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  1. Specifically the reading book. Also good is Smyth's Thai An Essential Grammar, the first edition of which is available as a free PDF download on the Internet.
  2. More like sheer technical incompetence. Who in this day and age would develop a website that only worked with Internet Explorer when even Microsoft itself had ditched it for Edge? And if you actually look at the client side code, it's horrendous.
  3. Not really. Frozen stuffed pancakes. Horrible, cardboard frozen pizzas. Nothing else AFAIK - at least at my local Big C. The fresh imported Casino stuff is a bit better, with a small range of edible charcuterie and cheeses.
  4. A tad optimistic with "50%". At TOPS Mexican Casserole is 259 baht, Vegetable Pot Pie is 199 baht. Full range at http://www.tops.co.th/search?q=amys&dept=&brand=&page=1
  5. That very much depends upon the severity of the condition, and the country you're in. American doctors (and consequently their patients) seem obsessed with getting everyone to test their blood sugar levels frequently. Others (particularly if the condition is mild) are happy with HbA1c and fasting sugar testing every few weeks. If both tests come back with good results, more regular testing simply is unnecessary.
  6. For smaller amounts, an online currency broker is almost certainly going to be most cost effective since charging is typically % based, rather than a fixed fee. One such broker registered by the FCA is HiFX. They support transfers to Thailand. https://www.hifx.co.uk/ There are quite a few similar brokers.
  7. Fail! Teachers use testing to establish what students do and don't understand. This enables them to tailor their teaching to the students needs - not teaching things the student already understands, reteaching things the student hasn't grasped. It also provides a baseline so the teacher can see how much each student improves over the course of a term.
  8. I'm sure you think this is an amusing anecdote. I, however, see it as unacceptable child abuse. It is never appropriate to hit a child on the head. And the teacher laughing inside at the child abuse is clearly unfit to teach.
  9. It all rather depends upon what the family name is. There are plenty of thick, spoilt rich kids across the globe who are hopelessly unemployable but feel extremely good about themselves and live lives of luxury unimaginable for the ordinary kids who studied hard and got good results.
  10. Because they can. They may not entitled to receive state benefits, but they can still receive some contribution-based benefits such as unemployment benefits, maternity pay and pensions. Economic migrants claiming refugee status will, of course, get a whole slew of benefits.
  11. Written by a 25 year old ex-child actor. http://www.investasian.com/reid-kirchenbauer/ Rarely have I come across such an undeniably reliable source of investment advice. (Bit surprised he didn't mention the rampant corruption in the country, though. According to Transparency International it's the most corrupt country in ASEAN, and that's saying something.)
  12. Not always. However, they are disposed of in spiritually significant places. The ones at the side of the road are usually under a Sacred Fig tree (Ficus Religiosa) growing there.
  13. Religions often syncretise older belief systems. So, for example, early Christians adopted a pagan feast day for the date of Christmas. Much of the Koran is a mash up of earlier Jewish and Christian scripture. And Allah himself is a co-opted pagan moon good. I suspect it's easier for a religion to spread if it's not openly opposed to older and cherished beliefs. In the case of Buddhism, this syncretisation is perhaps most obvious in Burma where "nats" (animistic spirits) are widely worshipped in Buddhist temples. King Anawrahta of Bagan (11th century) tried to ban nat worship, and failed, so he formally incorporated nats into the local Buddhist tradition, making them subservient to Śakra (a Buddhist deity) and representing them worshipping the Lord Buddha.
  14. In "Survey for Bat Lyssaviruses, Thailand", "No serum samples had evidence of neutralizing antibodies when tested against rabies virus." https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/11/2/04-0691_article "Small rodents like squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chipmunks, rats, and mice) and lagomorphs including rabbits and hares are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to transmit rabies to humans." https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/exposure/animals/other.html So, no. It's really only the dogs that need to be dealt with for rabies.
  15. If one gets a house extension it's necessary to get a second spirit house. Not necessarily sceptical, but some owners aren't willing to take on the big commitment that maintaining a spirit house entails.