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  1. ...i agree..the one in the foreground fell asleep during proceedings.
  2. tandor

    Internet Romance Scam

    ..request a photo of him masturbating.
  3. tandor

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    ..he/she/it was a naughty little 'corn flake' wasn't them.
  4. ..well spoken regardless of whose proverb it was/is...same as the words Kim Jung-un said.
  5. ..man/lady irrelevant..what i saw on my monitor was the car with dashcam had 3 seconds prior warning as the truck began to 'jack-knife' and head to the central barrier..the driver should then have made some change of direction, ie to the middle lane at least..the driver didnt make any attempt to slow or diverge until the cab of the truck was actually protruding over the barrier into their lane at which point the driver came out of the door window and more than likely struck the front pillar of the Accord..i have no idea how much driving experience the driver had but they didnt act at all defensively...should have been well out of the way by then and slowed down considerably preparing for what was unfolding...IMHO
  6. ..the Accord driver could easily have moved to the centre lane (where he should have been as he was not overtaking any vehicle)..and maybe the ejected driver may have survived..IMHO and RIP.
  7. ..lets hope he knocked himself unconscious on his exit from the door window.
  8. ..methinks one demerit point for this tragedy..RIP the Taiwanese couple.
  9. ...will there be a 'black market' for points.
  10. ..he's probably counting B52s.