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  1. Short time girls places

    Please provide brief guide on bars with short time girls around Chiang Mai. Except Loi Kroh Rd./Thai Boxing Stadium, these explored already. Anything else here?
  2. Looking for new friends

  3. Looking for new friends

    According to TripAdvisor reviews it's just a restaurant. I will probably taste their food but I see no indications that it is used to meet new friends.
  4. Looking for new friends

    My post may look little bit unusual for this forum, still I decided to give it a try. I live in Chiang Mai for about 6 months with my wife and our kid. Recently I realized that we lack of friends here. We came here on our own, without any friends or relatives inviting or waiting us here, just because this is the place where I wanted to live. In fact I do not suffer a lot, I have a lot of work and other things to do for our family, we communicate a lot with our friends and other family members online or by phone. Still in long-term perspective of course would be more comfortable if we have some friends in your area. And until now we didn't meet any here. Of course we have some Thais who help us sometimes but I cannot consider them as real friends, we are too different (it took around 7 years for me to realize that I will never become one of them no matter how hard I try, how good I speak Thai etc.), so I mean farang friends. When I live in Pattaya, I found some kind of intellectual games club there and meet some nice and really interesting people there. Maybe there is something similar in Chiang Mai also? I have not much free time, usually on weekends only, and I want to spend it with fun and benefit. In the past I spend most of my free time just drinking (sometimes home, sometimes in bars) so such question did not arise, but now I stopped so just go drink together is not an option. I like to go sightseeing, travel around Chiang Mai and neighboring provinces so traveling together can be a base for our friendship. I prefer to travel by driving my own car (I have pickup truck and motorbike). But I open to suggestions of any other amusement, except drinking. So everybody living in Chiang Mai and willing to have new impressions with new friends here welcome to send me private messages, there we can exchange our contacts and maybe hang out coming weekend already :) We live in Hang Dong.
  5. Going to Pai - drive or fly?

    I plan to go to Pai for this weekend with my wife and our child (1 yr old). Just found that there is 2 daily flights by Kan Air from Chiang Mai to Pai. So now cannot decide drive there by our car or use these flights. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. I like driving by mountains roads but I also like flying by small planes, it should be very beautiful by this route. By plane it also much faster (25 mins or around 1 hr counting with registration etc. vs 3 hrs by car according to google maps) but without own car it could be much more difficult to go sightseeing in Pai, I doubt they have car rental service (or do they?), especially with infant. Also I cannot book these flights online even using Kan Air website. It shows no available tickets for this route on any day. But the routes themselves are shown both on Kan Air website and on Chiang Mai airport website in flight status page. So waiting for your opinions and suggestions...
  6. Non-O dependent questions

    Thanks. They are in English as it is official language in Philippines.
  7. Non-O dependent questions

    Sounds good. These certificates was issued in Philippines. Should they be translated and/or legalized here in Thailand? If yes, where we can legalize them (if possible would be better to avoid traveling to Bangkok as we stay in Chiang Mai)?
  8. Background: me (Russian nationality), my wife (Filipina), her sister and our infant child are going to stay in Thailand for long time and considering visa opportunities. As the most simple way I considering Non-ED visa for at least my wife (anyway she is going to study Thai language) plus Non-O based on it for other family members. 1. Is that possible? 2. What kind of relationships should be base for getting Non-O visa based on Non-ED holder? 3. How this relationships should be proven in our scenario? 4. What are other requirements for Non-O visas (we are going to get them in Vientiane, AFAIK there are most farang-friendly Thai embassy)? Any additional information on Non-O visas based on other foreigner visa will be appreciated as I only dealt with Non-O visa based on Thai wife before. Failed to find any information by myself
  9. Child visa

    Non-ED will also be enough?
  10. Child visa

    But in that case it should be based on my or my gf long-term (not tourist) visa as we are both not Thailanders. Am I right? So the question is what types of visa can be base for his non-O visa? Or any better than tourist visa?
  11. Child visa

    Why is that? Both of us are parents specified in his birth certificate. He can "depend" on any of us.
  12. Child visa

    Ok, in fact it is not limited for 1 year, but as long as you continue your study and school will provide documents for extensions you can extend. Anyway, so they will extend for child also based on this extension, right? But what type of visa child should/can have to ENTER the Kingdom in this case? For example, if my gf will enter based on non-ED visa?
  13. Child visa

    Me and Filipino gf (we are not married yet) are planning to stay in Thailand for a long time (although leaving country from time to time). Now I am considering visa opportunities for us. We also have small child (8 months old), we will take him with us. So the question is, since I already know about our visa opportunities, but I don't know which kind of long-term visa we can make for a child. What kind of long-term visa child can get? Something like non-O based on me or my gf long-term visa? Then what kind of long-term visa is required for that (for example, is non-ED (student) visa is ok)? Or is there other opportunities?
  14. Offroad in Phetchabun

    Just out of interest what made you leave Lomsak, boredom?Thanks. Me and the girlfriend parted company,boredom was never really an issue for me as I worked offshore 21/21 so Lom Sak was a fantastic escape from work. The stunning scenery and national parks were a pleasure to have on the doorstep especially as I rode bikes. I believe you live/lived in Phetchabun province so will be aware that there is a lack of facilities and it's not for everyone. Of the expats that I do know in the area and they are permanent residents boredom is a problem,but boredom can be a problem wherever you reside. ok - sorry to hear about that. I live in Phetchabun, likewise i work offshore and ride bikes, the mountains to Phitsanulok and Khon Kean are excellent, this time i wll drive to Loei for a look around. Are you still in Thailand or bailed out completely? Thanks. In which part of Phetchabun do you live? Maybe have few beers together some day?
  15. Offroad in Phetchabun

    I live in Phetchabun. Recently bought new Ford Ranger 4WD and want try offroad driving. Never had such experience. Can somebody recommend some nice destinations for offroad driving in Phetchabun province?