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  1. Bluespunk, why do you keep insisting that the democratic rights of a minority should overturn a democratic decision made by a majority Can you not see that is not a sensible position to take How do you justify it from a democratic point of view Coming from a self professed holder of a very good degree in politics perhaps you have a valid reason for that thinking formed from your degree I am a supporter of real democracy in real life, I am just not a fan of your version
  2. Do you actually know what the word democracy means The majority decision carries the day Please explain to me why a minority should be able to cancel out a majority We all have democratic rights but the winners decision must always be sacrosanct Because they lost is not a valid reason
  3. The majority must always take precedence over the minority It is undemocratic to do otherwise You and the others who hold a similar opinion are just cherry picking to suit your agenda
  4. Even I have got to hand it to you there a nice sidestep I suggest you exercise a little more caution in future Not excepting a democratic decision is more than distasteful its undemocratic you might want to factor that into your thinking
  5. Come come Bluespunk be a man and stand up and be counted What are you insinuating Are you suggesting this is personal or is your insinuation about the content of my posting in general Lets not let this descend into bickering its to important would you not agree on that at least
  6. Correct, deadly serious as I am trying to up hold democracy under difficult circumstances
  7. You really have no sense of humour do you fellow member Lets say you have stated that on more than one occasion 5555555555
  8. Bluespunk, if there is one thing I am certain of its the fact that you never have, you are not at the moment and probably never will call for another vote Goodnight
  9. OK to end this my last offer is best of five
  10. As several people have pointed out in this thread this could go on for ever if we were stupid enough to allow it The fact is a legal, no hanky panky vote has taken place I will repeat myself, the vote needs to be respected
  11. Both sides had their chance to speak, then the electorate spoke Its time for all to respect that vote, thats what democracy is all about as far as I am concerned Politicians being what they are who knows whats waiting around the corner Maybe the sour grapes brigade will get their wish only time will tell
  12. Only when they want you to be