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  1. Now then @ Just Weird I have just noticed that I hope thats a genuine typo
  2. oldlakey

    Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    I am all for Justice being upheld and the law enforcement agencies being on top of things the same as all other right thinking people I am with you on this subject but then I am not going to say anything different on here am I My last word on this is try to understand that the wheels of Justice will move at their normal pace and just sit tight
  3. Yes, I do find some of the ways people find to kill themselves quite amusing This one was not the first to use this manner of exit, Gordon and his kite which was wrapped around some power cables made me laugh Whats called for in their situation is a little thought as to what exactly the consequences of what they are about to do might be That fellow member is in their own hands
  4. I try not to talk like that anymore chap as I have come out second a time or two with several of our illustrious moderators Deservedly so though I might add
  5. Check my posting history literally littered with mistakes of all kinds Which I believe and trust I held my hands up to as soon as they were pointed out to me No problem from my end Do have a nce day
  6. I think he might refute that, which will give you the opportunity to withdraw it 5555555555555
  7. When somebody makes an allegation against you, YOU refute it The person who makes the allegation withdraws it they do not refute it Thats neither here nor there, the point is you totally misunderstood what was being sad in POST 51 and its there for all to see Have a nice day
  8. 55555555555555555555555555555555 You get funnier by the POST Mr Unsworth was put in the position of having to refute the comments made by Mr Musk , Why you no understand POST 51 is going to haunt you Sir, while ever you continue with this Its known in good old England as getting hold of the [email protected]%# end of the stick I am now going to exit stage right as I have made my point Bye-Bye
  9. Only MUSK can refute the claims he has made, really I think you mean only MUSK can withdraw the claims he has made
  10. You were replying to a post that you did not understand for whatever reason my man The post clearly made the point as to who had refuted what Go back and reread what was posted then you will see you are barking up the wrong tree On the other hand you can continue in this vein its all good entertainment Have a nice day
  11. Nobody has said he has for gods sake try and keep up