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  1. ..she's focused on the huge pink ants eating her toes.
  2. ...looks like he's on the 'vinegar stroke'..small toes scrunching up in readiness.
  3. ..seems like they're playing catch-up ..revving the engine, wheelies, and CNX every 2nd rev-head has widies now..out here at BoSang they have drifter/handbrake circuit if front of a condo and right on the heavy main road, no safety barriers ..they like the sound of those valve stems bending on their little 1.5 litre shit boxes.
  4. ..i just did..was that you ?
  5. ..easy to do a head-count all lined up like that..poor darlings.
  6. ..someone's been pulling his leg a fair bit.
  7. ..i think there might be some folding money between the two clasped hands..i might be wrong.
  8. ..me and my fellow Honda Clickers will have to get into action mode.
  9. ..good ole 'diminished responsibility'.
  10. ..the traffic cop couldn't care less either.
  11. ..pleasant relief but, from all the bombs, hatred, killing and carnage...all but brief.
  12. ..if 40 people who regularly visited a small village since last October suddenly stop..of course it is noticeable.
  13. ..outside as usual once out of the cute puppy stage.