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  1. It appears that Bermuda, which started to allow gay marriage earlier this year, is reverting to narrow-minded, religious dogmatism and wants to re-ban it. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/11/03/bermuda-is-trying-to-ban-same-sex-marriage-again-months-after-first-weddings/ Two steps forward, one step back. Of course, when will Thailand allow gay marriage, or even allow foreign embassies to marry/civil partnership same sex people? It's not as if the country has the burden of Christian or Islamic bigotry.
  2. Frown as much as you want, but this was probably a purely economic decision. There is only going to be a small handful of non-Thai speakers living in Thailand interested in this IPO. The ones capable of putting in a lot of money will have no issue with getting their Thai staff to review the documentation for them. However, it simply not worth the candle for companies to provide small players with English versions of their (voluminous) IPO documentation.
  3. Jerusalem is sacred to Moslems. And the Palestinians want it to be the capital of their wished-for country. That's why they're protesting. Originally Mohammed tried to persuade Jews to adopt him as one of their prophets. (You may recall that he had all the men and youths of the Banu Qurayza Jewish tribe slaughtered - several hundred of them - because they refused to accept him as such.) As part of his strategy he ordered his followers to pray towards Jerusalem, thinking this would convince the Jews to accept him. This failed, the Jews recognising for what he really was, so he changed the direction of prayer to Mecca. It remains that Jerusalem is important to Moslems, and for it to be declared the capital of a Jewish country which they would like to be wiped off the face of the earth along with all the Jews, is a contentious issue. Let's remember the Islamic scriptures (hadith) "The Hour will not begin until you fight the Jews, until a Jew will hide behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will say: ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allah, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him'".
  4. Clearly you haven't ever read the Koran. For Jews and Christians there is a third option: pay jizya (an annual tax on non-Moslems living in Moslem lands).
  5. Amazon Echo and Thailand

    Amazon has announced it's launching Echo devices in Thailand, so things should become easier. https://www.geekwire.com/2017/amazon-bringing-echo-alexa-80-additional-countries-major-global-expansion/
  6. Based upon the following chart, trading volumes for Bitcoin plummeted some time in January of this year and haven't recovered. Can anyone explain why? https://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/2y?c=e&t=b This leads me to think that the recent astonishing rises in valuation are simply caused by a lack of liquidity forcing up the price. When (or if) liquidity is restored, I suspect the valuation will come down, perhaps as fast as it went up.
  7. Why quote the 1* places without mentioning the 2* ones? Weird.
  8. Polenta

    Villa sells "proper" polenta. Gourmet Market (and probably Freshmart) sells "instant" polenta which isn't very nice.
  9. Trustnet Direct is moving all its clients to Interactive Investors. The change requires a UK mobile 'phone number to confirm things such as setting up a password for the new system - Thai 'phone numbers are rejected. I really don't want to be locked out of my account. So, is there any way to get a UK mobile 'phone number and have any messages sent to it forwarded on by, say, email? Or can anyone think of any other solution? (The change takes place next weekend, so Trustnet really haven't given its clients a lot of time to sort this sort of thing out.)
  10. Dengue vaccination

    "Philipines prepared for 'worst-case scenario' after 733,000 given dengue vaccine that could worsen disease" http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/philippines-dengue-fever-vaccine-children-immunisation-dengvaxia-sanofi-pasteur-a8088561.html
  11. Just as I thought there'd been no change in the price of spirits, I noticed that Villa has upped its prices for GIlbey's gin and vodka. 1 litre gin was 499 baht, but now it's 504 baht. 70 cl vodka was either 394 or 399, but now is 413. 1 litre vodka, however, is still (for the moment at least) 499 baht.
  12. Jardiance

    But are unlikely to carry a modern, expensive drug.
  13. Jardiance

    Yes, it's available here, but only on prescription, which means you'll have to buy it at a high price after paying for a consultation.
  14. Ridiculous. Convert to Islam. Problem solved. One invisible sky wizard is much like the next. And aren't "Allah" and the Christian "God" supposed to be the same thing? If you're stupid enough to believe in one, you're stupid enough to believe in the other. Does it really matter if you take the day off on Friday or Sunday?