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  1. Parties called for poll talks

    'To discuss what the parties can and cannot do, following the order': Cannot do: 1. Talk about politics 2. Say anything that might 'confuse' the public 3. Criticise the junta 4. Discuss democracy 5. Discuss freedom of speech 6. Discuss the great Un-Discussable 7. Put forward any policies that conflict with the directives and 20-year plan of the junta Can do (to their hearts' content): 1. Talk about politics if it involves praising Prayut, Prawit and extolling the junta 2. Speak any confusing nonsense, provided it is upholding the junta status quo 3. Write songs and peons of praise about the junta 4. Discuss Thai-niyom democracy (not that nasty 'foreign' kind) 5. Discuss how 'freedom of speech' is a horrid foreign invention, against Thai-niyom 6. Praise to the skies the great Un-Discussable 7. Put forward, with enthusiastic cheers and acclamation, any policies that mirror and support junta hegemony and Thai-niyom. All clear now, children?!
  2. 'Your family must be appalled and shocked,' says the Judge. Maybe (although I very much doubt it - except for the 'loss of face'). But they are not appalled and shocked by military dunderheads hijacking a whole nation and keeping it under the boot. In fact - they actively support that!
  3. Thai Niyom not a junta election campaign: PM

    Yes, Prayut's junta as a 'model of democracy' - isn't this the height of deludedness? We might as well say: Genghis Khan was a gentle, peaceable soul; Jesus Christ was a murderous villain; Hitler loved all Jews ... There is as much truth in those statements as in Prayut's lunatic pronouncements ....
  4. I think it is obvious to all of us that IF this guy is sincere - and it is a big IF - then he will be stopped, one way or the other. No way would the junta allow its 20-year plan to be derailed by such a pesky thing as a genuine democratic movement!
  5. 'Conscripts receive about Bt10,000 per month for salary' - to be paid into a bank account in the Great Beyond after the poor, physically abused 'recruit' has been bullied and maltreated unto Death ... And what an unbelievable statement from a General - about not being able to 'guarantee that trainees will not die' as a result of their 'training'. My God! Talk about a 13th-World country!!
  6. Thai Niyom not a junta election campaign: PM

    These red-shirted women in the photo all queuing up to be patted on the head by Prayut remind me of a Red Shirt lecturer friend of mine: when his university was visited by a top junta minister and the Thai lecturers were all forced to listen to that minister's sickening 'speech', instead of treating the minister with the disdain and contempt that were richly deserved, the Red Shirt was seen cheering and clapping the minister, and laughing at all the minister's pathetic jokes. As long as the Thais go on grovelling and kowtowing to Authority (especially stolen Authority) - nothing will ever change ...
  7. This idea of getting people out on bicycles in Bangkok at the present time is totally ludicrous! Vigorous exercise in the Bangkok 'air' (even with a mask - whose protection is dubious at best) is the very LAST thing that should be counselled. As someone who has recently been suffering from the sharp recent rise in BKK air pollution, I can say that the best thing is to stay well clear of bicycling in Bangkok streets. It's a recipe for a health disaster (if not a traffic one too!).
  8. One of the best posts I've seen this month, Rkidlad. Everything you write (above) is so true. Yes, if this Pig had any sense of professional ethics and decency he would have resigned long ago - but of course he has never even heard of the concepts of ethics and decency, let alone understood what they mean!
  9. 'I never said anything provocative' he says of his 4 years working hand-in-glove with the junta. No, you didn't, did you? And therein lies your moral worthlessness.
  10. This type of hiding the real health problems caused by air pollution - and not telling the public in a timely fashion that air pollution is hitting very unhealthy levels - is nothing short of criminal in my book. I personally am suffering from definite adverse effects from all this recent air pollution (which initially I was unaware of - as the 'authorities' never informed us of what was happening here in Bangkok). In fact, my throat has become so badly affected by the poisons allowed in the BKK air that I shall need to seek medical advice in the next day or two. Thank you, caring junta! You do love humanity so much, don't you?!
  11. I have heard that there are vested interests involved regarding tobacco companies and those on the pay roll. In Thailand, everything ultimately is about money, money, money!
  12. I can't stand vaping - that huge amount of steam/smoke that is emitted by these things is positively anti-social, and it annoys me hugely (as a total non-smoker). I am often exposed to young Thais blowing all this stuff in my face. BUT the draconian punishments threatened for vaping are stratospherically ridiculous - utterly laughable; but then, the whole of Thai officialdom and 'rule-making' (and coup-making - for which no one is even fined a single baht, let alone gets imprisoned!) is beyond a joke. So: for me, vaping is an annoyance - but the Thais should immediately get rid of these ludicrous (corruption-inviting) threatened punishments.
  13. Does anyone, at this late stage in the corrupt game, really think that, even if he does have to appear before a live panel, Prawit will have anything to fear? Oh pleaaaaaasssseee! Do people still not get it? This guy is untouchable. If he were not, he would have been kicked out long ago (like that minister who dared to say that delaying the November 'election' might look bad - and out he goes, almost immediately). Sometimes I get really exasperated with people who think that power-wielders like Prawit and Prayut are subject to law. They are above all law. They are the law-givers, the law-changers, the law manufacturers, the law-smashers, the law-interpreters, the law-inventors - THEY ARE THE LAW OF THE LAND, the be-all and end-all of Thailand now. They are the men who hold Thailand in the palm of their hand - and they are answerable to NO ONE (because the Thais CHOOSE to allow them, year after year after year, TO BE ANSWERABLE TO NO ONE). So (just so I don't fall foul of some prohibition or speech-rule on this site) - these men are democrats (they are not D's - that forbidden word - of course not - how could they be?!) - they are carrying out the will of the Thais and have the de facto blessing of the Thais. Four long years have shown that. Of course, in a free country and on a free website, I might express myself rather differently ...
  14. Brilliant idea, my friend! Yes, I am sure that Prayut will soon be issuing a decree that all visitors to the illustrious Thai Kingdom must show their respect by wearing the appropriate traditional Thai costumes (in our case - as highly respected outsiders - it would be the costumes of serfs and slaves - ha ha!).
  15. Yes, they will all be flocking here in their millions, billions, trillions - from all parts of the world, and from the International Space Station, from Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, the furthest reaches of the Milky Way, the universes beyond the universe - they will all (aliens, weird animals, hybrids, 'quality tourists', the lot) all be clamouring to come to Thailand, as they will all have seen this magnificently acted and utterly realistic soap opera. The multi-universe is in thrall to the magic of Thailand and its tourism wonders!