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  1. When I moved into the house I live now there were rats in the ceiling, Oh boy did they make a noise, No sleep Did I panic? No. Just lifted off some of the sheets off the roof and threw ratsak everywhere. End of rats in ceiling Stunk a bit but was worth it. So maybe Thais should start throwing some Ratsak around It works
  2. I use to ride my bike on the side of the road but after feeling how close some of these cars got to me when passing me NO THANKS The bike sits in the garage and I walk at the park.
  3. Happyman58

    Friends again, Prayut to visit Europe next month

    Then he should also visit Australia because their tax system is set up for big companies to avoid paying tax and also they are also good at spending money on themselves Be a great visit I would say They can compare tricks they use. Like how to Bullshit to the people and make it sound so good that they think you are doing a wonderful job.
  4. Happyman58

    Friends again, Prayut to visit Europe next month

    They were probably lovers a few years ago
  5. junta don't care Not their money they are using
  6. Happyman58

    Outpouring of support for pro-poll detainees

    I think the whole United Nations set-up is just a joke. Do nothing solve nothing and everybody gets paid big bucks
  7. And they got the biggest rats in the world too. Look at the one who lives in the PM house and the ones who run the country Big Rats everywhere in Bangkok
  8. No old timer you won't those get lazy pricks to help. They just lie around and do nothing. Please don't say he still lives at home at 34 because my stepdaughter is 17 and I dream every day when she is going to leave home. She is so lazy she can't even turn off a light switch Big job
  9. Well for a start they don't throw their rubbish everywhere.
  10. Pity they cant round up 27 drivers who break the law right in front of them
  11. Happyman58

    Outpouring of support for pro-poll detainees

    I did not know wanting a free election was a crime? The Eu wants to meet this Pm My god
  12. Happyman58

    Pedophile Swiss expat arrested by Thai police

    Put him in a jail cell with ladyboys. Sorry I have no time for the sick bas -----tards Well done to the police force. I hope you catch every one of these sickos.
  13. He is thanking the cops for stopping the rally and keeping the protestors inside the university compound so nobody could see them. Least the cops are good for something in Thailand because they are no good at enforcing the road rules Now the justice will be handed out to those pesky protestors How dare they say the government should hold elections in democratic Thailand
  14. This Pm is off to Europe next month. What for? Maybe looking for a villa when the sh it hits the fan and he has to exit the country in a hurry Who knows? But the bank accounts will be full
  15. Happyman58

    Death by alcohol. How does Thailand rate?

    My wife tried to ban me from drinking because her first hubby was close to a drunk. I thought to ban me from drinking 4 bottles every 7 days Bit hard I thought. I did not consider myself a drunk because quiet honestly Thai beer is not the best beer I have tasted. Anyway, to stop her from nagging me I said to her keep it up and it will go from 4 bottles a week to 10 bottles That was the end of nagging lol. Now even brings 4 bottles home for me So it's "all quiet on the western front again"