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  1. Slack parents everywhere is a fact The child suffered this nasty experience because of what appears to be the mothers lack of care, or at least inattention, much the same thing when on an escalator It appears to have been her fault I cant see how you can blame Thailand, I blame the mother The phrase, but it happens everywhere, is usually used in an effort to defray the finger pointing from the guilty party, it carries no validity in my view much the same as stating the obvious
  2. Would you let them cross the road unsupervised, of course not so why leave them to their own devices on an escalator The only thing your post proves is that there are slack parents everywhere
  3. He is not wrong in this case THREE year old child on escalator NEEDS to be under CPS close personal supervision at ALL times
  4. Oh please do, be my guest, I will save YOU the trouble of releasing the funds though, I will take care of that 55555
  5. The truth of the matter is we are our own worst enemies in these situations Victims of our own human nature which makes life easy for the scammers
  6. Its in another closed topic on the accident
  7. That would depend on what wrote you off
  8. Well we might as well because this will be the last you will hear of it
  9. What on earth are you talking about
  10. Oh no we aren,t, we are just people who understand human nature up to a point, and live in the real world We dont need to be told it appen's elsewhere, because we are well awhere of that fact, we also understand its no defence either
  11. I shall just have a butchers at a few other countries forums and you will be the first to receive my findings
  12. Ever been to the lion city, it will take just a little more than that You have absolutely nothing to worry about
  13. Well now everybody will be able to do it Apologies to Airasia
  14. No real problem as it turned out he was well earthed
  15. Guesswork is compulsory on here, it keeps things simmering along nicely