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  1. Look at the CCTV, look to see who is where, both vehicles are in the same LANE a bit of a clue there dont you know It does not matter what speed the Aussie was doing if the motorcyclist had not put the three of them in harms way by attempting her illegal maneuver there would / could not have been a collision The pickup would have just passed by Totally her fault no question in my mind, I would bet she would have been doing this for quite some time I am at a loss to understand how she made such a complete hash of it on this occasion I used the point of not getting out of bed as an example where do you stop with saying IF, nothing more The people who say IF he had stopped at the scene of the first accident are simply stating the obvious , of course the second accident COULD not happen because he was still at the scene of the FIRST accident It has no relevance because he did not STOP did he, he carried on to the scene of the second accident Its infantile to try and introduce something that did not happen into such a serious turn of events, you must keep to what actually DID happen minus the IF IF IF for christs sake I am not defending any of the actions of the Aussie, whatever it looks like or whatever anybody thinks Before the appearance of the CCTV footage this thread was very polarized, the CCTV has embarrassed several people one especially who finds it difficult to withdraw when in the wrong but thats life The Aussie has got some answering to do no doubt, but it does not change fault in this case in my mind I have given my views and as far as I am concerned this for me is now history as I am not directly involved
  2. Take the earlier advice and go to bed, hopefully it will help to clear your SICK MIND Disgusting suggestion / insinuation you should be ashamed of yourself THANK GOD / THANKFULLY I am the victim of it and not the perpetrator of such a low and tasteless comment Sleep well
  3. Thankful that the CCTV turned up for some clear evidence NOTHING ELSE thats just OBSCENE what kind of sick mind do you possess Desperation or what Victim blaming I suggest you revisit Post 397 The CCTV is clear enough what happened Of course I think my view of the CCTV is the correct one WHY would I think otherwise Yes others see it differently, so be it You say I'll side with them, you can't possible know how little that concerns me after your Post 421
  4. Speeding is illegal for sure, try to drop the word IF in future it just might help your suggestion
  5. I do apologize but they were coming in thick and fast and this one slipped by me Just for the record you can advise me on my actions if you like, but I reserve the right to ignore your advice as you can see Yes I have watched the CCTV several times, and yes I am in full agreement with you balo Bit of a disappointment hey for you after the initial info from the RTP
  6. Watch the CCTV at your earliest convenience Thankfully it turned up just like the proverbial bad penny
  7. The option I offered earlier is not closed, feel free to back up your opinion with some form of factual evidence
  8. I suggest you take a butchers at a certain bit of CCTV
  9. He did not stop, he continued on, now watch the CCTV thats reality
  10. I know its pointless to ask you to prove he was speeding, all the same lets have it I think I should warn you from the outset that I have now learn to ignore infantile digs
  11. Thats nothing more than an IF Try and stay with reality, and accept that he did NOT stop If thats really beyond you then just say that if he had not get out of bed that morning then it wont have happened either so it must be his fault
  12. Opinions we all have one and they come in many shapes and sizes
  13. He did not stop though did he Yes the blame is all his for the fleeing That blame cannot be loaded on to the second incident in any shape or form it does not apply You and others must try to remove this from your thinking it simply has no bearing on these subsequent events
  14. Sorry, she was so lackadaisical I would not of believed it if I had not just watched it Your brain must surely urge you on as you are moving into possible on coming traffic
  15. Blame where blame is due, becoming a casualty of your own actions makes you just that, not a innocent victim Unless you are talking about the children but I do believe they were both passengers