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  1. We were all children once now look at us, and yes it happens all over the world as the carnage confirms
  2. A green garbage truck maybe, apart from that its totally irrelevant to this thread as it apparently happened some years ago, Skipper
  3. I cant see it changing much, the situation on Thailands roads that is until somebody else does something about it Nudge Nudge Wink Wink you know what I mean mate
  4. The ordered out bit was to do with the bar as it was way past closing time
  5. Yes no disagreement, mine was just a general view of how I view the sad situation on Thailands roads Two wheels will normally come off worst than four plus A change in the general mind set is needed, but when most others do it you can see the temptation to follow suit
  6. I understand and agree with the financial situation, but you need to help yourself when out and about on the open road Self preservation should be their first concern and thats not just those on two wheels
  7. One for all those, with their defensive driving BS
  8. There is always a silver lining
  9. Actually they cant fix anything, except for their own citizens Mind you they make plenty of problems for other nationalities Have a nice day
  10. Excellent suggestion, any idea where they might find people capable of undertaking such a task
  11. Perhaps so, But how would the German Medical Profession have been involved in the first place if the subject of this thread had not committed any offence Any ideas, this involves a murder so no room for IFs
  12. Flash any help Yes I know I am not showing much quality, give it your best shot I wont report your post I deserve it
  13. The main thing that is overlooked on here is the fact thats its not only you that can do as you like on the roads Not you personally of course No nanny state, get on with it Thats without the genuine accidents / mistakes Hence the high accident rate