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  1. Air asia flight from Sydney to Kl Plane is fantastic Airbus 330 Care factor from AirAsia not so good Planes are late most of the time Had scary flight over Gulf Of Thailand at night Anybody else had that? One time the plane could of flown over the storm but the captain decided to fly through it Loud thunder plane shook I thought "open the pearly gates my time had come" If i fly anywhere next time Singapore airlines i will fly with
  2. Brakes, speeding,tail gating, take your pick Just the normal things that happen in Thailand soon to be No 1 in the world for road deaths
  3. Or they might be running out of Transfers to inactive posts (On full pay also)
  4. The cop prob made enough money for the day Maybe he might get a promotion or a medal for doing that In Aus we have " Kiss a cop day" Maybe in Thailand they have "Pay a fine day by a cop"
  5. Dont worry those laws will never be enforced They are not worth the paper they are written on And the biggest question is? Who will enforce them ? THE POLICE
  6. On;y legal if you ho;d a government position
  7. So True The governor was just misunderstood I think he was lead astray It is the girls fault for telling the truth She said the governor was using it but it turned out to be somebody else saying he was the governor What a load of BS Yes they will be cleared also You silly falang Dont you know that many Thais are just misunderstood Did the girl disappear?
  8. No he is wrong Not 10 years More like 20 years
  9. Ha ha Zebra crossings are just for show Nobody stops for them If the Thais had to learn how to drive properly they would know that zebra crossings are for people to walk across the road and for cars to stop They know but its the me me first attitude so they dont Keystone cops wont enforce it so lets change subject move onto more important issues like buying military hardware
  10. Hospitals Education Roads 50 years old No extra money for them That must be General No 150 talking there That is his new job Talker
  11. You think he might be a spy for the government
  12. No i think No he was just having something to say He probly meant i should bring in log books in 30 days but i think i never bring them in Or maybe he was thinking i should bring in bank books in 30 days so i can see how much corruption money i have taken in the last year I have learnt in Thailand what they say is just a lot of hot air Nothing will change and more people will die and the Thai smile just gets bigger
  13. The reason they import workers is because Thais hate WORK But as everyone says Life goes on the killing goes on and everyone has big Thai smile about it Mini vans are a coffin on wheels All these laws are very nice but the secret is you have to enforce them Does anybody know who will in Thailand? Now before anybody say the police think again THEY WONT
  14. I live in in Thailand and i think its a great place I am Aussie and i dont fell threatened You are going to get idiots hurting themselves anywhere in the world Booze drugs and sex are a dangerous cocktail I would encourage more Aussie to come to Thailand I just been to Australia Most expensive place in food petrol cost of living i have ever seen And government regulations are everywhere So dont be afraid to come and live in Thailand I did and it was a great move