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  1. ..it quite work that way..faecal samples have to be taken, swabs from the restaurant, food receptacles, the alleged food itself, cultures have to be done..at least 48hrs for a microbiology result then if found the strain of whatever it is has to be matched to each of the other samples..in the case of Salmonella i think there is 13-15 different strains..as a result you can't go round lucking people up on a whim until concrete evidence is obtained..the Thai Health Dept has the power to suspend the trading of any food outlet on suspicion alone, until lab results are returned to them as it is a public health issue.
  2. ..well thats the least they could do in the circumstances..dare say it was a salmonella...RIP
  3. ..but sadly a pity he chose the way he did..his wife or others had to find him that way when with a little more planning it could have been less of a shock..RIP Lawman.
  4. ..well he did have the option to return to a Nursing Home in Australia..appears he chose here instead..RIP Lawman...i see parts of your life displayed on your living room walls.
  5. ..ask "H" he seems to know the answers to all the hard questions.
  6. ..up to them..Im just a concerned adult.
  7. ..i will remain standing.. thanks very much for your concern.
  8. ..the use of illicit drugs in those responsible countries other than the Netherlands.
  9. Goodbye hanging wires - hello modern Bangkok!

    ..there should be more electricity to sell now.
  10. ...they should be charged with instigating, aiding and abetting.
  11. ...the excitement is mounting..which dress or pants to wear..Im all in a tizz.
  12. This Shark From Prehistoric Times Is Back To Freak Us All Out

    ..look at the design..aint nature grand.