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  1. Just get on with it lol all this rubish about WP. The very best option is not to bother asking on here just do it
  2. seems you want the best of both worlds. You stated you or your TW as you call her offered an illegal bribe. Then moan it was refused. Wouldnt have happened if maintained the car. If your little bribe would have worked you would be on here moaning about police corruption. Man up take it on the chin and fix and maintain your vehicle
  3. You can not get a NON O based on marriage from within Thailand you are talking about an Extension of stay by converting a tourist visa to a NON O.
  4. Don't have to wait to get extension done at the same time in jontiem first one was 15 months in total
  5. No semantics just correct terminology something most on here beat there chests over Untill they are erong of course then its semantics!!
  6. You still havent got it have you. You apply for a non o visa and an Extension at the same time that non o is not based on marriage the extensioñ is. Therefore you CANNOT get a NON O based on marriage whine Thailand. You can dress up the fact you are incorrect as much as you want. Fact remains you are wrong
  7. you can convert tourist visa to a NON O yes then get a extension based on marriage no one id disputing that, you Can NOT get a NON O based on Marriage in Country maybe upto joe could tell you all your wrong.
  8. no it cant you can get a non O but not a non o based on marriage read the post.
  9. you are quoting a non o not a non o based on marriage which can not be got inside Thailand read the post
  10. A non o based on marriage can not be obtained in country end Of Try reading the op post and my reply before jumping in with a wrong reply eh
  11. You seem to be confused and mixing up two completley diffrent things. A non o visa based on marriage can only be got outside Thailand Savanakhet as you mentioned is easy. On that non o you have to leave the country after 90 days or extend it at immigration based on visiting wife for another 60 days then you leave Thailand and get a new 90 day entry and do the process over again. The other method is an Extension based on marriage which can be obtained in country at your local immigration office with all the paper work and 400k in bank for 2 months i belive. Then every 90 days you report to immigration and do whats called a 90 day report. Two very diffrent things
  12. Buying a car on a Tourist Visa

    Dont know why you don't need to have a do to buy a car
  13. Buying a car on a Tourist Visa

    Licence is not required for a thai or an up body else for that matter to buy a car. Insurance wise not once in many years of buying insurance have i ever been asked to produce my driving licence to them. Had 3 claims on insurance and still not once have i produced my licence. All a thai needs is an ID card and copy of user and house book. Address on licence is nothing mine was wrong for 4 years never a problem.
  14. why do they want to burn everything

    Who cares not I. Burn away i do
  15. Arriving is Official

    Pretty sure we know all this plus your wrong on TM28. Buy your point Is?