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  1. Another bright investor, from the land of LMP.
  2. No, you were given relevant and good answers to your question, which sounded more like an 8 year old confessing to pissing his pants. I even gave you the specific Civil code to look at. Most of the respondents have lived here for years, and likely done business with the Land Offices. No one claims to be a Thai Solicitor, which is what you need, if you can't get a Thai speaker and work it out over some scotch and somtam.
  3. Yes, it will save a bundle if you come to an agreement outside of court. I wouldn't call it a land dispute, as there is no dispute over who owns the land. The question is what will be fair compensation to the subservient, and what guarantees does he have that you will repair the road and other damages. Right of ways have huge impact on the value of land. It needed to be addressed before hand. Road frontage is always a big buzzword.
  4. You would need to obtain an easement to access your property. Find a real estate lawyer. A friend's wall encroached on the neighbors prop by about 90cm...for 100m....cost him 1.5 million to buy that sliver of land and all the legal work. How wide is the existing Rd.? Something is fishy, or somebody didn't do their diligence. Read: Section 1387 of the Civil and Commercial Code. They use the word Servitude.
  5. Baiting the Prosecutor's Office while your case is still open is worse than political suicide. Lee Aldhouse will be glad to have a new prison partner. Arrest, sentence, deport, ban.....I bet Mr. Vegan will be more than happy to get his milk powder from the British Consular Officer.
  6. Maybe if you go take a beating from the goons and post it on FB,they will be forced to close. I know some musicians that play up there, and they will be the first to tell you drink prices are a ripoff, and they don't drink while playing there. Noise issues are everywhere. I would rather hear bar noise than dog packs.
  7. Maybe if you were more specific you would get much better answers, or at least give us some laughs. Encroachment, noise, toxicity, illegal activities...all handled by different places. If you have a usufruct that was made to skirt Thai laws on foreign land ownership, then you could be the one with pompom.
  8. I have ten more years before Medicare, which still isn't free, at all, but beats the heck out of what same age persons have here especially if you are talking cancer drugs. I will move back to the States by then, but there could be a voucher system in place like Romney presented in 2012. It would save billions and the Thais would start offering compatible plans. As it stands, it is costing about 45000 THB per person, per month on Medicare...twice the Thai GDP. Most would take 30k per month to waive their right to treatment in the US, and I think the Thais would come up with some good plans to take: our money and care of us. For those, who have become stateless, look in the mirror if you want to see who to blame. Maybe a trip to the camps for the stateless on the Burma border would have taught you. I have sure learned from you to not make the same bad choices. I know it varies by country of origin, but the time I spend to maintain my address, us accounts, voting registration, and income taxes are relatively minimal. I make comments about the Hard way Club, and often the stateless are its charter members.
  9. I don't recall any people losing money in banks, either. Everything, to the trashpackers in CM....that would amount to a smart phone, a pair of flip-flops, a man purse, and some Shiite stained circus pants. But, their online stores are "killing it."
  10. It is just indicative of the dirty people that come here without insurance, and do everything but staying off the radar. One of thosenutjobs breastfeeds her fifteen year old while in line to enter a movie theatre.
  11. Was that the lady, who went around breast feeding her eight year old, in very public inappropriate places, to dare people to tell her she is disgusting?
  12. Homeland Security said it was actually a good thing. Back channel diplomacy is older than fire. Disgruntled political appointees that were canned and now rent in Dale City aren't hard to find. But, they need to realize that conversations that took place in December were extremely unlikely to have had an impact on the November 8 election. Trump impeachment bets: Some of the Lefties need to put their money where their mouths are.
  13. I know a farang woman, who not only spends 150k per month; she can stop a freight train with a pair of circus pants...just the sight of her wearing them.
  14. Would like to hear how the experts here changed their investment strategies after 8-11. Were they like Buffet and made huge bets on the Trump Economy? The !EFT forced the banks to loan to those not credit worthy. It worked until the music stopped. Obama led the slowest recession recovery in history, while amassing a debt equal to all of US History. People got chased out of the workforce and the unemployment rate dropped. Let's take the thirty year old kids living in the basement out to McDonalds to celebrate, and they can visit their few employed friends working there. Take Texas out of the equation and the recovery looks a lot more like a flat line. The current generation of young adults are worse off than their predecessors for the first time ever. Thank you, Barry Soweto.
  15. June 12 will be the 30th anniversary of "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.". I am sure the Lefties will be celebrating with hot dogs and Michael Moore movies. Likely all they can afford if they did like their idol Soros, who lost a billion betting against the us markets after Hillary's political death. S&P up 7 days straight..first time in four years. Warren must be happy, he put 12 billion in while proudly proclaiming his allegiance to the Left.