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  1. I want to print a few hundred t-shirts, similar in quality to what is sold to tourists. I'd like to know if you have any recommendations for a top-notch silkscreen or digital fabric printing company in Thailand. Something near Bangkok is preferred, but will happily travel if the price and quality make it worth it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Ester(?). Thanks for your insight. New to the site (I am too) or not, I appreciate it either way. It has been my impression that there is a difference between Venture Capital and an Angel Investor. The former wants equity and looks to invest larger sums of money while the latter can be that but may also we willing to offer debt equity (loan, LOC etc) because they believe in the owner of the business, see the potential, are willing to invest a smaller sum and perhaps are looking at the investment with a social lens or with their own personal passion. That's not to say they don't expect a return that will more than compensate for the risk. Am I mistaken in this belief? Maybe I am splitting hairs here but I am happy to be corrected. I also agree that I am using freely the term "angel investor" and "rich person" interchangeably. You are right in your assessment in that basically I am looking for a loan. I am also open to offering equity but financially I would prefer the ROI is based more around a higher rate of interest than equity. In short I am flexible on what the appropriate spread should be. I have already invested personal and some family money. I have limited access to rich friends in Thailand because I am North American. My network is stronger back home obviously but I thought it might be easier to find someone here as this is where the business is located, it is a Thai based beverage (although with exports to a number of countries) and in this way they can see my operations first hand and perhaps feel more a part of the investment. I do not think banks will provide the type of loan I need as I will be too high a risk. I don't want to monopolize your time but any other insight you have is great appreciated. Please feel free to message me privately. Thanks again for your help. Hi again, An angel investor typically comes in early during a business' growth cycle. They would (typically) provide pre-seed, seed, or even a series A round. Venture financing typically looks for high-growth businesses--something that would return 10x or even 100x their investment. Angel investors look for the same thing. All investors want rights. They want the ability to add value to the business in case things aren't working right. Generally, no sensible investor wants to invest only money--they want to add value in addition to capital. Investors generally take the view that the world is full of money, that so many people have so much money that being wealthy is not interesting. Hence, they want to be part of interesting ideas or interesting movements. This is why they like funding new businesses. Sure, they love the money-making aspect of it too, but everyone wants status. And if all your friends are super rich, then you need something different to talk about, something removed from what you can buy with money. Good investments too tend to ask for more than just money. For a beverage business, you might take on an investor that built his own beverage business and took an exit at some point, and wants to invest in your business because he thinks it's exciting and wants to tell his friends about you ("open his rolodex"). If your business isn't exciting, you're probably not going to find an investor--only because there are lots of exciting ideas out there. For a bank loan, you typically have to show that you have something that pretty much guarantees repayment. So, say you're producing 1,000,000 units now and have a contract for 12,000,000 units and need a bridge so you can fulfill the contract--a bank would definitely fund something like that. Basically, you have to show you have a mind and talent for serious business. If this absolutely doesn't help you, you can try some kind of crowdfunding, like Lending Club, or some other means that the many kind people here have offered. My feeling, however, is that this is the kind of deal that a rich friend would take on, if anything. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi, I'm a new member with no post history, but I'd like to offer what I can. I am from New York, and have expertise in fundraising, investments, and private equity--including early stage investments which are generally called "angel investing" or "venture capital." What you are actually asking for is a kind of bridge or expansion loan, which is not appropriate for angel investment. Typically, angel investors want to make huge returns for their investment, since early-stage investment comes with extremely high risks (they want to be compensated for the additional risk), and it sounds like you want to minimize how much you have to pay for the financing you want to receive. You typically get a loan like this from a bank, although you might find a rich friend (or two) who could be interested--these two are really your only options unless you're willing to offer equity in your business, in which case you can start talking to rich people (who aren't your friends) and pitch them the opportunity. To give you an example, a friend of mine started a company to provide bespoke private jet flights from LA to London. He needed $1,000,000 USD to get it off the ground, but since the business would make money despite limited growth, he networked for three months and found two guys to come in as partners and provide the capital. This was not an angel investment per se, but really a "friends and family" investment, since the partners wanted to do business with my friend, instead of seeking to own a part of a private jet charter. They took 40% equity in exchange for the capital, but they opened their rolodex to my friend and made sure the first 12 months of flights were booked solid by promoting the new venture to their network. This is how an angel or high-net-worth friend investment in your business would sound like. When you're offering a high-yield debt instrument so you can expand your current operations, well that's just a fancy way of saying bank loan. Hope that helps.
  4. Esterhazy

    Home internet: True or AIS?

    I know True has the better reputation in Thailand for internet access in general, but I'm looking at plans for my new flat in Bangkok and True is 3x more than AIS for the same home internet package (50/10 mbps). Is True so much better than AIS for home internet that it justifies being three times more expensive?