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  1. Thats where i go...speaks enough english and did a far better job on my klx than kawasaki.,99.0062932,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x30da30219eb7b1bf:0xdb62c8db91ef55b8!8m2!3d18.7538002!4d99.0084819
  2. No worries,u can bring your ecigs and your liquid. Its just illegal to import cigs and liquid with the intention to sell. Dont put them in your checked in luggage and when u use them on the toilet inflight blow the vape in to your shirt after holding it in your lungs longer than usual and there is nothing comin out anymore. :-D
  3. such an stupid reply....there is no freakin second hand "smoke" from e cigartettes
  4. Problem for me is that i just do not feel comfortable to spray poison everywhere and the ticks didnt bite me,wife nor daughter,just the i guess first sign of them coming back treating the dog again with bravecto
  5. UPDATE: Ticks are gone....i used the dog as living ticktrap after treating him with bravecto and now after a few days no more ticks neither in house nor on the dog.
  6. The blurred out logo is not from the ferry company....its a singha beer lion....
  7. In the last month i tried: Frontline:helped for 1 week then 100s of ticks on the dog again Some other stuff forgot the name,but also spot on: didnt help at all permethrin: also didnt help at all 2 weeks ago i went to the vet and bought Bravecto....i have a new dog...not one freakin tick and he looks much healthier
  8. singha logo,i just used this boat yesterday! 555
  9. Hi, i had the idea that this could work 555.... gonna bring him back today and we will see. thx
  10. I use bravecto now...the only thing that ever helped
  11. Permethrin wasnt workin on my dog a little bit.....
  12. Ahhhhhhhhhh...thx for this life changing advice and let this be the last one from you.......
  13. Dog is fine...he is on bravecto and finally no more ticks....but house still invaded(was away the last 2 weeks). he was with neighbours and is goin to stay there till i managed to get rid of these suckers.... i always kill them with a lighter...but even if i do this 24/7 they are still here....nightmare....thx for advice
  14. Thx...where can i get Chainrite?Homepro?
  15. hi guys, my house and concrete yard are infested with ticks.....need a company takin care this....reasonable priced...was just quoted 20k!! for a 80sqm house and 80sqm yard....had problem like this in bkk costs 3k help please :-D thx