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  1. From a US perspective almost anyone with serious money will very unlikely retire in Thailand. Maybe visit as a tourist, and even that now gets poor press. Too crowded, too far, too complicated. There still is a niche market for the wayward. Or, dual residences. That's not cheap. So let's play with an average SS Pensioners budget of 80K baht per month, then maybe a modest IRA of 200K USD. Staying here, you get Medicare. Most decent towns have senior care services like meals-on-wheel, daily activities, even day or weekend trips, order your stuff on-line. If you look and are decent, and if you don't own, you can find decent rent. People even Group Up. Maybe the grass can be greener, right where you are. And, you don"t have to make yourself miserable living to a budget. Make the most of it, or stay in your pant load of woulda, shoulda, coulda. That goes for Thailand, too.
  2. 7. Letter of verification stating that the applicant has no criminal record (verification have to valid for not more than three months and must be issued from a state or Federal Bureau of Investigation only. Online criminal record without authorizer’s signature is unacceptable ) At the DC Embassy, It also states, "no criminal record', ' I requested the FBI Identity History Summary which takes about 10-12 weeks. I have read this information can go, as far back, as in your teens. It can note any incidents dismissed or expunged by the courts. I am assuming anything noted in this report is a Show Stopper' for applying for a Long Stay O-A Visa. They would not accept any remediation in any form by anybody no matter the seriousness or length of time in history for anything on this report.
  3. A hot button for me, some people with autism are called 'retarded', I know, I was called 'retarded' or worse. I do know the VA Healthcare System is poor. I go there every week. I would contend Trump is not the cause or solution for better Healthcare in the United States. It's not even politics, it's the culture. The culture would need to change before the politics. You are also granting more influence or power to Trump than he can exercise, either constitutionally or politically. He's already a lame president walking. How come universal healthcare works in Europe, well the US is not Europe. How come when I had a great job with a great company with premium healthcare for my family, I didn't pay taxes on that compensation. Why do Public Sector retirees get free healthcare for life. How can Non-Profit Hospitals revenue go to over pay or over staff with administrators. And, every congressman or senator has reelections to fund some by Phama or the Healthcare Industry and they also need to pander for votes. Somewhere we lost a sense of common good. Trump will pass. Though you don't need to look far at maybe Amazon, Apple, Google or the MIC that we are still a nation mostly wanting to make a buck, more the better.
  4. It's the culture not the politics. I had premium healthcare in business and was never taxed on the compensation. As a property owner, I deduct mortgage interest and local property tax from my total tax burden. Unions and public sector retirees don't pay taxes on their lifetime healthcare benefits. ACA was never looking deep at these entitlements, except for the scant Cadillac Tax which wasn't a full income tax and was way out of the mainstream for most people and these people could care less. Sorry peope, it's a sorry state of affairs, but all this mess was around before Trump. Everybody's got their self-interests in play, and if somebody else pays or our debt increases or someone gives you their vote. Damn the rest. Well, why aren't we like Europe, because we are not, that's not our culture. Change the culture, you might change the politics. Besides NFL preseason is near. There you go,
  5. Very clear, another intolerable, uninspiring, angry, and hubristic Clinton supporter who wants to legislate your self-righteousness on others. By the way, I have been diagnosed on spectrum the of autism and I don't like the word 'retarded', just like ethic groups don't like the use of derogatory terms for them. Because, when I was a boy people like you would bully and insult me by calling me retarded. So, it ain't funny. Now, I am supposed to fear going out by 'Platinium Member', whoever. Get over yourself. Then you go assuming and lecturing me about what I know about US Healthcare, just like Clinton. I have seen the good and bad, for starters, I know plenty once with a great job I had private premium care. I am a disabled veteran so now I use the VA and after eight years Obama couldn't fix that cesspool. I have family on ACA and a doctor charges the government $200 per 15 minutes per drug prescription And you are so thin skinned that any challenge goes as a Trump supporter. He doesn't run the country. Your also thinking small, it's not Trump, it's the culture. That bashing I would support with you.
  6. For years family and I were well insured by my employer. Full dental, mental health, yoga, eyes, whatever. But, I didn't pay any taxes on this benefit. I never complained about the tax free compensation. Try going after that perk, but companies are slimming down that benefit for the lower tier employees or contracting the employee. Then you have people on local, state, or federal employment, and they could care less about all this healthcare salad. They are locked in good care for life. That's Living in America.
