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    Amazing stories guys! Thanks!
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    Love to hear the whole story! Very interesting
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    Love to hear your story too!
  4. ah... I think clearly we are in a much better position to determine the best time
  5. The short answer to your original question is going to be Charles Schwab.
  6. I was recently unable to setup one way transfers from 2 different US based credit unions. They both informed me that the Bangkok Bank New York Branch notified them, that my account did not exist, which was bullshiznik. Nothing I could do to convince them otherwise, and they refused to investigate further. Although, they did try a couple of times they said. They said I’d have to work through Bangkok Bank which also refused to help or investigate. I was able to finally setup one way transfers through Charles Schwab banking service via a Schwab form letter and a Bangkok Bank officer provided form letter (Bangkok Bank officer refused to fully provide the Schwab requested info as there wasn’t a field on their form but did sign and provided advice to me. They refused to add my account number so I wrote that in) but all this too was a multi week hassle. I was told that a Schwab brokerage account would be much easier but I don’t know. Anyways, YMMV. Apparently, this operation must smell fraud like suspicious to US banks and Bangkok Bank because they did not like setting this up. Another issue may be (I’m just guessing) that after they make those small deposits, since it’s one way only, they can’t retrieve them, and even though is like 18 cents, they don’t like losing money like that. To compound my frustration others on ThaiVisa here told me it was super easy for them, so I don’t know why it was such a hassle for me.
  7. Just think, with today’s roids and viagra, he could live another 30 years! We might read of another 3 or 4 more similar reunions from this couple.
  8. My son lost his US passport and when went to get another, they made him fill out additional forms that attest to what happened. If you claim stolen you must provide a police report and they do warn you that future negligence may preclude you from obtaining another. I don’t know how they would treat another loss so soon but based on the forms we had to do, it would worry me if it were mine.
  9. My landlord told me once the authorities came looking for me late at night while I was in Vietnam. They told him my visa had expired months ago. The reality was I had gotten a new passport and visa transfered and since extended several time.
  10. Where can I get some of that “compressed ganja”? Sounds delicious