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  1. Yep this might as well pull down the stop signs Nobody obeys them
  2. My Thai wife first husband died from high blood pressure 8 years ago Wife took him to hospital and the nurse on duty said he will have to wait Doctor is playing golf That was at 2 He died at 4 Doc came at 5 after he finished his game. The nurse did not even try to get into contact with doctor
  3. Yeah great question Why does Thailand have a police force? Guess it creates jobs and they do look good in there uniforms and shiny boots Plus the medals look great. Question Do they have a police training centre in Thailand?
  4. Do the extra tests only apply for farangs or for Thais Also? I welcome that if it is also for Thais because most will not pass it. I guess the extra test for them would be " What does a stop sign mean" 1/ Keep driving dont stop 2/ Stop give way to all traffic 3/ Wow the stop sign looks great 4/ Red is my favourite colour Most would answer Keep driving dont stop Pass
  5. Ineffective police force People who cant drive People who dont know road rules People who break the road rules Just goes on and on and people die in droves Oh well no good talking about it anymore Soon Thailand will be No 1 In road deaths
  6. Place has gone to the dogs really The day a Soi dog bites me it will be his last day on this planet
  7. Prob the deal is wear a uniform and you dont have to pay. I knew i should of joined the Thai army years ago How does it feel Thai citizens? You get nothing army gets everything Guess when you rule the country you can do that Oh the guy who got the deal did he get another medal for it? Hard work you know organizing the troops to watch the movies
  8. Would bank robbers fall into this field of learning Guess they can count money and shoot straight
  9. Yeah dont we all know that Butter would not melt in their mouths
  10. Reconciliation 55 million Thais would not even know the meaning of the word let alone trying to achieve it. Oh boy Mr Pm did you ever think it would be that easy to take over a country In other words you are really saying the elections will never be held Next case
  11. Couple of the boys getting itchy feet Better and easier money to be made then what they are doing now
  12. old news people die in droves in Thailand Nobody cares Next story