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  1. It is no wonder at expats looking as poor as many Thai When Thai ladies have taken everything from them.
  2. 1. Where are the boys? Special-purpose divers found the 13 missing deep in the underground cave system Tham Luang Nang Non, north of Thailand on Monday. They had gathered in the dark on a rock shelf, slightly raised above the water masses that kept them trapped for a week and a half. According to the divers, the boys should be between two to four kilometers in and about one kilometer below the surface of the Doi Nang Non mountain. The huge cave system of about ten kilometers consists of many narrow and hilly tunnels. Heavy rain has filled large parts of the cave with mud water. At first, the assistants thought the boys found themselves in a cave area called Pattaya Beach. As this area was flooded, the divers continued to find the 12 boys and the coach on the mountain shelf. 2. What are the rescue options? 1. Teaching them to dive Special-purpose divers can bring in gear and teach the boys to dive. It is estimated to use whole diving masks, which should be easier to breathe with than a nozzle. The experienced divers can then follow the boys as they swim from room to room inside the cave system by following a diving line. In an air pocket on the road, there are now extra bottles of oxygen and other necessary diving gear they need in the various stages on the long way out. In this case, the boys must learn to use advanced diving equipment, and take out the same complex, narrow cave paths that the marine divers spent several days getting into. 2. Waiting for the water to retreat This option assumes that the divers carry more food, light and other necessary equipment to the boys, pending enough water to either pump out or that the water retracts. The divers already work to carry more supplies with food and medicines, which may last for several months if necessary. 3. To drill a new entrance into the mountain While searching in the cave, experts with dogs explore mountainside from outside, hoping to find alternative entries to the boys. Helicopters have flown over the mountain to try to find the exact position of the group Equipment to tease or blow into the caves is in place, in case. Search 3. What is the risk associated with the options? The safest option is likely to wait for the water to sink. At the same time, there is a great risk of being left because it is reported even more heavy rain for the weekend. Even now, more water comes into the already flooded cave than the rescue crew manages to pump out. If the water level in the cave rises, the boys may risk staying in caves ranging from several days to, worst cases, months when the rainy season is due in October. To blow an alternative entrance into the mountain, according to the news agency Ap take a long time. According to the divers who found the boys, they are in a relatively small place, making it very difficult to drill. The quickest option is enough to make the boys swim out. At the same time, this is considered to be the most dangerous option. The British and Thai elites spent several days finding missing ones. According to the BBC, the divers had to travel through a 1.5 kilometer long underground passage, alternately filled with water. The dives had to pull through narrow caves in strong currents and brown waters without a particular sight. Ben Reymenants, who is part of the rescue operation, said to several British media that the boys are too weak at the moment to cope with such a dive after spending ten days without food. 4. How really are the boys able to dive out of the cave? A rescue mission where the boys must dive will be very difficult. In addition to learning to dive, extra oxygen is needed along the way, and that you get attached divertau and lightning sticks along the way, writes the news agency Ap. Dive expert Bill Whitehouse in the British Cave Rescue Council tells the BBC that there is additional risk associated with diving in caves: "When diving in open water, you can at least get to the surface if something goes wrong. If you are 300 meters inside a cave and something goes wrong, you have to swim 300 meters back before you can put your head over water. According to Whitehouse, a rescue action that means the boys dive will be very difficult, but not impossible. "One can imagine a method of" packing up "the children as the divers have brought in emergency equipment. With a full face mask, an experienced diver can keep up with the boys
  3. "How would you survive in a cave" It is just standing on the shoulders of the others boy´s when water rises.
  4. You have to buy new medicine in the prison, because you can smuggle drugs into the prison. After the penalty you will be thrown out of the country for a while.
  5. Thai vacation these days is only for poor people. You can read that from travel insurance requirements
  6. "I was just helping the police out," said a motorcycle taxi guy who kicked a tourist on his face. yet a thai without brain, and it's starting to be a lot of them. When such things happen, the tourists should boycott the country for a few months.
  7. I agree with what you say, but I think there's more to it
  8. I have to laugh at you
  9. Bangkokazy

    Are you one of Thailand’s ugly tourists?

    You are good when others are not here
  10. There are probably not many who have heard and know a lot about the agenda of girls working in bar in Pattaya / Bangkok / Hua Hin and Phuket like me, it's always hard for me to write about this (there's a truth) because thousands of foreigners have found themselves a wife / boyfriend from this environment, it is easy to offend anyone with such conditions without having to write in general. I consider it more important to illustrate how to take care of such a relationship where the girl has such a background, I have never agreed in the phrase "you can take the girl out of the bar but not the bar out of the girl", such attitude stands then it will be totally impossible to trust the outsider. A bar is a society where many girls from different communities live together in good and evil in a foreign environment, often the uncertainty that keeps it together, the uncertainty of not satisfying their family with the promise of making money for a better life for family. The uncertainty they always agree on who they meet and what happens when they choose to go with a luggage, the whole girl follows closely in what happens in such cases. We say, girls we can not trust they juger tricks and are totally unpredictable, but who teaches them this attitude + when they've been with a guy who at one moment chooses another girl from the same bar or another, struggle to slang method, our father says "it's best not to commit to a special, it's called vacation" but back there is a girl with a soft heart that gradually becomes harder and harder when she is left with fragile promises. Next step, the girls will see a "sponsors" or five who send monthly money so they get a more predictable income, unable to "go" with anyone. Hehe, can write a dissertation on this subject but it may be enough for this time.
  11. With age, move down on the floors of your block. Are you 50 years old max floor 10 floor Are you 49 years old max floor 9 floor until you're sixty years old and you move to a house like the window height max 60 cm above the ground. if you get killed, it's murder.