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  1. Nam Ao Dam, which was under construction, burst earlier this month. Report at http://www.hydroworld.com/articles/2017/09/nam-ao-dam-in-laos-burst-last-week.html
  2. Bangkok Airways is a full-service airline.
  3. "Knorr" powder,what is it.

    Chicken Knorr: salt, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, chicken fat, hydrolyzed soy/corn protein, dehydrated mechanically separated cooked chicken, dehydrated chicken meat, dehydrated chicken broth, autolyzed yeast extract, dehydrated onions & parsley, lactose, water, colour, spices & spice extract, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, citric acid, tartaric acid, hydrogenated soybean oil and sulphites. Yummy!
  4. It's not available in Thailand and AFAIK is only available in America for participants in clinical trials.
  5. http://www.moneyobserver.com/news/13-09-2017/state-pension-increases-will-continue-uk-citizens-living-eu Or you could have spent 10 seconds using Google.
  6. This doesn't apply to British nationals. The Embassy does nothing for them. The death can be (optionally) registered with the Foreign and Commonowealth Office in London. The fee is GBP 225 including postage and one copy of the death registration certificate. See https://www.gov.uk/register-a-death/y/overseas/thailand/same_country
  7. Help writing a birthday card in Thai

    Happy Birthday = สุขสันต์วันเกิด I hope you like your presents = ผมหวังว่าเธอจะชอบของขวัญ I love you = ผมรักเธอ อภิชญา = Apichayaa. Seems reasonable.
  8. Wow! It's only been since 1999 that individuals have been able to invest in stocks and shares in an ISA. And before that there were PEPs, which also allowed investing in equities. Perhaps you've been in a coma for a couple of decades?
  9. It wasn't the guy who wrote the article - the original article is in Thai and doesn't have a pun in the headline. I presume it's some wit in the Thaivisa news team that created the headline.
  10. This would only be true if (a) all the income for companies in the FTSE 100 (which is what I presume is meant here) originated overseas, and (b) there was no hedging of FX risk. The impact on conventional bond values will be more dramatic. The amount of the fall depends upon the time to maturity of the bond (technically, the duration). Bonds with a short time to maturity will typically be less affected than those with a long time to maturity.
  11. SiiNet IP address changes every 15 mins

    Getting a new router will do nothing for you. Your IP address is being provided by DHCP meaning that it's not permanent. (This allows the service provider to purchase fewer IP addresses and share them out only to active users. Admittedly, changing IP address every 15 minutes is a little extreme. It also makes it difficult for people to host webservers (which might generate a lot of traffic) themselves.) You could upgrade your Internet package to one which includes a static/fixed IP address. Or I think you could possibly use a VPN for the troublesome sites. The easiest way to check this out would be to install the Developer version of the Opera browser. That's what I'd do first.
  12. Half a day is optimistic. But then, whilst your time may be worthless, I can assure you, mine is not.
  13. As soon as that? I was expecting to have to wait a lot longer.
  14. One factor is having to spend most of the day hanging around every 5 years to renew, including the mandatory watching of a tedious video.