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  1. To buy an ETF in Thailand you'll need to open an account with a brokerage firm. I recently posted a list of brokerage firms in Thailand. Check my previous postings. Easier for you if you already have a relationship with Krung Sri would be to buy a fund such as KFENSET50. The fees are 0.9129%/year. Still steep (and ludicrous for an index fund), but TIT.
  2. Krung Sri recommends a Krung Sri fund. Now there's a surprise. Annual charges 2.3476%. Back away, quickly. Source of charges: https://www.krungsriasset.com/DataWeb/AYFWeb/en/pdf/FFS_KFSDIV_EN.pdf?rnd=20181021081323
  3. Oxx

    Good roast dinner in Sathorn/silom?

    Brockwurst? Is that Bockwurst made with broccolli? Or possibly with badger (brock)? Really can't imagine too many people would be into that .
  4. Oxx

    Good roast dinner in Sathorn/silom?

    Not the Sathorn area, but The Huntsman at the Landmark Hotel had been known to do a good Sunday roast lunch.
  5. Oxx

    QC Opinion on Domicile [UK]

    Have a read of https://www.sovereigngroup.com/our-services/sovereign-personal-wealth/case-study-3-personal/ You might then understand a bit better.
  6. Yes, it's available. However, it's "prescription only", so you'll only be able to get it from a hospital pharmacy after seeing a doctor. It's going to be expensive (a) because it's imported, and (b) because it's from a hospital. There's no generic version here.
  7. Oxx

    QC Opinion on Domicile [UK]

    Sorry, but you clearly don't understand the situation. Only the opinion of a QC will prevent HMRC claiming I'm UK domiciled upon my demise. It's an expensive route, but avoids far greater expense post mortem. (HMRC will not give me its opinion upon my domicile pre mortem. I know, I've tried.)
  8. Oxx

    QC Opinion on Domicile [UK]

    Thanks, but the portal wasn't much help. Searching for "domicile" brought up three individuals, none of whom was a QC. No point using a solicitor which would only add to the costs, assuming I can't identify a suitable QC myself.
  9. Oxx

    QC Opinion on Domicile [UK]

    Actually, it's not. And getting a QC's opinion is the only way for typical expats to determine it before death. You may be confusing "domicile" with "residence".
  10. Has anyone got any experience of getting a QC's opinion on whether they are still UK domiciled or not? I know it won't be cheap, but how much? And how did you go about finding a suitable QC? Thanks.
  11. Oxx

    Statins / Ketogenic diet

    I think you may be confused. Statins are prescribed for high cholesterol levels - not high blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar level is high, but just within the normal range. Given your age, medication is probably unnecessary, as is an extreme diet. Perhaps just cut back a bit on the carbohydrates and eat more vegetables.
  12. The stats are in the articles I linked to. And of course it works "more often than not" - markets go up more often than not. Quod erat demonstrandum. And it doesn't really matter that much if there's a major "down". Markets are surprisingly resilient and bounce back quickly. Even with the crash of 1939, when markets lost over 80%, it only took a bit over four years for the markets fully to recover. https://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/26/your-money/stocks-and-bonds/26stra.html
  13. It's really a simple matter of logic. On average, markets go up. If you put your money in all at once you get all the "up"; if you drip feed it in you only get part of the "up". It won't work every time, but it will work far more often than not. (One could add that often stocks pay dividends higher than bank interest rates, so that's another plus for not drip feeding.)
  14. What does that mean? Not doing 90 day reporting? Or not submitting TM.30 (which is not required by Bangkok immigration, but was still used in the case of the woman complaining about the noise from a nearby temple)?
  15. A fund has a expert managers who can (one hopes) avoid the dodgiest stocks. An actively managed fund doesn't attempt to match the SET, but to outperform. All the funds I mentioned in my first posting have consistently outperformed the SET for years (after fees). You still get dividends from funds (that is, if you want to - some funds will automatically reinvest the dividends for you). And, to be honest, I don't have the time to research hundreds of Thai stocks (where most of the documentation is in Thai) to pick the couple of dozen that I think are good. And let's not forget that the SET is a snake pit of corruption when it comes to stocks. Many are run for the benefits of a single family and its associates - not for the general good of stockholders.