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  1. Well we might as well because this will be the last you will hear of it
  2. What on earth are you talking about
  3. Oh no we aren,t, we are just people who understand human nature up to a point, and live in the real world We dont need to be told it appen's elsewhere, because we are well awhere of that fact, we also understand its no defence either
  4. I shall just have a butchers at a few other countries forums and you will be the first to receive my findings
  5. Ever been to the lion city, it will take just a little more than that You have absolutely nothing to worry about
  6. Well now everybody will be able to do it Apologies to Airasia
  7. No real problem as it turned out he was well earthed
  8. Guesswork is compulsory on here, it keeps things simmering along nicely
  9. Thankfully no serious injury,so not much to get excited about, who knows might even improve their future road actions A forlorn hope I know
  10. I agree, for sure I just cited speed cameras as many in the UK see them as ATMs for the authorities This was in reply to Happyman58 and his view that Aussie policemen have been turned into ATMs by the Aus Gov I am sorry you missed that but no problem As far as speeding goes I was once stopped at 5AM our girt said they have got you now No chance I said he is on his own and he was parked up a side road doing god knows what Conversation went something like this Do you know why I have stopped you Sir, NO All six of you were speeding but you overtook everybody NO COMMENT Driving license, Insurance and MOT certificate please Heres my license, My insurance I will have to produce, I have not got a MOT certificate No MOT Sir, why not My vehicle is only 10 days old End of chat As I have said before you need to be lucky, I have had more than my fair share over the years Needless to say I produced my Insurance details at my nominated police station in good time You dont appear to be a Brit so for your future reference a private car needs to be Tested at a MOT testing center, that is a Ministry Of Transport approved test center to prove it is roadworthy, once it becomes three years old, well at least on that day anyway 55555555 Hopefully all my effort has improved your understanding of my luck and driving ability 55555555 I am still on lbs and ounces and feet and inches, so whats KMS in MPH
  11. I cant comment on Australia, no experience, but you have my sympathy, as for the UK, speed cameras get a bad press Its known where the fixed ones are plus there is warning signage, or there used to be so less said about the people who get caught by them the better, the mobile ones are, well mobile, pot luck then as most of us speed a little now and again 55555 I always found the UK police more or less on the ball, I was without doubt lucky over the years The UK courts are the problem with too lenient sentences, especially where causing death is concerned My only point here is that I prefer driving in a nanny state because I believe it gives me better odds in getting from A to B safely It just amuses me when people crow about coming to Thailand because it allows them more leeway on the roads Add them to the locals and the result is self evident, a sad and shameful waste of life
  12. I have a clean driving license, never had any penalty points on it, UK driving That is actually a modern day miracle I dont mind the nanny state draconian enforcement where road behaviour is concerned, simply because life is precious or at least should be after all, but thats just me I feel we must be prepared to take responsibility for our own actions Policemen with targets, well that might be a good idea in Thailand, one way to get them off their backsides I suppose I was not having a go at you, just in general, regarding the worldwide carnage, and the general, devil take the hindmost attitude
  13. When you say the police book you for everything, do you mean when you have broken traffic rules that are in place for the good of ALL If that is what you are saying then the ANSWER is right in your face is it not
  14. I bet you fit in well mate dont you 555555555
  15. Well if they are both that keen on walking the dog