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  1. It's hard to imagine that non-attendance of the junta's little 'attitude adjustment session' on the part of Pheua Thai and Future Forward will go unpunished. This will be used as one of the excuses for banning them from the 'election'. Prayut and his junta can say: 'You see what bad men these are? We invite them to discuss democracy - but they do not come. They have no interest in planning an election and giving you, the Thai people, real Thai democracy. How can we allow such people to force themselves onto the Thai people? Do you think these are good men? Do you think they obey the law? Do you think they are good for Thailand? What do you want? Do you want these bad men to bring chaos and disorder back into our great Thailand? Is that what you want?!....'
  2. Absolutely right. The ignorant are often the most stubborn. I would only qualify the above with the sentence: '... except when they are confronted by hi-so Thais, and then they are happy to bow and scrape and grovel as is tacitly demanded of them!'
  3. We can use the word 'junta' here - it is used all the time and has been for years, with impunity; we cannot use the word 'DICTATORSHIP' or 'DICTATOR'!
  4. It is a fact of life here, which many of us can sadly verify: Thais tend NOT to learn from experience.
  5. Notice how the lapdog of the Establishment - the 'Democrat' Party - immediately swings into action in support of the will and wishes of the junta. Pathetic! Note, too, however, that Pheua Thai and Future Forward (under Thanathorn) are showing some grit and refusing to bend to the junta's autocratic will. Good on them!
  6. Eligius

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    You are right, Samui. And the Thai state not only makes 'mistakes', but deliberately engages in miscarriages of justice. Think of the two powerless Burmese guys (falsely) convicted of rape and murder on Koh Tao and awaiting execution. What a disgrace that is. And of course it has the gracious support of a certain kind-hearted General ...
  7. The 'roadmap will be thoroughly explained to the UK'. He and his kind love to 'explain' Thailand to the world, don't they? The underlying implication is that the Thais are so advanced and the rest of the world so dumb that they need everything 'explained' to them. The reality, of course, is quite the opposite.
  8. Right. This 'it's none of your business - it is only for Thais' line is the height of fatuous silliness. Some of us actually work here, pay taxes here, have families here, have our work directly impacted upon by the junta - so it is VERY MUCH OUR BUSINESS! Just because we don't have power in this land, does not mean that we don't have the moral right - indeed, the duty - to speak out against tyranny and injustice.
  9. But this was all so obvious! Lots of us saw this coming - and we did not need to be geniuses to predict it (any more than we are geniuses when we predict that a certain SAD OCCASION will be used to delay politics for months - maybe a year - to come afterwards)! There is nothing clever about what Prayut has done, is doing, or will do. When you are a playground bully (with tanks, guns, and bombs) and all the kids around you have their hands, arms and legs tightly bound, and you have a POWERFUL PERSON in your corner - you can do whatever you want. Nothing clever, or smart, or astute about it whatsoever. There are many highly disparaging adjectives I could apply to such behaviour - but I'll leave those to the reader's imagination!
  10. Right. And where is the moral logic in this attitude: 'It is wrong to kill. You have killed - therefore, I am going to kill you.'?!!!
  11. 'Prayut Chan-o-cha added his voice to support of the death penalty, claiming it was essential to keeping law and order ...' By that reckoning, a certain general I know should be hanging from a gibbet for the ultimate smashing of law and order - in the form of a treasonous coup. But his neck is secure. This is Thailand.
  12. This news confirms what I (and others) have been saying repeatedly for months. And then there will be a sad national event: delay and political gagging, in consequence, for at least a full six months after that. This lot are so predictable ...
  13. The junta members probably eat all this chemical-contaminated food: that explains how brain-dead and physically ugly they all are!
  14. 'Meechai ... said the new Constitution, in effect since April last year, was based on suggestions from public members.' Oh yes, of course: that was the 'Constitution' that no one was allowed to say anything negative about in public, on pain of 10 years' imprisonment. Oh yes, the whole 'Constitution' certainly came from 'suggestions' from the public!
  15. It is so sickening to read words from this creep where he talks about 'the next elected government', when he knows full well that the next 'government' will be (as per all plans and arrangements) Prayut and/or his mob (fairly 'elected' does not, of course, even enter into it). I don't know about you, but I really begin to tire of all this empty verbiage by these democracy thieves. Every single word that comes out of their ugly mouths is a lie or, at best, a dissembling and twisting of the truth.