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  1. Anyone wearing sunglasses would count as a tourist
  2. Prob counting all the Russian drug dealers as tourists Its dead i can tell you shops are closing left right and centre
  3. People seem to forget Murder is not a crime in Thailand These people were poor so it dont matter if they are shot. But it would of made a big difference if the Red Bull guy was amongst the protesters and got killed This guy Abhisit would of being in jail.Seeing Justice system falling apart so bad here. How can you run a country if you have no justice? Back to the old west days where the law of the gun ruled
  4. Tight security for Prayut and Cabinet in Ayutthaya

    Maybe they can use that 400 million Balloon to act as observation when they have meeting Oh forgot it dont fly
  5. Army balloon deflated, QUESTIONS remain

    Whats 400 million Baht Nothing? Hey we had fun flying it 2 times did we not? Thailand has got plenty of money Wont even be missed this sum Also we wont tell any of the Thai people we just blew 400 Million I am sure they will see it as just another misunderstanding No problem
  6. Well he wont have to worry about the police force here.
  7. That is great news Manson is dying Cant come quick enough He should of went to the chair and saved taxpayers lots of money Hooray you made my day by saying that he is dying Scumbag he was
  8. I be ok with it as long as it was used to help the Thais have a better life But we all know where this is going More toys for the army and sticking the hands into the till to help them buy those little knick knacks for themselves Like land cars trips overseas lavish parties big house happy retirement
  9. Means he is telling you this guy will never go to jail
  10. Amazing Wonders never ceases to amaze me here They have been all paid to drag there feet. He just admitted it. This guy committed manslaughter and he will get nothing Truly a two-tier system How many years has the Guy got before all charges are dropped? That would be the next target so the cash will keep flowing till then. Just drop this story It gets a reaction and i think just forget about it This system is just a big joke and they treat it that way Next
  11. Yeah i guess so Rosst But if were police commissioner and i had 370 police working for me who did not know the rules themselves i be a worried man A few heads would roll That is only the ones they told us about Maybe thousands more Who knows Plus it sends a message to the Thai Drivers who Break the rules The guy booking you does not know the rules himself. If it was a comedy show it would be a great laugh but it is serious People die because they are not pulled up for the way they drive
  12. Mike if i had a choice on drinking Chang, Leo, Or BeerLao I would take Beerlao So i agree with you whole heartly
  13. Does anybody have an opinion on where Thailand is going? Backward or Forward My guess would be Backward at a rate of knots .But notice the deputy P.M.and his 150 hangers on including 50 Generals are in London looking at new toys for war show. Already spending the money they are going to collect from new tax hikes Silly Thai people thought it was going to be used for improving there lives WRONG AGAIN
  14. Prob sightseeing trip The weather in London has been great