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  1. The best spenders are American. The worst spenders are the French
  2. Shame she went Top looking lady Ask Obama he tried a few times to seduce her. Was all over her in one pic
  3. What a joke telling to chinese to clean up there mess. Thailand biggest garbage pit in the world See a vacant block throw plastic bags all over it
  4. might of been a well hung Thai Is there any?
  5. Stupid weather map Looks like they are fighting a battle instead of predicting weather I am sorry to say i live in Ubon they say rain coming and the sun shines all day. So i take this with a grain of salt But i will respond sat if they are right
  6. ok this story is just a waste of time. Why may you all ask? Wait i give you answer " Ok drum roll guys " There is not going to be an election. If stirring up civil unrest don't work Then plan B " Dial a bomber will"
  7. Thais probably don't even know who Shakespeare is but another junket trip to the UK might fix that.The biggest problem still is not the resources to learn English but the teachers they employ to teach it. You can teach any animal new tricks if you have a great teacher who knows what they are doing. You see here school employing Filipino teachers because they pay them lousy wages even worse what they pay Thai Teachers to teach English. These teachers cannot even speak English themselves. So when class starts teacher sits there with blank look on face the kids learn nothing and Thailand goes backward learning English. Hey i dont even need a junket trip to England to know that. I know this because my step daughter has been in English classes at school for 3 years now and she has never had a teacher who can speak English. Only word she ever learnt was "Hello"
  8. yep only thing i feel sorry about is her mother her daughter can pull the wool over her eyes so easy she thinks her daughter is doing so well at school. ha ha lucky i can understand report cards
  9. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    well they got a good teacher on the guy they gave a medal to the burmese army general they know how to run the drug trade
  10. Dont worry the Thai Education Minister knows that to But hey what a great excuse to get a junket trip to England on Favourite Thai song is " I'm leaving on a jet plane"
  11. I wanted to teach my Thai step daughter also by Computer But ran into a snag She turned 17 found herself a b/f lost all interest in learning English Lets just say she has other interests now
  12. Laughing here the education minister was in London? Another junket trip? I dare this Minister to take the English Test Should be interesting. Then again they can make it easy for him to pass.Go something like this. Fill in Gap Snow white and the ------- dwarfs. Answer 1/ two dwarfs 2/ six dwarfs 3/ four dwarfs 4 /Seven dwarfs Now clue to help answer Correct answer is seven oops to much information Now can you read it back to me what you just wrote? Minister answer is Huh not understand is that English?
  13. I agree Jacko I come here to talk to other Farangs and i dont use underage girls for sex . So what are you getting at Smedley? I dont know these 2 scumbags and yes i hope they rot in jail. Can i make it any plainer to you Smedley i dont like these people Oh well done Thai Police Lock the bastards up throw away the key
  14. What exactly is there Job? The idiots in cars and on bikes are laughing now You clean the streets boys while we have fun on the roads? That cop i would say was just standing in wrong place at wrong time so the camera man said take broom we take picture you get 500 baht. Was music to his ears A bribe