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  1. 6.5 million yaba pills and 10 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine or “ice” It's just a day consuming in Bangkok area alone
  2. TAT, trying to fool more tourists to the country, to blowing up the numbers of tourists
  3. MADRID The Spanish consumer organization Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU) has made an overview of the top ten beer varieties available in Spain. The OCU has analyzed a total of 30 different light beer types. Although the flavor is different, analyzes will reveal which varieties have the best properties. In the tests, you have checked the volume, alcohol strength, CO2 content, degree of fermentation, acidity, ph value and SO2, in addition to the taste. In all examples, there is a box of beer (0.33 l) tested. Prices are converted to liters price. 1. AMBAR ESPECIAL STORAGE. 1.85 € / liter 2. ESTRELLA GALICIA ESPECIAL. 1.89 € / liter 3. ALHAMBRA ESPECIAL. 1.75 € / liter 4. CONDIS PREMIUM PILSENER. 0.97 € / liter 5. STRONG (MERCADONA) ESPECIAL. 0.87 € / liter 6. AURUM (EROSKI) ESPECIAL. 1.16 € / liter 7. ESTRELLA DAMM CERVEZA MEDITERRÁNEA. 1.85 € / liter 8. HEINEKEN STATES PREMIUM. 1,95 € / liter 9. KRONENBOURG 1664. 2,13 € / liter 10. MAHOU CLÁSICA. 1.52 € / liter
  4. There is not much to scream over the new taxes. I drink 24 beers a day, after the new tax. I can drink 23 beers a day
  5. A tragic story, nice mom, a stupid son. but one of the easiest ways to double your money
  6. Jobless with degrees rises again to 220,000

    The education of the children is a great object for parents to have something to talk to other parents about. Education is like a whore who has to work harder the longer he / she is in the same job That's the world today
  7. She almost got away with it for ID tv +555
  8. 500 kroner is just a bottle of liquor Norway It's nice to see somebody be happy for some tip
  9. Did anyone end up hating Thailand after retiring?

    That day you have descended to Thai level, is the day Thailand is a good country to be expat inn.
  10. As a wise man told me. When your income does not cover your expenses, you start living on others
  11. Average per day of consumption
  12. There are better ways to help the poor

    When you have a mindset like a Thai`s. You will always be poor. I have to spend the money today because I can die tonight and then I have no pleasure in them. Mindset of a Thai.
  13. Ten provinces still affected by flooding

    It's just a punishment for tricking tourists. Instant karma
  14. Thailand has become a police state. What is legal today. You will be arrested for tomorrow.
  15. Her must, get out of it on her own. Bangkok is not a beggar city. Bangkok is not a city for poor people Have a good day to everyone out there