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  1. Life's a bitch, or it can be and you know the rest
  2. Perhaps he thought he was a good listener
  3. I know you can't hear me but it's your own doing 55555555
  4. Perhaps those gents from Tokyo did not approve
  5. At least you survived to tell the tale
  6. You are talking complete nonsense This thread concerns a 4 year old child who was savaged by three dogs who were allowed to roam freely The child subsequently died of her injuries I find it impossible to understand anybody who then Posts on this thread that they allow their six dogs to roam freely at will I clearly do understand dogs to the extent that when left to their own devices they are not just capable of killing humans they do kill them, and not just defenceless children as is proven by previous events You are no better than the owner of the three dogs involved in this thread, if anything you are worse because you have six dogs, plus some strange ideas about the capabilities of your dogs Its people just like you who help to make Thailand such a dangerous place by your irresponsible actions my man I suggest you give that some thought before it's too late for some other child Absolutely no good can come from free roaming dogs as is proved in Thailand on a regular basis
  7. You need to learn how to behave around people, and take responsibility for your dogs That means keeping them under control at ALL TIMES, not allowing them to roam otherwise this kind of horrendously sad event will take place
  8. And who would decide, a committee 5555555 get a grip
  9. A person with half a brain would not allow their dog/dogs to come into direct contact with anybody unless the dog/dogs were properly supervised Dogs and strangers often don't mix well on the dogs home turf Try closing and locking your gate if you have one my man
  10. As this is an emotive subject my advice is to read the OP and at least try and understand what information you have been given I just can't be bothered to expand on that
  11. Why, is there not enough violence in Thailand for you my man
  12. Plus a fair sprinkling of scum