... and in other news, the Pope's catholic.
  9. Samut Prakan funfair accident leaves 14 injured

    '' The riders had only suffered injuries because they had become frightened and jumped off their carts before the ride completely halted, Anuchit said.'' Typical Thai attitude - never their responsibility
  10. Koh Lipe is a beautiful island but it has been destroyed by over-development and pollution. These resorts and hotels are making a fortune. But none of them give back a penny towards keeping the island clean. There's rubbish and industrial waste everywhere. Common sense would dictate that if they kept the island clean, more tourists would enjoy it there and go back. If all the businesses contributed a relatively small amount they could employ an army of litter pickers. It's pure greed.
  11. He's worth more than 60 million baht. It's his house that's 60 million baht (1m sterling).
  12. It's fashionable among ex-pats to hate on these ''beg-packers'' as they see themselves as the superior foreigner, the ''only farang in the village'' syndrome. They don't have any problems with the girls, foreign or Thai, begging for money by providing a short time liaison, though.
  13. Only in Thailand would someone try to sue people for a review of their service
  14. The rules are there for everyone to see. If he was a real man, he'd find a way to earn that cash. It's not for the British people to be supporting lazies so they can bull their Thai wives.