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  1. Yes, I would like to see the Turks get a smacking, then maybe they also might leave someone elses country!
  2. Are the free VPN's any good?

    I agree that you can't, you can only read what they write (which is what I was saying), not what they actully do. They will probably be two totally different things
  3. Yawn....yes for the second time i know, yet someone else pointing out the obvious with possible tight trousers. If you had read the whole thread you would know that I know, but some people just cant help themselves.
  4. Yes I am aware, thanks for pointing out the obvious. Take it for what it was...not too serious...unless ones trousers are too tight
  5. Are the free VPN's any good?

    I use the Opera Mobile from a SD card at work and use the VPN, I carried out a VPN check and it showed me in Sweden when I was in Iraq. I dont know what there logging policy would be though https://www.iplocation.net/
  6. Is this another country having its fill of the GU (EU)
  7. Nowt bad about it, telephone and showroom is still the same which is why I added it
  8. Cash mate I used the VP Ford Dealer near ChangWattana http://www.fordvpgroup.com/
  9. I picked up mine in Dec, got the Window awnings, blackend windows, wheel arch covers, short antenna,, front and rear light covers, umberella (because i could) 1 year 1st class insurance, all thrown in and 70,000 baht off.
  10. Macbook Pro Advice

    as per the above, the Mac Pro is still a good macine and will run both, there are programmes out there to do it https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468
  11. Maybe the US government should start a Crowd Funding page to help them stay open, or they could have a sale to get some cash in....
  12. Yep, for once I can agree with Trump, I wish the UK would do the same.
  13. Why do they need a Congressional Probe as well? Hasn't Trump already tried to do that!
  14. Der Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie or in english The Federation of German Industries
  15. SURVEY: Are men getting shafted?

    ...and dont you find it a bit sad that you feel you can not do that?