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  1. If a male changes to female does 'she' still possess the greater male capacity for oxygen intake, does she possess larger muscles, does she possess stronger tendons? If she possesses said qualities, how can she compete fairly with female athletes? Can exposure to openly transgendered authority figures have a negative effect upon young developing minds? Why are these questions not part of the LGBT - hetro' dialogue? What I find most troubling is the constant demonization of those who question the veracity of the LGBT platform.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem
  3. Why don't you challenge my assertions with an educated response?
  4. Argumentum adhominem is the last refuge of the indoctrinated.
  5. Good Lord! Institutionalized hetrophobia could warp the minds of the young. Why hasn't the effects of systemic forced deconstruction, and subsequent reconstruction, been properly studied? That is the real question. Could the fear of shame, guilt, and academic ostracization be the answer?
  6. WW2 Nazi rhetoric? Should these modern day fiends be sent for re-education? This is Nazi propaganda:
  7. If only scantily clad women of prime breeding age would start hugging and groping! Then I would purchase lots of fake gold chains.
  8. Can anyone recommend a visa agent who could handle the required visa transfers etc? Thanks
  9. Jesus! Guys, please - for the sake of harmony on TV - start taking an anti-estrogen.
  10. Not to worry. The Thai University of Tourism has conclusively hypothesized that stray dogs are are responsible for the oceanic feces crisis. The Tourist Police Volunteers are - as we speak - dealing with this serious problem:
  11. @#!% runs downhill.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminist_sociology