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  1. Salaries And Financing Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 14,936.79 ฿
  2. Everyone traveling to Thailand who is looking for ladies should read this book issuu.com/togazer/docs/pimping_for_dummies
  3. The main thing is that the ladies to moan in English
  4. Sex after 40 for Thai ladies

    Begins and declines, interesting. I meant decay
  5. Sex after 40 for Thai ladies

    A Thai lady is old at the age of 25 years, after that age, she begins and declines It´s in a Thai man's eyes
  6. A Thai man told me I should punish my girlfriend if she lied. Then one day I thought to fit punishment that she would sleep on the porch. Today she lives on the porch.
  7. Advertising from TAT. Exciting summer activities - Adventure holiday (Have a smoke on the beach)
  8. Prices continually rising

    Thailand prices according to what you have We pay 50% too much for many things
  9. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Thailand prices according to what you have. What I do per day puts me in prison in Thailand in eu it's just a fine
  10. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Many believe they Thailand is cheap 2 live inn but it is not true, we can live cheaper many countries in the EU
  11. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    What's cheap, is expensive for you. It`s Thailand today There is a reason you must leave Thailand.
  12. Prices continually rising

    Cost of living index for me is Bangkok is 53.71% lower than in Oslo. but I agree it starts to be expensive food and beer in Thailand
  13. Investing in real estate in Thailand is risking things to do. The one day you are homeowner the next day you are thrown out. (run and buy) because then we have a new bar histore to tell.