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  1. ..best avoid anything with a red ring around it...RIP silly bike rider.
  2. ..did you mean Thai ladies have been conning people for 4000 years.
  3. ..looks like copulation with one holding a bread/butter knife.
  4. ..LondonEye..goes round and round like everything else about this alleged crime..lets hope he gets to the bottom of it.
  5. ..the tattooist may have tattooed the word 'country' and with her skin stretching has distorted the meaning perhaps..
  6. tandor

    The risk you take running a RED traffic light

    ..can see the injured rider clearly just lying there on the road.
  7. tandor

    Nightmare at Big C - Warning: It Is Disgusting

    ..and scratch her/his/their wots-it.
  8. ..i know what i was taught..i said 'manuals' nothing about 'journals'. Manuals are documents formulated within all medical establishments to lay down procedures for the handling of all matter of things; to also comply with Work Place Safety Regulations..I dont need to answer you any more.
  9. ..you got confused with refrigerating the body and the virus living for a short period, whereas i am referring to common medical knowledge by Forensic Pathologist who have taught many that the HIV virus could live up to three months in a cadaver buried in the ground..as the virus is aerobic it would have enough air to survive..this information appeared in all Forensic Pathology manuals and i dare say was taken from relevant textbooks and references at the time..this is what was stated at lectures and were the instructions to be adhered to take additional precautions ie double glove, filtered air helmets/masks etc and to destroy all clothing after. Any exhumed cadavers are routinely screened for HIV and Hepatitis 'C' before any second or subsequent autopsy is performed. PS. I dont have to defend myself, so withdraw your accusation. I am educated and have considerable experience in this field. Another point you made was most cadavers are embalmed; this is grossly untrue and is only ever done at the specific request of the family; the majority of whom do not wish to add this considerable expense to the funeral cost.
  10. ..exhumed means the coffin dug up and the remains re-visited..(you dont refrigerate coffins in the ground)..source is any Forensic Pathology Manual and historical studies since the HIV virus was first detected i think back in early 1960s in Africa..common knowledge...and very relative to the OP original post as he/they made ridiculous unfounded statements.
  11. ..well you should say low probability then...i doubt it feasible you could stick your tongue in the mouths of a million infected people! Infected people have been known to spit in the faces of law enforcement officers..a bit like a spitting cobra.aiming for the eye soft tissue and mouth..don't you know.
  12. ..i said 3 months..not 3 years!...reference any Forensic Pathology Manual..sorry dont have the author or reference for you, but a standard in Forensic Pathology...re saliva, definitely possible but improbable..one can never discount the chances however remote..satisfied?