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  1. ..now i know how they put the corner pegs in for the great pyramid.
  2. ...any faster, all the bar girls will look the same.
  3. ...the tight off the shoulder white blouse should take your mind off it.
  4. ..a few years back i was talking to a farang in a mall..we got onto the topics of snakes..he mentioned he caught one in his yard at HangDong..he said he took it with his daughter quite some distance and let it go..he then asked me where i lived and after giving him a description it would appear he let the bloody thing free right near my home..oh well.
  5. ...mind of its own..imagine how catastrophic it could have been had she been at the wheel..the kerb on that road is very high..one wonders how a car from a standing start could get up enough speed to cross 1 1/2 lanes and mount the kerb.
  6. ..since when do the Daily News make decisions and unauthorised statements..pathetic press standards..no wonder some of you get upset and go off on the wrong tangent.
  7. ...gives all the other psychotic leaders something to laugh at.
  8. ...his girlfriend wasn't able to come with him.
  9. ..what!...the condom may have been a plant..other evidence may have been there..hairs head/pubic, saliva, bite marks..so who is being a smart arse!
  10. still a few other ways DNA can be obtained..don't you know.