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  1. This is not only racist - it's sexist too! White women need to be included!
  2. Ironically, the witches are caught up in group-think hysteria - the likes of which saw them burnt at the stake in medieval times. Perhaps the Dems' are feeding them poisonous rye bread?* "Werewolf and Witch Hysteria Caused by Inadvertent Consumption of Hallucinogens:" * https://www.recoveryfirst.org/blog/werewolf-and-witch-hysteria-caused-by-inadvertent-consumption-of-hallucinogens/
  3. What about deloading, increasing weight in small monthly increments, listening to your body, and proper sleep and nutrition? They serve to keep the ego in check. Heavy training increases HGH ,testosterone, and bone density, as well as strengthening tendons and ligaments: "Do tendons and ligaments (joints) get stronger with weight training?" https://www.quora.com/Do-tendons-and-ligaments-joints-get-stronger-with-weight-training
  4. hyku1147

    COSI Pattaya Naklua Beach on target to open

    The developers continue to ruin Wong Amat.
  5. hyku1147

    Where Have all the Oldies Gone... Long Time Pa.....

    The women are on social media.
  6. It's ego that causes problems.
  7. 60 year old squats 600 lbs in NASA meet [360p].webm
  8. hyku1147

    Cleaning Out The Trash

    The Brown Envelope vs The Big Joke is no laughing matter. Are we witnessing the beginning of a shift to the Religious Right, or is this just pre-election theatrics?
  9. I guess B will be going to the men's prison.
  10. My Inner Piglet is dying to get some warning points
  11. I see, the graph tracks the decline of the British pound.
  12. hyku1147

    Cleaning Out The Trash

    Definite behavioral similarities - not that there is anything wrong with that