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  1. Just out of curiosity, seeing as I’ve seen female foreign sex workers working in Bangkok and Pattaya, is it possible for a foreign male to come to Thailand to work as a male prostitute ? As long as I follow the visa rules and don’t become an overstay. Would police arrest me ? Because they are not arresting the female Russians I see.
  2. I’m just saying at the end of the day we are animals, humans are primates and males have primitive instincts towards females, I did say most men can control themselves and behave as our society expects, so most of the time women are safe even if they choose to dress in a sexy way. But sometimes they aren’t so lucky. If there were no laws or punishments for such crimes then rapes and sexual assaults would be higher, because men are in nature are Dominant, power driven horny apes. We came from chimpanzees for god sakes look how crazy they are.
  3. When girls wear sexy outfits showing their cleavage and their ass hanging out and their legs, they are turning on a primitive switch in the males brains to want to <deleted> her, girls know this but still decide to dress sexy. Most men can control but there’s always bloke who can’t. Girls, if your not planning on getting laid that night, then don’t bother wearing make up, cover your sexy bits up. Then maybe guys won’t sexually assault you.