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  1. Right on, the Democratic deep pockets guy was Weinstein, now you got another Dem taking head count on how many beautiful babes he screwed in his life. What's lacking in your views, so far, Trump has done not much, as you assume, no nuclear war, no indiscriminate rounding up of immigrants, no blatant discrimination of minorities, no favoritism of Russia. Just a freak'en great economy, where else. People all over the world with smart money have cast their vote. And immigrants want to come here. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere. Though I will stay here for the kids.
  2. How many times have I have need to state that facts in politics don't matter. You are getting tiring in your stuck and inability to progress with political reality. Trump's past history is an allusion. So far, the US economy is great, that's huge, for everyday folk, maybe not for others on slack time on TV. Go catch, what's happening with Merkel. She's got a immigrant problem. So Trump in your wildest dreams gets impeached, whose up Franken. The democrats have nobody in the ballpen. And nobody cares. The whole thing will move democrats to moderates.
  3. So what. He wasn't elected on his balance sheet nor was his platform about his assets. You missed the the message. The US was weary of the Obama narrative. How's Merkel doing?
  4. "The Legal requirements for presidential candidates have remained the same since the year Washington accepted the presidency. As directed by the Constitution, a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older." That's it. The rest of your listed personally political tirade, disagreement with Trump's policies or dislike of Trump are meaningless for him being qualified for President. Once elected, there's no litmus test for popularity. There some other ways to oust him, however, none of your points would matter.
  5. The Going Out of Business 'Rolling Stone'. The Rolling Stone that lost a defamation case for incompetence and false allegations about a college rape case. The Jann Wenner who offered jobs to women for sex. 'Dude', have another White Russian and go bowling. Talking total crap. It's 2017, check with somebody. The same for all your up votes, like that's your higher power, The Rolling Stone. Smoke some more opium laced Thai Sticks.☮️ The Brain Power was a spoof. You missed that, maybe you should try some. You can order that and Male Vitality on the Infowars website about as real, as what, the Rolling Stone. Jann can join Spacey and Weinstein at the Meadows SPA for dysfunctionals.
  6. You are pissing into the wind. Try Infowars 'Brain Force'. Trump uses Brain Force.
  7. Those are blue states. Clinton won those states. It's meaningless, Trump would still win by a electoral vote. It's the same majority of Americans who voted for Clinton while no new news, and no new criminal indictment news on Trump on Russia. Go wish upon a star. As you noted, the best case Democrats make marginally enough seats in the House and Senate to have neutered Trump's policies and devisive rhetoric. Americans will be normalized over the good economy and take that for granted, regardless of Trump. He simply, and in most cases, should just shut up, he can't get over himself. For my politics, Trump did affront the issues of immigration, the economy, and the hypocritical government service, liberal, and the entitled virtual social-economic class, the exburbs gated communities and gentrified urban class. Also, the vote pandering identity politics of Democrats. The base GOP is little different both catering to corporate, social service, and the MIC interests for donor money and votes for the economies in their states. It it would seem, that the Trump bashers, think America has deep pockets, enough money to give and keep on giving, and tolerable to anything intorable. Trump the 'racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it'. That's right 'you name it' any excuse, Russians today, who knows next, make it up. In any event, he will have reset the clock of BAU in America. Reinvigorated the land of opportunity, not for a few, but at least for more Americans.
  8. Let's pile-on. Time-Warner stock down after DOJ demands CNN to be sold as condition for AT&T deal. By the time in your delusional Bazille's Democratic 'Cult' dissonance ever materializes for impeachment, you will be living with Trump far into the future. Go look in the mirror, you freak'en elected Trump by your zombie support for Clinton, whose campaign is now exposed as a scam. You were Trumped.
  9. Little Rocketman is all-in with impeaching Trump, "The U.S. must oust the lunatic old man from power and withdraw the hostile policy towards [North Korea] at once in order to get rid of the abyss of doom." Welcome to like minded people of the world. In the meantime you keep your eye the small fish, like the VA election results, while the GOP-Trump Congress stacks the 150 federal positions for life with 'deplorable' judges. The Trump legacy well beyond your lives.
  10. Shirtless Farangs

    And smoking. With a F.U. Attitude.
  11. And, she was more than half stupid. Whoever she or you think are 'deplorables' have a vote, just like you think you are smarter, moral, and know more than others. She was also a intolerable candidate and a suffer to watch and hear. Bazille was right-on crystal, Biden would have beat Trump, but her entire campaign was deplorable.
  12. Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter, by Scott Adams. "Tump triggered massive cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias on both the left and the right. We’re hardwired to respond to emotion, not reason. We might listen to 10 percent of a speech—a hand gesture here, a phrase there—and if the right buttons are pushed, we irrationally agree with the speaker and invent reasons to justify that decision after the fact." "If you need to convince people that something is important, make a claim that’s directionally accurate but has a big exaggeration in it. Everyone will spend endless hours talking about how wrong it is while accidentally persuading themselves the issue is a high priority." CNN, FOX, WAPO, NYT, or whoever, The Facts Don't Matter. You are suffering from massive cognitive dissonance. The earliest court hearing of Manafort and Gates is freak'en Spring. You know, even this date will slip into Summer or Fall with motions after motions. And, that's just the start. This will drag it's legal dysfunction over years. Even if it reaches Trump, there's more constitutional legalese.
  13. Join Us On Veterans/Remembrance Day Saturday November 11th Here In Ubon

    Served two tours in Thailand during the Vietnam War and from-time-time manned the base's perimeter with the Thai Army. Appreciation to both Veterans and Military Families.
  14. Thanks because, you can't get out your 'World View'. So, you assume if a young woman or man is being abused or coerced into unwanted sex for she or he knew the norms, tough for you, because your daughter knows better. That's why it's called predatory exploitation. Right over your head, 'feminized places', how about 'human places'. As they say, Thailand is classified as a developing country.
  15. Speaks for you. I am sure Harvey and Kevin, both bigger players than you, and they weren't shamelessly bragging about body counts. Good thing you could good back in the 'retro-wayback-back' for a reality check on sex-power norms, they don't pay in the US today. I've been around, too, and I can drop names, too. You telling me, Thailand has set the bar on sex pedofile trafficking. That politics, exploits your girls.