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  1. You only have to watch Thai drivers 70% of them have no idea what they are doing That is because they have no training on how to drive a car 15 hours is nothing should be 150 hours
  2. Well all i can say i have a Thai partner She looks after me very well I am very happy to live here No pressure
  3. Money talks Its really stinks
  4. I got a question? After he ran the cop over and killed him how the hell did he get out Thailand while the investigation was going on ?Would you not cancel his passport till investigation was over? Or do the brown envelopes come into play? Does anybody know how he got out of Thailand?
  5. God u are so right They go through red lights They just about break every rule in the book and get away with it. 15 hours would not be enough for driving lessons You have to change the attitude of the drivers here Me Me Me is there attitude While they at it train their police force to enforce the law Nah nothing will happen Blah Blah Blah all they do here
  6. Honestly they will never arrest him Its just a bloody joke Money talks
  7. Just a word of warning Thais drive at night to but their problem is they dont turn there lights on. So much fun when you are driving at night and next minute there is a car right in front of you no lights on If you drive during the day the Thais usually drive on the wrong side of the road and pass you on double lines Sorry to have scared you Safe journey
  8. I Have seen Taxi drivers drive Just shake my head Honestly i really dont know how they get their license to drive a cab. I suppose if you are a rapist it is easy
  9. I would a little brown envelope fixed that problem
  10. Yep u hit the nail right on the head
  11. All i can say if he does what he preaches then there will be many authorities going to jail Dont worry guys you are all safe Nothing will happen Blah Blah
  12. Do you really think the Thais care if you took there jobs away You would be doing them a great favour so they dont have to work. That is why there is 1 million Cambodians Laotion and Burmese workers in Thailand Doing the jobs the Thais dont want to do
  13. I do agree I have not seen many Farang Beggers but i have seen lots of Thais begging going through rubbish bins I can see this from my Thai Wifes Resturant and standing right under sign asking for staff But as usual you get no applicants because Begging and starving is so much fun. Plus who likes to work anyway Just ask the Thais this question