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  1. Hi Guys,i need tires changed on a KLX250,but because of work the only day i have is sunday.Is there any shop open,that could do this.I have the tires already. thx
  2. The prices for an agent have been around the 5000 baht mark 1-2 year ago,thats fair,but for around 10k its a real waste of money in my opinion.If you wouldnt have to show up at all,ok,but you have a lot of running to do yourself anyway so i really dont see the point for me.
  3. I was talking to another guy that told me that fo a long time its already not necesarry to come at 5am.If my paperwork would been complete i would be out of immigratin by 930 and that for a first time marriage extension.The immigration officer was the nicest guy and all the problems that i read before were just non existing.
  4. I didnt pay anything cause she didnt show up to the appointment.All went well,had a few problems cause of my landlord didnt make a TM30 paper.But all good and now have to wait approval till october.And i could have come at 7 am also,was no need to come so early,i was there 5am and was 4th in line and at 7am there where 3 more in line.Very freindly and painless,really no need to pay an overpriced agent.Easily done by yourself!
  5. Ok,you guys talked me out of it.Thanks for all advices
  6. I dont believe in gods 555
  7. 1990 ccm automatic ist this enough? 555 sorry i have no idea a out car
  8. I saw a 1998 VW Passat with 160000km for a´sale.price ist intresting for me as i cant afford a new car.Is a VW expensive to maintain in Thailand.The car has LPG should this be a concern on the condition of the engine?And what should i look for when inspecting it? thx
  9. I will never go back to this agent.they had their shot and messed up! But thx,it just costed me some sleep but i save some money :)
  10. Sounds like madness 555 damn,i am so fkin angry at this stupid agency!Thats exactly what i wanted to avoid!But thx alot for the advise
  11. How do i have to picture this? :) Am i goin to sit on the floor in front of the room defending my place?
  12. Hi guys, i am sorry cause i am sure this is covered a thousand times,but chiang mai buddy really let me down on the queue service.Had an appointment today and they didnt show up,waited for 1,5 hours,then a neighbour called her on the phone and she telling me to come back 2 hours later,but i just dont have the time!And now i have no more time to read through it all!Really stressed out right now... I need an extension based on marriage tomorrow,what time i have to be there to make sure i get served this day,which counter and does my wife have to come with me in the morning already or ist it enough when she comes with me in the afternoon? 1000 thx in advance!
  13. This is going to be the outcome! 100%! U are very very smart and have a real understanding about the needs of the people on this planet.I admire you.I want to be you! Can you send me a picture of you so can hang it on every wall in my house and me and my family can praise you!Thank you! You are wonderful !!
  14. Thats what i always thought.But now it seems like the game has changed.I would really like to see the written law.Because if they arrest me i would let them proceed with what ever they wanna do...but now i am just worried shitless!bs after bs here... i already avoid the city and just stay in the country side for i not get fckd for something that i dont even realise doin wrong!555