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  1. I could not agree with you more, yes all that would be nice I hope you realise though that what you suggest puts you on the ROAD towards becoming a nanny state, road safety campaign, driver training, a police force fit for purpose, one step at a time please, slow down As for the MIL, whats your next move no riding against the traffic or obeying traffic lights As old Tony Quinn said to Omar in Lawrence of Arabia, It was written then Good luck with the MIL and safe driving to you, and everybody else of course
  2. You are perfectly correct of course, but a comparison was not in his thoughts What he posted was a poorly disguised defence of the Thai figures Sad, but there it is
  3. Thaivisa living up to my expectations again, very seldom does it disappoint me
  4. Yes you have cemented your reputation on here, with that concrete evidence
  5. There is no point in exercises such as yours, its just meaningless Size of population Attitude of population Book keeping ETC ETC
  6. If you want a government that gives a sh%t, then seek out a nanny state Then you will have no choice but to give a sh%t and help yourself, plus others at the same time So where does that leave us, OH yes dont want to go there do we
  7. I believe its not an easy task to make a silk purse out of a sows ear
  8. Yes I will tell you what that SOMETHING is my man Its a number try 25,000 for a kick off
  9. Ukrainian deported for overstay

    No way, I'm not having that 5555555
  10. I think we better master rolling over, then crawling, then the odd faltering step, before we tackle spacial awareness
  11. You can only hope that those who CAN, WILL correct this strange oversight I know its difficult for you to understand but it is ONLY the FRENCH themselves that are in a position to change this My comments Posted on here are based on the OP, simple really Your outrage is quite understandable, but what do you suggest, perhaps a task force to go straighten the French out
  12. Nobody thinks its OK, we are just commenting on WHAT is. Save your outrage for those who deserve it. It's looking more than likely that this situation wont be able to occur again, with the mooted law changes.
  13. Neither can the French, thats why law changes are on the way I believe an appeal is to be lodged, lets hope the prosecution can prove their case this time