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  1. CP FreshMart. A few hundred branches across Thailand.
  2. Oxx

    Ear drops to remove wax

    Yet according to another source, it's Carbamide Peroxide. https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-60895/dewax-carbamide-peroxide-otic-ear/details Docusate is a laxative/stool softener.
  3. Just received notification from Nationwide Building Society that: It's not that long ago that the fee was 0%. And, of course, this is on top of the £1 fixed fee for using a foreign ATM (plus the outrageous charges of the Thai banks on top of that). So, suppose I withdraw the equivalent of £100 in Thailand, after Nationwide fees, that's £96.25. Convert to THB, that's 4189 baht (using VISA's current published rate of 43.53). Deduct the 220 baht Thai ATM fee, and you actually get 3970 baht.
  4. Oxx

    Ear drops to remove wax

    Just buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from any pharmacy. Far cheaper than fancy branded products in tiny bottles. (Peroxide is the active ingredient of both Earex and DeWAX.)
  5. Oxx

    Usage of alphabet ห

    ฉัน - I ที่ - who เคย - has been accustomed to/once โดน - [forms passive] ทำร้าย - to do harm มา - to come So, "I who am accustomed to receiving harm" or "I who once received harm ".
  6. Oxx

    Usage of alphabet ห

    Not quite. First syllable กระ /krà/ The irregularity is with the second syllable. ทร can sometimes be low class /s/ (rather than /thr/). Hence /suaŋ/. Put it together, /kràˑsuaŋ/.
  7. Oxx

    Usage of alphabet ห

    Yes, correct.
  8. I deliberately don't want to knock Trump since that's a distraction from the topic. However, there is definitely massive uncertainty when America starts a major trade war with China, Europe, Mexico and Canada &c.. Only a fool or a troll would think otherwise.
  9. Oxx

    Usage of alphabet ห

    Indeed you are. Since we're talking about the word สนาม /saˑnǎam/ the first consonant of the second syllable is น, i.e. a sonorant, so the tone of the second syllable "นาม" is determined by the class of "ส", so "นาม" is treated as starting with a high class consonant. Hence rising tone.
  10. Oxx

    Usage of alphabet ห

    That's covered by http://thai-notes.com/reading/lesson27.shtml However, in short, where a word starts with a consonant cluster which can not be pronounced in Thai a vowel must be inserted between the consonants. Usually that vowel is an unstressed /a/ (mid tone, no glottal stop). If the first consonant of the second syllable is one of the sonorants ง, น, ม, ย, ร, ล or ว, the tone of the second syllable is determined by the class of the initial consonant. In your example, สนาม, the initial consonant is high class and the first consonant of the second syllable is a sonorant, so the pronunciation is /saˑnǎam/.
  11. I notice that the price of gold in USD is down 9% over the last quarter. I thought that at times of uncertainty the price of gold was supposed to go up. And having Trump as president must surely count as major uncertainty. Can anyone explain why gold isn't doing what it's supposed to? (Please, no discussion of the merits of gold as an investment. That's been covered many times before.)
  12. On Saturday I went hunting for a new mattress. The department store offered multiple discounts on discounts and the price came down substantially (well over half). However, I wanted to check with another department store. On Monday I went to the second department store, and the couldn't match the first's price, so it was back to the first. When I went to place an order, the price had increased. Apparently one of the discounts at 12% was only available at weekends, and as it was Monday, the discount was 10%. I asked them to honour the original quote, and after the assistant checked with someone higher up, the answer was "no". After much humming and hawing, the higher up came up with a solution: I should order the mattress at the higher price, then come back on Saturday to cancel the order and reorder at the lower price originally quoted. (Because of the original order, the manufacturer would start making the mattress, so there'd be no additional delay for delivery.) Wouldn't it just have been simpler for all concerned to let me buy at the originally quoted price? And is "variable discounts" according to day of the week a common practice in Thailand? I've not encountered it before.
  13. You understand correctly. The immigration officer and her boss on the day took a very strict view of the requirement that the money be continuously in a bank account. The "continuously" wording I suspect was originally intended to stop people immediately withdrawing the money after the visa/extension is granted. To be honest, the "make a new application" option didn't occur to me under the stress of the refusal. The "seasoning" requirement for a retirement visa/extension of stay has, in my experience, been a bit flexible. On one occasion (whilst on a retirement extension of stay) I mistakenly had a fixed deposit mature during the seasoning period, money which I immediately reinvested with the same bank. This was spotted by an immigration officer, but wasn't an issue. I presume the same flexibility was used when I was initially switched to a retirement extension of stay.
  14. Chaengwattana. Incidentally, there had been pressure the previous year to get me off an investment visa onto a retirement visa the previous year. I'm guessing it's policy (or at least was a few years ago).
  15. With most banks here fixed deposits get rolled over to a 3 month fixed deposit with pretty poor interest rates. For me, I arranged for the deposits to be transferred to my savings account upon maturity, and then reinvested in a 3 year (or similar) fixed deposit.