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  1. Eligius

    Junta reaffirms Feb 24 as date for national poll

    Oh, this is just a farce - a total intelligence-insulting farce. Two months to count the votes?! And people on these threads often tell me, 'Oh, no, they could not lie about the election results'. Oh, please! If the Thais and their politicians don't wake up, grow up, 'grow a pair' and call 'foul' now - and boycott this TOTALLY rigged 'election' - then they deserve every last bit of oppression, indignity, degradation, servitude, and 5th-rate political 'culture' that they are going to get.
  2. Excellent comparison, Jayboy. I fully agree with you. Great analogy.
  3. I expect the 'big revelation' will be the date of a certain crowning .... For all that, it is obvious (to me anyway) that the February 'election' will be delayed. Excuses will be manufactured and events will somehow supercede which make a further delay 'necessary'. The main political players who are boycotting today's meeting (of all places in The Army Club - so symbolic of the framework of control for the planned future) are right to do so. They need to get the guts now to boycott the entire 'election' and proclaim to the Thai people, in detail, why they are doing so. The real fight is just about to begin ...
  4. The political parties (who genuinely stand for democracy) should now be boycotting the fake election in toto. It is quite obvious that the whole thing is going to be one massive con trick, deception, and outrageous fraud - an insult to Thailand's and the world's intelligence.
  5. The pathetic 'Nation' editorials - where they act oh-so pious and pretend that the junta has made 'a mistake' in the way they have stitched up the Senate-appointment process. It was not a 'mistake' - it was a dastardly plan of continued d....i....nosaurship right from the start. And did the 'Nation' newspaper call out the travesty of justice that was the 'referendum' on the 'Constitution' at the time? Did The Nation ever question the contents of the 'Constitution'? Did The Nation ever question the veracity of the referendum 'result', where the junta - and solely the junta - declared the figures to stand at over 62% of the people voting for that treasonous Constitution? Did The Nation ever even hint at doing some investigative reporting into who counted the votes of that 'referendum', who oversaw its probity, and who decided on the final percentage score that was to be announced to the Thai public? Of course not! Papers like The Nation - that supported the coup as it was happening and for years after it happened - make me sick. They and that bogus 'democrat', Abhisit, make suitably sleazy bedfellows.
  6. This man - this 'democrat' - is truly pathetic. Notice that he seems only concerned with the junta's economic policies - not with their CIVIL AND POLITICAL LIBERTIES record and stance; secondly, the best Abhisit can muster is to say that it is 'very unlikely' that the Democratic party would side with the junta party. What?! A true 'democrat' should firmly and without hesitation state: 'NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!' But pathetic little spoilt privileged, podgy kid Abhisit ("I was educated at Eton and Oxford, don't you know?') - always working for his super-wealthy masters - cares not a whit about democracy, equity or liberty. In fact, it is partly because of Abhist's refusal to support Yingluck's legitimate call for an election that we are in the autocratic mess that we are in today and have been in for approaching 5 years!
  7. I am told by a well-educated Thai scholar that there WILL be soldiers present at the polling booths. We shall see. In any case, as you say, the junta (and junta-controlled slaves) will be the ones who count the votes - and that is what 'counts' (forgive the pun!).
  8. He describes himself as an 'Isaan son' who is there to 'work for the people'. What nauseating nonsense. But by the look of the women in the photo, they lap it all up. That woman on the far left in the pink shirt, who is almost pushing her way forward to be close to her god, could not be more radiant to be in The Presence. Pathetic - the whole bunch of them. Well, they will have time enough to enjoy their continued serfdom and servitude next year and beyond ...
  9. Eligius

    Prayut pro-junta party’s top PM choice

    Thanks for the info. If I got him, wrong, then I apologise. But this guy is still a major supporter of the junta - which disqualifies him in my book from any kind of respect or admiration. I don't care what his academic credentials (or past writings) show: what he is doing NOW is what matters to Thais who are living and suffering NOW - and this fat blob is supporting Dinosaurship (you know what I mean - but the silly rules here make verbal camouflage a necessity). If he, an 'educated' and 'intelligent' man, was formerly against military Dinosaurship (probably against Thaksin only - that article you referenced comes from 2010)) and now actively supports and canvasses for Dinosaurship - he is even worse than those who have always been dumb supporters of the dinosaurs. Beneath contempt, in my opinion. But - I may be wrong (I doubt it, however) ...!
  10. Eligius

    Prayut pro-junta party’s top PM choice

    Aren't these fat, bloated, I'm-all-right-Jack oppressors of the people (see the photo) just as ugly to look at as their inner being is bereft of all morality and compassion? Their Inner dimension is truly reflected in their smug facial exterior.
  11. Yes, of course: Prayut is perfect - a paragon of political virtue, from which the world can all learn. Thailand is the abode of so much knowledge, know-how, skill and scholarly and technical expertise that the world is queuing up at its door, begging for it to 'share' its wisdom with the planet. All hail Prayut and Thailand - masters and exemplary leaders of this and every other universe. Every being that ever drew breath, every blade of grass, ever atom of air, every thought and every aspiration that has ever been or will be - all tend towards Prayut and Thailand as the repository of eternal Wisdom. 'Confidence' in Prayut and Thailand is mere modesty. Rather, the multi-verse sings of VENERATION!