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  1. Try taking photos of an official procession here....cannot! Not a good idea to photograph military stuff, either. Museums often have rules against it, too.
  2. They put an ATM right beside the front office for a reason. The street is lined with billboards showing standardized test results, etc., mostly in Thai. Give them a visit. Shuttles 1 and 5 go right through Satit.
  3. Cost of living in BKK would be closer to 3/4 of Virginia....likely more in rural areas. I noticed the working day seems to have increased, also. O730 to 1700? Crazy, more indicators they are childcare facilities.
  4. So now it is the evil 5%...It is growing. My dad worked for a company, whose roots go back to the world's first tractor factory. They made a lot of money selling productivity machinery to people that made money and created a stable food supply. Then came the computer. The development of cheap computers and their networks have done more for the poor, than all the NGOs ever have, combined. If you have spent any time around here at all, you know what a bunch of useless fatcat bureaucrats the NGOs are, and about 98% of the missionaries....helping themselves move up the nonprofit ladder. Value is added and created, maybe that is why it is called value added tax, and not stolen value tax.
  5. If they have cold beer, I might consider it.
  6. What that means is people defecate on your doorstep. Maybe tolerant SF should take back OJ, who was born there, and send Nancy Polosi back to a tolerant all white neighborhood, of course.
  7. That was quite a diatribe, but I was actually quoting the North American standard for softwood. National Institute of Standards American Softwood Lumber Standard (PS 20). Apparently, Canada and Mexico use this standard, too.
  8. The taxi drivers learn it because it makes them money, same with an older profession....most others aren't motivated. Lack of drive and ambition is, Europe, and the US. Employers don't seem to mind low wage workers being lazy. I would rather see the good ones get paid more, and the others sent home.
  9. As Tomster Suskawad, you order from the desk....getting "actual" was a special order at the largest home improvement store on the planet. Yep, no rhyme or need to know the conversion or could easily waste a trip.
  10. I live close by. Very well behaved bunch. A great choice. Bad news is that is was reported here that it takes about 120K to get a seat. It is a boarding school for some, others live close by, and the rest commute. It can be a big log jam up here, especially with CMU. Just plan for it. Yupparaj is OK, too, but not as highly regarded.
  11. You have to differentiate nominal size vs. actual size. A nominal size 2x2, will be 38.1mmx38.1mm.
  12. Cost of living is closer to half, though. And the list continues to grow, of items less expensive. My point was that previously, 40K would have been simply a degreed teacher. Now, it is international school wages. They want BEd, and certification from the States.
  13. I saw an ad for a new "International" school opening in Chiang Mai. How about 40,000? That is half of what my students who were Salvadoran immigrants, were making at McDonald's in Virginia...8 years ago! It is getting bad out there folks. Not a hijacking attempt...just a mini-rant.
  14. A milled 2x2 is going to be more like a 1.75x1.75.
  15. Agreed, and I live by doing those kinds of calcs...I have never bought a tower in my life....pitchers a different story. At club cafe they had bottles of Tigers for 65, large, and people would routinely pay 170 for a one litre jug. I pointed this out...responses were anywhere from don't care to OMG, face palm, why didn't they tell me. One dollar bud longnecks two blocks from the Whitehouse..budlights were would be amazed.