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  1. And stupid falangs running down the road with a machete and not geetting arrested russell27au grow up and stop being a sheep
  2. Tabien Baan?

    Already answered yes you can who ever owns the house is the house master. Whos permision you will need. Go back to the main amphoe and take someone who speaks thai and ask again. If no joy ask politley to speak to amphoe head man and explain it to him.
  3. New smoking ban on beaches ?

  4. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Or let them build the bins up and slip a few of yours in and a bar fine for good measure.
  5. So if this old codger had attacked you with a machete. Then ran into you with his cas forcing you to fly into the airvand land heavily on the road. You would just walk up to him once you had caught up and said fair dinkom mate.? I know i wouldnt.
  6. Yes as clearly demonstrated in both videos.
  7. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    no not you back to snail pace and bad gateway along with the fatal error. Cant complain we had 4 days of ok ness
  8. Or the aussie thug who cowadly hit the guy with his car trying to kill him. Carma i call it.
  9. Just have to love it proof beyond reasonable doubt the farang got what he deserved but you will defend the guilty Bastard to the bitter end. 555555t
  10. look at the video the new one why carry a bleeding machete crazy old fool.
  11. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    you need to get out more for sure.
  12. not so innocent idiotic aussie after all. deport the fool
  13. deserves every thing he got hope he gets prosecuted as well. assault with a deadly weapon for a start. deport the scum bag.
  14. Tabien Baan?

    no don't have to be married as long as you have the housemasters permission. were do you live people can be more specific them
  15. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    I don't drink but when we go to bars I pay for all drinks as the slip is put in the bin. saves any hassle later. Restaurants its pretty easy to know what you have ordered so if the bin is over charged its a very simple procedure invite the waiter/waitress to recalculate the bill whilst she is at the table. seen so many get ripped off all good when the first few bottles are drunk they check the bin. Then as more beer flows they don't bother checking that's when more beer and packets of cigarettes get added. Did once try to warn a guy who was in the process of being ripped off, but as usual all you get is verbal's from them so I don't bother now just sit and smile. No fool like a drunk fool. Plus the amusement factor is great when they finally check bin, then get all wound up.