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  1. ..North Korean genus.
  2. ...bold move to be playing in a shark's territory.
  3. ..desperate people do desperate things.
  4. ...I would like to buy one Night time Robbery please..can you wrap it up for me.
  5. ...he blends in well with the cars soupy paint job...pumpkin head yellow.
  6. ..take yourself out anytime...but leave them kids alone.
  7. ...i counted 7 involved...even 1 was/is despicable...hope the fella is ok after his ordeal.
  8. ..going on holiday and trying different things..the way it is world-wide.
  9. ...the last three words of this racist article are not required...puts the reporter in the same category as Nastase..how crass.
  10. ...glad no-one was hurt..at least the water pipes got flushed out!
  11. ...how are we expected to see them and react...oh at least he had white gloves on.
  12. ...i certainly did get a receipt which is stapled in my Passport as proof.
  13. ..Chiang Mai..keep your shirt on! In my case I filled in the TM30 and signed it as the 'Housemaster or person Owning the property" and presented that with a photocopy of the registered owner on the Chanot's, ID card. That was accepted without her being present and my 1600 baht was gratefully accepted too. (PS my yellow Tabien Baan meant nothing according to Immigration when it comes to the TM30..the yellow book is only issued by the Amphur Office and used for other procedures. I argued it was proof of my address, however when it came to proving i was back in the country i needed to submit the completed TM30 form. As far as i am aware that is the law and once again it is up to the relevant Immigration Office how they interpret it, based i would venture to say on their own knowledge of their own laws).
  14. ..well if you do the registering at each place you stay then Immigration can track your movements.