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  1. Eligius

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    7/11 will soon be ruling the world - next step, the universe!
  2. The chutzpah of this man is breath-taking. More lies and prevarication. A few weeks ago he said that he would reveal his political plans in September. Well, now is September. But he suddenly says he might not deign to tell the populace of his decision until next year or the year after that! You think there is going to be an election - a free and fair one - anytime soon?!
  3. So, now there is further delay to the junta leader's declaration of whether or not he will 'get involved in politics'. Remember a few weeks ago he said that he would reveal his political plans in September? Yet another lie - to add to the mountain of lies. But no problem. The Thais will accept it all: 'They've got guns - what can we do?!'
  4. We now see what the next excuse for delay is: 'not yet peace and order in the land' (after 4+ years of junta rule). The fact that the head of the junta, Prayut, reiterates this point is pretty clear indication that he is going to run with this one. I can hear him now: 'We cannot have the election yet - as bad people are still not respecting Thai peace and order. What do you want? Chaos? Our duty is to protect the Thai people from bad people and chaos. That is REAL democracy. Thai democracy!'
  5. Great post (above). As far as I know, Thanathorn carried out post-graduate studies abroad (in England, the USA and Switzerland?) and so has been exposed to Western notions of democracy. I don't get the impression that he is a 'Me Me - only obey Me' type of guy. I think he is pretty enlightened (politically speaking, by Thai standards).
  6. I hear what you say about Abhisit - but I'm afraid that he had the chance to make a difference (more than once) - and he blew it.
  7. I thought the same thing. But then I saw SABloke's comment above about the 'law' here requiring that parties have paid-up members - and that explains it. When I hear Thanathorn speak, he comes across to me as very sincerely wishing for fairness and democracy; I do not think (although of course I cannot be sure) that he is duplicitous. When I hear Abhisit or his young mini-me clone (forget the guy's name, a relative of Abhisit) speak - I immediately see that they are bastions of the Establishment.
  8. Thanathorn is the only ray of hope that I see amongst Thailand's 'politicians' at the current time. To change my metaphor, he and his party are like a fresh and envigorating breath of pure air after all the political pollution of the junta. My dream would be for him and his Future Forward Party to lead Thailand into a fair, just and democratic future. BUT I cannot see how the generals will allow this to happen. Thanathorn may talk about putting the military back into their barracks (and he is very brave to do so) - but if he and his party were the Government, the military would simply overthrow him through yet another coup. Thanathorn by himself could not stop that. That is why he needs MASS support - millions of Thais behind him. But he won't get it. The Thais simply don't see what a massive sea-change for the better in Thai politics Thanathorn represents. They don't bat an eyelid when this guy nearly gets indicted and shut down. They don't really care much if he IS shut down. 'Mai ben rai' or 'they have got guns - nothing we can do!' It breaks my heart to see the real potential for a decent, fair future for Thailand standing right there before us in the person of Thanathorn and to see at the same time that millions and millions of Thais are not excited about him and determined to support him. And without mass support, he can do nothing. With it - he has a chance.
  9. Eligius

    The junta relax political bans and activities

    Exactly, HHTel. Parties still cannot talk about politics openly in public in groups of more than four. So: before 'relaxation' of the ban - groups of more than four people cannot get together publicly and discuss political issues and complaints about the current 'government'; after the 'relaxation' of the ban - groups of more than four people cannot get together publicly and discuss political issues and complaints about the current 'government'. Ha ha! What jokers the junta is comprised of. They must be laughing their heads off at all the sheep who do NOTHING - not a bah, not a whimper, not a beep - about what is being done to them all. Want to rule nearly 70 million Thais without legitimacy and without ANY mass resistance, and just by the threat of guns and tanks? It's a cinch! 'Nothing we can do about it - they've got guns!' is the OCD-loop mantra that comes from the Thai people. Prayut's regime is a master-class to all future autocracies on how to do it - the junta play-book is an absolute winner (given a compliant and cowed populace).
  10. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - on and on and on. No need to read the whole article. Anyone with any functioning brain cells knows that it is the PURPOSE of Thai education to keep the masses stupid, obedient and ill-informed (and thus not a threat to the self-serving power structures that rule over them).
  11. To be fair to the Thais: I don't think they fall for Prayut, either. They know what he is. The problem is that the Thais won't (in sufficient numbers) do anything about it ...
  12. Thailand 'having a shameful attitude towards human rights defenders.' Says it all really, doesn't it?
  13. Eligius

    Election Bill Enacted, Paving Way For 2019 Poll

    The vast, vast, vast bulk of the Thais will whisper behind their hands - when the 'election' is rigged and democracy once again stolen from them - and say: 'What can we do? They have got guns ....!' Hopeless.
  14. Yawn, yawn This is all so tedious. Do they really think we are little kids - jumping up and down, crying out: 'Oh weeeeeee! There is going to be an election. Now we will have democracy again. Yeah!'. There will be NO GENUINE election. Even so, the fake one will be delayed yet again. The very fact that the junta hold complete and undiminished power right up until the moment that a new 'government' is sworn in - and can even cancel the results of any election they don't like - says it all. Do people really think that with such massive, god-like power in their hands, the junta will not massively cheat? Of course they will. That is ALL they know how to do. Don't people get it yet? Do people really think criminals will suddenly change their spots and stripes and become honest men?! Look: there is NOT GOING TO BE ANY GENUINE AND FAIR ELECTION. It's all utter nonsense, pretence and balderdash.
  15. Eligius

    Election Bill Enacted, Paving Way For 2019 Poll

    Yes - but the masses in huge numbers did genuinely WANT Thaksin and his party to rule Thailand; they loved him and many still do. They loathe Prayut. Also, under Yingluck (who tried to provide the last election we have had here), people could campaign and speak out freely - no bar on political expression. That is certainly not the case under Prayut!