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  1. Hi, my 60 day tourist visa finishes on March 31. This coincides with a trip I wanted to take around that time to Manila. Is it possible to get another 60 day tourist visa in the Philippines and return to Thailand with that? I’d read previously that tourist visas could be obtained in Laos quite quickly. Would it be better to get a new tourist visa in Laos shortly before the March 31 expiry then use a re-entry permit to visit the Philippines? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Ah thanks I didn’t see that stamp it was on a different page . Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. Hi, I applied for a standard tourist visa at the Thai embassy in London. It was issued in January 23 and the valid until date is April 22. I arrived in Thailand on January 31 and the visa was stamped with that date. Is the visa valid until April 22 or would it only be valid until April 1 (60 days after entering the county)? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Nazi items for sale next to Royal Garden Plaza

    Is selling Nazi memorabilia illegal in Thailand?
  5. The stupidest public policy decision in your opinion.
  6. He’s absolutely right, of course. Cue outrage from liberals about another ‘gaffe’. Yawn. Boris knows what he did, and why, and how it would get coverage for the Brexit cause. Eg. Making air travel cheaper to appeal to the masses.
  7. Fungal nail infections

    Thanks for the reply, Sheryl. Looks like I'll be wearing flip-flops from now on. I've booked an appointment for Thursday with a foot doctor. Better to get it fixed once and for all!
  8. Fungal nail infections

    I've had fungal nail infections for a couple of years - the three middle toe nails on each foot. The NHS in the UK gave a six-month course of antibiotics which, I admit, I didn't stick to. A second visit to a doctor, and he told how he had the same thing himself and it cleared up ''while backpacking in Australia where he was wearing flip-flops''. The Podology Center Bangkok - Chiang Mai has quoted me 2000 - 3-500 as the start price for the first appointment and although they have good reviews, I'm guessing this bill will run to the tens of thousands with additional treatments, medicines, follow-ups etc etc. Does anybody have experience of being treated for this in Thailand? Either at the above mentioned clinic or else where and how much it should cost? Thanks
  9. Whichever crypto gets used in Line is going to rocket
  10. So there’s no limit to entries by air? For example, trips back to the UK or neighbouring countries in Asia would be ok? So a single entry tourist visa would be 60 days, which can be extended by 30 days. After this, Vientiane for a single entry visa (60 days?) The visa exempt entries...does that mean if I took a flight to a neighbouring country, it wouldn’t affect the existing single entry tourist visa ? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. I’m hoping to stay for six months in Thailand including a few trips outside the country. Would a multiple entry visa be better for this ? Or starting with a 60 day tourist visa and then re-entering and doing a 30 day visa on entry with a 30 day extension while in Thailand? How many times can this be done by leaving the country and re-entering? I’d like the mev so I don’t have to worry about the timing of trips outside and visa runs but I’m not sure about the processing time when sent by post to the Thai embassy in London. Also, the section on there includes details of a hotel reservation and I’d be staying with Thai partner who has a condo. I’m self-employed so could provide a tax return and the required income from a savings account. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Hello, does anybody know the current processing time at the Thai embassy in London for single entry tourist visas? My flight is booker for January 30 so I don't want the passport to be held up at the embassy or in the post. My plan is a 60 day stay in Thailand, and then re-enter for a 30 day visa on arrival and then extend it inside Thailand for another 30 days or leave again and re-enter. Plan to return to UK around May or June and then apply for a METV. Would the METV application be affected by the previous 60 day visa and re-entering the country? I see on the application, details of the last three visits must be given. The other option is apply for a METV first, and return to UK around June and then use a standard tourist visa single entry if and when I need to return to Thailand.
  13. Went to Similan Islands last January. It was horrible. Too many Chinese tourists.
  14. In other words, it was all complete b****cks
  15. Someone always has to bring politics into it . Zzzz