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  1. And the third day i take it they will be told pick up the booking tickets and start enforcing the traffic rules Am i right saying that?
  2. Ok u silly farang The election works like this Hope you understand this time? Why you not as smart as Thai people and accept? General from Junta gets 20 votes Opposition party member gets 20,000 votes General wins Why does General win? We have found some mistakes in the voting system and 19,981 who voted should not have been allowed to vote because they were drunk when they turned up to vote therefore they did not know who they were voting for All of them have said sorry and will be re-educated Therefore to save Thai people money and not have another election we declare General the winner See we show the world we democratic country
  3. Army Officer Road Rage Video Goes Viral

    Guess he never watched " Officer and gentlemen"
  4. Army Officer Road Rage Video Goes Viral

    Here a few things they do Clean parks and gardens, Change governments, Install dictatorships, Be every where in uniform showing who is in charge
  5. They never will stamp it out Col It is like a vampire once you get the taste for blood you cant stop They got the taste for corruption and cant stop I tend to think of them as criminals in brown uniforms with nice badges to show it is all legal
  6. He is asking for more time to investigate How about a 20 year time frame would that be enough time? I see 8 officers transferred again? What a joke? Should be stood down with pay until sorted out. Maybe just maybe it is time to stand the head of the police force
  7. I just shake my head in dis belief They only juts discovered there police force is corrupt Nothing will be done because if they did the whole police force would be sacked Next case
  8. My wife is with me for the money.

    well me and u have lots in common Pauly Pity you did not live close to Ubon we could become mates 8 years difference between me and my wife
  9. The me me me attitude Let the old guy go You let the red bull guy go oops forgot Red Bull guy has lots of money this guy prob has not Off to jail you go mate
  10. My wife is with me for the money.

    Oh well she would keep u fit May u live a long life
  11. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    I agree Cadbury chocolate Vietnam and Myanmar and even Laos are leaving the Thai economy behind My wife is Thai and she is a business lady She says she has never seen it so bad here . Empty shops, houses empty, infrastructure falling down, Blind Freddy can see that Maybe Blind Ronnie can not
  12. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    If anybody can say Thailand is going ahead then you have your head in the sand The only thing going ahead in Thailand are car accidents, corruption, and the junta telling lots of lies
  13. Asean navies focus on marine environment

    I was hoping they bring up about the new subs that are arriving from china Everybody needs a good laugh at these Talks Catch phrase can be "Three for the Price of Two" What a bargain
  14. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    Oki leave it to your imagination