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  1. He's British not Australian https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/G18SmkhcXr86IYDh_dhOcTOjPko/appointments
  2. RandolphGB

    Nongprue police hunting hit-and-run driver

    He was arrested the day after
  3. UK seems to be 10,000 euros or equivalent . Thanks
  4. Is that the same government that is currently getting its cut when approving big developments which are contributing to sinking problem? I don't see the government tending to current concerns.
  5. RandolphGB

    Doing voluntary work in Bangkok

    I’m no do-gooder or virtue signalling liberal. However, I’ve reached a point where I want to do something more fulfilling with my free time. I feel for disabled and blind people in Bangkok. What organisations are there where I could volunteer to help a few hours a month?
  6. I’ve been thinking about buying a condo in Bangkok but I’ve read so many articles about the flooding increases expected in the future due to the sinking city that I’m not sure about buying one now. If the city is sinking each year and there seems to be very little done to stop this - more big blocks being built, more concerning over areas and businesses pumping ground water - then the condo could be virtually worthless in five to ten years. Does anybody else have any thoughts on this with regards to putting their cash into the city for property or businesses? Righy now I want to be in Bangkok but because of this flooding and city sinking problem I’m considering Chonburi instead.
  7. I’ve read before that the limit is £6k or equivalent in foreign currency but this site says it is $20k or equivalent https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/TH-Thailand-customs-currency-airport-tax-regulations-details.htm Which one is right? I’ll be traveling from Heathrow
  8. Thailand - where corruption, greed and selfishness prevent any kind of development. Unfortunately, funds going missing - usually with those along the chain taking their own cut - happens in just about every sector of Thai society. It's rare for the money to actually get to where it's intended.
  9. Muay Thai provides a route to prosperity for many young Thais because prizes even for small fights rural regions are very high. It's all well and good for wealthy academics and trendy liberals in Bangkok to sneer at it, but they'd be taking away a source of income for many of these kids.
  10. The event was organised by Singha... so any 'investigation' into people misbehaving will be promptly shelved
  11. If you see the videos it's not an orgy and there's no sex - just people fooling around in the pool
  12. No doubt a certain 'blogger' will be appearing in Phuket shortly with his drone to promote the wonderful beaches
  13. Hi, I was looking for buying a camcorder and noticed at Fortune Tower in Bangkok the electronics shops have the Sony FDR AXP55. However, this model doesn't seem to be available in the UK. Over there it's the AXP-53. Looking only the cameras seem virtually the same but the Thai / Asia version has a built in projector (and is slightly more expensive). Is it normal to have different models in Asia? And does any body know, are the cameras actually the same? This is a link to the two being compared and below that is the official SOny Thailand page for the AXP 55 . P.S. If anybody can recommend this camera or any other similar 4K cameras to check I'm not looking for the wong thing that would be great. Thanks https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/compare/Sony_FDR-AXP55_vs_Sony_FDR-AX53/BHitems/1252321-REG_1211905-REG https://www.sony.co.th/en/electronics/handycam-camcorders/fdr-axp55
  14. Sounds easy enough. I bought two iPads from istudio and they did the paperwork for the vat refund.