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  1. Way too technical. That is not how things work anyplace. In the US we called this graft 'Blue Laws'. The supposedly 'Vice Taxes' are simply taxes favoring revenue gaps or trade restriction by connected licensing laws. Practically, so what, screw the tourist, 'Let's have another'. That's the way it is, the way it's been. So drink and smoke to your budget, and 'So it Goes".
  2. Prevent Smuggling just how does that work with ozone layers of holes at the borders. And, no doubt, a crew of Border Immigration peoplewho need income supplements and tiers of others to get a cut. How's this different than the US Prohibition Era or today's very simple tax for bureaucrats.
  3. Your challenge is to find such an ideal place on a 'Thai Expat Income'. Are you imagining a place in the US like the post Vietnam War where Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao and refugees with ethnic Chinese backgrounds, even Thai's settled in extreme low income 'hoods', lived the American Dream and now have 'places' available on low income. They have renovated these refugee or immigrants areas. Their children have college professions and careers. They are living the 'Dream'. Not cheap.
  4. My daughter has a mental health disability and is eligible for Section 8 in Massachusetts. In her case, it took nearly a year for us to document her problem by private clinicians and then to be further diagnosed by state clinicians. For starters you must have lived in the state for some time and once approved the waiting list is a minimum one year, maybe longer depending on the quality of the place. And, we had some connections. They would also determine if you can perform any type of work and they would help you find work. Without connections you would have a tough go getting any decent elderly housing or even elderly group housing. If you are a veteran, your local VA Health Care Center does provide housing assistance with priorities for disabilities and age though they will offer help for any veteran. Some states have 'No Homeless' Programs. By the way, this is decent housing, not cinder block complexes. Simply flying into a city, any city, with marginal resources and no connections would be painful. And simply getting started would require incremental costs. You know this situation is tough because homeless rates in the US are on the rise due to increasing income disparity and dwindling middle-class income. In my town they do have a HUD program but that is primary for the town's service workers, police or firefighters who can't afford the town. As I've said, one needs a connection or affiliation. At one time, I even used a dating service and matched for people in my interested destination. You would be surprised how many were willing to help me.
  5. Clubs, Gangs, Pussies or Crazies. All you need is meth, booze, and an attitude and you have a human IED.
  6. VA Health Care for Expat Veterans

    The New Decision Ready Claims Program. You might qualify then be able to use FMP. Seems you can use a VSO sponsor. I am told there are VFWs or American Legions in Thailand. Beats me, but worth seeing what's available. https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/drc.asp?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=fb2&utm_content=MA&utm_campaign=MA Also these diseases have known to have been caused by Agent Orange. https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/conditions/index.asp Some veterans who were stationed in Thailand can qualify as being exposed to Agent Orange.
  7. It wasn't meant to be 'snarky'. I have great sentiment for these people. It was meant to viscerally make people aware how lacking the US Government and the state of their politics is, in regard, to the poor elderly and where they 'live'. These same places were discussed in your forum. The post is from the NYT making my same point. This would not have happened in the Hamptons, the Vineyard, or any Apple-Google-Amazon Hood' or been the message in any 'Resistance March'. These people should have been the first to be evacuated from Houston. No problem, from now on I will stay clear of your forum.
  8. It looks like this, with little income, no connections, no family or a family or government that cares about you. And, no 'Resistance' Movement that gives a shit about you. Even the cat has better 'high-ground. You all, need a good session of 'Radical Acceptance'.
  9. VA Health Care for Expat Veterans

    This seems odd. My disability is directly deposited to my bank in the US and I then plan on this to be included with with wire transfers to BB.
  10. VA Health Care for Expat Veterans

    This is correct and it also covers treatment that is not available at your primary VA Hospital. My last two colonoscopies were outsourced to a private specialist. Theses were at no cost and were not service connected. VA healthcare is tiered into Priority Groups 1-8 based on % of disability and-or service medals, so the level of service is not the same for all veterans. There is considerations for income. Some VA Hospitals are better, even much better than others. Mine in Bedford, MA, is great, a golf course, indoor, a gym, primary care physicians, urgent care, free eye exams and glasses, walk in counseling, fee yoga and meditation classes, free produce, weekly activities, job and housing assistance, and no waiting. I get meds. This is one factor in my consideration in retiring in Thailand as I get older the this VA is a great backstop for free care. I am in Group 3. If you were in Priority Group One, you would passing over a lot of benefits. Group 8 not so much. They may even drop coverage for Group 8. Has anyone applied for VA healthcare in the US and been placed into a Priority Group. I know veterans who retired in Panama and when necessary the visit the Bedford VA. You have good idea about VA services or Medicare for Expats. 'Young people ' aren't the problem. It would an administrative nightmare. They can't even manage these services in US and it's plagued with fraud.
  11. You came to mind, as I am moving away from the exurbs of Metro Boston and resizing my maturing life. If you have have children and I am sure you care for their education, where you live is important and you will pay for this premium in real estate and directly connected to property tax. In my hood, property taxes alone are $8500\year, closing in on $1000\month, and I am low in the market as I bought in many years ago. I had no problem with these costs as my child received a first rate education with very supporting programs of activities and mingling with other children of the professional class. Not that that this is the end all for anybodies peace or path for success but it helps. There is a class structure in the US. Maybe a denial, to the progressive expats in Thailand, my all in Elizabeth Warren democratic exburb has few Blacks or immigrant Latinos. They are transiting in for housekeeping, back room restaurant serving, landscaping, or low end home repairs. They can't live here, zoned out of apartments or affordable homes. They are not wanted to live here. Here, they label the highly caste professional young people from India or China to fill the quota of minorities. They are the same. So so it goes.
  12. I have no idea how old all you are or your health. But, if are looking closer to the setting sun with marginal income, assets, and health. Have no connections or family. Life will be 'Naraka'. This factor was discussed earlier in the forum then dropped off-the-radar'. This can vary state-to-state, community-by-community Coming here for 'Medicare' has some benefits, though it is limited without more money for gap coverage or go broke on Medicaid in a billeted nursing home, drugged into a stupor. You find cheaper and better assisted living, right where you live in Thailand. Anyway, you might be looking for a Plan B with, at least, a death with dignity. This does happen, right here, in the US. I have a no invention contract with the VA.
  13. Thailand and the Vietnam War

    U-Tapao International Airport 1965-Early Seventies.
  14. No shit. This doesn't mean there are no not reasonable owners or corporations that lease lots to the home owner that aren't out to gouge you. No different than renting, where you are more vulnerable, or buying or doing business with anybody. Even Thailand. This can be easily researched by anybody. Like over the years how often has fees increased. What is the reputation of the property owner. Let's get real, if you have the money, connections, or sweat equity, any decent lot with property is 250K+. Any lower you are looking at lots of sweat. a inner city war zone, or access with dog sleds or ATV. The other stretch, which does seem to pass on these posts, is connections, organizational or religious affiliations, or finding people a person like you. Like the world turns, all good deals, employment or places to live are not advertised anywhere. You know somebody.
  15. He reads he retired and was not terminated. He had 27 years in time. Life won't be too tough, a decent pension that would beat SS and healthcare benefits for life that would beat Medicare. He might also catch a security consultant job on the side. No tears for the officer.