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  1. The offensive bit is that you suggested he was prostituting himself, though there's been no suggestion of this in the media. Surely you're not so cynical as to think that a young man can't fall in love with an older one, and that it has to be all about cold, hard cash.
  2. Do you have a shred of evidence for that? Or is that totally unwarranted (and, quite frankly, offensive) speculation?
  3. They shouldn't have your respect. The respellings are a consequence of virulent Hindu nationalism trampling roughshod over local traditions and pronunciation.
  4. Of course, there is an official standard for transcription of Thai into the Latin alphabet, the RTGS (Royal Thai General System of Transcription). If only the sign makers would use it, rather than inventing their own transcriptions.
  5. Nonsense. They went to enormous lengths to find the real truth by tapping people's phones.
  6. It does, however, seem illogical. The start point of the money is a UK bank account, so the identity of the sender is known. The end point of the money is a Thai bank account, so the identity of the recipient is known. Bangkok Bank only acts as as an intermediary. This really is little different from a SWIFT transfer where an intermediary bank is used - and the intermediary bank doesn't require this sort of documentation. (At least, not yet. Perhaps it's coming.) And AFAIK, other, Internet-based money transfer services don't require the same upfront documentation.
  7. Credit card is difficult for most foreigners living here. Bangkok Bank was eager to give me a debit card. Krung Sri required a bit of prompting. As for costs, they're pretty much equal. Broadly speaking, Bangkok Bank is more foreign-friendly, but Krung Sri is pretty good.
  8. I already have an account with them. However, they don't offer the quick, easy way of transferring funds that Bangkok Bank did until recently.
  9. It appears that Bangkok Bank has changed its procedure for "cheap" transfers via BACS and that one now has to pre-register before using the service. PITA. Waiting to hear from them the details of what evidence is required for registration. (Trust a Thai organisation to take something that was simple and worked well and turn it into a bureaucratic nuisance.)
  10. OP, you could try https://www.soidog.org/ However, they are severely stretched and may not be able to help.
  11. They work, but the texture is rather different and they are a bit on the thin side. A poor substitute in my opinion.
  12. No. This is simply ass-covering by the manufacturer. The vaccine was only tested on young people during development, so they have no evidence that it is effective in the more elderly. However, from a scientific point of view, there is no reason to think that there aren't benefits from it for those in an older age range.
  13. The most notable exception is that of Mary Haas. For example, for รับประทาน we have usage (Elegant) and the common synonym, กิน. Available online at http://www.sealang.net/thai/dictionary.htm
  14. They don't publish their rates, but I can assure you they're dreadful (based upon bitter experience - something like 1 baht/pound less). Only for the tiniest amount will you be better off sending in Baht.
  15. Emerging Trend Advisors are at it again. Banner ad stating "13% Guaranteed Returns". Click through, and it goes to "THE PALACE INVESTMENTS FIT FOR ROYALTY UP TO 10% GUARANTEED PER YEAR". Quite a difference between 13% and "up to 10%". Had not a single representative of the business read these postings and seen fit to provide some clarification about their decidedly dodgy advertising and claims? And has no one in authority at Thai Visa noticed that this is a company of the dodgiest kind that probably shouldn't be allowed to scam promote here?