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  1. Nigerian prison is hell on earth. Thai prison is pure summer camp, in conjunction with nxxro prison.
  2. Sad and hear that not everyone living in Thailand has fun, but that's not my problem What we read here can happen to everyone but that does not mean we should help him or her family. in my eyes there is a new way to beg, to be in Thailand.
  3. Air quality in Bangkok drops again

    Air quality in Thailand den 17 Feb 2018
  4. It's nice to read that Mikel Smith is ok.
  5. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    Police State is a state where the police and military service can intervene against the citizens of the state with surveillance, arrests, ransacks and interrogations without particular legal authority (or in the interpretation of existing laws) and where the authorities can imprison people for an unlimited period of time without trial or judgment. The goal of a police state is to secure the position of the current state leadership and prevent opposition. Political state is the opposite of the rule of law, and is common in dictatorships. A police state often falls from within when the police and the military are no longer loyal to the powers. In order to prevent a police state, democracy has introduced the power-sharing principle, where power is divided between the legislative power, the judicial power, and the executive power. Most police states are perceived as very unrestricted societies where residents experience a more or less constant fear of government abuse over what has been said or done. A positive effect of the police state may be that the society is otherwise relatively safe - minor offenses and arbitrary crime are usually very low or non-existent. However, corruption and organized crime are not unusual. One of the most famous police states was Germany under the Adolf Hitler regime, another known example was the Soviet Union.
  6. When the package travels is cheaper than dinner in town. then it´s clear we travel to Thailand for a party and fun
  7. America is the biggest threat to the world. but it has not won a war after World War II. without the help of others, therefore, they seek help wherever they can
  8. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    You're only there if you only have 75k per month
  9. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    If you have 100k a month, you only have purchasing power for 50k per month because you are tourist, and you will be tourist to the day you die.
  10. Happy Hour 'prices. has nothing to do with the thing. Remember he is from usa they can not party more 2-3 hours before he has to beat someone
  11. Shoe box living for 25 thousand a month, is bad. I pay 3 thousand a month with holes in the wall
  12. Map of pollution in Asia Today AM 12:00 Euro time
  13. I have to laugh at Thai, expats and tourists. it knocks and kills for coins.
  14. Soi 6 is a squalid and overcrowded urban street or district inhabited by very poor people, who hunt for the poor man's fun. Ruby club is one of the places. R.I.P.
  15. If you live in a country like Iran. I would have done the same thing. but I'm so fortunate that I live in Europe so I do not have to think about it. but there are people out there who do whatever to get to the UK.