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  1. Her must, get out of it on her own. Bangkok is not a beggar city. Bangkok is not a city for poor people Have a good day to everyone out there
  2. Thais steals from us, we take back.
  3. When foreigners think of Thailand they think of sex, say Thai. It´is not true, We think of greedy people? Have a nice day
  4. Do not let's forget young girl. Which was taken from us
  5. Do not have much to say. R.I.P. Thoughts for friends and family
  6. Is not god Street vendors are part of city life in Bangkok. Juntan kills the city. Yim taak thaai
  7. No fear, just pay the drug addicts kill for you.
  8. I live there 2, but I travel every 6 months to live in Northern Europe Thailand is 3 world Nice for 3 to 6 months a year.
  9. I live there 2, but I travel every 6 months to live in Northern Europe
  10. If you live there is still a police state.
  11. Cool to read that it's not only tourists who are fooled in Thailand.
  12. To: Lovethailandelite There is freedom in Germany and Scandinavian. Thai freedom are you just a slave to those rich
  13. Thailand has become a police state.
  14. All countries in the world has its charm, but Thailand will lose its charm.