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  1. New lottery tickets for September 1 draw

    6 million prize as before only one ticket
  2. Dont get me wrong here your supposed to have a number i belive but !! I get the person who is after the cor to grease the wheel.
  3. TM 30 requirements

    As i said give them one of booking .com then just go find one.
  4. Dont need one walk to cor desk and ask the lady. No problem. She is always obliging.
  5. Government Lotto, a mystery to me. Please explain.....

    1. Any outlets or Street sellers 2.by matching all or some of the numbers on your ticket on the day of that draw. 3. 3 mill per ticket so if you bought one you would win 6 mill as they are bought as two top prize then down for 3/2 numbers ect. 4.yes. 5. 2 x a month usualy 1st and 16th. 6. most are but never buy from a seller comming into bars (only passing on what i was told) 7. Officially 80bht per two tckets (they are same numbered ticket . But can be up to 100bht for so called lucky tickets! 8.no idea 9.like what? I buy from tesco lotus vendor usualy buy two tickets all same numbers so if and WHEN i win i will get 12 mill Pic of one ticket. Then of course you have the unofficial one which i wont go into.
  6. Not free as such register at your goverment hospital using the book. You will find you pay thai price to see a quack. KK RAM see a quack 500bht up Goverment hospital 50bht period. Local clinics as stated free for flu jab and if ill they can get you admitted to main hospital a lot quicker. However if you are really ill i wouldnt hesitate to phone an ambulance.
  7. Jontiem are prone to giving out false information and not knowing what can be given inside and what cant. Example COR for opening a bank account. Outside "no they wont do that" inside yes no problem. I dont bother with outside staff now when assisting friends get a COR down there now.
  8. Money

    Mm maybe not as a poor person would not see his circumstances as poor, just normal. I was brought up in a frugel way shall we say. Not a great deal of money in our house. I was happy so were my siblings as we didnt know any other way. Having grown up that way despite schooling and subsequent time spent in HM armed Forces. I am still very frugel with money. Why spend 3000bht on a meal in a restaurant when you can have the same meal and more at home or from street vendors for less than a third of that money. So i still class myself as poor but happy.
  9. So basicaly your cover is worthless if you have drink then have an accident
  10. Money

    Thats if you have a misrable life in the first place!
  11. It does here as well local clinics/small hospital. Guess im lucky as well.
  12. TM 30 requirements

    As possesor of house/condo you rent if your landlord wont do a TM30 and some wont. You can file it with immigration. As for address for TM6 on way in look on booking.com for a hotel in area your staying in and use there address. Once you find accommodation they will report you there anyway
  13. Then OP if you can do it yourself a dam sight cheaper as well given the above info.
  14. TM 30 requirements

    When you return and find a place to stay will it be a hotel? If so they report. If you get a house/apartment/condo landlord is supposed to do TM 30. You would do a TM 28.