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  1. He needs an ass woopin'. He should be required to go to a MT gym and hit one of the advanced fighters. LOL
  2. Nothing on Google: https://www.google.com/search?q=Jose+Polanco+has+been+given+a+two+year+jail+sentence+by+the+Pattaya+court&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
  3. hyku1147

    90 Day Reporting Online Experiences 2016

    I submitted - using Firefox - the first page ( Fill up Personal information ) but was sent to a page with the following message. (Same message when using IE) Any ideas? Cheers
  4. There have been cases where nubile women stripped naked at airports and made quite a scene. Curiously, the average time it took the male staff to call the police was 23.6 minutes.
  5. hyku1147

    Why pay for a room when you can sleep in the lobby?🤔

    We need an influx of poorly funded Chinese babes.
  6. Galileo was accused of focusing his telescope on the Nun's bathing pool. Fortunately, he had recently discovered the moons of Jupiter.
  7. I guess he kept his mouth shut, and let his lawyer do the talking. Perhaps the witnesses corroborated the perpetrators version of events?
  8. Yeah, 2 head cases collide. Best to keep a low profile.
  9. Being an obnoxious loudmouth works every time - except once. Unfortunately for the victim - he ran in to the wrong guy. RIP.
  10. hyku1147

    Reeking Jomtien Beach Road sprayed down

    Only Jomtien residents would want to perfume the streets. LOL
  11. I hope that the kid does not suffer any permanent psychological damage. The lunatic abuser should be examined by a psychiatrist.