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  1. Party day band 10m. Norwegian flag
  2. Bangkokazy

    Top 10 scams in Thailand

    The biggest scam Travel to Thailand and think you are in heaven. Scam has taken place in Thailand from the first day, a white man visited Thailand
  3. Bangkokazy

    Prenup not accepted at Laksi

    The best way to have a safe living in Thailand Tell your wife, you have life insurance Israeli saying There is always a new idiot Have a nice day
  4. Bangkokazy

    Apartment to rent for one month

    Perhaps this page can help you find. What you are looking for. www.residences.in.th/en/apartment-listing/999-อ่อนนุช-10
  5. Aussie retired should be glad he lost only some money one to bucket list
  6. Siberia has become a popular destination for Chinese tourists
  7. Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya participate in the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index (GDCI) 2018. Bangkok, as in the previous two years in the first place, has 20.05 million visitors. Average stay is 4.7 days with an average consumption of 5,500 baht per day.
  8. Bangkokazy

    Another black eye for Pattaya’s sewer system

    It's good as it is. why swim around in sewage. There are many nice swimming pools around Pattaya
  9. Bangkokazy

    Homeless man found dead in Bangkok canal

    Life in the countryside is hard, but life in the city is harder. R.I.P. Poor man
  10. Part of the charm To be allowed to live there
  11. Bangkokazy

    Hundreds Of Foreigners Arrested In Record Raids

    A total of 319 foreigners were arrested for immigration offences in the latest ‘outlaw tourists’ raids, which targeted 337 locations across the country early this morning (Oct 5) http://bangkokjack.com/2018/10/05/foreigners-arrested-outlaws-raids/