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  1. Good on you Colin Nothing like a bit of free advertising
  2. All i will say is that it dont matter if the students dont pass the exams Thailand has a NO FAIL policy they will still get there degrees. Getting a job after they finish there degree might be a bit more tricky especially if they want to live in another country They can always get a dishwashers job because that is what there degrees mean outside Thailand
  3. What will the criteria be? I know they will be asked if they have a job That should stop about 20% of them from getting a loan
  4. Yep they would be happy they are Cambodians and not thai
  5. They probly dont have anybody who can sail it That will be the next expense Send the crew to China to be trained Toys for the boys
  6. So true 13 Billion Baht would of helped the citizens in this country so much Just shaking my head here in disbelief Do the government really care about their citizens or not No corruption right It runs down from the top right through the ranks Fisherman was right somebody is going to get a big pay day out of this
  7. Who is Macron ?Sounds like somebody from outta space Doctor Spock' s cousin maybe
  8. Save face you think
  9. They wont catch them Means the police have to actually have to get out of there office I think they are mad because the bomb disturbed there card game
  10. Hope the crowd did not applaud thinking it was part of the show Nothing like realism these days to get crowd reaction
  11. Thailand has many high flyers
  12. Nah wont happen that is just normal cab driving he will get a brand new cab out of all this
  13. Just a pack of wolves Spineless gutless wonders
  14. You are so right Me me me Yesterday i was doing a right hand U turn Cars came up on the outside of me They were not even in the turning lane They came off the lane that was meant for flow through traffic Taxi drivers are the worst So i gave them some with my car horn My Thai wife got upset and said why did you do that? I said because they are in the wrong She said you dont understand Thai driving I replied what am i suppose to about Thai driving? Not knowthe rules like they do? They know they are in the wrong but its Me Me Me and where are the cops lol NOWHERE TO BE SEEN truly i have nevr seen so many bad drivers in my life and they are getting away with it