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  1. OK, so the report's just over a year old, but I doubt whether 15 has jumped to 1,200 in a mere 12 months. http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/jake-mastroianni-behind-bars-for-possessing-ecstasy-pills-in-thailand/news-story/888cd2a65299004b455d4358dc50f1af
  2. Entire body hurting.

    If I weren't infertile and a doctor wanted a sample of my semen I'd accuse him of being a pervert. Did he also want to perform a deep and probing prostate examination? Perhaps you meant "serum"?
  3. For comparison, there were 752 imprisoned in the UK, and 15,316 worldwide (2014 figures). Nigeria and Thailand have a Prisoner Transfer Agreement (PTA), so about 400 Nigerian prisoners have been transferred back to the cess pit from which they came since 2008. (Again 2014 figures.) https://www.naij.com/54503.html
  4. Not really sure that's something to boast about. If you'd had a more successful life you could have retired a decade or two earlier and enjoyed the fruits of your labour or enterprise. Your're also possibly being selfish, blocking jobs that a younger generation so desperately needs.
  5. In which case, going home won't improve his life. Actually, it probably would. I don't know his nationality, but if he were British, (a) his state pension (when eventually he receives it) would be inflation linked, (b) he wouldn't be subject to exchange rate fluctuations on his pension income, (c) all his medical costs would be covered by the state. Other nationalities have similar advantages.
  6. And if you do have a "beer pocket" there's a pretty good chance you'll end up in dire straits, what with inflation, exchange rate fluctuations, uninsurable medical costs, &c., even without investing in a beer bar or being ripped off by your wife/girlfriend.
  7. Parsley in Thailand

    Yes. Upmarket supermarkets here stock curly parsley, just the same as in the West. I've even seen it in Big C on occasion. Flat leaf parsley is also sometimes available in Villa and (to my palate) tastes superior. However, it comes in tiny little packets and works out quite expensive. I think the brand is "Hua Hin Fresh".
  8. Reminds me of another old joke: Three professors from Oxford University were sunbathing on a nudist beach. One of them spots the university Vice Chancellor approaching in the distance. The professor of Greek grabs his towel and wraps in around his waist. The professor of Latin does the same. However, the third professor wraps the towel around his head. After the Vice Chancellor has passed, the professor of Greek asks the third professor why he didn't wrap the towel around his waist. The professor of Logic replied that normally he was recognised by his face, not his external genitalia.
  9. Start taking potassium bromide regularly. It'll save you a lot of money and should help with the bank balance.
  10. I'm not sure why you'd want to do this. Contraceptive pills are readily available at any pharmacy in Thailand without prescription and are very cheap. (Unless, perhaps you're getting them free?) Anyway, it would be illegal to bring in such a large supply. However, you are most unlikely to have any problem with customs, even if you are stopped and searched (an exceedingly rare occurrence if you're decently dressed, behave modestly, are white*, and aren't coming from a "dodgy" country). * Yes, it's facial profiling, but that's just how things are here.
  11. Italians eating America's perversion of their cuisine for the first time:
  12. When you write "raw noodles" it sounds like you've bought "instant cook" lasagna sheets. They're either part cooked already, or have lots of little holes in them to make the liquid penetrate faster. Provided you put it into an already hot oven and the sauce is sufficiently liquid, the lasagna will be ready in about 45 minutes, though let it stand for a further 10-15 minutes to settle. Not sure why you need ricotta (and certainly not cottage cheese, which isn't even an Italian ingredient). What's wrong with ragù, bechamel and grana padano. You know, like the Italians do?
  13. Vegan Food.

    No, it's not. But at least it's not incurable.
  14. price of gold

    Not as an investment. It'll be sold to pay my funeral expenses and to keep my partner going until he has access to my bank accounts and investments.
  15. Vegan Food.

    Perhaps they meant the chickens were vegan, having been raised on a healthy diet of free range quinoa and cruelty-free tofu?