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  1. Can India nationals obtain a 60 day tourist visa in Laos
  2. I would have touch the dog with yours thank you
  3. jeab1980

    Unsightly farangs behaving badly.

    Who really gives a rat's arse nothing to do with anyone, If someone wants to walk around shirtless its there choice. OP get over yourself.
  4. Which is correct there is no way they could send anything to immigration as they would have been closed. You say there is an automated system in place I will have to take your guess on that one.
  5. Why would I be disapointed? I merely pointed out I booked a flight 2 hrs before take off. On a weekend earl morning. As for this on line checking Christ alive Thai immigration cant even get a simple 90 day report procedure to work properly. An integrated system with other countries 5555 what a joke
  6. Last time I flew out of heathrow last year in December I booked a very very last minute flight 2 hrs before the flight departed to be precise. No way they could have sent anything to immigration here before I left it was 0200 here on a Sunday morning 1900 from UK on a saturday. So there is more to this than quoted
  7. So you do a video to what end I have no idea as you parked in the wrong place and was asked to move. But no Mr im a Farang I don't have to I can do as I please and my mutts are more important than you. Then you decide to pop a post on the biggest thai hating forum going so you can get more drongo's on your thai bashing bandwagon suggest you grow up and jog on.
  8. Just move job done. Let people enjoy themselfs if you don't like noise go live in the Jungle mind you would probably complain about the all night noise from the local monkey hang outs.
  9. jeab1980

    What an idiot

    I'm sure there's a hiden gem in this reply just can't quite see it
  10. jeab1980

    What an idiot

    What will be funny is reading the reports of a vigilante farang dealing out his own sort of keyboard justice to a perfectly innocent motorist who just happens to be borrowing some one else's car. Got to love farang warriors. LOL
  11. Daughter is grown up seems so tell Her to take a hike. Probably worried about her inheritance as she perceives it.
  12. jeab1980

    What an idiot