  7. Here you go. Nakhon Phanom, a military base on the west bank of the Mekong River in northeast Thailand that was so secret it officially did not exist. Good reading, I was there 69-70. As young man, there, I fell in love with Thailand.
  8. Operation Igloo and Task Force Alpha was operated from Naknon Phanom, Thailand. It's no longer a secret. That's 45 odd years ago. Much of the work was military research and development. They were also working on drones. My point is after all these years we are discussing medieval walls. Like the "Great Wall of America". The concept is political fast food. And, it's like all or nothing solutions. Apply the appropriate solution to the situation. Much of work could be done with smart sensory or drone surveillance. Use data analytics for tracking and predictions. Break drug trafficking routes. Maybe the who thing is babble and who gets the contracts.
  9. And in the beginning, "The US military sought to build virtual borders during the Vietnam War. And in the process they helped to invent the modern electronic battlefield, whose technologies came back to the US in the early 1970s, where they were quickly deployed against drug cartels, smugglers, and anyone else trying to cross the border from Mexico. Igloo White also formed the bedrock of a border surveillance revolution that’s ongoing today. At the US-Mexico border, drones stalk the skies and electronic sensors alert Border Patrol agents to anyone trying to cross into the United States." Operation Igloo was operated from Naknon Phanom, Thailand, besides, I know, I was there. The 'Way-Back' Machine. They used this surveillance in Laos, too. So there you go, cutting edge Thailand.
  10. You might also be served with people at Naknon Phanom. There were many clandestine operations working from that base. For starters, some of the first drone operations or computerized ground surveillance. You do the research, I was stationed there 69-70. I shared some on this with others. You also seem to be missing the biggest scandal, Operation Menu and the other off the record illegal massive bombing drops from U-Tapao into Cambodia and Laos. I was there, too, 71-72. Makes Air America, seem like small arms fire. Though it does seem so intriguing. Air America was a Sideshow.
  11. What trash. OK, technically it's a Democratic Republic. What a lame argument. India still retains a cultural caste system. 23.6% of Indian population, or about 276 million people, lived below $1.25 per day on purchasing power parity. The higher classes send their children to English immersion schools, so they can compete for US higher education and employment. I know many people from India from STEM and they would fight to remain in the US and have intention of going back. Besides, what are you missing than hating Trump. He's accomplished nothing. He can't do whatever he wants. And, if have had enough, we impeach him.
  12. Trump or no Trump. You bashers forget the US is one of the few democracies in the world. Trump is not a dictator, he doesn't run the country, that's our constitution. The world votes confidence with money and every day our stock market reaches new highs. We won wars and did not subjugate our enemies, rather we rebuilt their countries. Our STEM industries are the envy of the world. The 1% of world send their children to our schools and most of them want to then be employed in the US. People risk death and prison for a chance to stay the US. Not perfect, however, the land of the freedom to seek opportunity. We also have free speech, so bash on. You bet ya, for you US Expats, you can also have a Plan B to Repatriate back to the US. And, you most likely without much effort can also take your Thai Wife and family
  13. A better indicator would be distribution of income in Thailand. For example, even in the US at minimum wage with no expense sharing with family and friends you might be living out of a car. Through media, you might think most people live in two car garage houses with two SUVs and work for Google or Apple. Not complaining, but it ain't all Disney World. And, many inner cities are beltway drive over or past war zones. The elderly held economically hostage in one room project housing.
  14. Lowell, Ma. Beef Ball Pho $9.USD. Chicken Pad Thai $12.00 USD. After the war many Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnam Refugees settled in Lowell, MA. Now, it's a thriving city. For a time, the city was worn down. Some sections better than others. Though many were very enterprising.
  15. Try this reading, US only, segmented by many variables. Depending, my preference would not require a car, extended transit systems, rent a car if necessary, and bike until I drop. Also services other than Medicare, for the elderly are more specific by the town, not state. Mobile homes are now modular homes. Good deals there. You figure the land. Of course money changes things, if I had more, and things had been different, I would stay living in Metro-Boston. Four sessions, mountains, ocean, history, free college for the retired, great social centers for the elderly, Southeast Asian and other cultural communites. Great Pho. Easy to pick-up work for extra money. There's only two ways to live, here, either have money or no money. That's the way of the Great Blue State.