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  1. Generally, they become smart enough to not work for peanuts and jump through bureaucratic hoops like a circus animal. Usually, a few fleeing justice in the West will apply.
  2. got the right idea...might as well live out there for less and avoid the traffic. Avoid all the wanquers around KSK, etc..plenty of good shopping out there. Nothing notable to miss anymore in the old city, LK, or otherwise.
  3. Unless you are on white, blue, yellow, and I think maroon....all on fixed routes. The only one I had trouble with was yellow...first year uni girls kept trying to get my mobile number.
  4. I think you could get a smaller TH IN sanpatong for less than 5000...take yellow out there and look. Sanpatong seems to be the red headed stepson of CM... start talking about dog meat, cock fighting, moonshining, polygamy, etc..and Sanpatong will frequently be mentioned. Probably nicer than most of Sansai. Seen some townhomes in need of work for under 200k on the KTB website. Why not just a studio? Some cheap apartments around Dognbone....or try around HD market.
  5. I worked for Vandora in Vietnam. The 15.3% just covers you Social Security contributions...American you a will owe it. Income Tax liabilities will be extra. If you are from California, and still get mail there, have family there, stuff in storage, showing that you will return....they will be looking for their money, too, and will not hesitate to levy your WFC or BAC account if you have been dodging them.
  6. I have a BBA and good understanding of teaching contracts. When illness results in losing more than the missed class; that is one sided. Many are surprised to learn about the 15.3% employment tax they will owe the US Government. Are you non NES?
  7. China has their sole gateway, so that cuts speeds in half, just about. What else I don't like about the Chinese companies is that the contracts seem to be very one sided. You will be the one most accountable for the work, and the last one to get paid. They are big on the edutainer thing...which you will be familiar with. Also, they will always be overly critical of your work, and might even get the parents to pile on....nothing is ever the fault of the student. Likely, better than teaching here. If you are discrete at all, I see no trouble with Immigration. There are countless people out listing their tutoring services on FB and a I doubt a single one is truly legal. They would also be much easier picking for a sting...just like the people at the work spaces. Sure doesn't give you the right to live here on visa runs, though.
  8. A valid point. As a result of the crackdowns on bars on the perimeter of CMU, they closed a dive down next to my building on a sub-soi. I felt much, much safer walking through there after midnight with the bar open...very well lit, and always some customers. Not anymore.
  9. Well stated. When I did it from 39, my date asked if she could get dropped off deep into Ekhami on the way to the airport...and I thought it would cost me a good bit extra...but it was very dire t and still under 200 to the Swamp. But, after spending three days on Sukhumvit last week, I will not likely be there again for a very long time...just that disappointing. Would likely visit Pattaya before least they post their beer prices.
  10. I would actually like to see people take responsibility for their own actions as opposed to paying sky high taxes for others' malfeasance. People lose money betting on EPL.....ban it. People run up credit card debt at shopping malls...outlaw them. BTW, you could go to YouTube and find roadrage videos from even the biggest nanny states.
  11. CIMB SPEED SAVINGS PREFERRED......Visa debit interbank fee no inter province fees...unlimited, at ATM. most banks take 50 THB for a counter withdrawal, but since it isn't itemized, many think it is free; it is not. Get actually get the visa rate for 20050 in your currency on your statement, and are handed 20000.
  12. Should they be blamed for alcohol abuse, too? And KFC made illegal to fight obesity? I smell a nanny state resident, I think.
  13. Main road..flag...say meter airport....tollway probably not necessary..but could vary. People who use the front desk are fools..!even if you have to walk 200 m to main road....ones moving are less likely to be ripoffs...I did it in 2012 at 4am from suk 39 and it was 198...I tipped 40...all good.
  14. 40 for a large is a high price?
  15. Might as well compare it to horse is apples and oranges. I made 5% on Yum about two hours. Not guaranteed and won't get you an extension, though...and they don't deliver to CM, or even give you an ATM card.