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  1. I am sure Thai girls are sexually active by the time they are 13
  2. Happyman58

    Teacher exams held nationwide

    There was no cheating we have been told. No need to cheat answers will be given to them.
  3. You have got to be the joke of the week mate You going to stop the crooks entering Parliment There are 189 there now and they will still be there after the election. So you won't have to stop anybody
  4. Well try telling my neighbor who is Thai from banging his wife on the porch Its ok but she screams the house down Somebody might think she is being murdered, Is there any law preventing that yet
  5. Happyman58

    PM Prayut vows to get rid of informal debts

    One good idea would be to stop Thais from buying the latest pick-up or cars which they cannot afford. But good to see he actually cares for poor people haha by leading by example when a Thai minister travels overseas no expense is being spared
  6. I would say a corruption record of about 2 pages would land you a good job with these guys
  7. Mike, I know its bloody sad Ordinary people will die because of some elite people in Bangkok rorting the system That who this guy works for Look at Thai people they are mostly harmless people are kept in the dark and rorted by the clergy, elite class, and government. I will say they are just a bunch of pri cks
  8. What would be the odds Of little P and his mates spending time in jail Mike? I will have a rough guess 100,000000000 to 1 If the P goes there will be another General to take his place. The army will always be in control in Thailand How many coups has Thailand Had 35 I think? They have now bought in new basic training for Thai Souldiers it called how to topple a democratically elected government in power in 2 hours.
  9. All I can say thank god Thais don't smoke. Just those filthy farang tourist do. Yeah, I notice also when Thais have a bit of rubbish they want to throw away they make sure it goes in the bin. Somehow they remind how clean their habits are by comparing them to Singapore
  10. Dare I mention RUSSIANS in control or they found out they have no lifeguards there in case they wanted a midday dip Who knows but it is a good reason I am sure,
  11. The big joke ain't no joke I tell ya. He wants the top job and he will get it That is no joke. Then he may look at the police in a different way then,
  12. Just feel sorry for Thai people. They are poor and then they got these maggots stealing cash off them Put them in jail frocked or defrocked who cares and throw away the key. They remind me of these low down Monks of saying to people "we are men of god trust us" to a bit like Himmler saying to the jews as they are going into the gas chamber "Trust me you are only going for a shower"
  13. Ok Thai law - Slap mistress face 1-month jail Throw cig on beach 100,000 baht or jail time Killing someone while driving a car while you are drunk A waive say sorry 500 baht fine