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  1. She will claim that the simian sexually assaulted her.
  2. A compromise is in order.
  3. A prenuptial agreement [even for common law] is the way to go in North America.
  4. Short time, short time, Rah, Rah Rah…short time, short time, Ha, Ha Ha…Mmm, I love short time!”
  5. Extention of Stay (Retirement) in Jomtien

    I always double check the requirements by inquiring on our *Visa Forum. * Thai visas, residency and work permits
  6. Places that serve bean based meals?

    An adventurous soul could visit Benny's Bean Buffet.
  7. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    There Is a lull in the storm.
  8. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    It's on with a vengeance: torrential rain, thunderbolts, and lighting.
  9. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    I sincerely hope that the gals won't be wearing flimsy short white dresses.