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  1. Correct tones in สุมาลี

    low, mid, mid
  2. Handwriting samples

    Starting from printed characters is a dreadful idea since the handwritten forms of a number of characters are very different. The reading course at http://thai-notes.com includes writing worksheets which use a hand writing font for you to trace and then copy. http://thai-notes.com/reading/index.shtml
  3. Sorry I made it too difficult for you. As mentioned, this is the email sent out at around 3:30 p.m.. The specific topic is the very first one in the section "FEATURED FORUM THREADS". It has the title "Vejthani Hospital becomes one of the most certified hospitals by Joint Commission International, USA" which is exactly the title I used when starting this topic. The link is to
  4. Why in the recent email (around 3:30 p.m.) is this marked as "Forum", not "Ad"? I wasted a whole 30 seconds of my life clicking on the link. And I can't even reply to the advertorial pointing out some of the serious shortcomings of the hospital - so bad that I've vowed never to use it again. In the approximate area Samitivej Srinakarin is way, way better in my opinion. I even rate Synphaet above it.
  5. High blood pressure

    Stop demonising MSG. There is no hard scientific evidence that MSG causes any side effects. It's a natural compound found in many foods such as Parmesan and Roquefort cheeses, seaweeds, Marmite, mushrooms, miso paste, anchovies, ham, sardines, grape juice, kimchee, tomatoes, clams, peas, oysters, squid and sweetcorn, to mention just a few. Your father may have had an adverse response to some other ingredient of Chinese food, but it most certainly wasn't to MSG. People shouldn't deprive themselves of something that makes food taste great simply because some scientifically ignorant nutters have decided (in the absence of all evidence) that it's not good for you.
  6. Kee Mao

    No it doesn't. There's no potty mouth involved. There are lots of similar expressions using khîi which don't involve coprolalia, e.g. khîiˑkòp (wood shavings), khîiˑklua (fearful), khîiˑkhaˑmàw (soot). khîi in this context is an idiomatic prefix implying a bad or negative trait.
  7. For someone British and hoping to be deemed non-UK domiciled upon death, so avoiding UK inheritance tax on their worldwide assets, this would be bad advice.
  8. High blood pressure

    That is frankly terrible advice. High blood pressure is referred to as "the silent killer" simply because it is asymptomatic, well, asymptomatic that is until you have a stroke. Strokes are the #3 cause of death in Thailand, after cancer and heart disease.
  9. High blood pressure

    Pathlab is reliable, cheap and has a branch on Lat Phrao. They don't list HBA1c on their website, but they do offer it. Don't think they do blood pressure, though. http://www.pathlab.co.th/index.php?page=Contact_us
  10. High blood pressure

    That would be misguided. Salt has been unfairly demonised. In a recent trial of 2,632 adults, those who consumed less than 2500 mg sodium/day had higher blood pressure than those who consumed more. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317099.php The situation is undoubtedly complex, and genetic factors almost certainly come into play. Just consume a normal and make sure you keep up your potassium (which, putting it non-scientifically, balances the effects of sodium). Perhaps take a couple of bananas daily by mouth.
  11. You'll find all the information you need in: https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/cn/Documents/international-business-support/deloitte-cn-ibs-thailand-tax-invest-en-2017.pdf https://www.pwc.com/th/en/publications/assets/thai-tax-2017-18-booklet-en.pdf
  12. Gold dealers in Thailand didn't get rich by being dumb.
  13. Thailand is not a participant in CRS and so would know nothing about these transactions.
  14. where can i learn to make thai food

    If you're serious: http://blueelephantcookingschool.com/bangkok/ancient-thai-cuisine-cooking-course/ 17,655 baht/person.
  15. Herbal Curry

    "Herbal curries" almost certainly refers to the Northern-style curry "kaeng om" (not to be confused with "kaeng som"). They are aromatic, spicy curries (no coconut milk) with various leaves and herbs. Galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves are pretty standard.