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  1. Putin says Russia has the best prostitutes. Trump should get a few to go. There's Tinder. Who cares who he's screwing. I got my bonus with tax reform. My 401k is up for the year and even bigger for last year. Off to Russia.
  2. Speaking for myself, Thailand has a plus. Like right now, I am shoveling snow that could pull my back and at times using a snow blower that could chop off my fingers. When I worked in Thailand I was on a large companies 'high flyers' expense. Good duty. I am also a Vietnam War veteran with a disability and aside from Medicare I can receive VA healthcare. Speaking for myself, most people, with perseverance, a social network, and a will to live won't do without healthcare in the U.S. I don't claim to speak for anybody else.
  3. Why so defensive and sensitive, is this topic troubling to you. It's a generalization to make a point and not directed specifically to you and you also seem not to have read the article that I linked in my first post. Most people would like to die in their sleep there, here, no matter your healthcare coverage. In Thailand if you require long term healthcare or care for a serious health condition without insurance I would imagine you would need a decent bank account or line of credit. Depending on the extent of these assets, they might expire with no safety net. Beats me there might be other options. One might be a loving spouse. It's your choice. Like all developing countries, it's only a matter of time, Thailand will require healthcare, maybe not in your lifetime,, but at some time. If you are living your dream in Thailand and content with your healthcare coverage, live on, enjoy. Relax, it's better for your heart.
  4. As they say, it always happens to someone else, like illness, until it happens to you. Eat well, exercise, hope for good genes, and before you are out of money, live well, follow your dreams, and hope to unexpectedly die in your sleep. Good luck.
  5. For starters: There are others. Low-Income Subsidy -- Medicare Extra Help Program https://www.ehealthmedicare.com/medicare-part-d-prescription/low-income-subsidy/ The other, hardcare option, you can 't get money, if you have no money. This assumes you are renting, have limited money or assets. The challenge is having a place to live, a supporting social network, and some means of transportation. I live in Metro Boston, not cheap, my place to livel, $421.00. I am not paying $150K. Most people with large assets would want good coverage so they don't lose those assets I suggest, if you want to expat back to the U.S, you motivate yourself as you want to succeed with your goal. This is my case, in reverse, as I am trying to succeed to expat back to Thailand. My challenge is overcoming healthcare options for being over 65 in Thailand.
  6. Thai Health Insurance: Here’s What You Need to Know as an Expat. https://www.thailandstarterkit.com/money/thailand-health-insurance/ I can't attest to the accuracy of this article. However, finding healthcare insurance for someone over 65 would be prohibitively near impossible or expensive. Unless, you had a previous plan that would cover you into old age. That's a huge consideration. If you are young, who cares. Well, everyone will meet the fate of time. In the U.S. while not a perfect system you would have Medicare and the lower your income the better off for you. If you worked most of your life with S.S. and with modest savings and assets there's little reason you can't find a low cost location in the U.S. Being involved in the community would also be helpful. I know, I am living this life. I would love to live in Thailand, been there for many extended times. Though Thailand might be 'a No Country for Old Men'. You would need a exit plan.
  7. Salon, "As research shows, homeless people in their 50’s and 60’s have similar or worse health problems than people in the general population who are in their 70’s and 80’s.". I hope they didn't spend too much money on this research. Homeless people their 50’s and 60’s with worse health problems don't live to their 70’s and 80’s."
  8. Not a guess. Any city sector that hosts Amazon will see increases in property and rental values. Then dozens of 'over priced' boutique restaurants and shops. Congested Traffic. Gentrification that displaces low income and the elderly. If you knew the city, invest in property. If you have property, sell and retire.
  9. A day ago, here and elsewhere, Bannon was a disheveled purple faced bloated drunk. Who knows, other than following the wind in your direction. Regardless, I did think, he had a very good and varied resume and a very smart man. Great schools, a military officer, then a partner, not a easy task, at Goldman's. And, an entrepreneur, not matter your thoughts, without Bannon, Trump would be Presidently- Homeless.
  10. After Adolescences. You can place your money that Heavy Booze is in middle of a fight.
  11. The History of the Thai Stick ( I was in Nakhon Phanom ) "The strain “Thai Stick,” grown by the hill tribes in northeast Thailand was some of the highest quality marijuana found in the ’70s. The hill tribes of Thailand generally used silk line to hold “Thai buds” together around either bamboo sticks or hemp stalks. I’ve heard many incredible stories from various veterans, my father included, who engulfed himself within this rich untold history. I would hear stories of such sensational highs about these opium dipped thai sticks." The Evolution : "Using the basic method of applying cannabis to a stick, he was able to transition this old school trade to the clean and all natural pure cannabis cigars you can find today." https://hightimes.com/grow/the-history-of-the-thai-stick/
  12. When I was stationed in Thailand in the late 60's access to opium laced Thai sticks was easy, the Thai authorities didn't care, as long, as you were discreet and not high on duty the military didn't care. Bamboo bongs were popular. They could even pack the weed in sealed packs of branded American cigarettes. A brick might run a few US dollars. The drinkers were the Juciers, While high, the girls would playfully mess with head and they packed a good bong. Great throat hits. Oh, well ole War Stories.
  13. Roll another one, Just like the other one. You been holding onto it, And I sure would like a hit! Don't bogart that joint my friend, Pass it…